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  1. Hello: I just found this today and I have not read all of it yet(just 4 posts so far). How much overhang does the barrel have into the magazine tunnel? Thanks, Eric
  2. Hello: I would use the plate if it has locating pins and is tight in the cutout in the slide. The plate will only raise the dot up a little and is not a big deal as some of those out there think it is. I would rather have a secure mounting of the red dot that trusting two small screws to hold it in place. Thanks, Eric
  3. Hello: take the shroud off the 510C and it is lighter than a aluminum C-More. The 507C is lighter but the window is half the size. I find I shoot both about the same but I need more time behind the 507C. I can see more through the glass on the 510C but I also see out side the glass on the 507C. Not sure if that makes sense unless you can compare both by looking at the same targets and shooting them. I shoot with both eyes open so that helps. Thanks, Eric
  4. Hello: I have a 510C on one of my open pistols and just added a 507C to another one to try. I don't have too many rounds on the 507C setup yet but I like it as well. I have the 507C on my carry optics and it works great. Thanks, Eric
  5. Hello: The Honcho uses weight of the slide and overall weight to tame some of the recoil also. If you like your pistols on the heavy side the Honcho may work for you. I am more of a fan of one pistol for one division. So if you are going to shoot Limited buy a limited pistol or for Open buy an Open pistol. That way as you grow as a shooter your likes and dislikes may change. Thanks, Eric
  6. Hello: Shooters Connection sells the Blade Tech Hanger. They also have many other goodies that you will want as well. Christmas is coming. Thanks, Eric
  7. Hello: Use UPS not a UPS Store. It should cost about $30 to ship from the UPS hub. Again not the UPS Store. Thanks, Eric
  8. Hello: You could look at the Sig Max in 9mm. I had the 45 but it did not fit my large hands and I didn't want to start cutting on the frame. The Springfield Loaded in 9mm is pretty nice if you can find one. The old STI Spartans are pretty nice for the money as well as the Trojans. If you don't reload I would get a 9mm and some Dawson magazines. Any of the name brand pistol companies make good 9mm 1911's from what I have seen. The Springfields fit my large hands better than most of the others. Thanks, Eric
  9. Hello: I am using the Taylor Freelance extensions and also the Taccom splice. I use the splice with either a 30-30 or a 20-30. All work well. Thanks, Eric
  10. Hello: I would check your link and slide stop to see if there is much wear on them. The links will get the holes wearing in an oval shape and will not lockup as they once did. I am not a fan of the Accurails since once it is done you can't fit another slide to the frame without having it Accurailed also. The rails are a spring type tension and when you add a little dirt they tend to tighten up. Good for bullseye type shooting where there is not much dust thrown up by you running around. I have one 9mm open pistol with over 60,000 rounds and it is still accurate with a loose frame to slide fit. It locks up the same every time. Lastly check your barrel for wear usually on the top about 1" in. Thanks, Eric
  11. Hello: Since we are less than 20% of the buyers of pistols I would think they will not be getting rid of the LCI barrel at all. Also remember the average person only shoots 50 rounds then goes home to clean the pistol. Thanks, Eric
  12. Hello: Nothing wrong with Tite Group. It is a little snappy but it does work. Leave the weight out and try some 124's. You could also try shortening the stroke with some quarters to see if you like that. Thanks, Eric
  13. Hello: I have tried most of the open holsters out there over the years. I am currently using a Safariland 014 which I like. I like having the muzzle support since it stops the pistol from flopping around if you miss your draw a little. The lock is not the easiest to set and the tension device is alright. I also like the hip pad since it make the holster sit in a good place for me when sitting or standing. Some of the other holsters I have tried have more adjustments than you would need and can come loose if you don't LocTite the screws. I would suggest you look at all your options in person before you buy. I am actually thinking of making a Kydex holster for my open pistol so I can use it for all the gun games. Thanks, Eric
  14. Hello: I clean the mag and never have had a magazine problem. I have seen lots of guys that have had mag problems though. I have never worn out a follower since the magazine is kept clean. Your results may very. Thanks, Eric
  15. Hello: All of my 21 round mags with TTI base pads fit the gauge. One real advantage with the TTI base pads is that they come off easily with no tools. If my mag hits the ground I clean it. You never know what can get inside the mag when it hits the dirt. Thanks, Eric
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