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  1. How do you polish your 2011 magazines? To a more shiny finish, inside and outside.
  2. Yep, I know it’s something that happens in 40. Just never actually saw it, always just heard of it. i don’t want to do the flip and catch, but I also would prefer my round not hitting the ground and needing to grab it.
  3. Preface: Limited 40s&w 2011 Recently at a local match after a completing stage, while unloading and showing clear a local shooter had an AD. The extractor slipped off rim of the round and hit the primer, BOOM. Luckly the guys hand was far enough away that he is able to continue shooting and didn’t loose his finger/fingers or hand. It got me thinking I recently got into the habit of covering the ejection port and letting the round fall into my weak hand. If that should happen to me, bad news!! How do you unload and show clear? Let the round drop on the ground? Catch it? Eject it into your strong hand? Something else? Thanks J
  4. What do you shoot then? N320 or wst? whats your load for them?
  5. What do you like more about in the e3? Along with the temperature and more consistent is e3 softer and more reliable? What about powder for 200s?
  6. For limited 40 major which one is better e3 or wst?
  7. What’s the difference in feel between N320 and WST?
  8. I’ve shot 200gr with N320 and it’s beautiful. Only issue is $$$. What what’s the downside to e3? Why switch to sport pistol?
  9. Whats your thought on sport pistol this far? How does, say Titegroup compare to these, e3 and sport pistol? is there anything that shoot soft like clays but doesn’t have the issues it does?
  10. Thinking about changing powders up for my limited guns (Primary: Brazo’s, Back-up: Edge). I know mid-season really isn’t the best time to do this but I’m running out of powder and I’ve recently started loading longer (moved from 1.180 to 1.200) because recently I needed my back-up in a match the Edge seems to like it the longer the better, while the Brazo’s will eat pretty much anything I throw at it. Anyway. Currently I’m loading Titegroup with 4.8gr @1.180 with a 180gr BBI hitting 171 pf. (Standard 5” barrel) Yes, Titegroup works fine and there’s really no need to change it other than I recently shot some buddies limited ammo and it got me wondering how soft could I get my 40s to shoot major, is there a better powder. What if.... After doing some research these are the powders I’ve started considering. Thoughts? Loads you would share? Any others you would suggest? -N320 -N310 -e3 -Clays (already have 4# as that’s my 40 minor load for steel) -Red Dot -WST Thanks J
  11. Oh I have a chrono, saved me a few times prepping new loads or confirming minor changes loads before majors. Wouldn’t load without one. I agree very inexpensive insurance if your roll you own ammo!!
  12. I love my 40 minor load, to be completely honest I’ve never chrono’d it (guessing 130pf) because I just use it for local steel matches where no power factor is needed, but it’s money.... shooting out of a Brazo’s 2011 and an Edge. The round just barely cycles the slide, super super soft. 1.185 3.0gr of Clays 180gr BBI (Have to drop from a 12.5# recoil spring to 10#)
  13. No I didn't, this is a good idea!! I'll have to talk to my gunsmith to see how plauseable this is with my guns. Now my only worry is when I would want this upper to become a full open gun, adding a lower the fit is going to be almost impossible... Correct? Another option I guess would be to have a custom builder (not th best known, but still quality gunsmith known for guns that run)build a basic open gun, nothing crazy with the slide, plastic grips, etc... Would that even be a good idea?
  14. Thanks! It would be the 1st Saturday match. Cost? What time do you normally finish? Anything else I need to know?
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