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  1. Thanks for the reply Brian ATL, I’ve been hoping some other people had Hardy shorties. Have you tried autocomp in yours ?
  2. I’ve looked at that some topic all day today, I e decided on autocomp since it’s all I could really find. The guy I bought the gun from said his load with a 124 gr JHP was 6.8-6.9 gr of autocomp. Only thing to figure out now is seating depth. What’s your take on seating depth with MG 124gr JHP in a KKM 4.25” barrel?
  3. Have any suggestions on good burn rate chart?
  4. Gee thanks Sarge, I’ll take that into consideration, does it make a difference that my barrel is 4.25” I have a JL hardy shorty with a KKM barrel.
  5. You know I ordered some Winchester Autocomp, but I keep getting mixed messages from people, some say it’s snappier, and more dot movement, some say it’s pretty flat, I have popple holes in my gun that I’ll have soon, so I hope it’s flat, but I keep getting mixed signals
  6. That’s what I’ve heard, seems like VV powders like 3n38 and others tend to fill the case more and thusly work the comp more. Downside is VV powder $$$. With a Dillon 650, that stuff will go everywhere, that’s why I bought some autocomp, hopefully it’s not to snappy with the two popple holes and a comp. looking at a burn rate chart for Hodgdon, seems like win 231 is a good option as well, but just like AA#7, it’s about as common as woman over 30 without kids or a divorce.
  7. I appreciate the experience and suggestion, but the shortage right now is the only reason why I’m going with autocomp, otherwise I’d be buying VV powders but now their to expensive. Not to mention the egregious prices I’ve been spending on primers, ($75) at my local Cabelas, on the Tara occasions we get them and hide em before customers take em, I.e. I work their. Lol
  8. Have you tried CLR? The famous cleaning product for like grime and stuff in showers? I saw a YouTube video about an ELR comp shooter that uses it to clean his muzzle brake and sometimes barrel( barrel cleaned heavily afterward to prevent rust). apparently it does a great job on compensators if you soak them overnight
  9. Thanks superdude, oddly enough, I just read that same article like 10 minutes ago, what a coinkydink
  10. Thank you gentleman, as this is my first open gun, I kinda figured titegroup was a little fast, I have discovered that WAC is IN STOCK at powder valley for about $26 per 1# of powder. Think I’ll have to buy a couple pounds, I’ll link it in this reply in case any of you are looking for that powder. I also read some articles and reloading 9 major, seems like autocomp is the way to go without getting a powder from VV that cost me an arm and a leg. thanks to everyone that replied. link to powder valley: https://www.powdervalleyinc.com/product/winchester-autocomp/?__cf_chl_jschl_tk__=pmd_6b031324af95812d6c4bf85de5aa56db787e523f-1627340463-0-gqNtZGzNAfijcnBszQd6
  11. Well from what you guys have told me, it’s group is an absolute no go for sure, what powders would be good? That y’all have seen available recently?
  12. Well from what you guys have told me, it’s group is an absolute no go for sure, what powders would be good? That y’all have seen available recently?
  13. Well from what you guys have told me, it’s group is an absolute no go for sure, what powders would be good? That y’all have seen available recently?
  14. Hello all, wanted to get some opinions on using titegroup powder for reloading 9mm major. Unfortunately due to the ammo/powder shortage. I really can’t buy many other powders, not for a feasible price anyways. bullets: MG 124gr JHP case: mixed brass, mostly starline primer: CCI small pistol powder: titegroup gun: JL. Hardy shorty 4.24” KKM barrel large two port comp and two ports in the barrel itself (phot attached) just wondering if anyone has any experience loading with a gun like this as it’s my first open gun. I’ve heard titegroup is not the best powder for 9 major as it’s pretty fast, have any suggestions for making major PF with this powder? is it possible while being somewhat safe? thanks a bunch
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