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  1. Hello, no light and no sights for me. I do use a tungsten guide rod on my G17. Thanks, Eric
  2. Hello,  I was interested in purchasing one of your comp's for a 9 major gunl.  I was wondering about how to purchase from you.



  3. Hello, damn I must have read it wrong, I thought he was shooting a Glock 35. Ok if you want a sweet 9mm load for steel get some 95 grain 380 bullets and some faster powders like I listed above. 140PF makes the pistol run fast and with that light bullet it recoils lighter than a 22. Most of the top open steel shooters are using 115 grain bullets at around 120-125PF with a powder like Winchester Auto Comp. Sorry for the mix up. Thanks, Eric
  4. Hello, try using 155 grain bullets and load to 1.140" OAL. A little faster powder like Tite Group, Clean Shot or N320 would be good if you are not using a comp. You can also lower your power factor down to 140PF and use a lighter recoil spring. Thanks, Eric
  5. Hello, well if Align Tactical wants to send me a thumb rest to try I will gladly give my honest opinion on how well it works for people with large hands. I am right handed with some pretty strong hands from years of working with them. Thanks, Eric
  6. Hello, I know a thumb rest would solve the ejection problem from the magazine release. I have large hands and don't like thumb rests on my pistols. Also I would have to buy another holster to clear the thumb rest. I was just letting others know about the magazine release for table starts. Thanks, Eric
  7. Hello: I just installed one of the magazine releases and it seems to work very well with my large hands. One thing to note is that on a table start the release can be pressed, ejecting the magazine. This is with no magwell installed. Just a thing to note. Also, you may want to check your holster to make sure the magazine release does not touch the holster. Thanks, Eric
  8. Hello, one of the things I really like about Glocks is the parts. They are easy to change and easy to buy. Try changing out some springs on a CZ or even a Sig. Work up a good load for a Glock and shoot it alot and it will take you as far as you want to go. Is it the most accurate--no but it is accurate enough. Magazines are easy to find and just work. As for the total weight, I don't think it means as much as people say it does. I have seen some really fast splits from a production Glock 17 and 34. Lastly is cost which most other production pistols cannot come close to. Thanks, Eric
  9. Hello, sorry for the late reply. I just polished the burr off with a Dremel. Thanks, Eric
  10. Hello, you are not going to be able to take much weight out of slide by cutting on the inside. There is just not enough area there to make that much of a difference. You can remove some off the barrel and use an aluminum guide rod as well as a shortened barrel bushing. You can also cut under the rear sight area. Thanks, Eric
  11. Hello, buy a 9,10 and a 11lb recoil springs and try them to see what you like best. Shooters Connection should have them all in stock. I use mostly ISMI but you could try the Wolff springs also. Thanks, Eric
  12. Hello, the 15lb recoil spring will be great with the stock slide and optic on it using factory loads. Thanks, Eric
  13. Hello, well that's true just add more weight to make things better. Remember weight is the biggest killer of speed. Thanks, Eric
  14. Hello, tuning your load and recoil setup will do more than just adding weight to the grip. Thanks, Eric
  15. Hello, I am using the Carver one with no magwell. It works well. Another option is the C&H Precision one but it is too pricey for me. Thanks,Eric
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