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  1. And here’s a picture of another one he did for me. They do some great work !
  2. Bob does some awesome work over there! Just recently got this one back, that finishes brush the flat mat the rounds all controls are brushed finished.
  3. If you zoom in close with my video when the bullet comes to the seating station the case does not move at all because of the zip ties.
  4. Great job!!! Yes that clear housing and queen workmanship great job !
  5. SV makes some really awesome ones, just my opinion.
  6. tmz

    Mark7 Evolution

    My fix to the primer stick problem is running 2 de-capper pins first station mighty armory Second station Lee sizing de-capper but I do not use the swage rod I see no need I only load 40 caliber and I process in prime before I load.been doing this for thousands of rounds with no problems.
  7. tmz

    Aluminum grips

    Mines is holding up extremely well, shoot nothing but major loads through it, don’t know the exact round count but going strong.
  8. tmz

    Guide Rod Tactical 4.0

    Yes I actually picked up the supported one, very please with it.
  9. I went with the 1050 and a Mr. bullet feeder. Dillon customer service will be hard to beat. Put the old 650 to use with a inexpensive auto drive to process and primed brass.
  10. tmz

    Guide Rod Tactical 4.0

    I picked one up from SV that works just fine. http://infinity.americommerce.com/guide-rod.aspx
  11. tmz

    Case pro 100 for 40 cal

    Thanks so much !
  12. tmz

    Case pro 100 for 40 cal

    I’m not on Facebook is there any chance I could get an email or a link to where this is being sold thank you so much Tony
  13. tmz

    CNC Toolhead S1050

    I find it to be a very high-quality machined tool head. Threads for the dies seem to be more precise, the dies screw in just ever so slight bit tighter which seems to give it more precise tuning of the dies. I have one configured a few different ways.
  14. tmz

    Mr. Bullet Feeder PRO

    Where have you read reviews on the Evolution ? Any chance you have links ? I didn’t think these were shipping int I’ll the end of March beginning of April.