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  1. Hello, do you have the barrel fitted and the guide rod installed in it? That 3/16 may not be an issue when everything is together. Thanks, Eric
  2. Hello, my thought on this is that some companies already sell their pistols with a magwell installed. Why not allow it for the rest of the companies. A flashlight on the frame to me is just super gaming it. Wait till we see the tungsten flashlight with the mercury insert. Having seen some Glocks that were dry fired alot the bottom of the magwell looks like a dog chewed on it. A magwell would stop most of that. Lastly who has a carry pistol that weights 50ozs with an empty magazine? Thanks, Eric
  3. Hello, what mount are you guys using for the Alpha 3 on an open pistol? Thanks, Eric
  4. Hello, take a flashlight and look at the channel liner to see if it has some rough spots in it. Also make sure that the spring cups are not interfering with the striker spring. Put the end of the spring in the middle of one of the cups not at the ends. Check the striker spring to see if it is about the same compression as the G34 one. Check to see if the plunger moves freely up and down. Thanks, Eric
  5. Hello, I think magwells would be a great addition and makes alot more sense to me than inside the crotch holsters and lights. Or upping the weight limit to extreme amounts so certain pistols can play. Thanks, Eric
  6. Hello, what are your thoughts on a magwell for Production and Carry Optics? For production it would still have to fit the box and make weight. For Carry Optics it would just have to make weight. I think this would be a good progression since it would help save the grip funnel on plastic pistols and also a place to add weight to them as well. What are your thoughts? Thanks, Eric
  7. Hello, the racker should be no problem. I have done about 8 of them so far. One thing is get a good tap wrench. Cheap ones just are not very good at holding the taps square and secure. Thanks, Eric
  8. Hello, the Springer plate I have is flat. Could the red dot mounting screws be lifting the plate up? Thanks, Eric
  9. Hello, just an update. Accuracy is getting better so I am guessing that the clearance of the frame rubbing on the slide has helped. It does like plated bullets a little more than the coated ones I have tried. I have been testing recoil spring setups with my reloads. I am trying ISMI and Wolff springs to see what I prefer. Guide rods are Jager hardened steel captured ones (ISMI and Wolff), Jentra tungsten G34 I cut for the G17 and the Glock Store Double Diamond tungsten 34 model I cut back for the 17. I did have to make a bushing for the Double Diamond since it is a smaller diameter rod for the
  10. Hello, like I stated above the Buckmark is a great 22. You can add Tactical Solution barrels and other fun stuff as funds are available. I would go to a match and see what people are shooting around your area and ask them if you could shoot a couple of rounds through there pistols. Most will say sure. That way you can see what will work for you. Thanks, Eric
  11. Hello, You can try some Clean Shot. It is a softer than Tite Group and accurate enough for USPSA. Burns clean and does not smoke as bad as some other powders. I like Tite Group as well for 9mm and 40 S&W. My plated 124grain load is 3.9 grains Clean Shot, WSP primers and a 1.135" OAL for a G17. It gives me 129PF at 70 degrees. Try some of your 135 grain bullets since they will feel softer but still be quick back on target. Thanks, Eric
  12. Hello, I would try a "-" connecter or a Lone Wolf connecter to get your lighter trigger pull. You can also use a lighter plunger spring and striker spring. Thanks, Eric
  13. Hello, also look at the Browning Buckmarks and the king S&W model 41 with a Bully barrel. Thanks, Eric
  14. Hello, one thing that I did not mention is the MOS of the dot I am using. The 2-4 MOA dot size gets turned up to almost full when I am outside. The 6-8MOA dots get turned up and down depending on the stage. Also some dots are brighter than others and clearer also. Thanks, Eric
  15. Hello, the Apex I have on my G34 gen 3 is about the same as a stock trigger. It is a slightly curved one. Thanks, Eric
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