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  1. Thanks Rigger! That’s helpful info for a 1050 newbie. Can you clarify the bolded part.....did you mean to say the primer slide should NOT be straight under the tube, but slightly past it? This is the one thing I haven’t checked yet.
  2. I can. And I’ve seen dot torture. Is that a better thing to do?
  3. I’m gonna head to the static range tomorrow since I missed USPSA range time today due to weather. What can I practice at the static range (no draw/movement allowed)? Im thinking groups at 25yds is the most beneficial. That said, how should I practice? Uspsa target? Should I make dots with a sharpie or just shoot at the blank target? How fast do I shoot? Just take my time and shoot the best groups possible, or at least shoot 1s/shot?
  4. Ok, the consensus is overwhelming....I just need to get more reps to know exactly where the gun is. I get a good grip 90% of the time, but I still have plenty where I miss. I do have the Stoeger and Anderson dryfire books, and I’ve read Brian’s “Fundamentals of Shooting”.....just gotta put some time in.
  5. Thanks! I will check all these things, but the machine is basically brand new. Bought a couple months ago and I’ve only loaded 500 rounds total so far. The mag tube and blue tip are brand new (you guys sent a new one this week since the old one welded itself in the blast shield) but I will check them. I probably do need to adjust the white wedge a little closer to the case, but the shell plate is rock solid when I push on it.
  6. I will accept 1/100 flipped primers with the rd-100.....I’ll just pull those rounds. I do NOT like the press crushing primers or putting them on sideways. Not sure if the rf100 is related to that, but I don’t think so.
  7. I actually JUST did this last night. Only ran through about 25 rounds like that, but hopefully it will help. Thanks
  8. Thanks Mike. I know I need to spend some time with the primer filler....I haven’t fiddled with it enough yet, but I am running the rheostat on low. The 1050 cranks out very consistent ammo and is great to use when it’s running, but I feel the same way as you right now.....fixing a small problem every 50 rounds is taking away from the beauty/efficiency of the machine.
  9. I’m new to USPSA.....just shot my first match two weeks ago and had a blast. I didn’t do too bad for my first one, but obviously have a lot of room for improvement. Ive been practicing dryfire, and feel like the initial grip on the pistol is crucial. I figure it may benefit me to look at the gun during the draw rather than target. I feel this lets me nail the grip immediately and it takes only a split second to snap my eyes back onto the target. Any opinions on this? I noticed a lot of experienced shooters keep their eye on target through the draw stroke, but I assume that’s because their muscle memory is on point. Thanks .
  10. I’ve been loading on a 550b for the past 7 years and decided to upgrade to a 1050 since I recently started shooting USPSA. The 550 has been great, and I experienced zero problems after >25k rounds of .45 and 9mm. I recently bought a 1050, RF100, and mr bullet feeder to load up .40 for limited. The press and rf100 have been great, but I’m definitely not over the initial growing pains of getting them set up. Main problem seems to be primers.....both the primer filler (running about 2/100 upside down), and multiple problems with the press(crushed/sideways primers) .....including one that lit the tube off! Dillon sent replacement parts free of charge btw....great company! The problems seem to be inconsistent, but repeatable, and I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. Mainly the primers are getting jammed in the primer slide sideways. I’ve been using Win sport and Win once fired brass. Any advice here? Thanks (I have some pics but it says file size is too big to post them)
  11. I would get the shadow 2 safety, but I already have the CZ custom one, so Ill probably just use it. Heres a dumb question....do I need to take out the sear assembly or can I just lift the sear spring and wiggle out the safety? I tried the latter, but the safety doesn’t seem to budge.
  12. Thanks, Mo, I just watched that video. I’ll give it a shot tonight.
  13. Will a CZ custom extended safety require extensive fitting for a TSO? I have the safety and test fired 400 rounds (flawless) to make sure it functioned well before I mess with it. is this tough to do? I’m not a gunsmith by any means, but I think I can figure it out. I haven’t found any great tutorials how to do it though. Any tips/advice? Thanks
  14. Buy the best gun you can afford and shoot the hell out of it. You will improve with time, and equipment won’t be the limiting factor. Screw anyone one who thinks less of you for having the means to buy a great gun. Be humble, strive to improve your shooting, and have fun. It shouldn’t matter if you are shooting a $500 glock or an $8000 Infinity....our sport is shooting, and it’s the skill that is important. Aside from people who are jealous, I can’t see why anyone would care what gun you shoot.
  15. It’s a tough one. Honestly, if budget is an issue, I think a G35 is the single best option. They are cheap, reliable, and have a TON of aftermarket support. I get why some people don’t like them, but dollar for dollar, they may be the best gun out there. There is something awesome about the guys running Glocks who smoke the field.....it’s all the shooter. Too easy to get caught up in the gear (cool guns are definitely fun) but shooting is the game, not gun buying. Trust me, I know it’s hard to decide. I just did it myself and still not sure if I made the right choice. I decided to say “F@#$ it” and jumped in. It’s only money.
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