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  1. Being that they’re using that metal shield did they do away with the shell plate wave spring ?
  2. Thank you so much for all the additional pictures! Can you flip-flop the bracket that came on the case feeder to move the bullet feeder to the other side ? My question for this is because I have one case feeder mounted on a pole in the center of my 2 Mark 7s with a bullet feeder on each side and it would be great to convert to this new case feeder if possibly there was a mount for a bullet feeder on both sides.Thanks again for all your pics.
  3. “Cool” The bracket on the case feeder for mounting the bullet feeder, is there a spot on the left side to add an additional mounting bracket ? Any more additional pictures of the frame would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for sharing!
  4. Here you go. https://www.markvii-loading.com/101-1240-top-plate-alignment-pin-kit.html
  5. I made it myself, well sort of. I cut down a Dillon powder drop die and picked up the dial indicator from Harbor freight and got lucky enough to find a harden plastic bushing from the hardware store that had the right outer diameter to press into the powder drop die and the right inner diameter to push the dial indicator into. I made a total of 3 of them and it’s a really quick way of seeing the overall link without picking up anything and it doesn’t hurt that I had the last station with nothing for it.
  6. That almost sounds like the nut at the top of the primer stack where the primer alarm is attached to could possibly be over tightened ?
  7. Measures the overall length of the round.
  8. Previous set ups where Dillon 1050’s and I had quite a few powder measures already set up for previous loads so I thought why not just use them they’ve always been dependable and work great with the powder I use.
  9. I used to run the Dillon 1050’s nothing wrong with them but ultimately I absolutely love the Evolutions! I truly think set up was very very easy.
  10. Thanks so much for that picture! I like this set up much better! hopefully we can add it to our old evolution, looks like it shouldn’t be a problem. Thanks
  11. Zooming in on the picture off the website of the new Press it appears to be the same ? Do you have some additional info or a picture of the new one that you’re speaking of? Thanks Tony
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