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  1. Ok thanks for the advice, I know the oem 17lb wasn't nearly as flat as the tungsten but wasn't sure if the 17 would work better now that I have the tungsten with factory ammo, I could def give a bill drill with a 13 a try to see how it feels, maybe I'll order a 17 and 13 and compare. The 15 is already working really well so maybe I'll just leave it alone lol
  2. Hey guys, I am currently running a glock 34 cut by primary machines that has a significant amount of weight removed from the slide. I use the glock store heavy extended uncaptured tungsten guide rod with 15lb spring which is what primary machines recommended. The gun runs 100% reliable with no malfunctions. The gun also ran 100% reliable with an OEM 17lb glock RSA. So I am wondering since I am running factory ammo would I notice diminished recoil with a 17lb spring on my uncaptured rod vs the 15lb I currently use? My thinking is the heavier spring would dampen recoil better then the 15lb. With the 15lb the recoil impulse is pretty good. It doesn't dip at all when it locks up and when doing a bill drill my red dot stays in the window but does move all the way to the top. I am just trying to squeeze as much preformance out of the gun as possible. Last question, would running a 17lb spring cause any extra wear on the frame with the lightened slide when it locks up? Thanks for the advice!
  3. Unfortunately I don't really have the money to take a class with him and I have no idea where in the country he is, does he have videos at all?
  4. Hey guys, I am getting to a point in uspsa where the number one thing holding me back is my movement. My accuracy, draw, And reloads are all pretty respectable but my movement needs work. I am trying to keep both hands on the gun basically unless im going in to a full gate. I am right handed btw. When moving left to right it's easy to not break the 180 but I notice practicing at home I have to rotate my hips alot more when running right to left. It seems to me the most comfortable method and the method that keeps my gun the farthest from the 180 is to rotate the gun so the side of my slide is parallel with the ground allowing me to angle my wrists back away from the 180. Is this an appropriate/useful method? Is there a better method? Do you know of any videos that may be useful to me improving here? I would appreciate any and all movement advice you can offer me. I am currently C class and have been shooting USPSA for a few months, I feel like if I can get my speed up a little more B class is within reach. Thanks alot for any advice!
  5. I can take some pictures tomorrow when I clean it after league but to better elaborate, I have a gen 5 glock 34. His competition gen 5 trigger uses a gen 3 bar with with a gen 5 housing. The bar is modified to work with the gen 5 style trigger return spring so it fits in the little piece of metal attached to the gen 5 return spring in the same way a gen 5 bar does.
  6. Hey guys, So I have been using Johnny glock triggers in all my glocks for awhile now. I always went with his combat trigger as my 19 and 43x are primarily self defense guns. I got into uspsa a few months ago and I'm slowly working towards B class, right now my scores are typically high C. During League I'm pretty consistently getting B percentages but that's against other league members and not the national grandmasters. We do have 1 Grand Master and 3 or 4 Masters at our club, all but 1 of the Masters is shooting CO. When I decided to pull the trigger on a g34 I wanted the best trigger I could get for it, it was between Johnny glock or timney and I went with Johnny's because I know his products well and I was wary of the sluggish reset from the timney. So it arrived yesterday and I got out to the range for some practice last night and wow this trigger feels amazing. Break weight is sub 3lb, reset is amazing and break is nice and clean. I'm using a polished 4.5lb striker spring with an oem firing pin, reduced weight plunger spring and Johnny glock polished plunger. This is my first time going down to 4.5lb striker spring and my primer strikes where totally good to go. I shot about 300 rounds of wwb, with no light strikes. During actual competition or league I use federal 9mm. It is very unique because although I have a gen 5 g34 he uses a gen 3 trigger bar with gen 5 housing. It really changes the break feel and reset feel and sound for the better. When it first arrived I thought he sent me the wrong trigger but he explained to me why he uses the gen 3 bar. The only downside to this trigger is the price. With the flat face trigger shoe it was $290 but honestly it's worth it. I have felt a bunch of different glock triggers and it doesn't matter if it's the combat or the competition I have never felt a trigger that feels as good as his. I use the combat in my 19 and 43x and those both feel great as well. They have a more pronounced wall than the competition but still break around 4 to 5lb depending on striker spring. I would like to shoot the timney trigger at some point but I am really happy with my decision. If you are in the market for a glock trigger I suggest you start out at Johnnyglocks.com
  7. Hey guys, so right now for CO I am running a g34 that has an OEM slide that was milled by primary machines. I use a 15lb spring on heavy extended guide rod and it shoots great, the red dot is so easy to track. My one concern is racking the gun off the front slide serrations. This is my first ever milled gun and because the cut is so extreme and it has little support columns in the center of the lightning cuts I worry I'll somehow break my slide from using my front slide serrations. Is this just my super OCD brain and a totally illegitimate concern or would you be concerned with this cut? The top also has a big window with a thin support column in the center as well. I usually grip it with the pocket between my thumb and index finger which I feel like applies the least possible force but I still worry about it so I have been using the rear serrations primarily. I am so much faster with the front serrations that I'm hoping yall can ease my mind. I have only been competing for a few months so it isn't like it is gonna make or break me but I'd like to be using the beat practices possible as I have been improving quickly. Below is a link to the gun, let me know what you guys think. Imgur link to my g34
  8. Got to shoot it today at uspsa practice and it shoots like a dream.with the tungsten and 15lb recoil spring
  9. Yea I'm dumb just watched a video, the version I have doesn't use a plug sorry guys haha, going this heavy into mods is new to me. Use to just slap a johnny glock trigger in and call it a day, I love uspsa lol Just put it in, fits and functions exactly as it should, guess I should have just started there
  10. So maybe this one is suppose to be like this? The one humble marksman is using I believe is the double diamond which shows the adapter in the picture on glockstore. This one is much thicker then that so maybe it just fits into the slide without any adapter? The pictures don't show any adapter so here in a min I'm gonna try putting it in and see how it goes, hopefully I'm just a newbie over reacting
  11. Hey guys I ordered a super heavy extended gen 5 uncaptured guide rod, and they told me it included everything I needed to run it in my gun but there is no front adapter for it. I assume this is incorrect right? So annoying since I specifically asked I'd it included it and they said yes, now I can't run the gun on Tuesday as I planned
  12. Before I got this 34 I was gaming with a glock 19 with tlr8a and it was working out very well. This 34 already seemed to recoil less even with the light slide but I got a super heavy tungsten guide rod that adds about 100 grams which is about the same as a tlr1, I can also add a tlr1 on top of that but that will require a new holster and I am out of money haha. Gonna shoot it for now with the tungsten and 15lb spring and maybe I'll add a tlr1 and new holster down the line
  13. Awesome, I'll probably use a drop of hoppes gun oil on it then and spread it out with my fingers like I do the barrel
  14. Ok awesome it got delivered today, I'll check it out when I get home and can hit it with some flitz if need be
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