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  1. Hello: I have the Springer plate with my Holosun 507C and it fits great. The dot is amost at the same height as the Romeo 1 was. The plate I used did not need any filing to fit and just slide right in from the side. I really like this setup more than the Romeo 1 6MOA. Thanks, Eric
  2. Hello: Look on Sigs website or give them a call about the X5 slide. Thanks, Eric
  3. Hello: Maybe try a 12.5lb recoil spring and see if it does it. Thanks, Eric
  4. Hello: Another problem with the S&B brass is that the case length is very short and the brass used is very soft. I only use S&B brass for minor loads. I load on an old RL1050 so I don't seem to have primer issues. Thanks, Eric
  5. Hello: I think a lighter recoil spring should help with that. What are you using now? Thanks, Eric
  6. Hello: Using a sizing die still can shorten the brass if reloaded many times. I use a Case Pro and size the brass top to bottom and also the groove. When I reload the brass after going through the Case Pro it reloads alot easier on the handle pull in the Dillon press. Thanks, Eric
  7. Hello: Do all those mags fit the gauge? I would get the longest pin since if it is too long it won't hurt anything but if it is too short it will fall out. Thanks, Eric
  8. Hello: Weight of the handguard is super light maybe 8 ozs with the nut. I never actually weight it. I just know it is super light, just the way I like it. Now to work on the lower next. Thanks, Eric
  9. Hello: I will have to see if I have any of that brass so I can cut it in half to see what the problem maybe. Thanks, Eric
  10. Hello: Here is the Kaw Valley carbon fiber handguard. Thanks, Eric
  11. Hello: Like I told you I think the brass is not sized correctly. The case is not sealing against the chamber so it is getting those soot makes on the side of the case. Note to others this is only with the JAG brass that he is having the problem and I have not seen the brass in person to see if the brass is shorter than spec. He has also told me that the brass looks very thin near the rim. Thanks, Eric
  12. Hello: There are less expensive carbon options out there like the Taccom and KAW Valley. Both are smaller diameter which I like and anything shorter than 15" should work just fine with a 16" barrel. I just built an upper using a Kaw Valley carbon handguard but have a Taccom on my 15/22. Thanks, Eric
  13. Jack, I don't think STI is making their slides any longer. I think they out sourced them like many of the others have. When different makers of pistols that are breaking the slides in the same spot and the grain structure looks the same tells me something. So maybe Bob is getting from the same place as the others are? Thanks, Eric
  14. Hello: So does that mean that Bob is getting them from the same place as STI, CK and some others are getting them from? Like I stated above get one from Caspian/Foster or PT. Thanks, Eric
  15. Hello: I would look for a Caspian slide or a PT slide. Both are made from better steel than some of the other slides out there now. I think alot of the builders are getting the slides from the same place and just rebadging them. Seems odd to me they are breaking in the same spot and the steel looks and machines the same way. Thanks, Eric
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