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  1. Hello, you are not going to be able to take much weight out of slide by cutting on the inside. There is just not enough area there to make that much of a difference. You can remove some off the barrel and use an aluminum guide rod as well as a shortened barrel bushing. You can also cut under the rear sight area. Thanks, Eric
  2. Hello, buy a 9,10 and a 11lb recoil springs and try them to see what you like best. Shooters Connection should have them all in stock. I use mostly ISMI but you could try the Wolff springs also. Thanks, Eric
  3. Hello, the 15lb recoil spring will be great with the stock slide and optic on it using factory loads. Thanks, Eric
  4. Hello, well that's true just add more weight to make things better. Remember weight is the biggest killer of speed. Thanks, Eric
  5. Hello, tuning your load and recoil setup will do more than just adding weight to the grip. Thanks, Eric
  6. Hello, I am using the Carver one with no magwell. It works well. Another option is the C&H Precision one but it is too pricey for me. Thanks,Eric
  7. Hello, I would agree on the Glock. A bag of $60 spare parts and some base pads and you are ready to shoot. But I still love my 2011 and 1911's. Thanks, Eric
  8. Hello, the Atlas mount I have I had to remove about 0.050" so that the Alpha 3 could be mounted. Thanks, Eric
  9. Hello, with the old STI 170mm magazines get the Grams spring and follower but also get the Shooters Connection/Hardy metal spacers. I don't glue in the spacer so the magazine can be cleaned easier. Make sure you get the Grams 9mm follower kit. Thanks, Eric
  10. Hello, make sure you have the overtravel screw so that you have free play after the hammer drops. If not back out the screw 1 full turn and try it again. Also check that you have the sear spring in the correct position and it has not slid off the sear. Tahnks, Eric
  11. Hello, I have an old Dillon one that has a piece missing on one of the shell holder spots on my RL1050. So who makes the best one for loading 9mm? Thanks, Eric
  12. Hello, I have some I bought a while back that are thicker than the Dawson's I think. I will measure them tomorrow to see. They are plus zero as well and use a pin to retain them on the magazine. Thanks, Eric
  13. Hello, I would pick up some range brass and reload it. Be a brass rat and collect some off the ground. I have had some Starline once fired that the primers would fall out of. I think it was from some over pressured 9mm open reloads. This was even after me running it through my Case Pro. I am wondering if Starline had a bad run of brass? Thanks, Eric
  14. Hello, I remove the tab on the slide stop. That way you don't ever get the slide to lock back even from a round in the magazine. For the springs load them and unload them a bunch of times and the spring will take a set. You can do this while watching the TV. Thanks, Eric
  15. Hello, let the primer hits be your guide. I did try the 13lb ISMI with the stock striker spring. I did have some light primer hits that did not go bang. Changed to a 4lb and everything works great. Your results may very since the striker cups may drag more or less and the sleeve inside the slide maybe very smooth or kinda rough. Hope this helps. Thanks, Eric
  16. Hello, If you get any of the race holsters I would consider the muzzle support for a 1911 framed pistol for USPSA matches. It just adds a little more security if you are new to race holsters. The holster I have found that works the best for me is the Safariland 015. I have the 014's and they work very well also. I made a kydex holster for my open pistols and it is just a little slower but way more secure so you may want to look into that also if you are doing a slide mounted optic. Thanks, Eric
  17. Hello, depends on what gen Glock you are running? For the Gen 3 and older the 13lb ISMI with a Wolff 4lb has worked very well for me in a G17 and G34. For the Gen 5 G17mos I am running a Wolff 12lb recoil and a Wolff 4lb for carry optics. Check what the hits on your primers look like to see if you need a stronger striker spring. Thanks, Eric
  18. Hello, I would also look at the Alpha 3 as well. I really like the window shape over the XL or the Max. It also costs less and the 3 I have are holding up very well on Carry Optics and open pistols. Of the two Sig optics I like the XL more even thou I am an old user of C-More slide rides. The round glass makes finding the dot faster but I am finding it does not matter as much as I thought. The vertical height on the Alpha 3 really is helpful for vertical tracking for me on my carry optics pistols. Another option to look at is the Holosun 510C with it's extra large window. Remove the shield and it weights the same as a C-More slide ride in aluminum. Thanks, Eric
  19. Hello, get a green laser/light combo with your iron sights. Much easier to learn and use. Thanks, Eric
  20. Hello, I have a 2011 standard frame that I am using a cut down 5" slide that is close to commander length. It is not an open pistol but a 9mm limited pistol I built for IDPA that uses a bull barrel. Fun to shoot and very accurate. Thanks, Eric
  21. Hello, I think both platforms can be very reliable if you use good ammo and keep things clean. My CO pistols have been running 100% and so have my Open pistols. Keep your magazines clean and use good ammo and both will run very well. As for ammo, most people I know reload their own so ammo cost is almost the same. Buying ammo right now is scary expensive for both. So, is one better than the other? Not really, it just comes down to what you like to shoot and major or minor power factor. Thanks, Eric
  22. Hello, I do like my Timney trigger and think for a drop in it works very well. I guess I am cheap since I think a $400 Glock trigger is crazy. A 2-3lb Glock trigger is good enough for me and it can be done with stock parts. When a Glock trigger is two thirds the cost of the pistol I would look to buy more ammo to practice with instead. Thanks, Eric
  23. Hello, a comp on it will work just fine using slow powder. Have you thought of just using minor loads in the 10mm. Something in the 140 power factor range with no comp since you are using cast bullets. How about a 6" pistol with a slide or frame mounted red dot? Lots of options if you don't need full power 10mm loads. Thanks, Eric
  24. Hello, lots of room on the Trubor for a Zig racker. I have done a couple of them. Thanks, Eric
  25. Hello, if you give me a day or two I should be able to find a factory Glock one from my Gen 5 G17. Thanks, Eric
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