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  1. TimBoettcher

    Accuracy potential - MG CMJ vs JHP

    I’ve tried many different bullets but Montana Gold JHP seem to be every bit as accurate as Sierra JHP I’m my gun. 10 rounds .525” at 25 yards.... 115 JHP MG
  2. TimBoettcher

    Phoenix Trinity Honcho

    Is there any accuracy tests done with this system?
  3. TimBoettcher

    Phoenix Trinity Honcho

    WOW, that's very cool!!!
  4. TimBoettcher

    Sloppy slide

    Most of the time I’ve found that loose rails plays little part in accuracy....
  5. TimBoettcher

    How long is too long for 2011?

    This may be of some help..
  6. TimBoettcher

    "Plain" 2011 Grip

    Standard STI... Shooters Connection Tim
  7. TimBoettcher

    Any reason why this is happening.

    It may be a low spot in the casting that’s collecting debris??
  8. TimBoettcher

    How much flattening is ok?

    How does the AA7 compare to other powders you’ve used? Tim
  9. TimBoettcher

    Firing pin chewed up

    I'd bet spring is on backwards, jumping over shoulder of f/pin.... instal tight end first, then twist until it hits shoulder. Tim
  10. TimBoettcher

    1911/2011 pre travel setting

    I set all of mine to .035" Tim
  11. TimBoettcher

    Steel Grip 2011

    I'd appreciate feedback on this.... I have never shot a steel grip 2011, all have been polymer grips. What is the biggest difference you have felt going from a polymer to a steel grip? Thanks in advance for your reply. Tim
  12. TimBoettcher

    Lube for 1911?

  13. TimBoettcher

    Case crimping too tight?

    I measure case wall .0105” x 2 plus bullet diameter..355” = .376” finished Tim