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  1. I have the steel frame Elite 1911 WARNING.....this is one of the first times you will hear me say something not good about a Tanfoglio. - The overall look of the gun is very good. (until you look close up....the bluing on the slide is rather "blotchy" and flat (unlike the Stock 3) - The trigger is HORRIBLE ! Frankly it is on par with their poly frame 1911 or a basic Para. - Barrel....well when you look at a TF Stock 2 or Limited barrel....they look well made...the 1911 barrel...well..it just does not seem of TF quality. - I comes in a really crappy case. So I am thinking about getting a trigger job done on it and a new barrel and bushing. (might get the slide re-blued) TF needs to step up their game on the steel frame 1911.
  2. Atlas.....you are killing me with that picture. I love the look of that one. You do some AMAZING custom work....Wish it was mine.
  3. Exactly what John said. Make sure you are seating the primer up against the anvil in the case. (I know because I have been there)
  4. Funny thing is the P-Match is the one I shoot the most. Just something about the way it fits my hands and the sight picture. You can drive nails with all of them...but the P-Match ...there is something about it.
  5. Well...I have never publish a picture of them...hope this does not bite me in the butt..you could say I have a thing for Tanfo's
  6. https://palmettostatearmory.com/psa-16-9mm-nitride-1-10-13-5-lightweight-m-lok-railed-upper-with-hybrid-bcg-ch-5165448580.html?trk_msg=S4K9BRP510D4P775KHT5GNAG5O&trk_contact=8INAI0BUT76P65ICGO4P16KVCS&trk_sid=RRQ1T2I2PC8KUNPS3BE3PU8J4G&utm_source=Listrak&utm_medium=email&utm_term=https%3a%2f%2fpalmettostatearmory.com%2fpsa-16-9mm-nitride-1-10-13-5-lightweight-m-lok-railed-upper-with-hybrid-bcg-ch-5165448580.html&utm_campaign=Daily+Deal+Email&utm_content=5%3a00+Email
  8. LPA dropped right in. Nice Fit. No big deal. Love the gun now that I can sight it correctly. BTW: Originally when I found the factory sights did now work for me, I decided to make it a carry optic. Bought the mount from EGW, but when I tried to install it, if found the radius on the top of the slide made it impossible. That is when I decided to install the LPA.
  9. Love mine. But even though the rear sights look sexy....had problem with getting consistent groups. Loved it more after I changed out the rear sight to the standard LPA Tanfo adjustable and a fiber front sight.
  10. Tried to order a MBX Mini last night..........DENIED !!!! The will not ship to Colorado.
  11. Looking for recommendations for Mag Extensions for my Glock 33rd mags and while I'm at it, recommendations for an AR-9 magwell. Thanks
  12. Got my holster from James Jones at https://jandlgunsmithing.com/ FANTASTIC holster.
  13. I absolutely LOVE mine. I feel strange saying this about a poly gun....but it is one of my favorite Tanfoglio's. Mainly because of the accuracy, how it fits my hands and the grips are the best I have ever had...I can really lock my hands in on it. I makes up for the fact that I am blind in one eye and can't see out the other and had arthritis in both my hands. (picture is the first string of shots right out of the box before adjusting the sights)
  14. Heard one of the distributors got some 9mm Stock 2's in today.
  15. For my Gold Team I use the Ghost "The One" holster, I like it very much.
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