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  1. That’s kinda my question, I was leaning to towards 147’s but open to anything at this point. Revamping the load after I was having the bullets tumble with my 9mm Eagle. But since let that gun go to my daughter and just buy her ammo.
  2. Everyone has their preference in powders and bullets. What should I be looking for in .45 realm of reloading. I use titegroup for 9, WAC 9major, n320 for .40 and hp38 for .38..... a lot to keep track of.
  3. Looking for a load that would be decent in both. I’m assuming similar barrel lengths I’d be able to run the same ammo without much variation? Anyone with input is appreciated. I usually run n320 and titegroup.
  4. Probably the strangest grip ever
  5. Gun is strictly competition, does not shoot single action.
  6. Fellers, I’m newer to revolver shooting and I’m shooting my 627 right. Vertical is fine but every shot is right. I’m a right handed shooter and am pretty dead nuts with semi autos. Tried drifting the rear-sight, tried different grips. Nothing helped. I then tried almost pushing the gun left with my support hand on the butt and trigger guard but did not like how it felt, although it worked. Whatcha thinkin?
  7. Welp, took it it all apart again and put it back together, and now it works. Message from Langdon “Yes, it is normally the right safety detent pushing the trigger bar down. I normally just trim the detent.” Which is exactly what it was.
  8. Hey all, watched a s#!t ton of Conversion videos, so I thought I’d give it a try. Converted my M9A3 to a decock only, well installed it, and when I decocked, I have a dead DA trigger. The safety is off, decocked and the da trigger does not work. Cycle the action and single pulls just fine. Wondering what the heck is going on. Don’t know why it’s dead, took out and reinstalled the firing pin block and spring multiple times and it does nothing.....
  9. Why does it look super short? And by short I mean the bullet in the case itself looks short.
  10. So just picked up Bullseye powder (only one recommended in found in store) and 158grn Berry’s Bullets. Gonna start with 1.44 oal and 4.0grns of powder. Should at least get me a starting point?
  11. I’m all good with switching from TG for this round. I know there’s better out there for it. Awesome replies soo far.
  12. I was thinking of Going with a 158grn bullet as well. Round nose to get into the cylinder easier.
  13. Hey all, Sort of new to reloading but absolutely brand new to 38 special. I use titegroup for 9/40 and wondering if that’s a good powder for 38. I’m changing it up this year and strictly shooting revolver. I’ve read a decent amount of info but seems that I can only find loads that are less than the minimum power factor for USPSA minor. Wondering what everyone’s loads are and trying to get a feel if I should buy the dies and load myself or go with a guy who sells “minor” loads. 627, 8-shot, 4” barrel. Thanks in advance.
  14. I’d buy it off you lol. But I’m also looking for a starting load for 38 special in IDPA and USPSA. 320 is what I use in 40
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