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  1. dhdeal

    Seriously flat primers HS-6 9 major

    If you shoot PRS, you are familiar with the 6.5×47L case and it's need for a small FP and small FP hole in the bolt face. In every one of my rifles chambered for this case regardless of bore size, if I don't have the small FP/FP hole I get some crazy looking fired primers. Point I'm making is you know what is working for your pistol. You know the velocity/power factor of your load, it's accurate in your pistol, and you probably have a good educated guess that the SPM/SR primers work for you situation. There are lots of threads all across the net that if you use a SPM or SR primer in 9mm the world could be moved off of it's axis. Well if that were true it would be moving (the earth) towards Juptier already just from my shooting the 9mm.... In the rifles I spoke of I use nothing but CCI450's. Don't really need the Magnum part of it, but do need the thicker cup so blanking won't occur (and the 450's are just so accurate across the board). Federal SR primers are too soft for the case I mentioned for my comfort. Pressure is pressure and if you can't lower it, do what you can to protect yourself from it. I'm not suggesting being foolhardy here but you already knew that.
  2. dhdeal

    Seriously flat primers HS-6 9 major

    Great synopsis of a good reason to use SPP's in 9 Major. I doubt I'll ever go to 9 Major, but I deal with some high pressure cartridges (6BR, 6×47L, 6.5×47L, 6.5 Creedmoor to name a few) so I do watch primers pretty hard. I also have all my rifles firing pins either bushed or start out with a custom action with a small FP and FP hole to preclude primer flow or blanking. I don't think it's fun to get a face full of gas. I appreciate the explanation.
  3. dhdeal

    Seriously flat primers HS-6 9 major

    Federal SRM GM are all I use for 357 Magnum as a precaution. Of course my 357 is a Freedom Arms 83 and I load it hot, but the SRM handle the pressure and never look like peanut butter smeared in the primer pocket (flat as a board). I don't load the 9 Major, but I do use a lot of Federal SR primers for 9mm. My loads shoot accurately and I never have to worry about blanking a primer. Over the years I've enjoyed reading how the Earth may cease to rotate if anyone were to use SR primers in a 9mm.
  4. This is an eye opening and hilarious thread. One topic much discussed about Tanfo's is the fact that they are all different. I suppose it's the Italian way. I'm used to rifle barrels being individuals, but reading about how many of you use the same parts and prep similarly getting different results proves it. Do you suppose they're all redheads? It sure doesn't mean I'll get rid of my newest Tanfoglio toy or that I won't buy another!
  5. I have some of the Lanolin lube but this is store bought from Buffalo Arms (resizing my really big BPCR cases) and it works slick as snot. I does make a mess but that's what my ultra sonic cleaner is for. I'll give it a try. My presses are attached with the Inline Fabrication mounts, but sizing some of those bases will still vibrate the bench a little. I also understand about wanting each loaded round as consistent as the next. Sorry about the off topic ramble.....
  6. I apologize for the quote, but wanted to make sure I saved this. I just purchased this Bulge Buster set up and sized a couple hundred rounds I had loaded up. I'm an accuracy and reliability first kind of guy so consistency of ammo figures into the equation. I noted that out of the 9mm ammo I have loaded, a few rounds would chamber but were tight. This ammo was loaded on my Dillon SDB before I picked up my Tanfo Limited Custom. For the heck of it I started measuring some of the rounds and noted the bases at the web were .001" larger. Under my magnifier you could see the bulge. The brass were all the same headstamp yet had been shot out of 2 different 2011's and a couple Gen5 G19's (none of which have large chambers). Anyway, the rounds that had the slight bulge were sticky in the Limited Custom barrel while doing a plunk test. It wasn't an OAL issue as this new gun had the Patriot Defense ream job as part of the package I had done. Long story short, after running the ammo through the Bulge Buster the ammo will drop right into the barrel and spin easily. I have read where some 9mm brass is large enough at the base to crack the carbide ring so that is why Lee has that warning on their website. I noticed that Blazer brass is all hard to size while Federal isn't quite as bad. Might just be the difference of alloy in the brass. I'll just lube the brass up and do a marathon sizing session. Thanks for posting this Johnbu.
  7. I have experienced it a couple times. The very first time (and only time so far) I shot my new Limited Custom. The magazines have the Grams kit and Henning +6 base plate. I do know the mag bodies are the 9-LF marked ones, but don't have any idea if that had anything to do with it. The other mag bodies are K9 marked with the Grams kit and Henning +6 base plate. I didn't have the issue with them. I have no idea if I'll have it happen again. It made it a pain to disassemble when it happened.
  8. dhdeal

    Gold custom frame vs limited

    Not on topic, but it looks like quite a bit of work goes on in that shop! Some of those long base pads might find they're way to SC soon. I don't really need 28+1 when I'm not shooting competitively anymore, but more is better....
  9. I can't help with what needs to be done (the experts are here though), but Patriot Defense did my trigger when I bought the pistol from them. What was done: Titan hammer Bolo PD springs Polish everything (parts look like a mirror) Stock trigger (their suggestion) CGW trigger pin My trigger pull is no more than 2 lbs and has minimal pre travel and over travel. Coming from custom 2011's, this trigger is lighter and smoother, but I had better be paying attention as there is no will be no easing up on this trigger.
  10. The one I just picked up wasn't listed as being in stock. I called with some questions and I was told they had 3 of that particular model on the shelf. It never hurts to ask.
  11. Thanks for the skill with the pictures. I'll dig around a little to find out what particular code is needed from Imgur on posting pics.
  12. While making an order from Ben Stoeger, I asked about what magazines they had. They said all the one's they have are all marked K9. They also mentioned they have never heard about the problem I had with a couple of the magazines. I'm not gonna get bothered by the issue as the whole set up is brand new. Plus it only happened when I stoked them as full as they'd get. Backing down a round or two won't matter in the big scheme of things. All 3 I got from CDNN are stamped 9-LF, but other than that they appear to be exactly like the K9 magazines. The next trick will be seeing if I have any problems with the Dawson FO front sight. I'll go ahead and do all the tricks I've read about here to make it stay in place.
  13. Do you run into any feeding issues clipping the magazine springs?
  14. I have a couple more K9 magazine bodies on order. I like consistency so that'll give me 5 of that style magazines with the Henning baseplate. I also have a 7 and 8 lb recoil spring in the same order (I have already put a Wolff 9lb spring in it). I don't know what the factory spring is, but it's pretty stout. I'm used to racking the slide on a tuned 2011 9mm, and the Tanfo is much heavier. That and there isn't much real estate on top to rack the slide anyway.
  15. Funny. The 9-LF magazines came from CDNN a week ago. The K9 magazines came from Patriot this week with the pistol. 3 each. I'll keep an eye on it and if the old style cause me too many headaches like today, I'll get more of the K9's. At the least I'll put the standard Henning base plates on the older style magazines as they won't let the spring and follower get so deep in the magazine body. I haven't measured them towards the base, but I suspected they were a little wider down there. I appreciate the info.