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  1. Aircooled6racer

    Mbx base pads

    Hello: I did not know that having never seen one of the Glock factory 22 round mags. That is very good info to have. Thanks, Eric
  2. Aircooled6racer

    Mbx base pads

    Hello: Why not get the Glock factory 22 round magazines? I have used Arredondo, Dawson, TTI and Zev. All work very well. I have not tried them for 40S&W yet but have used them for 9mm. Thanks, Eric
  3. Aircooled6racer

    Carry Optics G17 for my sons.

    Hello: I went with a Brownells G17 RMR slide that are on sale right now with another 10% off and free shipping. I just ordered the Holosun 507C to try since I really like the 510C on my open pistol and PCC's. I have most of the spares for the slide except a couple of small parts. I also have a really good trigger I did years ago that is under 3 pounds. I have lots of magazines and all the other stuff I will need for Carry Optics. So now to get the boys out to shoot it and maybe I will get a chance also. Thanks, Eric
  4. Aircooled6racer

    Why no 42 round magazines?

    Hello: Well if you use the Glock 33 round magazine and add a plus 6 base pad that gives you 36 rounds which will do do any USPSA pistol stage. If you have to reload after 36 rounds you are going to loose. Add a plus 10 or a Taccom coupler you are good for any stage I have seen. The reason the magazine companies don't want to invest on making new molds for PCC is that the demand will not be that much. How many people will buy 10 42 round magazines? Magpul would be better off making an extension for their magazines that could be used with their 21 round 9mm magazines. Maybe a plus 20 base pad. Thanks, Eric
  5. Aircooled6racer

    Glock 34 gen 5 hand load

    Hello: 2,8 grain of Tite Group with 147's is going to be a sub minor load in a Glock 34. That is a load for a 16" PCC barrel. Try some with 3.4 grains of Tite Group at 1.135" OAL. That should be in the 131-136PF range. Thanks, Eric
  6. Aircooled6racer

    Carry Optics G17 for my sons.

    Hello: I did a dovetail mount years ago with a Doctor sight and did not like it. I shoot open with a 2011 and like the sight lower to the bore. Still looking at options including a new Glock gen 5. Thanks, Eric
  7. Aircooled6racer

    1911 38super or 9mm

    Hello: Ok. Then if you have either the 9mm or the 38 you can fit the other barrel to the same pistol. So one pistol and 2 barrels and the best part is you can use the same 38 magazines if you load 9mm longer. Thanks, Eric
  8. Aircooled6racer

    1911 38super or 9mm

    Hello: Since you thinking 1911 minor why not think 40 minor also to throw into the mix. Tripp have 10 round 40 mags and you have a pretty large selection of bullet weights from 135-220 grain. Just saying there are more choices than 9mm, 38 super/super comp. Thanks, Eric
  9. Aircooled6racer

    Carry Optics G17 for my sons.

    Hello: Well the time has come that my sons want to try some USPSA matches. I have a Glock G17 gen 2 I would like to convert to a carry optic pistol. I would like to get a slide and other parts to use a RMR type mount for the dot. What would you guys suggest? I appreciate any info to get this project started. I am not sure if I will create a monster who wants to shoot matches all the time with me. It would be great! Thanks, Eric
  10. Aircooled6racer

    40S&W PCC....are you nuts!!!!

    Hello: I am building one right now for my QC10 lower. It will use Glock mags and should be ready to test next week once I get a Glock 40 magazine. I have the 16" barrel, Matrix side charge upper receiver and bolt. I also have to decide which handguard to use. I have lots of brass and bullets so I think it should be fun to shoot it. Thanks, Eric
  11. Aircooled6racer

    Which trigger is best?

    Hello: The STI triggers are a very good option and take very little to make them work. Long curved, short curved and the gunsmith give lots of options. SVI trigger sometimes take a lot of work to make them fit correctly. They tend to be too long in the bow area so some reshaping needs to be done. I have not tried the X-Line. Thanks, Eric
  12. Aircooled6racer

    9mm Major powder choices?

    Hello: I used some Shooters World Ultimate pistol powder yesterday. Very clean and low powder drops. With Montana Gold 121's, 1.170" OAL, Winchester small rifle primers and 6.8 grains of Ultimate Pistol gives 171-173PF. I'll shoot some more of this powder and try some of my normal 115's to see how it feels. Thanks, Eric
  13. Aircooled6racer

    holosun 510C is huge

    Hello: The mounting screws are in the bottom to answer your question 3 times You use the same 4 screws to mount to the Tevo mount. Screws are Torx head. Thanks, Eric
  14. Aircooled6racer

    I can't tell a difference (9major loads)

    Hello: If you testing powders and loads you have to use the same power factor for all, same bullet, etc. The true test is with a timer and your hits on paper. As for the hit in the hand that is a personal feeling and some are better at feeling that than others. Are there hits any better with a softer feeling powder? Only testing with a timer will tell you. Bullet weight has alot to do with the recoil impulse duration. In the end it is what feels right to you and what somebody tells you the best load is Thanks, Eric
  15. Aircooled6racer

    Open load recommendations/Brazos 5" .38 super

    Hello: HS-6, Silhouette, 3N38, N350, N105, AA#7, and Winchester Auto Comp. Those are just some of the ones that will work. 4756 is no longer available but was a good powder. Thanks, Eric