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  1. jbultman

    Racker ?

    The atlas ones come stock bent like echo mentioned. I have one of them as well as a Brazo’s zig racker that I cut the last bend out so it would be shorter and I could swap it to the other side without interfering with ejection. https://atlasgunworks.com/product/atlas-gunworks-ape-hanger-racker/
  2. So what’s your powder of preference then?
  3. I just talked to the previous owner And he said that it’ll run 170pf with 8.2 grains of hs6 at 1.165 and a jhp...I’m not seeing that it is that far off that is what everyone else’s Charges are
  4. Forgot to include.... Full Size, 5.4 barrel, full length slide, short dust cover, 4 holes in the barrel. 2 Vees at a 45 and 2 popples. I believe all are 3/16 but I don’t have it to measure. I would need to load at a 1.165
  5. That’s the plan. Thinking I’ll start at 9.0gr. Unless someone tells me otherwise
  6. Hey all, Looking for where to start loading 9 major at with the following powders with a 124gr precision delta jhp and CCI srp... cfe hs-6 aa#7 thanks, J
  7. Thanks guys, This is what I'm currently working with.... Thinking I'm going to go with either RMR JHP or PD JHP both in 124gr and load to 1.165" OAL but, I need to check to barrel to see how long I can load. Thinking I'm going to with AA7, if I can find it local, because its going to require more powder thus more gas and start at a safe amount, 8gr ,and work up from there. Assuming I'm going to be in the 9.5-9.8 grain range. Looking for pressure signs obviously. But, I might as well pick up some HS-6 as well too and test. Thinking I'll be in the 8.2 gr range for that one. Sarge, I'm hoping to start load testing the beginning of the month and the goal is to shoot the last 4-5ish, matches in open, monster matches included. I will try this myself but, When I start having issues I'll hit you up and take you up on your offer! Thanks
  8. The holes in the barrel is the one thing I wasn’t happy with when I purchased from the previous owner. I was going to shoot it for a while and see what I can get it to do, then replace the barrel and comp if I’m not happy... I mean after all it’s my fun gun, I’m happy in limited. AA7 is what I’m leaning towards. Thinking with the holes in the barrels I’ll have to go with 124s Sounds like find the 170pf load and increase from there until the gun runs flat and the dot tracks up and down, with the dot quickly returning back to the target. Take video and make sure all the gas is coming out of the ports and comp not front. Am I correct in my thinking?
  9. Hey all, Just recently purchased my first open gun. I've been shooting 40s&w 2011s in limited and reloading for quite a while, 5+ years. But, after doing some research I have a question when it comes to physically shooting the open gun and tracking the dot. For reference I've got a full size 9mm major gun with 4 holes drilled, 2 popples and 2 vee-ports at a 45 deg, in the barrel and a Bedell Ti comp... 1) I have yet to decide a powder, I have some CFE laying around, but thinking HS-6 vs AA7. Anyway, what would be a good power factor to shoot towards to make the comp work? As loading for a open gun and non-comp gun seem different. In limited I would load to 170 and call it a day but, what about open? Is there a power factor that makes the comp work better, i.e. 176-180 or is it similar to loading for limited? 2) When I narrow down a powder and load up some rounds, what am I looking for the dot to do? How much movement? What kind of movement? 3) When i get everything situated, I'm assuming spring wise its similar to finding a proper spring weight in my limited guns? THANKS in advance! J Ohh, and if this should go in the reloading form, mods I apologize and please move. Thanks.
  10. Nope, It’s already a 6-40. But I’ll give that a go if it doesn’t work, would a 8-40 be too large?
  11. I’ve got the screw out of the mount and frame. The screw came out easy, just not fully able to tighten the screw to the new mount. The issue is what would I do next to put the new mount on... Retap with same thread? Helicoil? Enlarge and retap with a larger hole? Deal with and use 4 holes? Thread in new screw and red locktite and not tighten down all the way? thanks
  12. I just bought a open gun and when I was removing the optic/red dot mount from the frame to replace it I realized that it had a stripped screw hole on frame of the gun and was only using 4 screws instead of 5. I was going to use a gogun thumb rest and need all 5 holes. Any suggestions on how to fix? thanks J
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