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  1. If chance you’re running something like that Dillon 1050 might want to double check that your tool head bolt hasn’t worked a little bit loose or even a Mark7
  2. No not really they seem to work fine it just seemed to be so cluttered there wasn’t an easy way to set things up so it was nice and clean.
  3. I have done it but then I switched things around and ran one case feeder with two bullet feeder’s.
  4. Not sure about others but I truly think 10 rounds is not enough to determine that the press is running completely smooth. Personally I would’ve ran more close to 1000 to familiarize myself with the new press and make sure all the functions are consistent and working properly before I put an auto drive on it with a very sensitive clutch system that might pick up something that you’re not picking up after just 10 rounds. Simple little things like the index not working properly or the primer slide or many other things could cause resistance in the cycling on the press with a sensitive clutch syst
  5. How many rounds have you loaded on the RL1100 before hooking it to the Mark7 auto Drive ?
  6. Do you have a link to where you ordered this ? Can’t find it anywhere on their site... Thanks
  7. Just a little food for thought you can order the Mark7 now without the powder drop and the case feeder which brings their cost down quite a bit along with their shipping cost and you could also sell your Dillon XL750 without the case feeder and without the powder drop, which brings your shipping cost way down and sell the XL750 without the case feeder and powder drop use those two on your new Mark7 and you’ll get the best of both worlds just my two cents...
  8. I’m pretty sure here. https://reloadinginnovations.com/collections/featured-reloading-products/products/starlight-press-lighting-system-for-mark-7-evolution-revolution
  9. I had the Dillon 1050’s and 650’s now the Mark7 and couldn’t go back! The one nice thing is you can buy it strip down and add components that you already have.
  10. All the fittings and everything was from Mark7 but I did order the extension spring tube from McMaster card which you can see there if you look at the other thread it gives you the order number and everything thanks
  11. Just friction seems to work just fine as of right now.
  12. Lol thanks I would share with you. it’s beer time right now!
  13. Sorry I was actually referring to this post where I posted about it being a maintenance counter.
  14. My very first post explains it is a maintenance counter, is what I use it for to know when to do the maintenance on the machine, people can use them for different purposes counting bullets counting strokes of the machine so they have a rough idea when to do maintenance nothing mandatory just convenience.
  15. The factory fitting that came with the mark 7
  16. Hey guys post some pictures of your set ups after relocating the case feeder I’m sure others would like to see different ideas.
  17. Well for the 28 years I’ve been loading at the beginning I’ve tried a few different powders but really was never happy with anything but Vihtavuori so the only powders I’ve used throughout loading has been VV3n37,N350,N340,N320 and with all those I’ve never had an issue with the Dillon powder measure and the dual springs system not being very very accurate. it was the one I highlighted showing going into my cart part number 9664K59
  18. Yes I’m using 2 return springs wrapped around the powder measure, this is how the old Dillon presses were set up. i’ve never had a problem loading this way I’ve had this set up on all my presses and never used the safety arm, that’s just my way of loading. The powder measure is located in the Station right after the primary seating station and yes you can use a Mr. bullet feeder funnel powder drop with no problems at all but there is enough stations to break this expanding and belling up before hand if desired.
  19. No I don’t I’m sure you can just call Mark seven and ask for parts and probably do an order over the phone and thanks. Pretty simple purchase the items from eBay the button on the right is a -1 the button on the left is a reset to 0 running off of the supplied 12 V power of the case feeder. The sensor and counter from eBay The two pushbutton switches from a local hardware. https://www.ebay.com/itm/261223719192 https://www.ebay.com/itm/162701941768
  20. Picked up the longer spring from McMaster card here is a picture of the item number and the aluminum ends got those from Mark7 been here in Gibraltar for 45 years and love it !
  21. Yes I did have my bullet feeders mounted separate to begin with but still a bit of movement from the case feeder as soon as I removed the case feeders off the presses it made a world of difference it only made sense to just add the bullet feeders back on them. by far my best set up to date!
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