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  1. I have not run of the new ones. Yes it was shown on here before I believe that they are.
  2. I have friends with palm swell and thin BC carbide grips. Both are great I think the palm swell are perfect for the spo1, I am a palm swell fan. I have experience with both model shadows and grips on the CZ’s. PM if need more info. The G10’s have only just came out haven’t tried them yet however. BC is a shooter at my club, top guy very supportive of ipsc.
  3. They come with EG medium springs. The new ones have a longer stroke. Great choice you will love it.
  4. Thank you for your videos. I have watched a number of them and they are great value, with great explanations, much appreciated!
  5. Do both rigs use the same inserts? Inserts are specific to gun/mag type.
  6. The racers are awesome do not hesitate to buy them. I can’t begin to think about how many people I know use them successfully. Ghost and CR speed are also good.
  7. goshimu

    CZ TS 2

    Looks like he engaged the safety on that run. In full agreement regarding the slide profile yigal. I share the same thoughts about the spo1 shadow and s2.
  8. Direct from tanfoglio or Eric Grauffel. I have both 1.5 and a 1 (Xtreme) It’s a factory tanfoglio FO front sight usually found on the limited custom.
  9. Yes they are for optic mount.
  10. That’s a limited, different model essentially a SAO stock 2AU.
  11. S2AU and S2XAU here. both are excellent. I also don’t like the shadow 2 slide profile. Could talk on all these forever but short story the stock 2 love here is strong!
  12. Good observations and advice. find a aus model length or get the new stock master if your in US!
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