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  1. I suggest you try a few of whatever you plan to buy BEFORE you purchase a large quantity.
  2. I suggest to load ammo to the parameters of the factory ammo that has been working 100%.
  3. I like the standard connector in my self defense Glocks and have the minus connector in one that is a range pistol. Here is a video I found about the Black Yikes connector:
  4. Does anyone have any experience with the Black Yikes connector?
  5. Found a Bladetech Signature holster locally. Plenty of room for tall sights:
  6. These Trijicon sights have a front sight height of .375". They fit in my Safariland G17 holster but the front sight rubs. No go in another Safariland and an old Bladetech. While I have dabbled with RDS on Glocks before this is my first gun with tall sights. I kind of like them and want to leave them on.
  7. So I finally found a G17 Gen 5 FS. It came with a Holosun 507c and tall night sights. I realize the tall sights are not needed but what the hey, the gat came with them on it. My issue is none of my holsters have a sight channel big enough for the monster front sight! Do any of you guys know of a holster that has room for a front sight this tall?
  8. I have had DOH type holsters. This Bladetech G19 holster is one of the original made from folded kydex. So no DOH and it will conceal under a jacket. The pistol butt sticks out too far for wearing just a loose shirt. I used it yesterday in a match and it works great in that role. My schedule this year is going to allow only a few matches. So I decided to focus on my G19's and use a holster I can wear to the range and also while at the range. The Bravo Concealment looks like it can do that. I will report back when it arrives. Thanks again!
  9. I went with Bravo Concealment:) Thanks for all the input.
  10. I appreciate the input. That gives me a few to check out, thanks.
  11. Thanks for all the replies. This gives me several to check out.
  12. Hi, I'm looking for suggestions on a good all around holster for a Glock 19? My plan is to focus on shooting my Glock 19's for 2020. I want to see how much I can improve shooting the 19's and I want one do it with a holster I can conceal as well as use it on the range. I have an old school Bladetech that I may use but I'm looking for other suggestions as well. The Bladetech does not conceal well honestly. Thanks in advance, Keith
  13. I'm curious what PCC platforms are out there that use Glock mags? Thanks in advance, Keith
  14. I bought this 92a1 used and have decided to shoot it a bit. I bought a stack of Mec-gar mags and have plenty of 9mm reloading components I need a holster for it. I prefer the old school Bladetech with the folded over flap for the belt tunnel. Does anyone still make a holster like this. But any good hip holster suggestions would be appreciated. Also curious about grip thickness on these. Are there any grips that are thinner than what is on there or provided better grip? How about anything else you see this pistol might need other than practice by me?:) Thanks
  15. Prayers up for You and Your Family during this sorrowful time.
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