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  1. Not my argument pal, Pictures just telling stories...(limited gun stories not production gun stories )
  2. Both of these world class champions “agree,” that a heavy frame is a good thing, when it comes to shooting major. With other words, polymer sucks when shooting .40 according to the pictures... When it comes to shooting minor, they have no options, if they like it or not...
  3. If Sevigny never had that GLOCK scandal we would have a clear answer regarding to plastic vs steel guns. Life would be easier ...
  4. Anybody decided to go back to Glock after shooting a CZ / Tanfo platform? My classifier scores telling me, that for me Glock (G34) was the way to go. I was fast but relatively speaking inaccurate with the Glock With my Stock2 I am just slow.... ( also my training was focusing to shoot classifiers well with my Glock. Currently with the Stock 2 I am focusing on other things....) Glocks just transition much faster without thinking about transitioning fast. (for me anyways) They load faster on the way in, not when it comes droppi
  5. Hi, What is the shortest production legal trigger? Small hands ... Looking for something what I can easily reach, so it has minimal take up ( I guess) Also I would like to get suggestions for triggers without having much rolling before they go off. Kinda looking for something what resembles more of a 1911 then a glock. thanks,
  6. Is this for real ??? Anybody else has the same experience? am/pm/am schedule should came with discounted Disney World admission then...
  7. So much for that Production 15 round again...
  8. Hi Guys, Been loading on a Dillon 650 ( with a case feeder and a primer filler) Just like to pick up some speed, make more rounds / hour. Wodering if I am better off buying a Dillon 1050 for about $1800 or adding a Mark VII and a bullet feeder to my 650 for about $2300 Sure seating primers on the upstroke (1050) would be nice vs occasionally seating primers high on the 650. ( I do need to seat primers deep to keep the bolo happy.../ kinda leaning towards the 1050 I guess) Relability does matter, when the press is down, due to whatever re
  9. Is the finish wear just holster wear, or is there a scratch/gouge on the left side near the muzzle?  (Can't tell from the photo).

    What kind of finish does the pistol have (Cerrocote, etc.?)

    Interested in any trades?




    1. ATMester



      For me it appears to be that it is only holster wear (just checked it) I can not feel any uneven wear when I touch it there. 

      I am more then happy to send a picture of that part only. 

      It has bluing on in. 

      I might trade it if somebody has aimpoint or trijicon for trade. 


  10. Little Side drift, I bought a Limcat module hood. If I remove the screws what hold the module in place I guess, (the same screws what will hold the module hood in place as well) do I have to re-sight the C-more? I am tired of sighting in that thing... I might just not install the module hood... (the search function does not working on this site for me at this point....) Thanks,
  11. Les Baer Custom Carry .45 Les Baer P2 hard chrome by Tripp
  12. Have a nice day ! STI Trojan .45 slightly used
  13. Who makes that slide racker? Thanks,
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