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  1. Hello, get a green laser/light combo with your iron sights. Much easier to learn and use. Thanks, Eric
  2. Hello, I have a 2011 standard frame that I am using a cut down 5" slide that is close to commander length. It is not an open pistol but a 9mm limited pistol I built for IDPA that uses a bull barrel. Fun to shoot and very accurate. Thanks, Eric
  3. Hello, I think both platforms can be very reliable if you use good ammo and keep things clean. My CO pistols have been running 100% and so have my Open pistols. Keep your magazines clean and use good ammo and both will run very well. As for ammo, most people I know reload their own so ammo cost is almost the same. Buying ammo right now is scary expensive for both. So, is one better than the other? Not really, it just comes down to what you like to shoot and major or minor power factor. Thanks, Eric
  4. Hello, I do like my Timney trigger and think for a drop in it works very well. I guess I am cheap since I think a $400 Glock trigger is crazy. A 2-3lb Glock trigger is good enough for me and it can be done with stock parts. When a Glock trigger is two thirds the cost of the pistol I would look to buy more ammo to practice with instead. Thanks, Eric
  5. Hello, a comp on it will work just fine using slow powder. Have you thought of just using minor loads in the 10mm. Something in the 140 power factor range with no comp since you are using cast bullets. How about a 6" pistol with a slide or frame mounted red dot? Lots of options if you don't need full power 10mm loads. Thanks, Eric
  6. Hello, lots of room on the Trubor for a Zig racker. I have done a couple of them. Thanks, Eric
  7. Hello, if you give me a day or two I should be able to find a factory Glock one from my Gen 5 G17. Thanks, Eric
  8. Hello, I use Mobil 1 car oil on all metal guide rods. Two small drops and spread it with your fingers or a Q-tip. Thanks, Eric
  9. Hello, glad you solved the problem. Thanks, Eric
  10. Hello, the dog eared rear sights are great for fast target acquisition and give you extra room on the sides for transitions. My eyes find the notch faster with these types of sights. Thanks, Eric
  11. Hello, I have shot a stock gen 5 G34 and also a lightened slide gen 5 G34 and for me I actually liked the weight of the stock slide setup on the G34. Saying that, I prefer a gen 5 G17 more for carry optics if you take the time to set it up correctly. I would shoot it and see if it suits your type of shooting and remember that a slide mounted optic will add weight to the rear of the slide. Thanks, Eric
  12. Hello, try 4.1 grains of Tite Group. It should be good to go. Thanks, Eric
  13. Hello, check the feed lips on your magazines. It could be that your rounds are hitting the slide stop. Also check your grip screws to make sure they are tight. Also check your grip to see if it is cracked. Thanks, Eric
  14. Hello, are your followers the type that activate the slide stop? If they are then either grind the followers so they don't hit the slide stop or grind the slide stop so the follower does not hit the slide stop. You can also look at the detent spring and see if it is shorter. I grind the slide stop so that the follower doesn't hit or even a round could activate it. Thanks, Eric
  15. Hello, I have been shooting my G17 gen 5 quite a bit. If you set the pistol up I find I don't need the extra weight. I am using a heavy Jentra tungsten G34 guide rod I cut back to fit flush with the G17 slide. Wolff 13lb recoil spring. Carver brass magwell insert. That is all I am using and can get some pretty quick splits at 7 yards with the shots stacking on each other. For me I don't see a need to add any extra weight. Do some testing and see what actually works for you using a timer. Thanks, Eric
  16. Hello, I don't think you will have much value there. The bast way to sell it would be to part it out. Sell the grip, magwell, and frame seperately. Sell the barrel and other parts as well. As a complete setup maybe $800 which is a guesstimate. I would rebuild the top end in 9mm and sell off the 38SC parts. Thanks, Eric
  17. Hello, get one from Jentra not the Glock store. There regular tungsten guide rod from the Glock Store is brass and tungsten and I am not sure how much of it is really tungsten. Thanks, Eric
  18. Hello, a Gen 3 captured guide rod will not be long enough for a Gen 5 G34 or G17 as you have found out. I think they are referring to their extended G34 Gen 3 guide rod not the captured Gen 3 one. Thanks, Eric
  19. Hello, I think the gen 4 guide rod they are using is the uncaptured one with the adapter. Thanks, Eric
  20. Hello, get the Safariland USPSA kit and make an aluminum adapter for the Blade Tech hole pattern and you will have a holster setup that is very ajustable. Or buy a Safariland holster to fit your pistol setup and attach the USPSA kit. Don't be affraid to modify the holster or attachment. Make it fit your needs. Thanks, Eric
  21. Hello, I was wondering what connecter you guys are using with the Timney trigger? I have tried the "-", dot and a Lone Wolf so far. I have a couple more that I will try next week. Thanks, Eric
  22. Hello, the 34 does come with a longer magazine release. It is only about 1/16" longer than the standard one. I replaced mine with one from Ghost which is plastic. Glock make one as well but they are hard to find right now. The photo shows all three. Thanks, Eric
  23. Hello, depending on the divisions you are going to shoot in, it will depend on what you may want. In IDPA I don't think a magwell is really needed since you will be only doing one reload most of the time. Limited minor in USPSA it will be only one reload also. Production in USPSA no magwell is legal yet. Carry Optics again only one reload. A grip plug like the Jentra one works very well and if you want to add weight a brass plug will work. I do like the Dawson Ice magwell for the Gen 3's since that is the only one I have for a Glock. Thanks, Eric
  24. Hello, I like 8lb or 9lb ISMI recoil springs for my 9mm open pistols. They will work every time even when a little dirty. You won't have any feeding problems with the 8 or 9. If the pistol is built right a 8lb will work for minor loads also. Thanks, Eric
  25. Hello, try an 8lb spring and see how it does. Also try some 115's if you have some. I like 115's more than the 124's. 121's for IPSC works well. Thanks, Eric
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