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  1. Thanks for the response. In your opinion does the dot on the 10 moa RTS2 truly seem bigger than the 8 moa on a slide ride? I was told slide ride moa appears bigger than the same MOA on the Rts2.
  2. Sig Romeo3 xl or Romeo3 Max with the rounded glass. Guess I created a hybrid of the two LOL.
  3. I have a 510c. Tried it on the pcc. Didn't like the circle dot, wish the dot was bigger. The Maxx XL looks promising. I would hope it works for $600+....
  4. Yeah I'm dealing with another optic that shall remain nameless at this point until I give the vendor and manufacturer an opportunity to make good on it. This is the second time it has failed me so we'll see what happens. I picked up a used rts2 v4 6moa as a backup which will now be my primary until I decide on a better option. From my experiences with several shooters they all seem to have failures. If that is the case I guess I'd rather have one at a $350 price point rather than $600 price point and always have a backup
  5. Thanks for the input. Could you describe a little how it's on another level? 10 moa not too big for precision when needed?
  6. Hello. Has anyone had experiences or formed opinions about the RTS2 V5 with a 10 moa dot? Wondering how it compares in size, brightness and clarity/crispness to the 8 MOA model of the same generation. Also reliability. Thanks in advance.
  7. My order is officially dated Feb.17. Yes,I'm anxious but seeing others waiting longer I figured to be patient and wait before even inquiring about an ETA. My question to put out there is given the recent world/pandemic challenges etc. does anyone have knowledge of other custom pistol builders fulfiling orders in their regular predicted timeline?
  8. I believe there is a lot of merit in training with a 22 LR that is set up as closely as possible to your PCC rig. Good for practicing transitions, entry and exit from barricades, odd positions and shooting on the move all with lower-cost. I like to cross train in the same session with both so I don't get recovery habits/timing too familiar with the lower recoil impulse of the rim fire only. I also keep the same firm hold as if shooting a PCC.
  9. Any credible details? Open major? Load? Spring rate?
  10. Thanks. Looks to have some helpful info. I'll have to explore if it has info on ownership advice of a new range. If I could be set on a solid path I would start the march to make this happen.
  11. Thanks for the input. This is a different twist in what I was thinking but obviously its working....great! Formed 75 years ago was probably a better time than starting new in today's world. I had thoughts of something to do with effect of forming a trust (to help shield owners liabilities) that would own the range. Members who would like to be involved would be vetted by a board/committee and they would pay to become a part owner of the trust. They could sell their ownership to another vetted individual.Decisions on club activities ,direction etc. is voted on by all trust owners but there would be an original fundamental by- laws that could not be breached to preserve the original intent. If you add up the many action shooting venues USPSA,IDPA,3Gun,Steel, Cowboy Action,ICORE etc. That is Alot of shooters with similar interests to buy a nice facility whose functions/interests would not be contested from within. I may be out- a- whack with this concept but if anyone thinks it has merit, especially with legal experience, please chime in. If it's thought to be a bad idea please let me know why. Thanks
  12. I know a big factor now along with state and local ordinances etc is the EPA.
  13. I would absolutely love to do that however not sure I have the funds to purchase the property in Pennsylvania needed along with other amenities. That's why I thought if a large number of people who had interest in this were willing to all be partial owners a nice facility could be established depending upon other logistics. Not getting to specific but what state\area is your range in and what did you have to go through for permission, insurances etc.
  14. Here's a concept. Has anyone seen a club that is formed and owned by action shooters of all venues. Perhaps something with the concept that it is owned by all the individual members and it would host various events, training classes etc. to help pay for the facility and ongoing expenses. Yes there would be a lot of logistics and legal aspects to it however no longer would shooters who's interest is in action shooting have to beg, borrow and plead to possibly use an existing facility for an occasional match. This is an idea I had from several years back and figured I'd pitch it to this thread for thought and criticism.
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