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  1. Why so? Why not run both the same optic? Why run the larger on top?
  2. Going to be running a dual optic set up. One on the top rail and another on a offset mount. Should I run the same red dot for both? Or a railway with a smaller one offset? thanks J
  3. Yes we have seen them... thanks again Sarge
  4. Thanks guys. I already have a bunch of 17 rounders. Some with +6 and some with +3. So thinking about getting 2 33 rounders. But the question is how many to carry during a stage and what extensions? Our regular matches which I typically shoot limited/open are typical matches with 32 round stages. We also have monster matches (which I’m probably going to start doing pcc) that can have 35-45. Currently thinking bringing some 17 rounders with the +6, getting a 33 with no basepad and a 33 with a Goliath. Thoughts?
  5. A few questions, Glock AR9 platform... 1) How many mags in belt and what capacity? 2) How many mags do you carry to a match and what capacity? (I.e. how many 33+ rounders do I need?) 3) On a 33 round Glock mag: +10 TTi vs TF Goliath +20 Thanks J
  6. Thank you all for a response. I think I’m at a point where I do want to load a caliber that I already have, don’t want to get the stuff to load something I need to get dies and brass and etc for....I don’t know if I will ever shoot revolver in a competition. My thought currently is if I want to then I will get something more suitable for it, ie 8-shot 9mm/38 something. Currently looking at a S&W 610/986, Ruger LCR/LCRx or SP101. Thanks again
  7. Thanks guys. I’m pretty much into limited and open. Not sure if I would ever shoot this is USPSA or not, just kind of a range plinker. Does that change the suggestions of: 929, 627 or 610?
  8. I don’t know if this is the topic or not but, mods change if not....thanks. Looking to purchase my first revolver. I do shoot USPSA but in limited and open with very little want to try the revolver division, but who knows. More so want something to shoot at the range and enjoy. Looking to just stick to the calibers I already load: 9mm and 40. Which I know doesn’t leave me many options. What revolvers/brand/ Models do you suggest? S&W, Ruger, Charter Arms, etc... Thanks, J
  9. jbultman

    Racker ?

    The atlas ones come stock bent like echo mentioned. I have one of them as well as a Brazo’s zig racker that I cut the last bend out so it would be shorter and I could swap it to the other side without interfering with ejection. https://atlasgunworks.com/product/atlas-gunworks-ape-hanger-racker/
  10. So what’s your powder of preference then?
  11. I just talked to the previous owner And he said that it’ll run 170pf with 8.2 grains of hs6 at 1.165 and a jhp...I’m not seeing that it is that far off that is what everyone else’s Charges are
  12. Forgot to include.... Full Size, 5.4 barrel, full length slide, short dust cover, 4 holes in the barrel. 2 Vees at a 45 and 2 popples. I believe all are 3/16 but I don’t have it to measure. I would need to load at a 1.165
  13. That’s the plan. Thinking I’ll start at 9.0gr. Unless someone tells me otherwise
  14. Hey all, Looking for where to start loading 9 major at with the following powders with a 124gr precision delta jhp and CCI srp... cfe hs-6 aa#7 thanks, J
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