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  1. If you haven’t seen this series yet, I’d recommend it!!! It’s on Paramount Network... Tim
  2. Not true, I’ve ran 20,000+ 9mm loaded out to 1.150” without any issues... many here have no issues at all when the gun is built correctly.
  3. This is a Cheely grip, I loctited the screw in the hole. I then cut off the top and hand checkered it.
  4. My Gen 2 mags run flawless out of the bags... 9mm 1.150”
  5. I have a 12moa as well, they made some for Brazos
  6. It sounds like the case is flared too much and not keeping the bullet concentric. Most of the time when we load out the 9mm to 1.150"+ we cant rely on the case to straighten the bullet when seating or crimping. The less flare you have, the less likely the round will bulge and seat cockeyed. As far as crimp goes, don't! I measure the bullet (.355) and case thickness (.011") times 2, the case mouth should measure .377"
  7. The trigger is stopping the full stroke of the bow... back off the overtravel screw 1/2 turn, that should do it! Tim
  8. ^^ What Sarge said.... cycle handle all the way down and then screw die within .004" from shell plate, use a piece of paper to set this height. Timmy
  9. I just built it, it’s a 9mm open gun.... I like the STI one piece barrel and comp but it’s very finicky powder wise as to accuracy
  10. I'm getting excellent results with the N330... 50 yards sandbagged I'm getting a little over an inch (1.120") with a 115 Montana Gold HP and a hair under an inch (.950") with 115 XTP's... Load data is 115 MG JHP 5.4gr N330 @ 1.150"
  11. Ive tried several different bullets weights, the most accurate by far is the 115 HP..... Tim
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