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  1. I just built it, it’s a 9mm open gun.... I like the STI one piece barrel and comp but it’s very finicky powder wise as to accuracy
  2. I'm getting excellent results with the N330... 50 yards sandbagged I'm getting a little over an inch (1.120") with a 115 Montana Gold HP and a hair under an inch (.950") with 115 XTP's... Load data is 115 MG JHP 5.4gr N330 @ 1.150"
  3. Ive tried several different bullets weights, the most accurate by far is the 115 HP..... Tim
  4. Containers... New on left....
  5. So I had a friend talk me into trying some VV N330 for Bianchi/Steel loads. I picked a 1# container up at a local mom and pop gun shop and absolutely loved it, accuracy and feel. So I bought 2-4# containers and noticed the new stuff is a lighter color than the first one I bought. I also noticed the container labels are different too. Anyone ran across this? Suggestions?
  6. Haha I guess you’re right, waiting to see what C-More says... thanks
  7. I would have added it was a brand new battery.... as in after it went out, I swapped it out and still did it again Tim
  8. Well, I’ve been lucky so far but within the last 6 weeks or so it has unexpectedly shut off a few times and the point of impact has moved twice... any of you experienced anything like these issues? Tim
  9. Lee BuldgeBuster is a manual option for Glocked brass in 9mm
  10. It was what this game was built on.... until the gamers ruined it... Tim
  11. All dots look better through photographic devices
  12. I’m going to give it a try!! https://www.facebook.com/117459881600246/posts/2300197309993148?sfns=cl
  13. WD40 it directly after bead blasting... put in plastic bag until blue or coating for no surface corrosion. Tim
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