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  1. Bayou

    CZ TS 2

    I've sent an email to CZ to see if the other two models will be imported and never received an answer. Does anyone have any insight if they will be available? I did post a thread and got a reply that they wasn't but wanted to see if anyone else has heard anything.
  2. Looking at the Jager site, they list two for the gen5's. One is labeled heavy and the other isn't, how much difference and which to get. Not meaning to derail but my question goes along with the thread, thanks.
  3. I agree with RJH on the max weight and flashlights. I would think the flashlights were a way to add weight without opening up different ways to do so. That horse has already left the barn and honestly the weights that I've found will not add up to hill of beans with the weight currently at 59 oz. For instance, a streamlight-guide rod-thug plug would only bring a g34 up to about 35 oz anyways. I would like to see a magwell ok'd but from the last couple of years that I've been paying attention, the rules get changed a lot and drastically.
  4. Bayou

    S2 DA pull reduction

    Redlands, what were all the parts your used?
  5. Bayou

    S2 DA pull reduction

    I've been reading and watching vids on reducing the DA pull on the S2 for carry optics and was wondering what I can expect in reducing the pull weight, realistically. I've handled the S2 in a shop a couple of times and it feels great but I have a G34.5 sitting here that I planned on using. I don't care to not use the G34 and go another route but I've got a 17 that I used in steel shoots last year and it doesn't do anything for me. Hate to go down the road and sink money into the 34 and be in the same place. The S2 price isn't bad but it's another $300 in upgrades, as far as reach reduction and
  6. Bayou

    Additional TS 2 models

    Well, that just stinks lol. I thought about going the TS 2 with a frame mounted optic and not worry about divisions (open minor and steel shoots). I have a G34.5 waiting for carry optics but I like the feel of the CZ Shadow 2 better. I've already did the G17 for steel before and it did not tickle my fancy. Maybe I will just go S2 in carry optics not that it matters with the current state of reloading supplies lol.
  7. Any clue or guesses when the other two TS 2's will make it to this side. I'd like to pick up the green version, especially before any possible mag changes happen.
  8. I don't compete in USPSA yet, just local steel matches and I have been looking at the stats in my area. Limited and CO seem to be split in numbers from what I gather just by looking at the attendance. It appears to ebb and flow from which division has more than the other but It's obvious that roughly 75% of the limited division is shooting minor by the same stats. It has nothing to do with a "newbs that haven't gotten a grown-up competition gun yet" Shouldn't the numbers in participation dictate the divisions or they can quit changing rules and set them in stone.
  9. Bayou

    Glock 34 Trigger

    I'll keep that in mind about the trigger spring, thanks. I run a 4 lb striker, trigger spring and a connector that I put in and it improved greatly. Definitely not a solid wall/crisp break as I would like but I can live with it.
  10. Bayou

    Glock 34 Trigger

    It was a Gen 5 and new. I've called 5 blue label stocking dealers in driving distance and could not find a 34 gen 5. I take that back, found one but it had ameriglow sites.
  11. Bayou

    Glock 34 Trigger

    I just ordered a 34 MOS 30 minutes ago and would like to use TTI's kit but it doesn't list what pound the striker and trigger springs are. I've changed springs on 17 that I have but I knew what I was getting/ordering. TTI's site doesn't list it or I'm not seeing it.
  12. In my mind only, the XC is too much $$$ and I'm not looking for a comp version. I don't think it will be a big seller for them but what do I know. I'm not interested in the custom route at this time due to my money constraints or willingness to spend. When the new models get leaked or released it will show what has sold well and not sold well with changes. I understand that they are are attempting to go after a larger LE segment but I can't see that happening or working out to well.
  13. I'm looking forward as I want to buy one but at this point in the year, I'm wanting to see what they change for next year. I'm stuck between a P and a XL and I know the differences but not diggin the 4.4 length. I know what they said about testing/length and what not. The XL is geared towards limited but if they made it as a duo, I would have bought one by now.
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