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  1. Aircooled6racer

    Open gun lengths

    Will see who wins nationals and what length gun he will be using. Same goes for the ladies as well. I think full length will be the winner.
  2. Aircooled6racer

    Open gun lengths

    Hello: Everyone I know has gone back to full length pistols after playing with short or mid length barrels. Less powder to make major and a little more weight up front. Just take a look at what the top open shooters are using and if you get a chance to ask one why they use what they are using. Thanks, Eric
  3. Aircooled6racer

    Base plate that gives highest capacity 9/38

    Hello: I am using Dawson Para base pads with TTI spring and followers on my 140mm mags. If you have 170mm you could use them for reloads or just use your 140mm mags. Start with a big stick or 140mm and reload to another 140mm or big stick. Don't over think it. Thanks, Eric
  4. Aircooled6racer

    Looking for lightweight grip alternative

    Hello: I just reread the thread and you stated you just got the open pistol. I would not change anything until you shoot at least 2000 rounds through it. Then you will get an idea what you would like and what will work for you. It is easy to spend money on things and not get any real results. Just trying to save you some coin. Thanks, Eric
  5. Aircooled6racer

    Looking for lightweight grip alternative

    Hello: You can do a different type of stipple job on the plastic grip by using a 3/16" diameter soldering iron. It can be made so sharp it will hurt your hand. As for the shape you will have to build it up. If you like the Evo grip but don't like the weight, they make a titanium one. Thanks, Eric
  6. Aircooled6racer

    Best comp for 9 major

    Hello: Glad you found what you were looking for. Thanks, Eric
  7. Aircooled6racer

    Yet Another JP GMR15 or MPX thread.

    Hello: The Magpul 21 round mags reload very nice for me. I actually did a couple of classifiers with master class hit factors with a PCC. I would use them for IDPA if you are limited to 10 rounds. Put some lead wheel weights inside the mags so they drop faster. Thanks, Eric
  8. Aircooled6racer

    Yet Another JP GMR15 or MPX thread.

    Hello: The stock JP handguard is very heavy making transitions slower for most people. The buffer setup is too heavy and the spring is over sprung for 131-134PF reloads. I also think the comp is heavy as well. I run JP bolts and their 4 weight buffer that is lightened for my reloads. Hope this helps. Thanks, Eric
  9. Aircooled6racer

    Yet Another JP GMR15 or MPX thread.

    Hello: So for IDPA you can load to 30 rounds for stages that are only 18 rounds max? Why not just use Magpul 21 round mags or Glock 17 round mags with base pads. No need to have that extra mag length sticking out the bottom if you don'y have to. I find reloads are easier with the shorter mags also. Thanks, Eric
  10. Aircooled6racer

    Zig Racker keeps coming loose

    Hello: Are the recesses in the slide deep enough and in the correct place? You can check it buy measuring them. Thanks, Eric
  11. Aircooled6racer

    Yet Another JP GMR15 or MPX thread.

    Hello: The first thing should be do you reload? If you do then the JP can be made to shoot softer than with factory loads. Tune the buffer and make some reloads in the 130PF range with 124's or 147's whichever she likes more. IDPA is going to be 10 round mags if I am correct? Sig 10 round mags go on sale for around $15 and so do Glock 10rd mags. I don't own a JP but have shot quite a few and they shoot well but need upgrades to make them better. I just build my own AR9's and use some JP parts. My Sig works well but it had to go on a diet as well. Carbon fiber handguard and a 16" barrel upgrade. So here we are, if you don't reload get the Sig. If you reload and like to tune get the JP. Thanks, Eric
  12. Aircooled6racer

    STI "minor tuning package"

    Hello: Get a 8lb ISMI recoil spring and shoot it. I use that spring for major and minor loads down to 120PF. I also use a 17lb ISMI mainspring as well. Thanks, Eric
  13. Aircooled6racer

    Best comp for 9 major

    Hello: I tested alot of comps and some are better than others and some take more powder to make them work which can make them hit your hand harder but shoot flatter. I wanted soft shooting and flat. I was having elbow problems so that started it all for me. The shock wave going up my arm was not helping my arm heal so the doctor said stop shooting. I said I need a different doctor. Like I stated above everyone likes their setup and it works for them. I like building and testing stuff, it is part of the enjoyment for me. Thanks, Eric
  14. Aircooled6racer

    PSA 9mm carbine feed issues

    Hello: try a different buffer spring. Thanks, Eric
  15. Aircooled6racer

    New Barrel Shopping

    Hello: Wilson Arms makes a nice 16" barrel for under $150. You can find them at JSE Surplus. You can load long with these as well. Only thing I do to these is turn the front sight boss off in the lathe. You could leave it on if you like more weight. I also use the KVP 16" barrel as well as the JP barrel. I think Faxon make the KVP barrel for them. Thanks, Eric