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  1. Product is free but shipping and handling is more than the product is worth. Yeah, I see that way too much. Or ads like "Free Credit Report". All they actually give you is a meaningless score number and to get any details you have to subscribe to their service at $80/yr.
  2. Definitely trickier, but because you can tune the disco and trigger return leafs independently, it allows for a lot more adjustment than a 3 leaf. I been using them since '92.
  3. Fair enough, but I see a lot of slide lightening and thin areas that I know didn't come from Caspian. As for tooling marks and geometry, I never seen a slide with unusual tooling marks. Even the Foster stuff (Caspians cosmetic blems) it's damn hard to find the flaw that kept it from the Caspian name. I have a couple Foster frames that I spent hours LOOKING for the blem and never found it. Did you get the slide directly from Caspian?
  4. Fascinating. I been using them for more than 20 yrs and never had one fail. Some of my guns have over 10K rnds and a couple 38 supers that have fired major loads since the first round. I'd love to see some pics of the failures.
  5. Caspian is still made in the USA and wait times are 4-6 wks depending on the options you choose.
  6. Barton 1792 warehouse collapse Happened about a year ago, but as I understand it when all was said and done they only lost 1200 or so barrels. I've tried 1792 and have to say it had a very rich flavor profile. But with the loss of so many barrels being aged, the price may go beyond my budget.
  7. I was becoming disenchanted with NAStyCAR by the mid-2000s with the "Chase". They lost even more of my interest when they let the fans pick two drivers for the chase. When they changed to the "Stages" they lost me completely and even Tony could drag me to watch another race. There's a LOT of better racing out there. NASCAR isn't even racing anymore. They turned it into WWF on wheels. It's just a show.
  8. Nice job. I was never a big fan of all the fancy stuff. Make it accurate and reliable first, then worry about pretty. Yours is far from ugly.
  9. I enjoy my Sunday mornings. The only peace I get.
  10. What I did many years ago to improve my trigger pull was to make it as difficult as possible. I got a Daisy 1911 BB pistol. Absolute WORST trigger you can imagine. 1/2" pull at around 8 lbs and felt like rubbing two bricks together. Practice like that until you can keep the sights on the center of the target through the entire pull. Once you get to that point, your competition pistol is gonna be a dream. I have always believed in making practice as hard as possible. It should be real work. Then the match is easy.
  11. Divorce her immediately! Any woman that would do something like that for her husband MUST be batshite crazy. Seriously, though, very nice pistol and the wife is a keeper. Any woman who understands what is important to to you is worth holding onto forever.
  12. BTW: On the subject of lightening; one of the new projects I'm planning is a new racegun built on a Caspian double stack with a commander slide. Taking 3/4"off the front of the slide will lighten it without compromising integrity.
  13. Yes. That is an ad straight from Caspian's website. Getting ready to order a couple High & Tights for new projects.
  14. If you have some sandpaper, (or the wife's nail emery) sand down the area under the afflicted finger to relive it enough to balance out the pressure. If your sights are returning to original point of aim, that is more important than where the sight goes. So at this point, you don't want to change your grip. make the gun fit you. Remember too, you don't have to have a death grip on the gun. If you're squeezing hard enough to cause pain, it's prob'ly a little too hard. Back off just a hair.
  15. Just a thought. I been using Caspian slides and frames for years and never had a failure.
  16. Lowes or Home Depot. get a 4" wide roll of Anti-skid tape like you'd use on porch steps. Been using it for years and I actually like the feel better than any checkering.
  17. Dranoel

    "You Were Lucky"

    Spit balls? You were lucky! We couldn't afford a used newspaper to make them with and couldn't afford spit either. I spent every free minute (about 3.5 every day) searching the banks of the swamp we lived in for pebble just the right size and roundness for ammo.
  18. Dranoel

    "You Were Lucky"

    .45? Revolver? You were lucky! I had to compete with a single shot, hand pump Daisy pellet pistol with no grip panels and sights carved out of a soggy corn cob! I had to fire 3 shots just to make minor and an average stage took me 3 weeks to shoot. You really need to do this video.
  19. I can tell you from experience that "cheap" never is. Even if it's a top quality piece to start with, if the owner is selling it cheap, there's a reason.
  20. If these are any indication.... Yeah. I'll be seeing it soon.
  21. You are a bus driver. On you first stop you pick up 5 passengers. On your second stop you pick up 3 more. On your 3rd stop 5 get on and 4 get off. On your 4th stop 7 get on 3 get off. On your 5th stop 6 get on and 9 get off. on your 6th stop all the passengers get off. What is the bus driver's name?
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