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  1. Also with the new Dillon case feeder being low voltage makes it easier not having to have a separate power supply here’s my new set up.
  2. I still happen to have one brand new in the box maybe this will help.
  3. Here you go. https://lvl10i.com/products/200ct-primer-magazine-extension-kit-for-dillon-presses?_pos=13&_sid=d2b94fcbe&_ss=r
  4. This video here shows the position of the RL1100 handle a little bit better I think.
  5. If budget wasn’t an issue I would consider the Mark7 Manual Evolution. Don’t get me wrong I have owned 6/1050s and still have one of them and like them very much so but after buying the evolution it is everything I wish that Dillon would have done to improve their machine throughout the years to become. Loading for me is just as big as a hobby as the shooting sport. I tend to lean towards buying something of high-quality the first time so I don’t have to spend again. I feel the Evolution is a very high-quality well-built machine and it would’ve been my first purchase if it was available years ago. Seeing pictures of it doesn’t do it justice unless you see one in person and actually use the machine. I could go on about it but if it’s something that you’re possibly interested in looking at you might want to do a little investigating on it or ask for some info here on it and I don’t mean to hijack the thread from Dillon to Mark 7 but was just throwing it out there if your budget is larger and giving you more options to think about.
  6. What the purpose of that was for some reason that motor had just a little bit of playing in it so as it would complete the cycle it had a little quick noise so I put that rubber strap on there which kept tension on it and got rid of the noise.
  7. A little extra support on the bottom of the case feeder mount will also help out.
  8. I installed one of these for pretty much that purpose alone, not sure of needing it for any other reason than the convenience of the maintenance of the machine but it does work very well.
  9. Quite some time back I read on the Dillon forms on low speed they run between 1 1/2 and 2 1/2 RPMs and on high speed they run 3 1/2 to 4 1/2 RPMs just something I had read I personally don’t know this.
  10. I tend to use mine more to keep track of my maintenance schedule.
  11. I made this one here pretty simple found everything on eBay I did recently move the proximity switch down to the lower portion of the crankshaft.
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