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  1. Awesome and highly recommended. Smooth draw and great retention
  2. A dirty firing pin spring and/or firing pin channel can cause this also.
  3. Correct. But I think I saw a standard limited from factory in black too but must have been thinking about xtreme. for what it’s worth I’d get the limited in HC. while you can do the Xtreme Parts in it I prefer hard chrome and the trigger is already really nice. Grips would be changed out on either.
  4. Pretty sure they’re offered in black too
  5. Ghost for value or DAA racer. Both will be all you need.
  6. Because they are first and foremost duty guns.
  7. Thank you I bought them the day he released them. palm swell black bogies fantastic grips! Finally fill my hand especially coming from Xtreme grips
  8. Does the bolo work well with the Xtreme delta hammer. Or should I buy a titan or unica? I have the delta in my Xtreme at present.
  9. Owning an Aus S2X I can say the s3x is a great piece of kit also! Nothing wrong with a stock 3. Balances great.
  10. That’s a delta Xtreme hammer. You can tell as the cut out does not look like a heart like the stock one.
  11. No problem with my tanfoglio springs or many people’s I know.
  12. Just went from EGD grips which are very similar to unica now to palm swell lok bogies as I have big hands / long fingers and am very happy with how they fill the hand. Makes the gun feel more like a 2011 in width.
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