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  1. Since it's a pistol with the brace instead of a stock wonder if you can shoot it in open class LOL!!
  2. With some minor practical competition tweaking I bet that thing would be badass to shred through some tight quarter stages in 9mm.
  3. Good to hear. I put one in place of the factory black housing 683. The 681 is breaking at a consistent 3lbs3oz with digital guage measured at the trigger bottom tip. I did use the factory plate that comes with the 683 for the set screws to push on. I would consider trying a slightly lighter hammer spring if I can find one (JP Yellow?) In hopes of getting 2.5lbs
  4. Yeah,with my AR9 it is easier with limited choices to just run the poly body Cmore slideride as far possible on the receiver and be done. Setting up to the MPX PCC with an aluminum C-more slideride there is more options with a heavier optic and more receiver rail room.
  5. So, with the options of moving accessories and dot/mount to and fro where do you like to have the weight balance point of your carbine fall?
  6. Also pull in and tight with the pistol grip. That will help keep things stabilized and allow the support arm to be a little more flexed and relaxed for transitions ,indexing Etc
  7. Hello. So typical forum disclaimer of YMMV but I have put some efforts into counteracting the up right torque and how to negate it for a right-handed shooter with the carbne. For human influence I have found that a grip such as the BCM mod 3 allows me to get my hand higher up on the receiver and a little more straight up and down forcing me to keep things tighter into the shoulder. It also allows me to get on the safety up high so I can actually "ride" the safety when shooting. The other thing I have done ,and I'm continuing to experiment with is, using a small finger stop on the bottom handguard in which I hook my support hand trigger finger over the stop and thumb pointed at the target parallel to the barrel, similar to how I would grip a pistol. I have used the DPMS Miculek brake on 5.56 caliber carbines and yes that is designed to index as you wish so the 1:00 position does do some help. According to Adrian at MBX the compensator they make is most efficient in a straight up and down position and not designed to be indexed. If you are able to have your own load development keeping the bolt velocity to a minimum we'll also aid substantially in a predictable and minimized dot movement pattern. These have been my experiences so far. Hope it helps and I look forward to learning from what others are able to contribute.
  8. If this is a concern I guess that's one benefit of having an enclosed housing trigger system such as a Timney since the factory pins are there to keep the unit in place and the hammer rotates on it's on hollowed pin.
  9. Yes,good point. I didn't know if the additional force added by the Hipertouch system moving the hammer forward would also contribute to the enlarging hammer pin hole condition.
  10. Thanks for the response. That is what I was concerned of when I heard the rear bolt geometry is different.
  11. Hello. Are any Gen 3 MPX shooters running a Taccom recoil cushion? I am only familiar with the Gen 3 bolt and was told that the Gen 2, when the recoil cushion was designed, has a somewhat different profile on the contact point at the rear of the bolt. For those who might be using one have you noticed advantages or any disadvanages over the stock setup? Thanks.
  12. From what I understand the Hipertouch trigger design puts a significant amount more energy on to the hammer pin than a traditional design, especially with the heaviest toggle springs. Since Hiperfire advises against anti rotational pins,and stock pins do rotate,has anyone experienced elongated/ widened hammer pin holes in their receiver after extensive use with a Hipertouch?
  13. Yes that is what I learned also however I have seen many competitors with the gold 681 that have been using it for thousands of rounds. Since the bolt comes back so fast and puts so much quick Force onto the hammer eith the MPX it is a challenge for a typical AR trigger to hold up. I do believe however with some of the mild loads ,especially 147 grains at about 135 PF, the bolt velocity is substantially less then with 115 and 124 so that may lend itself to longer hammer/sear life.
  14. In my opinion compared to other comps the mbx seems to have a design that actually does something. If Popples were a good idea they probably do it. Not enough gas to make use of Popples.It was described to me that the way the baffles are designed it makes use of what little gas there is in conjunction with the bullet force when exiting.
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