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  1. It has been a little over a month since I received my FTP Alpha and I have 4-5 matchs and a few practice sessions with it. I really like it and would recommend it. It is holding up well so far. I had a cmore slide ride.
  2. @AverageJoeShooting went to the range last night. 125gn rn blue, 1.225 oal- average of 10 shots through chrono. 9.4gn - 168.6pf 9.6gn - 171.6 9.8gn - 173.8 9.8 felt a little snappy and little bit of dancing dot but 9.6 felt pretty good and dot looked good. Paper test was okay, they all pretty much looked the same so unsure on that part. Appreciate your input on a starting point. 10.4 would have been violent. Going to pull some bullets now lol.
  3. I will play with the OAL a bit. It feeds and shoots very reliable at 1.225.
  4. @AverageJoeShooting I will work the load backwards and start with the 9.4gn, chrono and paper test. Thanks for the info. @lll Otto lll .05gn is correct. I am generally not worried about it since I normally load 9mm minor. Was just working up a load for 38$c and was just curious.
  5. I am just working up a ladder with #7, which I have never used before.. I have been using up the last bit of 7625 I have. Started at 10gn and working up to 10.4gn. Most everything I have been looking at is guys are using 10.4 with 3 poppel holes and 2 port comp. Figured 10gn would be a good starting point. I am using a lee pro 1000 eith a lee auto drum. #7 is so fine that it is leaking like a siv out of the auto drum which I am reading is common. Just wanted to check with more experienced loaders about the variances. I will be running them all through the chrono here in the next day or so. Thanks for the feed back everyone.
  6. wow, I should have came up with something different for the title... anyways. My charge weights fluctuate plus or minus .05gn. I am loading 38$c, 125gn blues, 10.4gn AA#7 is what I am aiming for. 1.225 OAL.
  7. @clw42, that is a great idea. I may use that!
  8. @ChuckS Good to know! Thank you! @Aircooled6racer I do clean which ever mag hits the ground after each stage and also reload immediately after I get done shooting(I do not put mags back into mag pouch prior to reloading.) Appreciate your feedback, Thanks!
  9. Good evening, I was wondering if anyone loads their mags the night prior to a match? What are the down falls? I tend to have an issue with not getting good stage planing/strategy as I am thinking about other things that need to be done prior to the match beginning. Running 3x155 and 1x171.25 MBX with 38$c. Any insight? *PFA - Appreciate it!
  10. Just got my 8moa FTP Alpha in and installed today while at work. I will be going to the range to zero it this afternoon. http://imgur.com/gallery/HoTptaJ
  11. Ordered a FTP Alpha 3 8moa and mount today to replace my slide ride. Will update when I receive it.
  12. Thanks, I seen that about 5 minutes after posted the question then got busy at work and didn't edit my post. Appreciate the help!
  13. I am newer to USPSA and was wondering how shooting well at a level 2 or 3 match would increase your classification it it is based on classifiers. Thanks!
  14. Great info, appreciate it! I will probably switch to aa7 once i get through all of this sr7625 I got with the gun. From my bit of research it is a medium to faster burn rate. I may try bumping it up to 175pf to see if i can get it to work the comp a bit more. Thanks!
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