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  1. I feel I perform better with better shooters. Just by watching their stage approach and attack.
  2. Night Heine Competiton Model 9mm Never failed me and is softest shooting 1911 I have shot.
  3. Sold it though because tight slide to frame for me is a mental must
  4. Sloppy on slide to frame doesnt make are break accuraxy. Correct barrel lockup means the most. Had a Les Bear Commanche SRP with alot of slide to frame play. Especially for a Les Bear. But it shot lights out.
  5. I had a CZ accushadow that I loved as it had 4lb DA and 2lb SA. I could make the lead fly. BUT even with thick LOK Bogie grips it still seemed a little thin. Switch to Stock 1 and now firing more accurate but cant fire it quite as fast. Even after Patriot Defense tune it's not as buttery as the Accushadow.
  6. Let me know your thoughts. And the best belt attachment setup for the holster. RHT has alot of attachment options and cant determine the best advantaged Legal attachment option.
  7. I recommend the new Walkers Silencer earbuds. Work great and have a phone app to customize the range they filter sound.
  8. I recommend the shooters connection range backpack. Has plenty of room and well made.
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    No fuzzy dice? Come on
  10. What I like? My Tanfo Stock 1 tuned by Patriot Defense. They did an amazing job optimizing the Stock 1 capabilities. *Though the SA/DA is not quite as good as the CZ Accushadow I traded off. The larger grip size and overall accuracy are superior for ME than the CZ offered. I chose the Stock 1 because it seemed to be best pistol available to shoot SSP in IPDA at my local range. Let me hear any shout outs from Stock 1 guys on here.
  11. Called EAA and they said they no knowledge of a new LIM PRO. And the rep I spoke with is responsible for all import permits. She has not completed any permits for a new lim pro. She is supposed to have the VP call me if such a pistol is in the works.
  12. Where can a man find a LIM PRO 9mm for sale? It doesnt look like EAA makes them anymore or I couldnt find it on their website.
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