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  1. Yes they are for optic mount.
  2. That’s a limited, different model essentially a SAO stock 2AU.
  3. You can’t use a 34 in ipsc production.
  4. S2AU and S2XAU here. both are excellent. I also don’t like the shadow 2 slide profile. Could talk on all these forever but short story the stock 2 love here is strong!
  5. Good observations and advice. find a aus model length or get the new stock master if your in US!
  6. A bit of locktite or glue on the grip panels where they meet the frame and loctited screws then they will go nowhere but still be removable.
  7. I waited for lok palm swell bogies to come out for small frame for a very long time and ordered the moment they did. Have Xtreme grips, too thin for my hands to get an optimal support hand grip. Otherwise feel nice. henning checkered grips feel nice I tried Stoegers on a course once but no small frame options. lok bogies palm swells fill out the hands, grips great and never feel like they are greasy or slippery and great support hand real estate. I have long larger hands. 2 sets of lol and no intentions to change. In fact I got the second set in
  8. It happens I’ve seen it first hand. All the finishes can.
  9. Have been running a 10 for a long time as this is what Xtreme’s come with. Very nice but today tried 6 and 8lb. Initial impressions led me to leave the 8 in for today’s match. All 3 run and function reliably in my Xtreme. 8 returned sights nicer and faster to point of aim with a 125gn projectile than the 6. Ran really nice for the entire match, follow up shots went well. Got a few of each spring but I already feel the 8 is the ideal balance for my load and me and an improvement from the 10. Time will tell.
  10. Awesome and highly recommended. Smooth draw and great retention
  11. A dirty firing pin spring and/or firing pin channel can cause this also.
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