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  1. Mark, I know where a nice Isler carbon handgaurd lives that could be yours. Thanks, Eric
  2. Hello: I wouldn't use a Cheely/CK Arms slide since I have seen 3 of them crack here in a low round count pistol. As I said above I think lots of the slides are coming from the same source. I still like the Caspian slides. Good steel in them and mill up nicely. I wish PT would sell their slide again. Thanks, Eric
  3. Hello: It is not so much that the frame wears out it is the rails coming loose in the frame. If you are thinking of shooting open you may want to consider Carry Optics also. Since Carry Optics now has the 140mm rule it is alot more fun. Only down side is shooting minor but that just makes you a better shooter since you have to hit more Alphas. At least I try to. Thanks, Eric
  4. Hello: I would get either the G17 or the G34 for production knowing that I would make it a Carry Optics pistol in the future so the MOS model are the ones I would choose. Longer sight radius for Production but shorter slide for Carry Optics. I'd get the G17 MOS Gen 5 with front serrations. NO co-witness sights though. Or you could get two top ends for the lower. Thanks, Eric
  5. Hello: I would get your glasses made for target focus. With a dot you want the target in focus and bring the dot to the target. Shoot with both eyes open. A little test you can do to train your eyes to work is tape off the front of the glass on your dot. Shoot the targets and with both eyes open so you can see the dot and the target. Thanks, Eric
  6. Hello: If you reload to 1.140" OAL you will not have any issues with any bullet profile I have tried. I don't think you will need the flashlight weight with a Glock 34 to reduce muzzle flip. You may want to try some 147's as well. Since you are a revolver guy the Glock will be easier for you to shoot. Thanks, Eric
  7. Hello: Just pick a frame you like that has the features you want. The slide is the real trick now. I would only use Caspian slides since the rest all seem to be lacking or breaking in weird places. I have seen 4 slides from 4 different makers all crack in the same place. That tells me they are all coming from the same supplier. PT does not sell just the slides any longer but they were good also. Thanks, Eric
  8. Hello: I tried alot of different lens colors on my Rudy Project Rydon glasses. For general all around use I am using the brown tint lens. We have bays here with shade and some with wide open sun. Most of the ground cover is either grass or gravel. On overcast days I use the photochromic clear-black. The muiltilaser orange and red work great for fishing. One thing I know is that everyones eyes are different and as you get older your eyes change on what you like. I found the racing reds where too bright for my eyes even 14 years ago. The last thing I learned was at altitude you need darker lenses than at sea level. Thanks, Eric
  9. Hello: I know quite a few people who run just 170's. I also know some that use all 140's with different base pads to give them up to 27 rounds. There is always a place to reload on the move so choose your magazine setups for the stage you are running. Thanks, Eric
  10. Hello: We have a bowling pin plate rack here at around 15 yards that can be double tapped. It just takes practice and a good foundation with the rifle. I find the young guys can move faster and have better eyes. Thanks, Eric
  11. Hello: You may want to try some lighter bullets in the 135-155 range. Lighter bullet more gas. Thanks, Eric
  12. Hello: Accuracy will be your guide. If it locks up the same everytime and the accuracy is good leave it alone. I have seen some really tight slide to frame fit pistols that would not shoot a good group at all. I would rather have a loose fitting slide to frame fit that was accurate and 100% reliable than a tight unreliable one. Thanks, Eric
  13. Hello: On a 32 round USPSA pistol match I run 36-38 rounds in my mags. If I need more than that I am in trouble. If it is a 34-36 round stage I push it up to 40 rounds. I don't like using super long magazines and I try to be accurate with the rounds I do have. Thanks, Eric
  14. Hello: You will have to depress the plunger as well. Check to see how much drag you have on the striker. Thanks, Eric
  15. Hello: I didn't like the Glock 34 for CO either. I have gone to the Glock 17 with a Brownells slide and like it alot more. I think the XDm maybe a better if you are used to 1911 ergos and don't like the Glock grip angle. Thanks, Eric
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