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  1. Well, if anyone does get caught, that's their defense right there. I'm sure the judge will love it.
  2. Looking forward to the statement from USPSA saying that it's ok to bring your LCMs to Colorado for the match.
  3. I don't think anyone is disputing the fact that the risk is low. But, it's simply wrong to suggest there's no risk at all. Or that the potential consequences for some could be severe. It also means nothing when it comes to USPSA's status as a national organization that shouldn't be encouraging it's members to violate the law, even if it's not actively enforced.
  4. Exactly. If you're a lawyer, government worker with security clearance, active duty military, or host of other professions, it's not a trivial matter. And even if it results in just a fine, there could be other very serious consequences. It also puts USPSA in a very bad position because I'm sure they don't want to encourage their members to flout the law. I know some people don't care, and think this is nothing to worry about. But, for others, that's certainly not the case.
  5. Kinda funny that the law is pretty darn clear, but plenty of folks are saying "it's not a problem" and "don't worry about it, everything will be fine." That's great, until someone gets checked at the airport, or gets their car searched, or some other scenario, and all of a sudden it's an issue. That may not have happened in Colorado yet, but it's happened plenty of other places. Often with pretty harsh consequences. And just because the local sheriff in a particular jurisdiction doesn't enforce the law, that doesn't mean you can expect the same in other areas.
  6. And single stack must be <45 oz. w/empty magazine.
  7. Not on mine. But a friend had an open gun with vertical cuts on both sides of the disco rail as well as horizontal cuts on the rear of the slide behind the breach face. I think the gun was built by Don Fraley. But I could be wrong. That was prob 20 years ago.
  8. My SV 5.4 Limited gun has an internally lightened slide. Basically from the just a bit ahead of the locking lugs forward the top radius is machined deeper than normal. I haven't weighed it and don't have a comparable non-lightened slide to compare it to, but considering the amount of material removed, I think it is probably a couple ounces lighter than stock configuration.
  9. Some pretty strange comments. Rules are rules, particularly when it comes to safety. At the same time, if it's that close that you don't know for sure, then you don't call it. Maybe give the guy a warning and keep a close watch next time. But if you're sure, you call it. Over the past month, I've seen two DQs. Both were competent shooters who were pushing too hard. One put a round in a wall while moving, and the other sent a round over the berm while shooting from a stationary position. Both knew what they did and didn't blame anyone but themselves. As it should be.
  10. Ok, so the MOM image new appears in my signature box. But when I try to turn on signatures and save the change, I get an error message saying it violates the guidelines because images are not allowed.
  11. Female friend of mine was sick last year and put off going in for testing/treatment because of Covid. In November she got an ambulance ride to the hospital and never made it home. She was diagnosed with advanced colorectal cancer and was dead in four months. I think everyone agrees that regular testing isn't fun or something we want to do. But it's important because early detection and treatment is significant when it comes to achieving a positive outcome.
  12. Wow. Six pages all starting from a false premise.
  13. SAAMI spec for .40 SW is 1.085 min to 1.135 max. Any off the shelf factory ammo should be in this range. For reloads, competition shooters generally load theirs at 1.800 or 1.200 to facilitate feeding in 1911/2011 guns.
  14. H&M can nitride carbon or stainless steel. So, for guns, pretty much anything except aluminum, magnesium or plastic. As mentioned above, Barricade is fantastic for rust protection. I've been using it for 20+ years (used to be called Sheath) and have run guns in the white for extended periods with zero rust.
  15. Yes. Sell the BOSS and get a Nevermiss hanger (with thigh pad).
  16. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.
  17. As stated, threaded inserts and welding is probably the best available option. But it doesn't have to be TiG welded. Plug welds with MiG will also work.
  18. From articles I've read, headspace is somehow adjusted with the barrel nut, which means it must be some type of non-standard design. Does that mean you can't use a non-JP specific handguard, like Smoke or something else that requires it's own barrel nut for mounting?
  19. I run 9 lb springs in my 9mm 1911/2011s.
  20. That's odd. I don't see it.
  21. Mine is gone too. Also, how do you add info to your signature space? Every time I try nothing shows up.
  22. Not sure how having the hook impact the case recess helps with feeding. As for gouging the brass, I haven't seen one set up this way that doesn't. But I suppose it's possible. If I was going to do it that way, I'd at least make the tip of the hook where it's contacting the brass flat and as large a surface as possible, instead of a point.
  23. If I understand what you're saying correctly, it sounds normal. The barrel will rise on the bottom lugs when it goes into battery and drop down and move back when it unlocks. When it links down, the rear surface of the bottom lugs should contact the top of the VIS with no pressure on the link pin, and also be low enough for the top lugs to clear the slide. Off the top of my head, I believe the barrel should drop down something like .040-.045" and the barrel to slide clearance should be .010-.015".
  24. What gets removed from the extractor depends on how you want to set it up. You can see both options above. Looks like this one was intended for the hook to contact the case recess (as per Yigal's photo) because there's no bevel on the surface where the case rim would ride up, as it would if set up the other way.
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