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  1. No. I shoot my reloads exclusively. 124gr Berry’s 3.7gr titegroup win/fed primer 1.14” COAL
  2. I meant no disrespect, just conveying my experience. i use the stock recoil spring personally.
  3. I’m a newbie pistol competitor, but hats besides the point. I compete with Tanfos...I own stock 1,2,3 and Lim Pros. heres my advise: keep your gun as stock as possible. Everything you do to your gun (trigger jobs, reduced spring weights, etc) builds unreliability into your platform. From occasional light strikes (trigger job w reduced springs), to failure to go into battery (too light a recoil spring). i have a stock one set up for CO...it’s completely stock and completely reliable.
  4. This is not crazy. I continue to have bookoo lite strikes with my 15.5 lb hammer spring and all the patriotdefense goodies. The only remedy I’ve seen is to go back to the stock hammer spring. The DA pull is comparatively atrocious, but I still have 3lb SA pull. After a few thousand strikes even the 15.5# spring will have lite strikes on federal primers also.
  5. Anyone know how much these will cost?
  6. Neither. Go with the patriotdefense palm swell grips. They are more ergonomic than either Lok offerings. The PD palm swells flare out closer to the magwell and are thinner than the factory wood or LOK grips closer to the mag release button. They are the perfect design of what grips should look and function like.
  7. $1550 price tag will ensure these don’t sell well. No reason for this gun to not be priced in the $900-$1,100 range. oh well.
  8. All, There’s a dearth of IWB holster makers for Tanfos. I’d like to occasionally carry my Stock 1/2/3 and Limpro, but obviously hobbled by lack of holster choices. Yeah, I could carry a smaller pistol like everyone else, but I prefer to carry what I shoot the most and very familiar with. Would a CZ SP-01 IWB holster “work”? If not, any recommendations for where I can get a holster is most welcome. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. What price range are you expecting these to go for?
  10. These are metal (aluminium) versions of their excellent CarbonX grips...they should be thicker in all the right places
  11. I have to say, I’ve had quite the journey when it comes to grips. Stock wood grips: I have no problem with their diameter...I could stand to use more surface area for support hand, but these grips are serviceable. The issue; too thick at the top, preventing easy access to the mag release. LOK thin Bogies: I bought these based on recommendations here. Texture wise, these can’t be beat! Additionally, they have just the right thickness at the top to enable easy access to the mag release.However, they are too thin for my palms...I ended up accidentally actuating the mag real ease depending on whether I fub my draw causing self induced malfunctions. LOK palm swell: Tried these after the thin bogies. Much better real estate, however, the geometry is just wrong...I can still occasionally bump the mag release accidentally. Patriotdefense Palm Swell: This is the ticket! Every one of my Tanfos wears this. The geometry is perfect. Plenty of real estate for support hand and right form factor to reach mag release without issues. They are also 50% of the price of the LOK grips. This is all of course very subjective...I mean, Ben Stoeger rocks factory wood grips right? And it hasn’t held him back. Below are a series of photos comparing the factory wood & LOK Palm swell to the Patriot defense Carbon X palm swells. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. I think you too are right...its prolly my grip...I'm switching to palmswells to see if it gets mitigated...
  13. Many thanks Sir. Message Sent! I must be unliucky...both of mine wont plunk rounds my glock & FNP plunk...Mags are a non-issue for me.
  14. This is for a .40cal. Neither Beven nor Patriotdefense offer this service for this caliber. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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