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  1. Hello: When I tested small pistol, small rifle, and small magnum pistol primers years ago. The magnum pistol primers where the hottest. They gave up to 35 feet per second more with the same powder drop than regular small pistol primers. As a side note cowboy shooters use magnum pistol primers with very low powder drops. Thanks, Eric
  2. Hello: Some holsters are very tight when new. If that is the case you can wrap the slide with 5 layers of blue painters tape and install in the holster. Use a hair dryer and heat the outside of the holster to loosen up the fit a little. Don't over heat it. Remove the tape and see how it fits now. If it is still too tight repeat the process until you get the fit you are looking for. Another trick is to make new rubber spacers for the tension screws. I use automotive hose for vacuum lines. You can buy it by the foot at auto parts stores cheaply. Or do like I do and don't dryfire. No time for that. Thanks, Eric
  3. Hello: I think it depends on your eyes and what the area is like where you are shooting. When I lived in a high desert area I liked a larger dot module. It had very open spaces and light colored ground cover. Where I live now there is grass, trees and some dark dirt. I am using a smaller dot module and shooting better with it. I voted for a 4MOA dot since that is what I am using for USPSA pistol matches now. For steel I use either a 8 or 12 for pistols. Thanks, Eric
  4. Hello: I had one and it was alright but did not make me shoot any faster or better. So I took it off and used the money for a tungsten guide rod. That does make a difference, making the pistol shoot flatter. I have not tested the guide rod enough to see if it is actually better on the clock. Thanks, Eric
  5. Hello: I could never get 27 reloads out of any of my 9mm reloads. First thing that happens for me is loose primer pockets and then split cases. As a test years ago the most I ever got out of the cases was 12 reloads and by then the headstamp was gone. Thanks, Eric
  6. Hello: I load 115's and have for years. I mostly use HS-6 but have used other powders and have no spillage problems. I load to 1.170" OAL and around 8.6 grains. It is not a compressed load with HS-6 or other powders I like. I use a zip tie on my RL1050 from the powder drop to bullet drop station and yes I use an original Mr Bulletfeeder. As for the life of the brass I get between 6-10 reloads out of them. Your brass will either split or more common for me is it won't hold the primer any longer. I would suggest you try 115, 121 and 124's to see what you like best. Thanks, Eric
  7. Hello: I may have to look into one of these for one my open pistols. Does anyone know how much one of these weights? Thanks, Eric
  8. Hello: I finally had a chance to look through a Romeo 3 Max yesterday. For me I think the winner would be the Max over the XL. The round glass just seems to work better and quicker for me to find the dot. It has a thin rim around the outside of the glass so transitions should be fine. As a note I do shoot with both eyes open. I wish that they did not cost as much as they do or I would buy one or two. Thanks, Eric
  9. Hello: You may want to check the IDPA rules for Carry Optics. Thanks, Eric
  10. Hello: I have a 507C as well on my carry optics pistol and another on my backup to my backup to my backup open pistol. The round top helps me find the dot pretty quickly. The lens could be larger but the dot is very clear. Thanks, Eric
  11. Hello: I have not seen the Romeo3Max yet so I don't know how it would compare to the XL. I am sure if I shot the XL for a while I could get used to it. I have only been shooting the C-more's for about 10 years or so. I do like the XL over the SRO I shot a while back. So many options so little funds. Thanks, Eric
  12. Hello: I shot a open pistol today with a Romeo 3XL and it looks pretty good to me. I also shot my C-more slide ride with a 4MOA dot as well. The Romeo has a crisper dot but I like the round glass of the C-more. My eye finds the center of the glass quicker with the round shape. The elongated glass of the Romeo maybe a little better for transitions but I shoot with both eyes open so I am not sure if that would make much of a difference. I wish they were under $300 so the pain of buying one would not be as bad. For now I will wait to see what comes out in the next year or so. Come on Holosun a 1" round glass with a 4 MOA dot would be great. Thanks, Eric
  13. Hello: I have been using the TTI spring and followers in my magazines for 9mm major. The springs seem to hold up better than the Grams springs. Get them from Shooters Connection. Thanks, Eric
  14. Hello: I think if you practice what you are going to use in competition you will soon find what works best for you. Use a timer and play around with different combos and loads to see what works best for you. I know some really good Glock shooters that can shoot them very well. For me I have tried heavy and light and prefer them more on the lighter side with lighter bullets. I am sure the rule change came about for CZ, Tangfoglio and some other all steel pistols wanting to play the game in stock form without lightening the slides. I think it will be a good thing. Thanks, Eric
  15. Hello: All we need now is a holster change rule and 170mm magazine rule. Open on the cheap but not so cheap any longer. Should be interesting when this all gets sorted out. Now we just need the rain to stop around here. Thanks, Eric
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