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  1. I am a little slow. I noticed that the Area 8 match is in WV right now August 27, 2021 back in the days of old I shot Area 5 in Handcock County WV. is WV split as to areas or did it move from one to the other?
  2. Sorry I didn’t get back sooner. it is a Dillion. the problem I had was the primer tube base would have to be modified to allow the extra thickness. found a standard thickness old #5 plate a used that. I have another 1050 and super 1050 not this rl1050. It has over 250k rounds though it. I realize some people run that though in a month my older plate in the super 1050 is still running great
  3. I have a question I just received a new #5 / 9mm shell plate. There is a note that this plate is thicker than the old one. There is a warning that the hold down screws on the retainer nut may touch. Not a problem. BUT the ejector arm on the side of the case feed and the primer tube base do not appear to fit. Yes I can modify the parts but am I missing something here.
  4. .356 lead is fine. .355 jacketed is normal. this normal for 9mm and newer 38 super. After 1995-1998 or so most barrels I have seen run bullets like a 9mm. .356 jacketed / .356 lead were generally for a 38 super
  5. Having just run chrono for the umpteent time. I have pulled and/or been there when hundreds of rounds per match were pulled. Never had a round go off. Just saying.
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