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  1. Hello fellow reloaders. Does anyone have experience with a case sorter they are happy with for separating 9mm,.40 and 45acp pick up brass? I have the system which includes three plastic trays that you shake over top of a 5 gallon bucket and have had mixed feelings on it's a efficiency. I have seen Berrys makes one that has adjustable slots that you rotate on top of a 5 gallon bucket and perhaps there are others on the market. Also does anyone have a good recommendation for a brass pick up tool/unit? I know there are several on the market. Advice and experiences would be welcomed,thank you.
  2. More good info. Thanks. I wonder if a PRI GasBuster charging handle would help solve the gas blowback issue. I know it is popular for precision shooters regarding the same problem
  3. 1911luvr, thanks for the head start with the mods. I'm going to try some different loads and some different bullet profiles to see what she likes.
  4. Hello all, I recently picked up a used ATI mil sport 9 mm carbine. Was wondering if any owners have recommendations and/or upgrade experiences that they would share. Especially regarding a reliable competition trigger,mag funnel,better handrail etc. Also any reliability enhancements or good loads they have found for recoil and accuracy. All input is appreciated. Thanks
  5. vgdvc

    1911/2011 pre travel setting

    Absolutely not wanting to sacrifice safety or reliability. Minimizing it to the least amount practical may provide a worthwhile performance enhancement is my thought.
  6. Hello all, Has anyone experimented with setting the trigger pre-travel on a 1911/2011 style pistol to just enough forward movement for proper reset. If the majority of trigger press error happens during the pre travel take up wouldn't stand to reason to have it minimized as much as possible? Think of shooting quickly and accurately with a finely-tuned single stage AR-15 trigger versus a slow prep of a two-stage national match type setup. I realize some pro shooters such as JJ racaza teach to take up the pre travel while the gun is in recoil so the finger is resting against the trigger wall ready to break shot once the sites are aligned but to me that has become a fine motor skill that I can't ingrain as a sub conscious effort. Others like Leatham slap through the entire pre travel and trigger break even on long tight shots Thoughts, experiences?
  7. vgdvc

    X-line/Geppert triggers

    Thanks for the replies
  8. vgdvc

    X-line/Geppert triggers

    I'm prepared to do some fitting. Hopefully I can modify the bow and/or shoe with only minimal change to the frame. Would rather try to adjust the least expensive part and then my factory trigger could go back in if for some reason I did not like the Vario. Do you use a certain type of Loctite to keep the shoe in place from rotating once it is set to the desired length? Have you worked with the flat shoe and if so how would you describe the length of the medium Vario compared to an SVI medium interchangeable shoe system? Thanks
  9. Hello all, Has anyone had any experience with the fitting and use of the X- line Vario triggers that have the adjustable and removable shoe? Looking to possibly try one in an STI 2011 plastic frame and if things go well would look into use in my 1911. Thanks in advance.
  10. vgdvc

    PCC Recommendations

    Thanks for the feedback and input. Is there a need for backup firing pins? Do they break or are they soft? I have a used one coming to me soon I bought off of this forums classifieds. Looking forward to trying it out.
  11. vgdvc

    PCC Recommendations

    Hello. For a price conscientious option has anyone had experience with the American Tactical (ATI) 9mm rifle? I have heard some positive reviews including American Rifleman testing. AR platform,takes Glock 9mm nags, free float rail and can be had for under $800.00. Thoughts?
  12. vgdvc

    How are you adapting to the new rules?

    Fwiw, I felt compelled to contribute here since I used the information within to help me decide whether or not I was going to try IDPA again. I have always been a competitive shooter since I was very young and have entered the pistol action shooting sports about 12 years ago. I started with IDPA and then moved to USPSA and shot both simultaneously. I enjoyed both venues. As time went on I primarily shot USPSA. I appreciated and respected the similarities and differences between the two. The biggest part I did take issue with IDPA was the cover calls that I found to be very highly subjective and unfortunately sometimes biased in many of the matches I attended. The area I shoot in has become flooded with entries for the few local USPSA matches we have leaving the IDPA matches fairly open so I decided to get back in and try it after a three-year hiatus. I can't say I agree with the scoring but as mentioned above respect and accept each venue given the rules set forth within. What I DO like is the fault lines which I am accustomed to with USPSA and leads too much more defined call of a penalty if one happens. Reloading rules have become more practical and less restrictive and you are not forced to shoot on move if you do not feel it is appropriate to engage your target while moving. There are also opportunities that did not exist before where you can shoot while moving into a target position if you feel it is beneficial. Overall I will sum up saying the two IDPA matches I have attended recently came to be a positive experience. Although I will not replace my USPSA schedule with IDPA I am glad to know that there is still an enjoyable means to get out on a weekend and enhance my action pistol shooting skills. Most importantly I'm able to find camaraderie with people who fundamentally see firearm ownership and the value of these type of sports in the same light I do. In this day and age that should be enough to make anyone of us go out and participate.
  13. vgdvc

    Sti edge

    Could be used in "special division" category at non sanctioned match if MD allows,yes?
  14. vgdvc

    4" Groups at 25 Yards

    Oops didn't mean to post the same writing above twice but yeah,maybe black powder will be the newst division. Reloads are slower but it's an excuse to dress like a pirate,LOL
  15. vgdvc

    4" Groups at 25 Yards

    Coming from DCM type rifle competition over to action pistol shooting,and coaching myself through it,I realized I could shoot a revolver in double action better than in the light crisp single action mode. I contribute his to a true surprise break of the continuous rolling action of the trigger press eliminating the calculated moment of hammer fall with the single action mode. Pre ignition push dosen't exist,or is very limited in double action. Want to be a great offhand rifle shooter,learn to hold true with the delayed ignition of a flintlock. Similar principle.