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  1. I only drink when I'm thirsty. Drinking makes me thirsty. Therefore.....
  2. Dranoel

    Corona Virus Humor

    There's a "spike" in Corona virus cases, because there's a spike in testing. If we gave more I.Q. Tests, there'd be a "spike" in morons.
  3. And I'm betting when a newb asks a question that's been asked a thousand times, you tell him about the "SEARCH" function.
  4. Dranoel

    BE Blog

    Never knew you were a Buckeye. I drive through the Dayton area just about every day. And, yeah, Park Layne is a good place to be FROM. But at least you didn't grow up in Meigs county. That's not something I even admit to most of the time. I tell people I'm from Lima or Columbus.
  5. Matt Wolff takes the Rocket Mortgage Classic by 3 strokes with a -19 for three rounds in a spectacular game of golf. What was his secret? “I have to give credit to the ice cream truck that was circling the property,” said Wolff, who was 19-under 197 after three rounds. “I’m not joking, actually.” “I heard the ice cream truck and I’m like, ‘I have a good feeling about this,‘ ” Wolff recalled. “Just had that little like ice cream truck song in my head. I think that helped me just not think about the speed or the line or anything, just keep my head free.” This is a perfect example of not "thinking" about what you're doing and just do it. The ice cream truck song playing through his head kept him relaxed, happy and not thinking about the mechanics of what he was doing. This allowed him to just DO what he knows. Same applies to shooting and any other sport. Stop thinking about what and how and all the other crap and just DO it.
  6. I tune my pistols to a "range" of ammo I want to use. For example: In my ,45s I don't like shooting anything heavier than 185 gr. and usually shoot 152-155 gr LSWC or 160 gr HB PSWC. So my .45s are sprung a little lighter. I can still shoot 230 gr if I need to but I avoid it like the plague. From there I tune the loads to their best accuracy in my pistols. That can be tricky as different barrel brands and lengths can effect how a given load works. One may like WW231 or Unique but not AA5 or AA7, while another is just the opposite.
  7. Done it both ways. Watched in release order and watched in chronological order (SOLO then Rogue 1 before A New Hope)
  8. The sparks are from unburnt powder igniting as the case is pulled free of the chamber. Often this is from slower burning powders. Nothing to really worry about. What loads are you using?
  9. It ain't what it used to be.
  10. An M1 Carbine in .38 super would be the BOMB.
  11. Three words: T N T
  12. I'll be signing autograph later, in the lobby.
  13. I got a dozen ways to tell you where to go.... Here's a hand basket. Need directions?
  14. https://www.hogueinc.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=para+ordnance+p-14 https://wickedgrips.com/?s=Para+Ordnance+P14&post_type=product&dgwt_wcas=1
  15. And just as often I see guys relying on gadgets thinking because the cool guys do it, it will make them faster.
  16. I tend to prefer the Slide Ride as there is less getting in my way. I will say that On my next build I will have the slide milled for the optic instead of using an adapter plate. In both of these cases the optic was added after the pistol was already finished with iron sights.
  17. Dranoel

    new shoes

    Bought a pair of Merrill boots a few years ago. Most comfortable things I've had on my feet. 'Bout time to get a new pair. Occasionally I buy a cheap pair of sneakers and it's always a reminder of why I don't buy cheap crap.
  18. I think you should stop and get ice cream on the way. Maybe a banana split.
  19. Regardless how many rounds I fired, every gun I used gets field stripped and the frame, slide and outside of the barrel get a thorough wipe down with an oily rag. No solvents. Ever. If I fired more than 200 rnds through it I will use solvent inside the barrel only. Then a bronze brush, dry patches and finally an oiled patch. Somewhere around 2000 rnds detail strip and thorough cleaning and lube.
  20. I know how good weight loss feels. From this time last year I dropped from 360 to 290 by Nov. Then being at home and nothing to do, put 20 back on. now it's gone again and still dropping. I want to get back down to 240 so I don't have to buy a new gun belt.
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