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  1. Very nice ! MB himself also makes a standalone that hooks to 3/4 pipe
  2. The gun is all stainless and blued Thanks
  3. Do you mind if I ask what are you referring to as the “cam bolt” And you mentioned you figured out why it was breaking and the reason it was breaking ? Thanks
  4. Not complete full breed SVs but a couple stepchildren lol
  5. Mine came in just under 14 months. Love it....
  6. I couldn’t be happier! The best money I spent,great customer services! High quality but yet simplified with all the right sensors ! You won’t be disappointed! Heres a little video just running at 1140ish rounds ph. It can do much faster but for me I’m fine just chugging along.
  7. I have 3 40c limited guns and all have 357sig barrels. All you need is a short chamber 9mm barrel and have it fitted and chamber reamed. I have a ton of info on sig been running them for many many years if you need any help with loading or anything let me know. I also straighten the tapered neck to stop bullets setback with that Dillon 9x25 cut down sizing die here’s a couple pictures.
  8. A buddy of mine recently went through the same thing it was wound up in the large bag that the Press came in. He overlooked it three times Lol
  9. When I process my brass that’s sort of what my set up is my first station is the mighty armory the second station sizing die with the de-capping then I go to the priming station and then my last is my expansion station this is what I do when I process and prime.
  10. Yep.... http://www.acc-u-rail.com/
  11. Could you post pictures of the ram and the frame hole ? Maybe take some measurements of both and provide those so we could just get an idea of what they’re calling out of spec Thanks
  12. What is the out of spec tolerance that we are dealing with here ? I’ve seen this situation before, you can contact robar https://robarguns.com/custom-firearm-finishes/np3/ They can NP3 the ram and also do the frame. Not that you may need both of them done but you could choose from one to the other or both and explain to them the build up that you need to accomplish the proper tolerance.
  13. This final cost me $1.25 from the auto store.
  14. For me I only shoot an average 1200 rounds a month and I have my AmmoBot set at 1140 an hour that’s what’s in the video. I can go twice the speed but truly there is no need for it, at least in my situation. I’ve had three 1050s throughout the years and have loaded thousands and thousands of rounds without a primer ignition and just my opinion I think a lot of people’s problems in that situation is how you process your brass and how clean you keep your machine but once again that’s just my opinion. Some people don’t process their brass which means they have to pay way more attention when it comes to the loading session and what’s going into the machine. Once again this is just my opinion.
  15. I called and spoke with Dillon a month or so ago got about the same information but also they said it would be roughly the same price as a super 1050 couldn’t understand that part so I just went ahead and picked up another 1050 made my own set up along with the case counter.
  16. I originally had my order in for the evolution but canceled and went this exact route after giving up on the wait time. A friend of mine stuck with his order and finally received his evolution and I’m glad and this is just me that I did change my order and go this route. A little video so you can see different options
  17. And here’s a picture of another one he did for me. They do some great work !
  18. Bob does some awesome work over there! Just recently got this one back, that finishes brush the flat mat the rounds all controls are brushed finished.
  19. If you zoom in close with my video when the bullet comes to the seating station the case does not move at all because of the zip ties.
  20. Great job!!! Yes that clear housing and queen workmanship great job !
  21. SV makes some really awesome ones, just my opinion.
  22. My fix to the primer stick problem is running 2 de-capper pins first station mighty armory Second station Lee sizing de-capper but I do not use the swage rod I see no need I only load 40 caliber and I process in prime before I load.been doing this for thousands of rounds with no problems.
  23. Mines is holding up extremely well, shoot nothing but major loads through it, don’t know the exact round count but going strong.
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