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  1. But wouldn’t covering up the dot prevent one from being able to superimpose the dot properly ? Like I wouldn’t be able to see the exact point on the target I want the dot to be on right? you have me curious now lol.
  2. Have any suggestions for a better mount that solved your issue?
  3. I’ve heard of some doing this but I don’t want to rely on this as my only tactic to shoot, kind of defeats the purpose of the dot in the first place.
  4. Have any experience with better mounts ?
  5. Hello everyone, so I have a J.L. Hardy 4.25” open gun with a comp and two popple holes. The optics mount i’m pretty sure is a DAA, note sure as I got the gun used. I’ll attach some pics so y’all can see. but essentially my red dot is getting covered in carbon as I’m firing the gun. It is rather short and the popple holes don’t help, but boy does it shoot well. after about 30-40 rounds it starts to get so hazy that it’s harder to see through than when it’s clean. Now if I go to s match I’ll pretty much be stuck with cleaning my optic every stage or two. Not to mention that it will decrease the life of the optics glass and coatings by cleaning it constantly. so could any of you suggest some ways to keep it clean? Like perhaps different optic mounts that protect the optic better from the blast? If possible? really looking for s better optics mount to prevent it from getting dirty in the first place, but if that’s not possible, what’s the best way to keep it clean long term and easily during matches? would be much appreciated, thanks! Anthony Alongi pics of gun: note: the picture showing the burn on the front of the optic mount. https://photos.app.goo.gl/MWPXuAxy7K43u2Zn6
  6. Well on the 170mm the lips are off by quite a margin, back is .335, and the front is .357, so if I need to make it tighter, idk how to do that without making the back too small or how to make the back bigger without the front being too big
  7. Hello everyone, checking back in now that I’ve gotten my springs in. Unfortunately, the 170 mm mag is still having the same issue as before, and even with new and stronger springs, it’s still diving into the feed ramp. I guess now, I’m curious if anyone has any experience with the Dawson precision 20121 mag tuning kit, as it’s $100 and I’ve spent $80 on springs, (I bought some for every mag) I’m nervous to spend another $100 on a kit. can I find this information anywhere else ? The feed lip tools? Besides the mag lip spreaders I haven’t been able to find them with traditional methods like googling it, any tips or experience? thanks everyone!
  8. Hello all, I work for a Cabelas in VA, owned by bass pro. I can in fact attest, this company is absolutely f*#ked after bass pro bought them. The gun in the firearms counter and gun library? They ALL go in these green steel carts every single night and come off every morning. my store is lucky and that were rather small compared to others. Only about 300 guns or so in total have to be taken down every night. It sucks and it’s s#!tty to do, as I work behind said gun counter, I know how f*#king stupid It is and how banged up every gun gets. prices are crazy, and don’t get me started on that Cabelas club master card bulls#!t, ITS A CREDIT CARD, and it sucks! Don’t get it. If y’all knew how much of an ass that company is to its employees and customers, we would have protestors lol. any way, we actually do know when we get freight shipments in, and there is almost always ammo on them, they normally come on mondays and thursdays. They just tell us to tell them we don’t know.
  9. I load .40 major with 4.0 gr of TG behind 180 gr BB RNFP. I have little smoke, or at least not enough to get my attention. Mine made 178 PF at area 8 just recently ( a little high I know) but otherwise it’s a great load.
  10. Status update: ive ordered the FKS913 recoil spring and follower from grams, ordered through springer precision, did the same with the FKS9-11 for the two 140mm mags. I also ordered one 13 coil replacement spring for the one 170mm MBX mag I’ve got. Once they’re in I’ll see how it goes and if I still need to tune the mags. thanks everyone, I’ll make sure to report back once I’ve tested them.
  11. Thanks rwmagnus, appreciate the info, I totally see where everyone is coming from with the clogging issue. It seems like it’s not a big deal though now that I’ve heard reviews from lots of other people. Quick question, if you have a Dillon press, do you have Dillon dies? If so how is the seating stem with the blue bullets, my MG’s are always crooked and I’m curious if you’ve had the same issue with the blue bullets
  12. After talking to some others at work that have similar mags, they suggested that as well before making adjustments, and that kit is Kind of what I was looking for in other forums but could never find them, thanks caspian guy!
  13. Thank you Sam, I’m using the same OAL, but with MG 125 JHPs right now. I didn’t know that KC bullets use the same mold, that’s interesting, I’ll have to look into them. Have you had any major build up in your comp?
  14. Hello gentleman, I have gotten a used JL Hardy shorty recently from a different forum. It was used and I’ve had some issues with the magazines, mostly just rounds diving into the feed ramp and not working unless I only put 20 rounds in a 170mm mag. one thing to note, as I can’t find specific info about these mags here on benos, my two 140mm mags are old STI mags with the spacers, I also have one 170mm mag of the same type with the spacer. that particular 170mm is the one with the most issues. 140’s don’t really have issues but will be checked and tuned as necessary. The MBX mag doesn’t have the feeding issue as much as the old STI’s do, and yes I’ve watched all the Atlas videos on tuning and have some tools and a bench vise on the way from Amazon. 1. my question is, do I need different types of springs for the old STI mags with spacers rather than basic 2011 Mag springs found on common websites like shooters connection, BSPS etc. and what are y’all’s suggestions. 2. Should I attempt tuning my own or is their a service available for getting mags tuned professionally, I figure I’ll have to do some stuff my self but if somethings really out of wack, who would I send them to? If anyone.
  15. Just curious about this one all though it’s kind of off topic, but do you have a Dillon 650? Or Dillon dies, because my seating stem doesn’t fit my current bullets and seats them a little crooked. If you have those dies, have you had the same issue with the blue bullets?
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