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  1. Howdy DLester and welcome to the forums. You have entered the Promise Land of knowledge and wisdom when it comes to guns and shooting
  2. Howdy and welcome to BE. Lots of information on this forum for newbies. Best of luck in your endeavors
  3. Howdy spiro and welcome to the forums. Looking though the replies to your original post you can quickly see the benefit of being a BE forum member. Best of luck to you
  4. Bryan, I will certainly do that. I have some good shooter friends up in that area. Thanks
  5. It is a very sad day in our house today as our little Brewsky has crossed the Rainbow Bridge this morning. He gave us 14 years of joy and love and for that we are very thankful.
  6. The Spring, North Houston area. I will have to determine which club(s) when I get there. Where abouts are you?
  7. Jack, I am currently an office administrator for a group of financial advisors and believe me the turn in the financial market has been beyond believable. While I am not wealthy I am conservative in my spending and investments. If the case should warrant having to go back to work then I will do so but it will be under my terms. With my experience and knowledge I have a lot to offer. But it is troubling that this had to happen at this time in my life
  8. Wife and I will be relocating to Texas to be closer to our 2 sons and 4 granddaughters. I plan to spend time in my new gun room reloading ammo, going to the range and shooting matches with my existing and new Texas shooters. I plan to have a regiment of biking and working out and enjoying every day as though it may be my last
  9. Just turned 66 this past Sunday and as such have met my full retirement age. Drop date is 09/30/2020, but if they screw with me then 5:00 p.m. any day could be my drop day
  10. Howdy and welcome to the forums from Alexandria. You will find lots of great information within the pages
  11. I have always been around guns. My father instilled gun safety in my brother and I at an early age and made it a point to get us involved in hunting. As I grew older my interest in guns continued to grow and when my son came home one weekend and told my about his new hobby I was hooked. I believe in my case the biggest draw is the folks in the shooting community. I have never met one that I have not enjoyed being around.
  12. I have been looking for shooting pants that don't have the baggy effect for quite some time. I have tried a lot of different brands and thought I had found what I was looking for with the 5.11 Taclite pants and while they were not as baggy as some they were still baggy but they were extremely comfortable. Last week with time on my hands I began looking once again for the perfect pants and in my opinion I have found them in the 5.11 ARB Pro. They are considered a regular fit and truly fit like a regular pair of pants in all areas. If you have a chance to try them on I believe you will be well satisfied,
  13. Howdy and great to have you back
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