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  1. Thanks again for everyone’s help ! I did try a lot of the suggestions that were given to me and I seem to be pretty pleased so far with blue bullets. I loaded up for this Sunday’s match and will put them to the real test. Thanks again guys and all your help is greatly appreciated. ”doc88” yes they did give me a 5% discount for being a member of the forms.
  2. So this is a drop in spring that will work with all the previous de-priming dies ?
  3. It’s great to have a community like this that give so much great input and information! Thanks guys for all the helpful info. I have placed a few sample orders and can’t wait to give them a try. I don’t have any experience just yet with these coated bullets but after trying the samples I will report back with the little bit of my info that I gather from them. Thanks again and it anyone else feels like chiming in feel free. Thanks Tony
  4. I appreciate everyone chiming in, I’m going to go on a few of these sites and order some of the samples give a few different ones a try and see what I like keep any more good info coming in thanks guys !
  5. First attempt at loading coded bullets always been using jacketed hollow points. So my question is “Blue bullets” or “Black bullets” ? both prices seem to be the exact same but no experience with either one trying to get thoughts on what everyone’s using and for what reason. Thanks for any info Tony
  6. I went with the 1050 just because that’s what I load on so I would have two of the same machines
  7. Here’s my old set up with the Dillon 650 now I have it set up with a Dillon 1050
  8. Very nice ! MB himself also makes a standalone that hooks to 3/4 pipe
  9. The gun is all stainless and blued Thanks
  10. Do you mind if I ask what are you referring to as the “cam bolt” And you mentioned you figured out why it was breaking and the reason it was breaking ? Thanks
  11. Not complete full breed SVs but a couple stepchildren lol
  12. Mine came in just under 14 months. Love it....
  13. I couldn’t be happier! The best money I spent,great customer services! High quality but yet simplified with all the right sensors ! You won’t be disappointed! Heres a little video just running at 1140ish rounds ph. It can do much faster but for me I’m fine just chugging along.
  14. I have 3 40c limited guns and all have 357sig barrels. All you need is a short chamber 9mm barrel and have it fitted and chamber reamed. I have a ton of info on sig been running them for many many years if you need any help with loading or anything let me know. I also straighten the tapered neck to stop bullets setback with that Dillon 9x25 cut down sizing die here’s a couple pictures.
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