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Sloppy slide


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If the barrel fits well and the play isn't excessive, I wouldn't worry about it.  With accurail, they hog to the rails, and once that's done, there's no way to run the gun without the inserts.  Not sure if that matters, but I know a few people who found out after and weren't happy about it.

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Hello: Accuracy will be your guide. If it locks up the same everytime and the accuracy is good leave it alone. I have seen some really tight slide to frame fit pistols that would not shoot a good group at all. I would rather have a loose fitting slide to frame fit that was accurate and 100% reliable than a tight unreliable one. Thanks, Eric

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I have a 9mm Springfield 1911 with so much play between the slide and rails that it rattled like a baby toy.


I made it a project. EGW angle bored bushing and slide stop with pin diameter of .203 helped, but there was still vertical play on the barrel when in battery.


I found a Kart barrel on sale, fit that just right (you can feel the barrel unlock, but it wasn't "hard fit") and it's now a laser. When in battery, you can't feel any movement at all, even though I've done nothing to correct the sloppy frame to slide fit. 


I've read that frame to slide fit isn't nearly as critical as barrel to bushing to slide, and barrel lugs to slide stop are correctly fit. This gun demonstrates that to me. 


Yes it's nice when the frame is fit to the slide correctly, but apparently that's not critical for accuracy.

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I had the same concerns on a used Edge I bought last year. I call it the "rattle trap" because the noise it makes when you shake it. It has about 0.020" (0.010" on each side) of total play in the slide to frame fit as measured by feeler gauges. But, the barrel to the slide fit is super tight and lockup appears to be consistent. Shooting off bags at 25 yards it is as accurate as my custom 1911 that has one of the tightest slide/frame fits I've seen. 


@jcc7x7 gave good advice. If it shoots well, keep shooting it. 

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