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  1. Thanks for contributing. Right now I am working with a gen 3 so I will figure out something to do with that large backstrap frame opening. The easy way is to get a Seattle Slug and then grind it flush with the end of the grip to be CO compliant. Seattle slug is 4 oz ,would probably be removing less than half an ounce at the bottom. Not sure how much more epoxy and tungsten would add into that opening beyond 3.5 oz. Also ordered a Jentra extended large-diameter tungsten guide rod. Should be more than twice that of a stainless steel. Taylor freelance brass extended base pad will add almost 5 oz. Yeah I can see me getting close to a target weight I'd be happy running in a proven platform I'm familiar with. Add the short travel,crisp DK trigger system and I think it will be competitive unit.
  2. I appreciate the input but.... + I already own several Glocks with all support equipment + The DK trigger system for the Glock is waaay better then the Legion I have felt + I have as many or more optic mount options with the Glock + Proven long term reliability,longevity If I could add 8-10oz to a Glock I would be thrilled to be 7oz or so lighter than a Legion
  3. Willing to share process of up to 14oz heavier with internal weights? Not denying it can be done. I guess I'm just not that intuitive to see how to get that much weight inside a Glock gen 3 but would love to be able to do it. Thanks.
  4. Cover the front of your optic with a piece of non transparent tape. Do some dry fire like that. Guaranteed when the dot superimposes on the target you will be having a target focus ,no question about it
  5. Thanks for the response. Are you shooting 38 super/ super comp or 9mm? If super or super comp would you mind sharing your load data? Thanks
  6. Good feedback,thanks guys. Seems like sensitivity isn't a concern, feeding in Dillon primer systems works and chronoing is consistent with the popular brands.
  7. Nice. Thanks. Still looking for an alternative though for when availability does become scarce or as a backup option.
  8. So for the .38 Super/ Super comp shooters is anyone using Shooters World Major Pistol powder as a replacement for their VV3N38? 9.2grainsVV3N38 with 124jhp does shoot nicest out of my five inch Brazos with 4 popple holes but the almost non-existent availability of this powder has led me to search for a suitable alternative. 8.5 grains of Longshot with 124jhp is the next best I could find so far. Any opinions or input is certainly welcome ,thanks.
  9. Hello. Has anyone had experiences using Fiocchi small pistol primers? Curious as to their sensitivity, cleanliness, feeding during reloading compared to Federal or CCI. Thanks
  10. I appreciate all the input. Basic consensus seems to be it might work but at the peril of a $300 optic. Hmmm,been trying to avoid it but maybe I should just ante up and get a new 5moa SRO....
  11. Thanks for the input. I would call Sig and ask them but I'm sure the overwhelming response would be "do not"
  12. Hello. Well the opening tag kind of describes it but has anybody used two 2016 batteries stacked in place of a single 2032 to increase the brightness intensity on there red dot? I have tried it on my Romeo 3 in an effort to increase the brightness on sunny days especially shooting steel. It does help somewhat but I suppose I'm running 6 volts in lieu of 3volts and don't want to cook the internals. If someone with more knowledge (and more sense)would like to chime in please do so ,thank you.
  13. I did some looking into it ,found Fusion Firearms. They will provide a 6" bull barrel that will work in a 5" slide. They will also do the fitting.
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