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  1. https://patriotdefense.com/shop/firearm-parts/tanfoglio-parts/?sort=featured&page=2
  2. Put a Wolf recoil (20ib.) and Hammer spring in it made a huge difference. Breaks much cleaner now.
  3. It lasted about 30 rounds I think but didn't notice when it left. I was sighting in a Fastfire III I had mounted when it departed. I talked to a nice lady at Patriot Defense who does competitive shooting there. She lost one also in the middle of a round. She mentioned putting a bigger screw in the Dawson sight. I suggested to her that the problem would probably be solved by a tighter fit in the dovetail. Even if a little filing is required it will fix the problem with a snug fit. I will wait and see what comes on the market. Right now I am VERY pleased with the Fastfire and it showed two distinct advantages and what I was looking for. Accuracy at hunting distance and night hunting capabilities.
  4. Watching this I need to make the single action crisper with less travel. Not worried about the double action pull don't plan on using it that way much.
  5. I like it! This pic is confusing I was sighting in at 25yds. and testing a handload. The handloads were shot before moved zero. The handloads are looking very promising. I will nail em down in about a week or 2 I need to get some 180's and 200's in. I don't think I could not have shot these groups with iron sights. Also notice the fastfire is a blob with the gun up close (my bad vision). But the brightness adjustment brings it back in focus and in when I move the gun out to shooting position it becomes a dot again. When looking at the target. These bullets are the free ones I got from buying Hornady dies. They were 5 shot groups on the handloads.
  6. Right now I have some Buffalo Bore 200gr. hardcast. When slide gets back I am going to try 180gr. XTP and 200gr. XTP over Blue Dot. Whichever the gun likes the best is the one I will use. Either one will do the job. Saw a video where a 180 XTP went right through a medium size pig.
  7. I put the new sight on with the aluminum disc and and Loctite 620 it has stayed put so far. Decided to put a Burris Fastfire III on it even with the Fiber Optic the sights are still black night hunting with a Streamlight TL with a green filter. Sight paint has to be recharged. With the Crossfire and the Streamlight I should be good to go.
  8. The Gray/Black Bogies fit PERFECT and it really helped my smaller hands grip the pistol perfectly. I agree PogoJack these are really nice grips completely changed the gun. Think I will be selling a CZ97B or it will wind up a safe queen I have another Shield .45 I carry. As soon as the slide gets back from J&L we are going pig poking.
  9. Ordered the exact same grips will be here the 23rd I will report back.
  10. I called Patriot and the answer was no the screw holes are set differently
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