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  1. Does anybody have any recommendations for an RV park near universal? I've found a few online but I figured people who had used one who know which one is best too choose. Thanks in advance
  2. Every time I've heard somebody yell finger (Usually somebody RO'ing who came from IDPA, I guess this is accepted) the shooter has stopped and turned around to look at the RO. I haven't seen this happen at a level 2 but I have at a local match or a semi major match. I personally don't want the RO or anyone else yelling anything in the middle of my run unless they are yelling me to stop.
  3. boudreux

    Virgina count missing steel

    Yep, there is a rule somewhere about this
  4. boudreux

    Drones or no drones?

    As long as they don't kick up a whole bunch of dust I could care less. Had a guy bring one to a local one time, the thing was like a helicopter blowing dirt all over the place. He put it up rather quickly as he saw it was causing a disturbance. If it were an all grass range I can see it not being an issue at all.
  5. boudreux

    No Stage Reset at Major Matches

    I would be more than willing to pay a few extra bucks to have it pasted and reset. On the other hand its not a whole ton of work as long as everyone works. I've never felt that pasting and resetting has made me tired or made we shoot worse.
  6. I've been called on this twice since I started shooting. The 1st time was at my 1st major and the RO was standing behind me trying to look over my shoulder. Dude was not very nice about it, he basically yelled at me. I debated yelling back but I didn't want to show out during my first big match. The second time was at another major and the RO politely said, "I didn't see it clear would you mind showing me again". That worked a lot better. I, like a lot of other shooters have done it so many times we sometimes get into a bad habit of going through the whole sequence very quickly.
  7. boudreux

    Dealing with trash talkers

    A lot of it really depends on how the person is portraying what they are saying. My group of friends always give each other hell during a match, especially if someone totally blows a stage. Its all in good fun and we also know when someone has had enough. I can't say I've ever heard someone just berate another shooter especially when they are about to shoot. You may just have to mention it to them in a nice way. If they don't respond to that I would definitely take it up with the match director.
  8. boudreux

    Pre-Match Diet

    Yep shooting in Florida hydration is key. I always start hydrating the day before if not 2 days before. 8 hours in the sun is a long time. I try not to eat anything really heavy the night before or the morning of.
  9. boudreux

    With Winning In Mind

    Lanny was on the firearms nation podcast last week. It was well worth the listen.
  10. boudreux

    To shoot or not to shoot?

    Yea no reason to waste time and/or ammo if you aren't feeling it. Nothing wrong with giving yourself a break if you need it.
  11. boudreux

    DPP still having problems?

    Listened to ben stoeger podcast today. Hwansik kim talked about having 3 of them and 2 of them going out on him in matches. He said the breaking point on his were between 8-10k rounds. He also said that Deltapoint was very backed up on returns and fixes.
  12. boudreux

    Don’t take new equipment to a match

    I was having some mag problems at a local match a few days before a level 2 (Glock 35). Had a buddy that had some mags with different base pads (TTI vs my Dawson) that he wasn't using so I borrowed them. Well, his mags didn't seat in the gun as easily at mine did and 4 times during the match I didn't seat the mag and it fell out while I was shooting. Figured it cost me 8-10 seconds over the course of the match. Never will I do that again.
  13. boudreux

    Shoot ALL the Targets Dummy!!!

    I hate memory stages. We have one just about every month at our local match. I always count targets first and then I will go behind the targets and look to see positions in which they can be shot. It helps but I still miss targets from time to time. It always helps when you are not the first shooter!
  14. boudreux

    Check list before I leave.

    Written checklist as opposed to a mental one is a great idea. I've left my belt twice, luckily it was just a local match. I do better about checking and rechecking when I go to a major or travel a good distance for a match. The majority of my stuff stays in my range bag all the time so not a whole lot of packing goes on.
  15. If you are looking for holes you are wasting a lot of valuable time. I agree with the above post in seeing your sights.