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  1. YVK

    CO optic

    You can. Question is if it can be done through a direct milling, without use of adapter plates, like you can do for most other optics.
  2. YVK

    CO optic

    What if I don't care about bosses?
  3. YVK

    CO optic

    Overall the field is fairly closely split between DPP and Romeo, at least what I see locally and on the basis of Nationals' survey. Everybody is excited about SRO but nobody really used one. Since it shares RMR footprint, it would not be possible, to the best of my understanding, mill a direct pocket for it on CZ 75-derivative slides. You'd have to go through adapter plate of some sort, which I am less than excited about.
  4. 43.5 oz at a chrono station at last week's Magnus Cup. Dustcover milled out as posted above in this thread, three slide windows, lightened recoil spring tunnel, part of the right slide rail removed, acetal guide rod, front sight removed, thin safeties, and custom made fat but hollow LOK grips, with Henning mag extension and an unmodified DPP. Time prevents from reinstalling front sight for bushing retention purposes. Not sure if I want steel guide rod or solid grips back, the gun shoots well and runs well.
  5. You've to get very high levels to get prescribed chelation. Usually, high levels and symptoms, but in some instances high levels alone. I think 40 was the Rx cutoff. I don''t do primary care anymore but I have never seen an adult treated. I was at 20, got down to 8 over three years, still shoot indoors and even more so than in the past, but with a whole lot of different procedures. I don't even want to know what the discussion with the insurance company will be for a hobbyist shooter, since the Rx would also mandate stopping a voluntary exposure.
  6. No, although the pin is slightly deformed on one side, which I think helps. I keep telling myself to grind down a front sight and install it there since I am not sure how much retention of that bushing pin alone provides, but so far the bushing hasn't moved.
  7. Yup. Pic are inside this thread somewhere. As far as why to do it, - Don't want to worry if 0.1 - 0.2 scale measurement variance or difference between various mag extensions can put me into Open. Especially after flying or driving for 6 hours after taken a few days off work. - Strongly prefer fatter grips and heavier optic (DPP); unwilling to remove the shroud. - Ready to accept any future optics with less concern for weight (Romeo3Max at 2.9 oz?). - Subjectively gun balances nicer, less front heavy. Practically I find more useful in one handed shooting. - No adverse performance effect. I am just above 70% Prod / 60% CO shooter and I split this gun, two of them actually, in .14-.16s. Like routinely, I actually can't track it that fast and am working on slowing my trigger finger down a bit. I just don't find that extra front end weight helpful, or even desirable. My Shadow 2s are now balanced more like Stock 2s and prefer the latter.
  8. He told me to get through 90% of my DA trigger travel as soon as possible and then finalize the last 10% when sight pic is done with. Ben teaches to get a sight pic, and then pull through. Both get pretty good results.
  9. 5 MOA. I shoot a 2.5 MOA DPP and I keep wishing for a slightly larger dot, especially when it is sunny outside, especially when shooting a freshly painted steel.
  10. That's a well known failure point. That little plastic is all that holds the dome contact in place. Leupold is working on this, but I think they just got the prototypes that supposedly address it ready for testing. So far I dunno of any user hacks that can fix it. I'd send it in.
  11. I could not get through to them on the phone, so just went ahead and ordered. Not too hopeful that they really have it in stock, everyone else has it as a preorder.
  12. Honestly, with all the problems I and my friends had with the DPP, if this optic is anywhere close to RMR's durability and reliability, I won't care about the price that much.
  13. One of my units died twice within first 5K. I am not that surprised.
  14. YVK

    CZ TSO 40SW Barrel failure

    You now own a coolest chamber drop gauge ever.
  15. YVK

    S2 Carry Optic build

    Nicely done by Primary. I didn't find out about it in time before having someone else do it. Looks more elaborate and more weight-reduced comparing with what I have done on my slides. The 43.8 weight actually might be a tight squeeze since the pic is with a regular poly base pad. +5 base pads are usually about 1 oz so you might be just 10 grams or so under the weight limit. I'd consider a polymer guide rod and some attention to grip's selection.
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