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  1. I have a stock legion (other than TSAs trigger/action work) with a Sig custom FCU and it works perfectly. Somethings no right with the gun. I’d not shoot it till u get this sorted.
  2. Post a WTB in the classified section here or check Ebay as Legion slides sometimes show up there.
  3. Thanks for the replies. The fella that told me this is a very well known & recommended smith.
  4. I was recently told to not use coated Blue bullits in my Legion. Fella said that they would cause lead buildup in the rifling. Anyone else agree with this? Thoughts? The 147s are really accurate in my Legion and had great chrono results.
  5. I'd like some more bottom weight in my Legion for steel challenge CO. Has anyone had experience with these basepads? Link attached. https://shop.springerprecision.com/p320-375-brass-competition-basepad/
  6. ahfox32

    The Sig Armorer?

    Thanks for all the info. Much appreciated. My Legion will be headed to TSA on Monday.
  7. ahfox32

    The Sig Armorer?

    Considering sending my 320 Legion to TSA for a competition action job, Barsto barrel, and maybe a tungsten guide rod. My question: are the improvements worth the cost? What is your trigger pull weight after the TSA work? Any other items you'd recommend for upgrade/improvement? This will be a dedicated steel challenge/carry optics gun.
  8. Thanks for the replies. I also got an extended Springer mag release & SRO optic plate, an Icarus grip module, and a thumb rest. Bought a FCU for the stock grip so I can have the option of two different grips. Now if I can just find an OEM Legion complete slide I'll have two complete guns.
  9. IMHO a plate is the best way to mount an SRO. If mounted to the stock slide cut the front of the SRO overhangs the ejection port and that might cause issues with junk on the glass and maybe brass hitting the glass. Also, if mounted this way the screws are all that is holding the SRO on the slide. A Springer Precision plate has lugs and the SRO is at the rear of the slide away from the ejection port.
  10. Thanks DesertTortoise. I went ahead & just bought a Legion. Now waiting on a mag release, SRO mounting plate & some other goodies to arrive.
  11. Just ordered an Icarus pro competition grip and now I need some suggestions for all the other pieces I'll need to complete the pistol. I have never owned a Sig so I'm a complete idgit on these pistols. I know I'll need a FCU, slide, barrel, guide rod/springs, mags & mag release, take down lever (would probably like one with a built in thumb rest), etc. This will be a dedicated CO gun so no sights needed. Please share your suggestions/experience to help me get started down this path. Thanks in advance.
  12. Check to see if the lower part of the frame in front of the trigger guard is hitting the holster body below the insert. I had a Tanfo that had that issue. Ended up relieving a small area of the holster body till the pistol fit as it should.
  13. I have a CWA pistol with Chet's two port comp. Dot never leaves the screen. Love the gun and the comp but not the lead buildup in the comp. My solution for lead buildup is to use Frog Lube green paste regularly and liberally. Makes the lead buildup way less and clean-up a lot easier. First match I shot with the gun the RO commented about fire coming from the comp. I just smiled. Whichever comp you get my advice is, before shooting the comp, coat the inside liberally with a good cleaner/lube to season the comp.
  14. Thought I'd bring this topic back up and see if anyone has an update on cleaning their comp or keeping it clean and lead build-up free. I have a two port on a custom 22 that is a bear to keep clean/lead free. Any updates?
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