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  1. Aircooled6racer

    Advantages and disadvantages of 155mm mags

    Hello: Stage design is what I use when choosing which mag to start with. I sometimes just use two 140's if there is an easy place to reload. In the end it is just what you feel makes you faster. I can reload to a 140 faster than a 155 or a 170. I know some very good shooters who just use 170's but download them a little when reloading to them. It is worth a try. Thanks, Eric
  2. Aircooled6racer

    Case head separation with factory ammo

    Hello: Have you tried to drop a round in the barrel to do a plunk test yet? Thanks, Eric
  3. Aircooled6racer

    Advantages and disadvantages of 155mm mags

    Hello: Or you could add a longer base pad to your 140mm mags and get more rounds that way. A 11mm or a 7/8mm or a para base pad will do the trick. I think I get 27 rounds with my 140mm mags and the long base pad and it still fits the gauge for open. Thanks, Eric
  4. Aircooled6racer

    Case head separation with factory ammo

    Hello: Check to see if your firing pin spring is broken or the firing pin is tight in the bore. That one looks like a slam fire, out of battery ignition to me. I would also drop a round in the barrel to make sure you don't have a piece of a two piece case in the chamber. Thanks, Eric
  5. Hello: What I have been trying is a JP bolt, Blitzkrieg 9mm buffer and a 308 JP rifle spring in a carbine buffer tube. It shortened the stroke but still can be locked back with the bolt release. I am using 124's at 131-134PF. Not sure if it is any faster than my JP 9mm buffer setup with the green spring and lighter weight. Thanks, Eric
  6. Aircooled6racer

    Backup guns

    Hello: You can take your open gun and play with weights to see what you would like for your backup pistol. Buy a tungsten guide rod to add weight to the front. Get an aluminum guide rod. Buy a steel mainspring housing to add weight to the rear. Get a heavy magwell or steel grip to see what you like. Lightweight comp. Doing all this or a combo of all of this will tell you alot. You can sell off the old parts you don't like to offset the cost of your new backup pistol. I can tell you that two pistols that are built the same way don't feel exactly the same. Close but not exactly the same. Thanks, Eric
  7. Aircooled6racer

    Backup guns

    Hello: I have 4 open guns that I built and they are all different. I built them to try different things with. All have 5" barrels and my comp but are different in weight and frame type. Fire control is the same in all so the trigger feels the same but the weight placement is different. I think after all these years I finally know what I like and what works best for me. Thanks, Eric
  8. Aircooled6racer

    PCC Power Factor

    Hello: I like lighter recoil so I am running 124's at 131-134PF in my AR9mm. In the Sig Mpx I am running 138-141PF with 115's. Thanks, Eric
  9. Aircooled6racer

    First person camera options for PCC shooters

    Hello: I am playing around with a hat cam mount I made and a Go Pro Session 4. You can find the session cameras pretty cheap if you look around. Thanks, Eric
  10. Aircooled6racer

    AR 9 nightmare

    Hello: I would check to see if your barrel is still tight in the receiver. Check the gas key to make sure the bolts are tight. Check the buffer tube to make sure it is tight. Lastly I would remove the barrel and plunk a round in there to make sure it has not been reamed to deeply. It should stick out about 0.125" or so. Trigger as others have suggested. Thanks, Eric
  11. Aircooled6racer

    16" Barrel PCC Load - 115gr JHP? N310? N320?

    Hello: I tried 115's in my AR9mm PCC and did not like the recoil impulse. I am using 121-124 grain bullets with Tite Group and they work well in the 131-134PF range. This is with a 16" barrel. I would load up some of your 115's with the N320 you have an see how you like them. I think around 3.7 grains of N320 at 1.140" OAL should work but check to see if your barrel will take that length with those bullet. Thanks, Eric
  12. Aircooled6racer

    Glock Mag TUBE failure

    Hello: I looked at the mag today and it has a metal piece sticking down in the mag where the two pieces join together like interlaced fingers. It was about 3/4" from the top. Looks like it would catch on the case to me. A little smoothing out should fix it. Thanks, Eric
  13. Aircooled6racer

    CMMG bolt roll pin failure pics

    Hello: If that is a roll pin that holds the weight in, leave the weight out and the roll pin out as well. Problem solved. That is what we do around here and adjust the buffer setup to suit. Thanks, Eric
  14. Aircooled6racer

    C-More Railway Dot Size

    Hello: Until they break at the pivot. I would get a plastic reostat C-More with a 12MOA dot for shooting steel. I have a 16 on my 22 pistol for steel. You can turn the dot down and look through it for tight shots. For USPSA matches get a 4 MOA dot module. I would use a American Defense base for the C-More. That way you can take it off when you clean it. It repeats very well when you put it back on. Thanks, Eric
  15. Aircooled6racer

    Glock Mag TUBE failure

    MarK; I will have a look at it for you. I have some spare mags you can borrow if you need some? Thanks, Eric