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  1. Scooter is right on with this recommendation. Speak with Brack, he will take care of you
  2. Shay and the Crew at Akai do awesome work. I am proud to say that Shay has done 3 guns for me, 2 Limited guns and 1 Open gun. Shay is a great person and I am proud to say he is an awesome friend
  3. Well tomorrow morning is go time for the right wrist, strong hand. Having the procedure done by an Orthopedic surgeon who specializes in doing the procedure endoscopically. I have a good friend who used this surgeon for his hands and he told me they did his second hand 2 weeks after the first. Planning to take a minimum of 3 months off from shooting and hopefully by that time I will be ready to return. I will let you folks know how it goes.
  4. My damn arm was jumping all over the place I believe one time I even flinched before she even hit the juice
  5. Well, I had the tests / torture done this past week and yes it is carpal tunnel. I am waiting for a referral to a surgeon to schedule the repair. I am glad that you folks did not elaborate on the testing process, it was a SOB
  6. I have used paint based markers on my mags and while they do work well, the down side is handling them over time wears the marking off. I have thought about getting an inexpensive engraving tool at Hobby Lobby and just lightly numbering the mags.
  7. GrumpyOne, is it at this point that you tell them anything they want to know . I am at the point where I wake up at night sometimes and lay there with the needle piercing feeling that does not seem to want to go away. Thanks to this thread I am pursuing a referral to a doctor who has experience with treating this. Once again a BE topic that hits home. Thanks to everyone that added to this post
  8. Like Posvar said every Gans gun I have moved out I have never shot its replacement as well. If Gary is still building guns I can only encourage you to consider this as an option
  9. The common denominator in any custom built gun is - you are going to have to wait. I see lots of posts regarding Atlas guns and they seem to be very favorable, likewise I see a lot of posts about Akai guns and they likewise are very favorable. Questions like the OP asked will always generate opinionated answers as there is no way to measure the quality of a gun. I have 2 limited Akai guns and Shay is working on my open gun at this very moment. I should have it right after the first of the year. I sent my first and only message to Shay today inquiring about the status and he immediately responded. If you buy a gun from a reputable builder you should have no worries whatsoever. Best of luck on your decision and once you make your decision don't second guess it.
  10. I have to agree with Kevin on this reply. Besides I bet many a good man has been accidentally shot like this Good luck
  11. Every shooter is different and as such opinions vary. Myself, I run a 200 gr Ibejihead bullet over N320 with a PF of 170. Personally, I find this combination to have more of a push than a snap. Some shooters feel that the lighter bullets allow them to transition faster. Trial and error are your friends
  12. I believe you are going to find that most of the answers are based on individual preference, that being the case , if I know that I will not have another reloading session for a week or more then I empty the powder back into its original container. My press and all supplies are located inside my house so they are relatively not exposed to temperature or humidity swings, however, I do live in Louisiana
  13. I have to likewise suggest Extreme Shooters reduced grips. I have them on 5 of my 2011 guns and could not be happier
  14. I don’t know if this applies to you but this is how I did/do it. On an annual basis I am fortunate to receive a bonus, while not guaranteed they come pretty regular. I also get paid bi-weekly meaning twice a year there are 3 paychecks in a month. My children are grown so that naturally makes a difference on your financial needs. There have been times where some of these funds were needed for other things and un those cases I stashed what I could. You must also realize the importance of walking away from things or your money will dwindle. Good luck
  15. If you contact Brack Wilson at Patriot Cases, he can hook you up with a case that has all of the necessary cutouts for whatever guns you have. He is a great guy to work with also
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