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  1. I had this same issue with my Cheely grip gun. My solution was to get a Brazos Cyclone low profile mag button. Works perfectly and looks great.
  2. I use the IPSC Alex frame mount for my guns.
  3. Great write-up. I've had my 015 for a week and really like it for my 2011 (Cheely E2 grip). Effortless going in the holster and very smooth coming out. Rock solid pistol retention when the lever is locked down. Only issue is the locking lever was hitting the extended mag release button. Removed the button and the stock mag release works fine.
  4. Tried the holster on an Xtreme open and a Match Xtreme 6" limited gun. No go for either. The tanfos trigger guard is much larger that the Cheely E2.
  5. Got my holster (Cheely E2 grip) yesterday & like it. Lock is secure and draw is very smooth. Only issue is the thigh pad digs into me unlike the Alpha which did not. Had an old Beretta gel comb pad laying around so I cut two circular pieces and put on the thigh pad. Seems to help. Anyone else that has this holster have any other thoughts/suggestions?
  6. Installed a E2 stainless aggressive grip on a STI frame gun. Also have an Atlas Athena with the regular E2 grip. To me the E2 aggressive grip is nicer & not too aggressive. Think I'll leave the new grip raw and see what happens.
  7. That is the standard on Athenas. Don't know who made the sight.
  8. Just what I need. Thanks to all for the assistance.
  9. I'd like to put an RTS2 optic on a Caspian slide with a Novak sight cut. Any suggestions as to where I can purchase a mount?
  10. My Athena is shipping tomorrow. Should have in hand early next week. Paid extra for Nemesis slide cuts on mine but deleted the tac rail.
  11. I've never shot a stock master, stock 2, or stock 3, but I did buy a limited master, which is a nice gun but we never "bonded", so I sold the limited master and bought a match xtreme with a 6" slide. Price for the match was close to the the limited master cost. For me I shoot a longer length slide better than one shorter.
  12. Yep that's the trade-off for a heavier hammer spring.
  13. This may or may not help with the lite primer hits but I bought a lot of CCI primers (had been using Federal) for a good price and shortly after begin to have lite hits on all my Tanfos. On a guess I traded the CCIs for some Winchester primers and ....voila.....lite hits went away. Hope this helps as the lite hits are bad juju......especially in a match.
  14. I shot my stock V12 barrel one match. ROs said nasty things about me.
  15. Apolo, what weight do you run? I've got a white 9 lb to try in my Xtreme (8 lb now). My loads are all bunny loads for steel. Did PD do the stroke work?
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