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  1. Lot of extra room on the mark 7 tool head to accomplish just about anything. Sent you a PM
  2. A few different reasons, I think it’s more reliable than the Mark 7 case feeder also quieter without that spring throwing brass around inside of it and last the Dillon has the low-voltage set up which makes it easier to add my counter to it. Just my preferences.
  3. From what I’ve been told you can buy a strip down Mark 7 personally I don’t know that for sure I purchased complete and sold the case feeders. Thanks Tony
  4. Not only do I use the Dillon Powder drops without any issues I don’t use the safety rod. I use a double return spring I also prefer the Dillon case feeder, just my preference.
  5. If chance you’re running something like that Dillon 1050 might want to double check that your tool head bolt hasn’t worked a little bit loose or even a Mark7
  6. No not really they seem to work fine it just seemed to be so cluttered there wasn’t an easy way to set things up so it was nice and clean.
  7. I have done it but then I switched things around and ran one case feeder with two bullet feeder’s.
  8. Not sure about others but I truly think 10 rounds is not enough to determine that the press is running completely smooth. Personally I would’ve ran more close to 1000 to familiarize myself with the new press and make sure all the functions are consistent and working properly before I put an auto drive on it with a very sensitive clutch system that might pick up something that you’re not picking up after just 10 rounds. Simple little things like the index not working properly or the primer slide or many other things could cause resistance in the cycling on the press with a sensitive clutch syst
  9. How many rounds have you loaded on the RL1100 before hooking it to the Mark7 auto Drive ?
  10. Do you have a link to where you ordered this ? Can’t find it anywhere on their site... Thanks
  11. Just a little food for thought you can order the Mark7 now without the powder drop and the case feeder which brings their cost down quite a bit along with their shipping cost and you could also sell your Dillon XL750 without the case feeder and without the powder drop, which brings your shipping cost way down and sell the XL750 without the case feeder and powder drop use those two on your new Mark7 and you’ll get the best of both worlds just my two cents...
  12. I’m pretty sure here. https://reloadinginnovations.com/collections/featured-reloading-products/products/starlight-press-lighting-system-for-mark-7-evolution-revolution
  13. I had the Dillon 1050’s and 650’s now the Mark7 and couldn’t go back! The one nice thing is you can buy it strip down and add components that you already have.
  14. All the fittings and everything was from Mark7 but I did order the extension spring tube from McMaster card which you can see there if you look at the other thread it gives you the order number and everything thanks
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