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  2. Hi, 

    Willing to sell without the CK grips? If so, how much?


    Raffy D.

    1. tmz


      Sent you a PM

  3. I have had a few 1050s for quite some time with no issues with the blue tip, from my experience I think the majority of the people along with a few of my friends issues with the ”Bluetip” is because they over tighten the the top of the tube magazine nut that the low primer sensor sits on. Just finger tight is all it needs to be and that is a loose finger tight. Just my two cents...
  4. I went on eBay and pretty much found everything to do this for under $20 couple simple switches and inexpensive counter low-voltage transformer.
  5. Not sure how but I think they forgot about the RL’s So much hype over the XL750 which wasn’t even at the NRA show. WTF?
  6. It’s a nitro fan, I removed the thumb shield. I have no problem keeping my thumb off the slide without it Thanks
  7. I called them today sales person said maybe November.
  8. Thanks again guys for all your help the Blue seems to be working just fine for me for shooting and loading...
  9. Thanks again for everyone’s help ! I did try a lot of the suggestions that were given to me and I seem to be pretty pleased so far with blue bullets. I loaded up for this Sunday’s match and will put them to the real test. Thanks again guys and all your help is greatly appreciated. ”doc88” yes they did give me a 5% discount for being a member of the forms.
  10. So this is a drop in spring that will work with all the previous de-priming dies ?
  11. It’s great to have a community like this that give so much great input and information! Thanks guys for all the helpful info. I have placed a few sample orders and can’t wait to give them a try. I don’t have any experience just yet with these coated bullets but after trying the samples I will report back with the little bit of my info that I gather from them. Thanks again and it anyone else feels like chiming in feel free. Thanks Tony
  12. I appreciate everyone chiming in, I’m going to go on a few of these sites and order some of the samples give a few different ones a try and see what I like keep any more good info coming in thanks guys !
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