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  1. Aircooled6racer

    9mm PCC cycling issues

    Hello: I have tried 7 different triggers so far and the ones that hold up and work in every PCC AR9mm I have tried them in are the Mil Spec trigger with JP springs and polish job, Hiperfire 24C and 24 3-gun and Eclipse, and also the JP trigger. The problem I have seen is that some of the milspec upper receivers have the bore higher up than some of the others. This causing the trigger not to reset or get hammer follow some times. Thanks, Eric
  2. Aircooled6racer

    9mm PCC cycling issues

    Hello: Is it not cocking or are you getting hammer follow? Thanks, Eric
  3. Aircooled6racer

    How many mags?

    Hello: Remember to take to twice as much ammo as the match will need. That way if you have a reshoot or three you will have enough ammo. Thanks, Eric
  4. Aircooled6racer

    How many mags?

    Hello: How many rounds are each stage? I typically carry two on the belt and one in the gun. That is over a 120 rounds if I use all big sticks which should be plenty. Thanks, Eric
  5. Aircooled6racer

    PCC: Bought vs Built

    Hello: If you like most of the parts on the JP then I would say it is a good choice. If you like building then I would build one the way you want. Alot of the problems I am seeing are with the angle of the magazines in the lower if using Glock magazines. I am having great success using the Quarter Circle 10 lowers. They just seem to have the angle correct and make building a PCC easier. I am not sponsored by QC10 or JP but do like their products. Thanks, Eric
  6. Aircooled6racer

    loudest muzzle device for 9mm pcc

    Hello: Also train the RO's to look at the timer to see how far away they can get and still pickup the shots. Also have them look at the timer to make sure they get the last shot. Thanks, Eric
  7. Aircooled6racer

    Sig MPX gas port & tapit

    Hello: What type or bullets are you using? Did you check to see if the gas pistons rings are staggered so it seals? I use Tite Group and plated bullets mostly and have run 1000 rounds before I clean it. I do run a bore snake through it after a day of shooting. I also oil the bolt as well. I do put one small drop of ATF on the piston rings after I clean them. Makes cleanup easier I think. Thanks, Eric
  8. Hello: I have been using the TTI plus 11 base pads and they work great. I have two that actually will hold 42 rounds and one in the PCC. I mostly load them to 36-38 rounds to keep them lighter and not over stress the spring. The biggest round count stage I have run here is only 38 rounds with some steel. Thanks, Eric
  9. Hello: Going to try the Taccom coupler first on the Sig mags. The Taccom coupler works well on the Glock and Colt mags I have. I will use a 30 and a 20 first to see how they work. After that I will try the 30 and 30. I have been shooting the AR9 mostly right now so the Springer extensions may be a while on my Sig. Thanks, Eric
  10. Hello: No riser for me on 3 different AR setups including a S&W 15/22. Thanks, Eric
  11. Hello: they seem to be an OK setup but they are heavy. Thanks, Eric
  12. Hello: Because I have shot both and the longer barrel works better unless you are in really tight areas. A couple of others have done the same here also finding the same result. The key is lighter weight for the 16" setup. Thanks, Eric
  13. Hello: I would build a new upper for the AR9mm. 16" barrel and light. I suggest a Hiperfire trigger or a JP. They seem to be the only ones that will last around here. The recoil on the CZ are harsher than the AR because of the heavy bolt. Both will get the job done. Thanks, Eric
  14. Hello: Springer Precision make a segmented extension pieces. Taccom make a coupler so you can join two mags together. I am using the TTI extension and they have been great. I may have to get one of these plus 20's to try. Thanks, Eric
  15. Aircooled6racer

    What is your favorite load for your PCC?

    Hello: Wow that is a fast load for the MPX. Is it a dirty load? I am using 3.8 grains of Tite Group with 124's. Thanks, Eric