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  1. Im going to be replacing my STI trubor barrel and am going between another standard trubor barrel and do Poole holes again or get Brazos trubor barrel with side port in the comp and also still run popple holes...so my question is as the side ports make a difference? Running 9 major
  2. Got a couple mins to take it apart, detente is definitely shot along with the spring has barely any tension, replaced with a different one off a newer gun amd didn’t help, so I investigated the safety contact with the sear, it’s def worn down, barely contacts the sear either hammer back
  3. Ya I’m guna start with new pins and a spring, but the guns due for a tune up and trigger job soon
  4. Ya I’ve done them before, I’m just tryin to decided ona shielded or just anotherregular Ambi
  5. That’s what I was leaning more towards of fitting a new safety, but was guna get a new decent and spring and see if it helps
  6. Yes I just don’t like the idea of it moving
  7. I was thinking it’s worn, it’s on an older STI steelmaster with quite a few rounds thru it
  8. If I can move the thumb safety up but not fully engaged with the hammer down, just enough where it would catch the slide. Is the detention spring worn out or is my safety in need of replacing?
  9. I’ve been leading towards eve as most of you have said, but I see extreme has some good reviews also
  10. What’s everyone running in their 2011s for fire controls? Looking for quality parts that last
  11. I got mine pretty light now, was going to switch my mainspring out for a reduced power VQ spring that some guys say has reduced their trigger pull also
  12. Looking for opinions and experience with slide brands? I like Brazos slide but looking for feedback on a good slide to use on a major open Gunn thsnk you
  13. Mbx, zero issues and great customer service
  14. Ya I think I’m just guna but some 140 mbx mags since I already know I won’t have issues
  15. Recently bought an mbx mag and love it but I see the STI gen 2 mag now looks similar and doesn’t run a spacer anymore either. Anyone have experience with the new gen 2 STI mags?? Tryin to decide on more mbx mags or try the gen 2s
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