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  1. boudreux

    ETS 140mm Magazines

    Yea they are well worth it. You can buy 3 at this point for what one glock mag and an extension would cost. The last round hold open isn't 100% reliable but in carry optics it hasn't been an issue
  2. boudreux

    ETS 140mm Magazines

    You can also get the magpul 21 rounders. I just picked up 2 for $15 each at primary arms. No issues at all with these
  3. boudreux

    Apex Trigger

    Anyone used an apex trigger? Does it make a difference? Worth the $100
  4. boudreux

    Milling a slide for CO or get an MOS?

    I put a springer precision dovetail mount on my 34 so I could try out carry optics. I figured this was the cheapest way to test it. If you get the slide milled you are stuck with it. If you notice on the MOS version the dovetail for the rear sight is set very back of the slide. This means a lot of aftermarket rear sights will hang off the rear of the slide. I've got about 3k through mine with the dovetail mount and haven't had any loss of zero. I shot mine up against a buddy who has the same dot on an MOS and the height difference between mine and his made no difference in my ability to pick up the dot. I'm going to stick with it the way I have it until I see a reason to do otherwise. You may want to give it a shot too.
  5. boudreux

    KC's Carry Optics Gun

    I was asked why choose the 34 over the 17, I figured why choose the 17 over 19. To me the larger gun can’t be negative whether it’s iron sights or a dot gun.
  6. boudreux

    KC's Carry Optics Gun

    Yea what is the advantage of the 17 over the 19 in carry optics?
  7. boudreux

    KC's Carry Optics Gun

    I don't know how missed that. I wonder why he went with the 17 as opposed to the 34?
  8. boudreux

    KC's Carry Optics Gun

    Does anyone know what model KC Eusebio's carry optics gun is?
  9. boudreux

    Dot size carry optics

    Thanks man I think I’ll give the ff3 a shot
  10. boudreux

    Dot size carry optics

    How is the dot on the ff3? Is it more of a dot than a splatter (if that makes sense)? Is the 8 moa dot effective in uspsa? Good enough for 25 yd head shots or is it too big?
  11. boudreux

    Dot size carry optics

    I finally got to look through a 3 Moa venom today. It was much smaller than I expected. I've notice that the dot on the venom is not real sharp, kinda distorted if that makes sense. I'm guessing the more expensive dots probably have a more uniform dot
  12. boudreux

    Dot size carry optics

    Anybody have experience with a 3 moa venom that could chime in? Does it show up ok in the sun?
  13. boudreux

    Dot size carry optics

    Is the 2.5 Moa dot easy to pick up even in bright sunlight?
  14. boudreux

    Dot size carry optics

    Do you mind telling me what gun it is on? I looked through a Glock 34 with a venom and it felt like i had to tilt the barrel up quite a bit to find the dot on the first shot. The ff3 I shot this weekend was on a Beretta 92 and it was very easy to pick up on the first shot. Don’t know if it’s th difference in grip angle or just me. The ff3 seems to have a much larger window than the venom
  15. boudreux

    Glock shooting left

    Just shoots mine left, should have added that in.