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  1. I have a CWA pistol with Chet's two port comp. Dot never leaves the screen. Love the gun and the comp but not the lead buildup in the comp. My solution for lead buildup is to use Frog Lube green paste regularly and liberally. Makes the lead buildup way less and clean-up a lot easier. First match I shot with the gun the RO commented about fire coming from the comp. I just smiled. Whichever comp you get my advice is, before shooting the comp, coat the inside liberally with a good cleaner/lube to season the comp.
  2. Thought I'd bring this topic back up and see if anyone has an update on cleaning their comp or keeping it clean and lead build-up free. I have a two port on a custom 22 that is a bear to keep clean/lead free. Any updates?
  3. I like the FTP Alpha dot. To me it has a good field of view, nice dot, and is less $$$ than the SRO.
  4. My E2 aggressive grip has no problem dropping mags and the spring is not overly strong IMHO. I do use a Brazos cyclone button on mine as any of the others I tried interfered with the Safariland 015 holster I use.
  5. If the mag is the 1st gen, no round count holes, and the stock base pad is secured by a U shaped clip......then yes a TTI base pad does fit.
  6. My gun with a E2 aggressive grip works perfectly with the 015 holster.
  7. American Select is also a dandy 16 ga powder.
  8. Since I value (listen to) the opinions of those more experienced than me, would there be any benefit to stroking my 6" gold match extreme 9mm limited gun? I only shoot steel challenge/outlaw steel matches.
  9. Couple of questions on the ultrasonic cleaning. 1. What mix do you use on the Simple Green? 2. What temp do you set your ultrasonic at? 3. How long do you run the ultrasonic? Two 8 minute cycles?
  10. I had this same issue with my Cheely grip gun. My solution was to get a Brazos Cyclone low profile mag button. Works perfectly and looks great.
  11. I use the IPSC Alex frame mount for my guns.
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