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  1. vgdvc

    Primers for 38 Super Open Major

    Looking forward to seeing those results. When weather conditions become more favorable in the Northeast I plan to do a similar experiment and will post results also. However I want to include Magnum pistol primers in the mix to see how readings compare ballistically and if there are varying signs of pressure upon visual inspection.
  2. vgdvc

    Primer choices. Rifle,pistol,magnum...?

    Thank you for sharing these results. So were these average diamater numbers and what was the variation? Did you notice a difference in velocity between the primers?
  3. Hello. I am in a similar situation moving from Limited to Open. Shooters on this forum are awesome for contributing. 2 things have helped me. Tape/cover the muzzle side of your dot sight. You will learn quickly to develop a " target focus" necessary for capitalizing on a dot sight advantage. Then realize the dot exaggerates sighting imperfections compared to irons. You can make an "A" shot without being so precise. Good luck! ( I know I need some,lol!)
  4. vgdvc

    Grip! Open vs Limited discussion

    Thank you for the input gentleman. Regarding proper focus I'm trying to get myself accustomed to the fact that the dot shows alot more movement than iron sights. It exaggerates imperfections in aiming, so I don't need to be as precise as what is needed for an accurate "A" shot compared to irons.
  5. vgdvc

    Primers for 38 Super Open Major

    Excellent clarification,thank you. From your explanation I would conclude that small pistol magnum primers may not be as hard as rifle primers. This should enable them to expand more and seal the primer pocket better yet still giving more consistent burn, compared to standard pistol primers ,for the larger powder mass within the case. I experienced breech face erosion a while back using Clay's powder with a Glock in 9mm. Clay's has a very quick and high pressure spike and if any military cases got involved with reloading it led to a non-uniform primer pocket seal and pitted the soft Glock breech face. Moving to softer primer such as Federal and eliminating military brass solved the issue.
  6. Hello shooters. So in a continuing effort to move from Limited to Open with good habits I would like to start a discussion on grip tendencies, styles,etc. When shooting iron started pistols I have found that an extremely strong non-dominant hand grip while pointing thumbs forward and keeping the shoulders relaxed has helped with keeping smooth transitions,consistent sight tracking and recoil management to a maximum. I put some grip tape on the frame for my non dominate thumb to reference with slight pressure. How much of this parallels to the habits I would want to incorporate with a properly set up Open pistol. Thanks
  7. For all practical purposes in USPSA Etc type shooting get outside of cases clean enough so they roll smoothly inside the magazine and against each other. The benefit I see of wet tumbling versus using corn cob/walnut media and some polishing compound is it leaves no dust or residue at all on the cases for it to get gunked up. Especially in hot weather. Been there - done that,NOT fun!
  8. vgdvc

    Primers for 38 Super Open Major

    Hello. I'm formulating loads for my 38 Super open pistol ,major power factor. I'm trying to do research on best type of primers to use and why. If I may ask why do you say small pistol primers are easier on the breach face? And is there a difference in your findings from standard to Magnum pistol?Thank you
  9. Jkrispies,thanks for the link. Good reading.
  10. vgdvc

    Primer choices. Rifle,pistol,magnum...?

    That does make sense. Magnum loads usually have large capacity of slower burning powder ,so.......
  11. vgdvc

    Primer choices. Rifle,pistol,magnum...?

    True. I have mine pistol with a Brazos 15 lb mainspring and Dawson extended firing pin. 2.5# break weight. It has proven reliable with Winchester and Federal rifle primers
  12. vgdvc

    Primer choices. Rifle,pistol,magnum...?

    Thanks Eric. I have some Magnum pistol I'll try running them over the Chrono to see if there's a difference (whenever it gets above freezing outside,lol). Is there an advantage to getting the same PF dropping the power charge but using a hotter primer if it chronos that way?
  13. vgdvc

    Primer choices. Rifle,pistol,magnum...?

    Thanks Steve. It seems to get rather dirty quickly with any of the mentioned powders. I didn't know if a hotter primer would help solve that.
  14. Hello again open shooters. In working up loads for my .38 Super open pistol I have been using CCI regular pistol primers. Making approximately 174 PF with VVn105,VV3n38 and AA7 there is no evidence of primer edge flattening or firing pin cratering. Are there advantages,other than trying to reduce these two concern areas,to using rifle or magnum pistol primers such as more consistent powder burn and/or cleaner end results? My deviation on the Chrono has been what I consider inside very acceptable averages. Thanks.
  15. vgdvc

    Thumb rest on open guns, experiences....

    Thank you for the info fellas. I put a thumb rest on my open gun and and I'm going to see how it feels with referencing during dry fire. For those of you that shoot open and limited do you also use a thumb rest on your limited pistol or something of the type like a Nitro fin? Thanks