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  1. I understand your being skittish. Getting over it may take a little time but isn't that hard. First dry fire with your gun over and over with the hammer cocked and focus on the fact that you never fired till you were on target. Next for 2 minutes in the morning and 2 in the evening find a quiet place. Close your eyes and focus on your draw to target while saying. "I draw smoothly and safely with confidence". It takes 21 days to reprogram our thought process but it is well worth it. I had a horrible limited nationals years back and this was how I got over my issue. Good luck and enjoy the process!
  2. I have been shooting a long time and still do just like you do.
  3. The only time I don’t have both eyes open is for a long (20yrd.+) small steel target.
  4. The hand with the gun must stay down range, don't think about anything else. The other arm and legs can protect you and cushion the fall!!
  5. I started when I was 44 and am now 63. I have out of it for 5 years but am starting to compete again and still love it. You really are competing against yourself!
  6. Any idea on value of old style 40 cal. 140 tubes new in box??
  7. Been out of shooting for awhile. How do I tell if I have old or new SV mag tubes?
  8. Dutchess in N.Y. is a little over an hour frm Trumbull and they put on a great match.
  9. Worked as a welder in a manufacturing shop years ago. We removed the large oxygen tank from the cart and had a guy stand there with the welding helmet and leather jacket that always hung there on. While I was talking with the foreman he saw a movement out of the corner of his eye and was grabbed by the "tank" Talk about having to clean you shorts.
  10. I went on a pump 3 years ago about 3 months before the nationals. I love the pump but the first week was a trial. Every hour during the 1st night I had low sugars. Learn how to adjust the percentage of basel down so you don't have this issue or can do an instant temp. correction. I wish I had gone on it years ago as my control and A1C are much better now. Best of luck and if you have any questions feel free to get in touch. Chris 203-948-8099
  11. Network marketing and laughing all the way to the bank, check it out www.chrisand.124online.com
  12. I have carried a Kahr PM9 for 5 yrs. Most of the time in a pocket holster but once in a while IWB. I have carried a couple others but always come back to this firearm. I love it and shoot it well.
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