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  1. I’ve been using my sonic cleaner to clean my comp, turn the heat up and loosened it up quite a bit
  2. I have X-line in my 3 guna with evos and they drop right in.
  3. I run a 170 to start and 140s on my belt, I feel like the 170 sticks out to much and I’ve seen them fall out of guys pouches when there’s crazy movement in stages
  4. I was told to use the SV insert like sarge said, I have the PT insert and the Cheely was tight
  5. If it works for u just stick with till it craps out then upgrade. Why spend money and change things if it’s working for u now
  6. As long as u inspect it and process and reload correctly, why would it b a problem?
  7. I know a few guys that are masters in uspsa that had 90* mounts and switched to vertical to help more when shooting stages that u run right to left
  8. I just replaced my recoilmaster with a 12lb spring and tooless guide rod. Gun runs great but going to get an 11lb and test it with my reloads and some freedom munitions ammo. The springs I’ve been using are the Wolff variables and seem to be holding up
  9. I was just using clp for awhile but I’ve now been using the Lucas oil and grease on all my competition guns and it’s been working great
  10. Ive got 3 Evos all on STI frames. Two older ones that didn’t take much work, but put one on a new STI and had to do a lot of fitting
  11. I bought a gun with a DAA mim safety, what part breaks usually? Was thinkin already of buying a pt safety so it matches my other gun
  12. I’ve seen guys put pins coming up from the msh and I’ve also seen guys put a little bead on the bottom of their grip safeties with a welder and holds it in to deactivate also.
  13. Dane460


    Idk why the got rid of the edge I love my 2, was looking at the Hawk at one point too for a friend wanting an entry cheaper 2011 but I see they didn’t make that very long
  14. Double alpha makes a nice shielded safety also and cheaper than the others. It’s a mim part not a machined one but so far mines been holding up fine
  15. I have the cyclone button on one of my guns and it works well, no readjustment and doesn’t hit my left hand when shooting
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