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  1. I’m fitting an EVO grip to and STI frame but there’s still a hairline gap between the grip and frame above the trigger guard section. Am I doing it wrong or is it like that on all guns that don’t have a PT frame too? Need help
  2. Dane460

    Which trigger is best?

    X line , svi, or is there another better trigger option?
  3. Dane460

    Which trigger is best?

    X line , svi, or is there another better trigger option?
  4. Dane460

    T1 or T2 compensator

    Thank you for the feedback, I’ll b using autocomp since I already load it for my other major gun, this one is a short barrel open gun
  5. Dane460

    T1 or T2 compensator

    Does the extra port in the T2 comp really make a difference with shooting 9 major?
  6. Dane460

    2211 frame damp cut

    For anyone running a tactical solutions 2211 upper on their 2011, does it matter what the frame is cut for? Para/Clark or Wilson/nowlin or an uncut frame? Looking to buy a CK frame to build a designated 2211 and didn’t know if it fits better on one or the other if it matter at all. I don’t have the upper yet so I have no idea how the barrel sits in the frame
  7. Dane460

    2011 22lr frame

    What frame is best? Does the frame have to be cut or have a ramp? Looking to start building a 2011 in 22lr
  8. How difficult is it to fit an Xline various trigger in my STI dvc plastic grip?
  9. Who makes the best conversion for 2011 in 22lr? Best mags to use?
  10. Dane460

    Volquartsen Scorpion

    I just shoot local 22 matches. Been tryin to get into steel challenge more but nowhere around here really does it. Try to do a couple a month. And my 22/45 has a Volquartsen bolt, their v-comp, tk trigger, the lci filler piece, the bushing to get rid of the magazine disconnect, polished up everything. Triggers just over 2lbs now.
  11. Dane460

    Volquartsen Scorpion

    Ya I had already talked to JOJOs and they said they would do it. Just tryin to decide if it’s worth the 1200$ when my mk3 is already all aftermarket and I do pretty well with it at the few 22 matches I do
  12. Dane460

    Volquartsen Scorpion

    That’s why I’m debating, my 22/45 is all tricked out and I’m oretty fast with it, tryin to decide if it’s worth the 1200$ for a scorpion. Plus I’m in CT and can’t get one that’s threaded which means no comp
  13. Dane460

    New to 3 gun

    That’s my plan, just didn’t know if there were any big things people were noticing that broke quickly that should b changed out and stufff like that. Def going to shoot it how it is and de what I like and don’t like, but I also like seeing what others do so if I decide to change something I know others have done it so I don’t feel like a crazy person messing with everything lol
  14. Looking for advice on what shotshell caddies are good for a beginner in 3 gun? thank you
  15. Dane460

    New to 3 gun

    Looking at getting started in 3 gun, I bought a JM 930 to start with for shotgun. What upgrades or tuning have any of you done to yours?