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  1. American Eagle 124 gr available at Academy for $10.99 / box of 50. I run them as minor in my Open gun without any issues.
  2. That is one beautiful setup. Shay and the Crew at ACG build some incredible guns, just ask me how I know
  3. Howdy and welcome to the Forums Eli, there are a lot of great members here with plenty to share.
  4. Make sure you watch which Allchin mount you buy I purchased one for a new Open gun build only to find I could not access the sight adjustment screws. This was for a horizontal mounted slide ride
  5. Ron, Dawson can take any plain Trojan as far as you want to go you just have to ask for it. When I ordered my Trojan I wanted the hard chrome version but they didn’t have any so they sent one of the plain Trojans to Virgil Tripp to hard chrome for me and then built it out to my specs when it came back. Dawson is some fine folks to work with. On on the side, how are you doing?
  6. ^^^ I agree with just replacing the element. It is relatively easy to do and if you are not familiar with the process it is a good time to learn how. Best of luck
  7. Picked up a CRP Trojan from Dawson in May of this year, job has been so hectic have not even been to the range yet but it is loaded and ready to go - Pistol/STI/Trojan/9mm/5' Bushing/Super Tuned w/Hard Chrome Finish/Includes Silver DP Ice Magwell, .160T x .100W DP Optic Front Sight, DP IDPA Length D&T Mag Catch, DP Lo Pro Mag Button, Silver DP Basepad, and DP Enhancement Package
  8. I believe going with an STI gun is always a gamble, will they correct any issues absolutely. STI has had some ups and downs with quality control and I believe they are addressing those issues. My very first 2011 was an Edge and after I got it I poured a fair amount of money into the gun to make it mine, with all of this said to have a local builder with a stellar reputation build the custom gun and don’t look back. Best of luck
  9. I recently picked up a new 9mm CRP Trojan from Dawson that they had hard chromed and did a Dawson tuning job on. Now it needs some slim grips that will accent the pistol, and make weight foe SS any suggestions? And yes I have done a forum search and a Google search to no avail . Appreciate the help Walter
  10. Send Shay a message and ask him these questions, he will be happy to answer you. Then follow HIS suggestions. Good Luck
  11. Glenn Rasch with Lone Star Innovations has an aluminum grip with micro pockets that is comfortable without being overly aggressive
  12. Shay and the crew at ACG build some amazing guns. I have never been disappointed
  13. I recently received my new Akai Open gun in 38SC and have run about 200 rounds of Atlanta Arms ammo without any issues. I have ordered a 1,000 rounds to get the gun broke in and function tested. I know the folks at Precision Delta and look forward to running their ammo as well. Both companies are known for quality ammo
  14. Ok folks, I am waiting on your thoughts before ordering 2 for my Open guns. Push them hard as hell so we will know what to expect out of them. Fingers crossed
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