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  1. Hello: Ream with a letter drill "U" first. If it still key holes move up to 3/8". Thanks, Eric
  2. Hello: I think your bullets are hitting the comp. Take a look at the through hole in the comp on the top. Try shooting at shorter and longer distances to see if the key hole gets smaller and bigger. Thanks, Eric
  3. Hello: does anyone know where to get a heavy grip plug and the heaviest guide rod for a Gen 5 G17? Looking to add some weight to the frame for carry optics. Thanks, Eric
  4. Hello: Maybe I will just take a stock striker and put it in the Bridgeport and lighten it up. Thanks, Eric
  5. Hello: I have and still use Winchester small pistol magnum primers in my major 9mm open pistols. They are actually hotter than the Winchester small rifle primers I use. Thanks, Eric
  6. Hello: Shield Arms have one that looks pretty nice. Not sure if they have any in stock? Thanks, Eric
  7. Hello: Have you checked the feed lips on the magazine? I set mine to 0.357" front to back for 9mm. Also check the mag catch slot on the magazine to see if it worn. Thanks, Eric
  8. Hello: You can check the rubbing of the magazine and ejector by using a sharpie to coat the area. Cycle the slide to see if and where there maybe some rubbing. Thanks, Eric
  9. Hello: It also looks like the ejector is slightly rubbing on the slide from the wear marks on it? Thanks, Eric
  10. Hello: Check to see if the 170mm magazine is hitting the disconnector rail on the slide. Thanks, Eric
  11. Hello: There is more to it than that. What bullet weight are you using with your 135PF loads? Do you like a fast cycling slide or more of a slow "clunk clunk"? Let us know. Thanks, Eric
  12. Hello: One thing I have seen is bad batteries. Make sure you are using good brand name batteries. Seems like some discount batteries are not made to the same specs. Either they are not quite the same size or there is something inside them causes problems. Some of the problems I have seen is bright to dim while shooting, working then shutting off while shooting but works again when you turn it off then on. Thanks, Eric
  13. Hello, the XD pistols are good if they fit your hand and you like the trigger. The good thing about alot of these pistols is you can add heavy guide rods and different spring rates to tune them easily. The higher bore axis of the Sig is a none issue as some will tell you. Another thing would be the bullet weight you like to shoot in 9mm. My Sig does not like 147's so I shoot 121-125 grain bullets but I also like that bullet weight for my other pistols and PCC's except for open which I like 115's. I prefer loads in the 131-134PF range also. Carry Optics is all about hitting alphas since it is s
  14. Hello: I have shot alot of the different options for carry optics and for now I am using the Sig P320X5 non legion with a legion grip. I also like the regular grip with the tungsten guide rod also. There will be more options to custom tune the parts in the next couple of months I think for the Sig. Next I will be trying a Glock 17 gen 5 MOS once it arrives. A handful of spares for the Glock will have you covered. Most guys I know with CZ's have two they take to the matches and spare parts. There are lots of great options but you will have to find what works for you. Do you like lightweight or
  15. Hello: I have big hands so I can just use the 90 degree mount as my thumb rest. My thumb fits in the space between the two legs. Thanks, Eric
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