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  1. I’m still torn. anyone have this & the Stock 1? if so, is Stock 1 easier to make weight? what about holster choices? Any of these compatible w stock III holsters?
  2. Actually, longer barrels do improve accuracy...at distance. the reason? Wind resistance. For a given bullet (fixed BC), the faster you can drive the bullet, the more wind resistance you gain. This is dramatic as range starts increasing to 600yards and up. That’s why F-Class shooters & long range shooters run long barrels...for the velocity. a 32” .308 (typical Palma or F-class barrel length) vs a 16” .308 is a difference of about 300ft/s. Ay 1,000yds, that’s about 10-12inches of wind resistance gain....and since wind is constantly varying, your practical accuracy is severely handicapped with a short barrel.
  3. Raising the dead. My new tuned Tanfo S3 is driving me nuts. 1. Light strikes galore with CCI primers...maybe 10-20%. Shot 20 Winchester primes ammo without issues...small, insignificant sample size. 2. The sound of the hammer falling is very weak...on DA or SA...much weaker sounding than my other DA/SA pistols in factory guise. 3. DA travel...we’ll, it’s typically about 70-80% of SA travel (my estimate), but sometimes, the hammer won’t come back very far on DA...if I slow down the trigger pull, I won’t get that seat slip. The gun had a polish job, BOLO, extreme hammer, PD 14# spring, throat reamed, etc. im interested in y’all take on item #3...anyone seen something like his before?
  4. Nope. Group think, large organization momentum etc. if enough customers indicate there’s a market for larger objectives on low power scopes, they’ll all jump in. i personally want as much objective lens as I can get. For me, the optimal low-power scope is a 1-8x42mm. Nightforce can use the existing NXS 2.5-10x42mm model as a jumping point to minimize tooling.
  5. Let me try explaining this again. Exit pupil is the diameter of the image in the eyepiece (part of the scope you look through). Mathematically, exit pupil = objective lens diameter / magnification Therefore, a 1-8x24mm scope, exit pupil at 1x = 24/1 = 24mm exit pupil at 4x = 24/4 = 6mm exit pupil at 8x = 24/8 = 3mm. from a practical point of view, our eyes sees the area occupied by the image size. That is to say, we perceive the surface area of the circle. therefore, a 6mm image is not 2x the size of a 3mm image but actually 4 times the size. area of 6mm image = pix6x6/4 = 28.3mm2 area of a 3mm image = pix3x3/4 = 7.1mm2 The 3mm exit pupil scope will be difficult to “get behind” and use in all but benchrest style shooting. In conclusion, size matters...the bigger the objective lens the more useful the top end magnification. On the topic of light gathering & brighter image, these are two different topics. objective lens diameter matteres as it aids in light gathering...a bigger objective lens will gather more light. light transmission and image brightness have to do with the quality of the glass, and coatings thereto...it is therefore possible to have a scope with a smaller objective lens have a brighter image than a scope with a larger objective lens...when comparing high end and lower end scopes. hope that helps.
  6. I’m in the buy once, cry once camp. Save your money, troll various gun forums and look for a used high end optic. Schmidt & Bender 1-6 Swarovski 1-8 March 1-8 Meopta 1-8 Nightforce NXS 1-4 Nightforce NX8 I would look for those...plenty of people moving up & down the optics ladder.
  7. I have two low power scopes; a Nightforce NXS 1-4 & a March 1-4.5. The March scope, with its parallax adjustment enables me to almost discern lines on an NRA SR-1 target at 600yards at our competitions. We are limited to top end of 4.5power though. The ideal low power scope would have in order of importance: 1. 8x top end. 2. Fist focal plane reticle. 3. parallax adjustment. 4. At least 5mm exit pupil (40mm objective) 5. MSRP < $2,000 The USO 1.5-8x comes close...but it’s a bit heavy for this application...and not a true1x at low end.
  8. While i’m no scope expert, I think it’s because: 1. They are relatively low power scopes. (1x-2x -4x-8x). 2. The low magnification does not require a big objective lens for a good/usable exit pupil...exit pupil is calculated by dividing the objective lens by the magnification. Thus, a 1-4x scope has an exit pupil of 24mm-6mm. Compare this to a typical 3-9x40mm hunting scope. Exit pupil is 13.3mm - 4.4mm. 3. Keeps weight and sizedown...weight & size (not necessarily cost) is primary driver to acquire low power scopes. I think the market will start to demand bigger objective lenses on low power scopes with 8x magnification. 3mm exit pupil makes the scope hard to use in a dynamic environment, effectively limiting the capabilities of the scope.
  9. All right. I think I’m sold on the LOK grips. Why the palm swell version instead of the thin version? Is the Palm swell version as thin as the thin grips higher up? the thin LOK grips measure 1.182in...what about the palm swell version higher up? I already se the thickness is 1.515” at thickest part.
  10. Picked up a PD tuned Tanfoglio stock 3 2 weeks ago...absolutely fell in love with the pistol. One big issue; can’t reach the mag release without breaking my grip. While I like the look of the wood grips, it isn’t going to work. Which grip should I get to remedy this?
  11. Told ya! That barrel reaming is everything! Glad it worked out for ya!
  12. Really? All that and no photos for us to lust over? Weak! Just kidding. I’m a new Tanfo (stock III) owner also. I’m thinking of buying a stock I or Lim pro as a backup gun. My only opinion is this: since PD reamed your barrel/chamber, you don’t have to worry about the short throat. My brand new Stock III feeds all my 9mm loads (assorted 115 & 124). but seriously, post pics
  13. I did see your post, and if that were very common, people would shoot IDPA with StockIIIs. There are videos on YouTube of folks weighing it at least talking about the weight...pits it out of IDPA.
  14. You guys are killing me...does the stock III weight 45oz without a mag as the description says? Anxiously awaiting confirmation & an IDPA box test fit.
  15. Ummm, no. You are talking base price + $600-$800...unless you are getting a killer deal on milling or smithing or both.
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