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  1. Tried to order. Was (2) 4lb left. Gone before I could complete order...
  2. Noted. Sorry for the infraction
  3. Thanks but is a no go for 4lb option
  4. Hello. Ok,so my open pistol prefers Vihtavouri 3n38 above anything else I have fed it. Great.... except where do I find a reliable source for 4lb containers? I have tried Midsouth,Graf's,Midway, Brownells. Always out. Is there an "in" or better way to shop,get on a list or something? Help/advice is appreciated Thanks
  5. Hello. Can anyone guide me to where I can locate or find a means of aquiring Vihtavouri 3n38 in 4lb containers? I have tried Midsouth,Graf's,Natchez, Midway, Brownells. Always out. Is there a wait list or some other "in" to get some? Help is appreciated,thanks.
  6. I tried that. Requires a good amount of tuning before it will hold a .38 Super case properly. Works well in my .40 so that's where it will stay for primary or backup.
  7. I got a used RHT rest from a member here. It was relieved to allow rearmost positioning and not interfere with slide stop removal. I am really liking it. Others who have handled it including M class shooters agreed.
  8. Thanks for the response. Is adjusting for tension the same as a traditional extractor inserting part way in the channel hole and gently applying pressure to get the necessary bend? It looks like there is so much material up the main part of the shaft that a more aggressive means may have been necessary.
  9. Thank you for the feedback. Are yours gen 1 or Gen 2 magazines?
  10. Thanks for the input. How is the Xylan coating holding up from wear do to reloads,dropping on ground etc.?
  11. Hello. I'm Looking to add a few new mags to the 2011 .40 Limited collection. Anyone have any opinions on the Xylan coated models vs traditional polished stainless? Thanks
  12. Yep, I grew up 5 minutes away from Behlert Precision. Used to be a weekend hangout. Watched George Smith come up through the ranks there. I think the 625 S&W revolver I had Art Leckie do an action job to was one of the last pieces of work he did.
  13. Part of the problem with the Vihtatavori and Lovex powders here in the US is availability. Some guys can get good connections and keep it replenished while many others struggle to find an adequate supply regardless of price. I'm going to start exploring some old school loads with readily available powders such as Hodgdon Longshot for my .38 Super/SC. I have tried AA7. I found it to be dirty and too much of those flakes for my comfort as seen in your prior picture.
  14. The residual powder I'm seeing in your picture looks very similar to my experiences shooting 10.4gr of AA7,CCI spp out of .38 Super. Especially if I'm viewing it right that it has a yellow tint. What primers are you using?
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