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  1. vgdvc

    Trigger Pre-Travel

    It may catch at half cock but the real test is once it's there and the trigger is pulled on with substantial pressure will it drop. It may be fine as it is but I believe that's how it is tested for full function.
  2. vgdvc

    Trigger Pre-Travel

    This is good to hear. There are several Open and Limited M&GM shooters who I have tried their triggers at a safe table with NO discernable pre travel. When asked " does it drop from half cock?" I get " Oh my God, you didn't try that did u? It will ruin my trigger job" They proceed to say it is not the primary safety so no need to have it checked. They all shoot major matches. I am curious how they get away with it.
  3. vgdvc

    Trigger Pre-Travel

    Too little pre travel could (1) prevent reliable re-set if things get dirty and (2) may allow hammer to fall from half cock which I am still hearing different opinions if that will get you in trouble with a safety check at a major match.
  4. Yeah I wish I would have paid more attention to this idea around Black Friday or Christmas. Too much flip -flopping around as to what I wanted to shoot this year and after putting some time behind my current 38 Super I realize that this is how I want to roll but want a 9 mm option so I don't have to keep playing "brass pikin chicken". Maybe they'll throw another sale or promo out there for people like me on the fence who feel like we've totally missed out on the great deal they had at Christmas time ( hint hint PT!)
  5. Im seriously considering getting a Honcho with a 9 mm major open barrel and 40 sight block barrels only. I currently run a Brazos 38 Super Open pistol and STI Edge .40 Limited major. These would be my backups to the Honcho. My question is if the 9mm major has the same recoil impulse as a 38 Super comp why would you run a 38 super comp barrel instead of 9mm major all the time? Thanks
  6. Gotcha. Any issues with firing pin tip or mushrooming at rear due to the hard impact of the hyperfire eclipse hammer with heaviest toggle springs? BTW cool looking MPX. Very Stormtrooper...ish
  7. Thanks for the quick response. I'm going to do some more research and try to get some hands-on experience with one of these but the more I look into how they're built I can definitely see merit in the revolution of their design. Wish I would have looked into a sooner when they were running their Christmas special. Maybe they'll run another promo....
  8. Have you, or anyone else with experience using the STI mags in the Honcho, had to do any modifications to get them reliable compared to how they would run in a traditional plastic gripped, linked barrel 2011 setup? I am really considering one of these Honchos with just a 9 major Open barrel and .40 sight block barrel. A deal-breaker could be the fact that I have a bounty of STI mags for both calibers and wouldn't want to have to invest in all brand new Mbx mag's just to get it to work. Thanks.
  9. Federal small magnum pistol primers 5000ct $155 + 1¢ at Brownells. As above product $155 + $10ship +$20 hazmat at Powder Valley. At least that's the bottom line for both when I put it in a cart . I guess it depends on what products you're looking for....
  10. Hello all. FYI Brownells is running a special today. $0.01 Hazmat and free shipping with $150 + purchase. Thought that might be of interest to forum members who frequent this section. Please send the info to others.
  11. Thanks. I'll look to get a unit with a dcv setting and battery backload test as well
  12. I suppose once I get an accurate volt meter that should tell all.
  13. Thanks for the response. I have an Alpha 3 FTP. It came with a Panasonic battery. It seems to have been bright for quite a few practice sessions in three matches. I replaced it with a Maxwell today. Seeing the Panasonic battery was made in Japan I thought it would be a smart choice. I'll have to look into it better but it seems as if by the end of today's match it was less bright than the used Panasonic it replaced. Getting a voltmeter to test each one is definitely a worthwhile idea.
  14. Hello. Has anyone that uses 2032 size batteries in their optic found a consistent difference from one brand to another regarding intensity/longetivity?Thanks
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