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  1. Disregard post, contacted Dillon and adjusted the rod on the upper tool head. It's the hole between the decapper and swage rod. Worked like a charm, guess I got to figure some of the machine at least.
  2. Well, I took my first batch out that I ran through the new machine and it was FTF every other round. I collected the rounds that FTF and tried them a second time and most went off. From the first attempt there was a pronounced firing pin strike and I assumed that the rounds with the proud primes were seated all the way with the first strike and fired on the second. I knew I was going to have trouble as the primers seemed a little high but nothing crazy. I was using winchester primers in a Glock 17 with some spring changes. When I got home I checked some rounds that I had loaded from my 550 w/winchester primers. Those primers were seated flush to a little under flush and I never had a problem. Now some might think it was because of the spring changes/trigger work but it set off the 550 loaded rounds without a hitch. So, I figured lets tear into this machine and get it adjusted as I need to learn the workings anyways. I first checked the primer punch bushing (13222) and it was set right, tight but flush with frame. I then adjusted the rocker arm set screw (13226), turned it clockwise to set the primer deeper (1/4 or less each time). I probably adjusted it every bit of 15 or 20 times. It still would not seat flush or under flush. If you go too far then the primer slide will catch or lock up the machine and it will spit primers out the back. I set it just enough that the slide won't catch but I'm still getting FTF, but not as many. I even messed around with the swage rod, didn't think it would help but tried anyways. I know I could get an extended firing pin but that won't fix the problem. Everything has been cleaned several times as I have put about 4 or 5 hours trying to figure this out. Things I've learned is that the tool head is under a good amount of tension from the spring as that has got me a few times when taking the tool head off (top of the powder hopper came off and spilt 1/4 hopper of poder over everything. Still haven't found the lid lol). I also took the ratchet off, I know it's for safety but got tired of monkeying with it. Any clues to the primer issue.
  3. I'm setting up my new 1050 and I kept the bullet tray from my sold 550 and had to order the bracket for the 1050 from Dillon. Problem is I can't figure how to attach it to the frame. I know I'm doing something wrong as the lightbulb has not went off yet. I know it's silly but the only way that I can see to attach it is to have only bolt holding it on and it still will rotate down. I gotta be missing something. Can anyone take a couple pics so I can see what I'm doing wrong. Also with the assembly parts I had 3 extra items. I had an extra washer (2 total), a black bolt and a spring. I did call Dillon about the extra parts but I think the fella thought I was crazy lol.
  4. Good luck as I went through this decision recently on whether to get a 650 or 1050 after loading on a 550. The 1050 is expensive but as of now I don't have one regret, none. I sold my 550 but in hindsight I probably should have kept it and still got the 1050. The price sucks but it is instantly forgotten. You could get the 1050 and add the bullet feeder later on, that's what I'm doing. Good luck with your decision.
  5. I will do the cutaway case to check the swager and also out of curiosity on how it works/adjustability.
  6. I started on a 550 but haven't loaded in a year, was just getting comfortable with that machine. Now its time to figure out the tips and tricks for the 1050. The swaging is new new and also things like washers with the stud/bolt. I will be off the next two days so I will be checking out youtube and searching this site.
  7. Well, I got my new 1050 press in and got everything mounted up but still some of the set up to do. I just wanted to see how it felt when working the machine. The first time I pulled the lever, I knew I made the right decision. I still have to learn the ins and outs of running it but that will come. Is it overkill, without a doubt it is as I could have kept my 550 and just added a 650 but boy I'm glad I got it. It is an absolute tank, very evident. I also picked up a rf100 as I hate pecking and filling up tubes. Probably going to load a few months before I get a bullet feeder but who knows. I can see picking up a second one for large primer. How many folks run a bullet feeder between two machines?
  8. I'm waiting on my 1050 to show up, it's taking forever lol. Also got a rf100, seemed over kill in price but I absolutely hated pecking primers.
  9. Yah I'm planning on the 1050 and loading a few calibres. Whats funny is when I first got the 550 I thought I would load a bunch of calibres but it ended up 3 with dies for a 4th. I'm sure it's not too bad with the lock rings but I'm lazy. 650 would be enough or more than enough but I'm midway through life and work a ton.
  10. I still plan on buying another Dillon but I agree there may be improvements now that should have been fixed. Competition is good for the buyer.
  11. lol, thanks I need 9mm sub rounds also. Damn, like the forbidden fruit.
  12. Gonna keep the 550 and get a 1050, tired of going back and forth. Already through half a life and can't take it with me lol.
  13. I agree with the one tool head being a pain, I would want multiple tool heads to make life enjoyable. In all reality, I too would only be loading 9, 40, 45. The 223 would be a possibility but hell I have a new Giraud that I've never used lol.
  14. I think I will get the 650 if my 550 sells and if doesn't I'll get the 1050 to go with it.
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