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  1. Ordered a FTP Alpha 3 8moa and mount today to replace my slide ride. Will update when I receive it.
  2. Thanks, I seen that about 5 minutes after posted the question then got busy at work and didn't edit my post. Appreciate the help!
  3. I am newer to USPSA and was wondering how shooting well at a level 2 or 3 match would increase your classification it it is based on classifiers. Thanks!
  4. Great info, appreciate it! I will probably switch to aa7 once i get through all of this sr7625 I got with the gun. From my bit of research it is a medium to faster burn rate. I may try bumping it up to 175pf to see if i can get it to work the comp a bit more. Thanks!
  5. Thanks for the info fellas. I will be switching to aa7 or world once I get through all of this sr7625. Now I have always shot 9mm minor with standard oal. I am loading out to 1.225 in my open gun and it has run perfect so far. What would be the benefit of shortening up the oal?
  6. @Styro I am not sure on the magwell. I looked it over and found no markings. Sorry
  7. Evening! Been a lurker here for bit and figured I would make a post. (Just excited) Picked up my first open from a local gun club member, CK Arms Thunder in 38sc 3 poppel and 2 port cheely ti comp.. I had been shooting a glock 19.5 in carry optics with an SRO. What a difference! Gun came with 11lbs or sr7625 so I am using that up. Current load is 7.1gn sr7625, rushmore 125gn .355 coated, 1.225 oal, 168-170pf. Sorry, i know this probably does not belong here, just having a blast, literally and figuratively:D
  8. I have been a lurker here for a bit have done a bit of research and worked up a 38sc load for my CK Arms Thunder open gun. 3 popple and 2 port cheely ti comp. I just purchased the gun from a guy at my local range. It is a blast compared to my glock 19.5 carry optic I have been shooting in USPSA matches. I got 11 pounds of sr7625 with the gun. Current load is 7.1gn 7625, cci#500 primer, 125gn Rushmore coated .355 and 1.225 oal. Getting between 168 and 170pf. What would be a decent powder to get next that would work well with my setup since sr7625 is no longer produced? Thanks (Reloading using a lee pro 1000 and lee carbide die set.)
  9. Went to fastenal and they had the correct size(8-32) but they are to long. I will have to take my dremel to them to shorten them a bit. Appreciate the help!
  10. I got an email from him. They do not come pre drilled for set screws so they were added at a later date. I will be taking it to the hardware store to try and find one. Thanks!
  11. Good evening, my first post on these forums. I have a Cheely 2 port titanium compensator on my 38sc CK open pistol. The threads on one of the set screws got buggered up, i was wondering if anyone would know the thread pitch and size of said set screw. Thanks for the help!
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