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  1. Hello: I have shot well over 100,000 of them with no problems at all. You may want to get an extended firing pin or your setup may work just fine. I use the Dawson one since it is the longest one out there( insert catch phrase here). Thanks, Eric
  2. Hello: Take the comp off and drill and tap a 6-32 holes for a set screw. Clean everything up with brake clean or another solvent. Use some red LocTite and reinstall the comp. Let dry for 24 hours. Dimple barrel with tap drill(don't drill into the bore). Install 6-32 setscrew with blue Loctite and let it set for 24 hours. Make sure the setscrew does not sit proud of the comp. Here is one I did for my new 9mm open pistol. Thanks, Eric
  3. Hello: I use 124-125 coated bullets, Clean shot powder or Tite Group powder. I load to 1.125" OAL since that works for the bullets I am using in a stock Glock 17 barrel. 13lb ISMI recoil spring, steel or tungsten guide rod. Since you have a Wolff guide rod use a 12lb Wolff recoil spring. Thanks, Eric
  4. Hello: I have a slide that broke in the same spot( Not Brazos). 30,000 rounds later and it still is running. It is a STI slide but I have seen some other slides break in the same spot so they must all come from the same place. The grain structure is terrible on mine as well. I have gone to a Caspian slides for my new Open pistol I just built. I would give them a call and see what he says. Thanks, Eric
  5. Hello: My Glock 34 is 134PF and the Glock 17 is 131PF with the same load for both. If you can tell the difference between 131PF and 134PF after the buzzer goes you are a better man than me. Thanks, Eric
  6. Hello: If you are shooting a 1911/2011 pistol you could try a Dawson firing pin since they are a little longer. I also use a weaker firing pin spring as well. Hard hits on any primer I have tried even old Wolf rifle primers years ago. Thanks, Eric
  7. Hello: Most 45acp 1911 will do 3" at 50 yards or better. Spend your money as you see fit. If you change anything on a Les Baer it voids the warranty so know that as well. Thanks, Eric
  8. Hello: It will depend on the bullet you are using for steel challenge. A 95 grain 380 bullet works well at 140PF and is soft like a 22. Since you only shoot 1 shot on each target the comp doesn't have to work as well as double taps on paper. So using 115 grain bullets at 120PF will work great with any powder your gun will run with. That is what some of the top Open shooters are running. Most run a fast powder for steel challenge in the Clean Shot range or faster. I know where you can get some locally Caleb if you need some Shooters World powder. Thanks, Eric
  9. Hello: I would get a tungsten guide rod and load up some 200 grain bullets. Thanks, Eric
  10. Hello: You get the 34 for Production and a Glock 17 for carry optics. I like the Glock 17 over the 34 for carry optics. Or get a Glock 17 for CO and get a 34 slide for Production. I think it will be cheaper to get a complete pistol over just building up a slide setup. Another option would be to get Gen 3 34 and get a Gen 3 custom slide for CO. That is what I am thinking of doing with my 34 Gen 3 since I already have a barrel for a 17. Thanks, Eric
  11. Hello: Here is something you may consider if you want to shoot limited. Use your Glock 17 and shoot limited minor. Get some Magpul 21 round magazines, 4 should be enough. That way you can shoot most stages with just one mag change and concentrate on the shooting not on the mag changes. I tell alot of shooters to do this since it just makes it easier to shoot a stage. I have shot matches with a Glock 22 and also a 35. Both are not the best unless you add weight and use heavier bullets. Factory ammo is not pleasant to shoot in either one. Thanks, Eric
  12. Hello: 9x23 is spec'd like a long 9mm Luger. It will not work in the chamber you have already. I would not ream it for 9x23 unless you plan to shoot that only. I would mark your brass and pickup all you can. Thanks, Eric
  13. Hello: It looks to be a good idea except I like a curved trigger over the flat one they offer. A curved or flat trigger option would be better or no trigger at all since you could add your own. Thanks, Eric
  14. Hello: I am using the TTI on my CO USPSA magazines and the Hennings on my 10 round CO IDPA mags. Both work great but the Hennings are a little easier to remove. I wonder if Dawson will make some also? Thanks, Eric
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