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  1. I’m waiting for the small frame version of these to come out to do the same to my Xtreme.
  2. good choice to get the same barrel length as an AUS stock 2 plus the benefits of a rail and the limited custom slide and frame mounting points. Very cool. Might be a US only model which is a shame.
  3. Potential compromising slightly strength/ cracking. I wouldn’t do it. there was a cut in the old limited customs and they stop doing it from factory in them a very long time ago for this reason.
  4. The grips do look different. The polymer grip is very ergonomic would like to compare the two.
  5. Can you not remove the part to put an optic to essentially cut even more weight?
  6. How I see it. It has a black sight like a standard model Frame drilled for optic rail like limited custom Slide and barrel of a limited custom Rail like stock 3 Anyway it’s all guessing what the deal is. if it’s a production model I’ll be interested.
  7. More a limited custom with a rail.
  8. Look forward to knowing what that is! As I see a number of parts from various models and it looks promising. Like a limited custom with a rail. Hopefully new SA and DA models.
  9. The Aus S2 in small frame is same length as a limited or limited custom. Essentially it’s a double action limited.
  10. Polishing is what they are talking about. egd stuff is good to go I polished mine through live fire and the difference from when it was new was great. same for most triggers really.
  11. Thanks for the feedback on the unica compared to the X delta.
  12. I agree. It’s worth doing but I guess if you are on a budget it can wait. Cheap in the scheme of things I agree.
  13. Are they the same profile as the wood or EGD grips? I’ve heard they’re like the EGD grips. Would love if they are thick like the wood grips.
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