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  1. I recently picked up a new 9mm CRP Trojan from Dawson that they had hard chromed and did a Dawson tuning job on. Now it needs some slim grips that will accent the pistol, and make weight foe SS any suggestions? And yes I have done a forum search and a Google search to no avail . Appreciate the help Walter
  2. Send Shay a message and ask him these questions, he will be happy to answer you. Then follow HIS suggestions. Good Luck
  3. Glenn Rasch with Lone Star Innovations has an aluminum grip with micro pockets that is comfortable without being overly aggressive
  4. Shay and the crew at ACG build some amazing guns. I have never been disappointed
  5. I recently received my new Akai Open gun in 38SC and have run about 200 rounds of Atlanta Arms ammo without any issues. I have ordered a 1,000 rounds to get the gun broke in and function tested. I know the folks at Precision Delta and look forward to running their ammo as well. Both companies are known for quality ammo
  6. Ok folks, I am waiting on your thoughts before ordering 2 for my Open guns. Push them hard as hell so we will know what to expect out of them. Fingers crossed
  7. I recently picked up a Trojan in 9mm from Dawson. They took a stock Trojan and sent it to Virgil Tripp for hard coating and then Dave and the crew did their tuning job on it. Call and speak to Michael or Daniel and ask them what they can do on an Edge if they have one in stock. You can also call and speak with Bob, worst thing you can find out is they no longer have any Edges available. Good Luck
  8. Lone Star Innovations has a new aluminum grip out as well
  9. Howdy and welcome to the forums. if you have questions more than likely someone has answers
  10. After spending time on Merrell's website I decided to give their MQM Flex shoes a try. Will let you know my thoughts as I move back into shooting after carpal tunnel surgery
  11. Scooter is right on with this recommendation. Speak with Brack, he will take care of you
  12. Shay and the Crew at Akai do awesome work. I am proud to say that Shay has done 3 guns for me, 2 Limited guns and 1 Open gun. Shay is a great person and I am proud to say he is an awesome friend
  13. Well tomorrow morning is go time for the right wrist, strong hand. Having the procedure done by an Orthopedic surgeon who specializes in doing the procedure endoscopically. I have a good friend who used this surgeon for his hands and he told me they did his second hand 2 weeks after the first. Planning to take a minimum of 3 months off from shooting and hopefully by that time I will be ready to return. I will let you folks know how it goes.
  14. My damn arm was jumping all over the place I believe one time I even flinched before she even hit the juice
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