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  1. That’s a delta Xtreme hammer. You can tell as the cut out does not look like a heart like the stock one.
  2. No problem with my tanfoglio springs or many people’s I know.
  3. Just went from EGD grips which are very similar to unica now to palm swell lok bogies as I have big hands / long fingers and am very happy with how they fill the hand. Makes the gun feel more like a 2011 in width.
  4. I added red loctite under my front sight after the set screw worked loose as I didn’t ever check it and dropped the sight. Fortunately found it on the stage. I don’t see it coming off again.
  5. Just received my LOK small frame palm swell bogies. Fit and finish is perfect!
  6. S2 Xtreme AU here. My experience. All Xtreme parts and medium springs it lights up everything. Completely stock and trigger gets nice and smooth after use. 100% reliability. I see no reason to change anything on it.
  7. I’m waiting for the small frame version of these to come out to do the same to my Xtreme.
  8. good choice to get the same barrel length as an AUS stock 2 plus the benefits of a rail and the limited custom slide and frame mounting points. Very cool. Might be a US only model which is a shame.
  9. Potential compromising slightly strength/ cracking. I wouldn’t do it. there was a cut in the old limited customs and they stop doing it from factory in them a very long time ago for this reason.
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