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  1. ???? Do you know who almost everybody is? How many are in circulation with or without problems? The people I know, not on the team, who have them give high praise. I will be happy to give an unbiased, straight evaluation to average in when I receive and use mine. You could be right or wrong but please let me know the foundation of your comment.
  2. Yes makes sense and I appreciate all that have responded. I do realize this will be dependent on an individual's proficiency. Based on the criteria in the OP I was looking to see what most top shooter's recognized as a "not worthwhile to shoot at on the move" distance on a general basis. I'm realizing now that even with a baseline there are obviously too many variables to give a general guideline.
  3. Np. It's just good to see that they are taking care of their customers.
  4. I can say my MPX PCC model is definitely finicky using coated bullets with different weights. With a supported offhand rest at 50 yards with a 6 MOA dialed down Cmore, averaging 130 to 132 power factor with the loads, Sport Pistol powder,IBE JE coated bullets and CCI standard pistol primers the average ( and consistent)results of (2) 5 shot center to center groups of each are as follows 145 rn,3.0 gr powder 1.1" 135 rn,3.3 gr powder 1.64" 130 rn, 3.5 gr powder 3.07"
  5. What coating is currently on it and why is it getting recoated? Thanks
  6. I thought of trying factory follower and spring with the plus one base pad. If the spring is strong enough it may be the most reliable even though sacrificing one additional round.
  7. That is good to hear, thanks. Are you running them stock? I picked up a couple from Brownells and after slightly modifying the feed lips per Beven Grams instructions they seem to feed well in dry runs. When I put his internals inside I can see where nose-diving starts to happen.
  8. Thanks for the info. I need to tool up for 9major open in a Honcho (mags and loads) and don't mind spending a little more on MBX if they are the best option. My Brazos open runs excellent with gen 1 sti 38 super mags but don't want to play with 9mm spacers. I was hoping the sti gen 2 9/38 mags would work but after talking to Beven Gram I'm not so encouraged. Amongst other design/ manufacturer issues he also says his followers do not work properly in the gen 2 bodies
  9. Hello. Could you share your experience of what these common problems are and the fix for them? I'm looking to get some MBXs for my open pistol and assumed they should be my most problem free option
  10. Hmmm that sounds pretty extreme. Never know when the situation may demand it . I'll keep shooting clothed with my nuts covered though,thanks.
  11. A flinch, or the pushing/pulling against the gun, is usually an involuntary reaction of the body reacting to an unpleasant experience it is unfamiliar with. No, shooting a handgun especially at the power factors we use for competition does not hurt. However the unfamiliar combination of noise,concussion and blast against the face generally leads to this type of unwanted involuntary response when shooting. Case in point, when Doug Koenig (multi-time world champion Bianchi cup shooter) shoots a bolt action pistol at long range for competition at extremely high power factor he actually wears a full face motorcycle helmet so he can concentrate on the shot and not be influenced by the concussion noise or blast. Military personnel have noted they shot handguns considerably better when wearing full face Shields etc during training than when not. I bring this to your attention as a means of understanding why you are getting an unfavorable result when shooting. Experiment with this yourself until you become comfortable with less and less protection to the point when only wearing proper eyeglasses and double plugging is sufficient to keep you in a comfort zone when squeezing through the trigger.
  12. Nobody using this unit yet with any comments about it?
  13. Imo the biggest advantage of the Limcat in brass or Akai in steel is adding approximately 8 or so ounces to balance out a plastic light grip especially with a weight forward open gun. If you have a steel grip and not looking to add weight not so much of an advantage for just a slightly easier reload opening providing the choice magwell fits and supports your hands well.
  14. My bad. Didn't see the "Cheely" grip part. You'll need a magwell specific to his grip
  15. Limcat V2 brass top. Gives nice balance to my plastic grip STI open pistol. Fits my hands as well or better than Dawson Ice largehands unit. Almost have to try to miss the reload to mess up. I picked up a used Akai stainless unit also. 9oz. Looks well made but haven't used it yet. Little less hand grip space than the Limcat when installed.
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