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  1. Yes thanks, looking at a couple of posts above I realized that question have been answered and the red one is a strike Industries the blue one is in Odin. Both look nice. I put a thread out to see if anyone has experience with these using it in conjunction with a Hiperfire 24c trigger.
  2. Thanks I'll look into giving it a try, looks like a nice unit.
  3. Hello PCC shooters. Looking for help in finding a larger/paddle type ambi safety that works reliably with a Hiperfire 24c. I see the Strike Industries and especially the Odin have nice configurations but do not know if they are compatible with the Hiperfire 24 c trigger system. I believe I read whatever safety tumblr is used it has to be a full round diameter like mil-spec. Any proven recommendations is appreciated, thanks.
  4. As I'm looking at the pics of these very nice PCCs the same question I was thinking of asking you has already been asked so I'll double down on it... whos safety levers are you using? Would love to see a picture of the left side. Looks like they both would give a great position to ride the safety when shooting. (Then I'll have to see if they work with Hiperfire 24c LOL)
  5. Yep.Thanks for this. Good to see a quantitative comparison on a simple standards type drill. Wondering if he applies the laser during a field course and if so what circumstances is it a benefit. I haven't seen many big names make use of lasers. I figured they would if there was truly an advantage. I would really like to use mine if I can determine when it would be advantageous.
  6. Has anybody taken notice if any of the top PCC shooters on the circuit are using a laser? I have the Crimson Trace green on mine zeroed at 7 yards to eliminate hold over on tight shots up close. I find I rarely turn it on and just use a holdover technique with the red dot. Just wondering if and where I'm missing the boat on other applications for the laser that truly saves time. I tried it on hard leans, especially on week side,but seems that transitioning to week side shoulder allows me to get very deep on those tight liens. I haven't seen one mounted on Max L., Josh F. or Todd J.'s etc. unless I'm mistaken and overlooked it.
  7. I am trying to find when the dot/circle is an advantage over the dot alone. Inside about 10 yards may be faster which is also where shoot on move is most advantageous. But when course of fire also has partials and tighter shots farther out I'm finding the circle part sometimes blocking accuracy confirmation. I want to like it,not sure if I'm using it to it's potential.
  8. Yeah my curiosity is if Max would use the dot or dot/circle combo depending on stage conditions.
  9. Thanks for the input. I'm going to run some more drills and especially ones that will include shooting on the move to see if the circle/dot combo is a benefit in that circumstance. I know Max L. is running one of these and certain occasions I've seen him with two, (one on a 45 angle mount) I wonder what sighting recticle he uses and if he ever changes depending on what an individual stage is presenting.
  10. So I am now trying to get acquainted with the characteristics and sighting of my 510c. I previously commented that it's at the same height as my Cmore on an ADM mount however that was not an accurate statement. I now find myself using a 1/2 inch riser mount. It' sits at a higher position than the Cmore but not so much that it is any issue. Running some head box drills at 20 ,15 and 10 yards I'm trying to see if and when there is an advantage for the circle/dot versus just the dot. At 10 yards and in it seems the circle/dot Is faster. However Precision/ tight shots 20 yards and back I'm taking too long to aim since the circle sometimes obscures the outside boundaries of the target. Also even on closer targets if the brightness is turned up too much there seems to be a lot of starburst coming off the center dot and into the circle which really blurs any kind of precision shooting if needed. Am I using this optic correctly? I believe there is more to this learning curve and I am aware of with the 510c. Anyone care to comment on their experiences with it? Thanks
  11. Thanks for the input. I bought a TR jig in anticipation of using it. I may still in the future but the EGW components I used needed minimal prep,good hook heights etc. I polished everything,cut the secondary sear angle a little bit more, put the slightest bit of round to it and with a 15 lb mainspring have a nice 2.25lb break with slightest roll which I prefer. I will disassemble after another 500 rounds or so to make sure all the wear marks looks even.
  12. When reading the article listed above the bolt unit itself looks to be very well made and reasonably priced. Does anyone have first-hand experience with it working in an ATI 9mm upper or the use of that bolt with a Hiperfire 24c trigger regardless of what receiver it's in?
  13. Thank you for the input. I have a Strike Industries coming with the oversized latch but will consider the other latchless if not happy with this.
  14. Good point but dot remains same shape through different intensities. I certainly can't draw any conclusions until I try it again, especially better lighting conditions.
  15. So I got my 510c today,seem Ms promising. By the time I got home was starting to turn dusk. I was happy to see it's the same height as my Cmore slideride on a American Defense QD mount which gives me about 1/4-1/3 co witness if I had standard height AR sights. Using just the single dot to get close to zeroing,again not ideal light conditions, something I noticed is as I changed the intensity of the dot the point of impact seem to move considerably,up and left. Has anyone noticed a point of impact change with change in dot brightness?
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