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  1. Im interested to try a dot. It seems most people have trouble irons-->dot, but less an issue the other way around. Conceptually it seems like it should be easy to adjust to a dot, but I haven't tried one yet.... How long is the typical learning curve? I assume the index is the most important.....followed by clear target focus.
  2. wrx04

    Moving to CZ?

    I started shooting Wilson/Baer/STI 1911s and thought the triggers were awesome. I shot them well and enjoyed a heavier gun. Then I went to a CZ TSO which also has an awesome trigger and is heavier than the 1911s. I found that even easier to shoot than the 1911. That said, I’m selling everything off and going solely to Glock.....most likely a G19 in carry optics. I’m never going to win a match, nor is that my goal. I do not (and will not) put in the time it takes to climb to the top of a local match. I do think ( if my technique/grip is correct) the Glock will be VERY similar to those other guns with me as the driver. I really don’t believe the weight/trigger/sights has a huge impact on speed or accuracy for any given shooter. You have to adapt to the pistol you shoot. You will shoot every gun to your skill level. More practice, better results. Less practice, even an infinity won’t help.
  3. I like this idea a lot. Throw a stock gun (G43, G48, G19 etc....) on the table. Bring your mags, ammo, holster, and run the stage. All my carry guns are stock except the sights, but it’d be a level field if everyone shoots the same gun.
  4. Should’ve stated: I shoot a CZ TSO in limited. Carry a g19 most of the time. Sometimes a 642 w/crimson trace, or a Wilson CQB. Debating if I should shoot a glock in the games, but I figure shooting skills will transfer well enough given the extremely low probability I’d ever need it.
  5. This topic may be outside of the usual rhetoric here, but I’m interested in the responses. I typically respect the posters here as “shooters”. The forum is focused on the skills required to handle a pistol with speed, efficiency, and accuracy within the rules of a given game. Most guys here are more skilled and have a great deal more rounds on their guns than other sites, IMO. Tactics are not often discussed outside the “rules”. What do you guys carry? Do you run a heavy Infinity double stack in limited but carry a 642 stubby? Do you CCW at all? Do you consider running a specific platform because it’s what you carry, or is that an afterthought? I have conflicting views on this, and would like to hear some opinions. Thanks.
  6. I can. And I’ve seen dot torture. Is that a better thing to do?
  7. I’m gonna head to the static range tomorrow since I missed USPSA range time today due to weather. What can I practice at the static range (no draw/movement allowed)? Im thinking groups at 25yds is the most beneficial. That said, how should I practice? Uspsa target? Should I make dots with a sharpie or just shoot at the blank target? How fast do I shoot? Just take my time and shoot the best groups possible, or at least shoot 1s/shot?
  8. Ok, the consensus is overwhelming....I just need to get more reps to know exactly where the gun is. I get a good grip 90% of the time, but I still have plenty where I miss. I do have the Stoeger and Anderson dryfire books, and I’ve read Brian’s “Fundamentals of Shooting”.....just gotta put some time in.
  9. I’m new to USPSA.....just shot my first match two weeks ago and had a blast. I didn’t do too bad for my first one, but obviously have a lot of room for improvement. Ive been practicing dryfire, and feel like the initial grip on the pistol is crucial. I figure it may benefit me to look at the gun during the draw rather than target. I feel this lets me nail the grip immediately and it takes only a split second to snap my eyes back onto the target. Any opinions on this? I noticed a lot of experienced shooters keep their eye on target through the draw stroke, but I assume that’s because their muscle memory is on point. Thanks .
  10. Thanks. I have each of their books, but will look for the podcast. where can I find it? YouTube?
  11. I think most have hit on the issue....I need to make time for it. I can justify it as my main hobby and prioritize it above “everything else” except for family. My family comes first always, but shooting can be second in line if everything else takes a back seat. I’ve tried to get my wife into it, but that’s a no-go. My girls are far too young to even try at this point, but I’ll hold out hope when they are older. I can shoot once/week with a local match once per month. I may not make GM, but I do need to set a goal and stick to it. I’m in between just wanting to have fun, and getting as good as I can. I’ll have to work with what I’ve got for now and see where the road may lead.
  12. I understand everyone’s situation is different, but jeez.....do any of you have difficulty finding time to shoot? I may just be in a ‘bad’ spot in life as far as timing goes (married with two young kids), but I feel my schedule is jammed and my shooting time is severely limited. Every week has something going on with work, family, kids activities, etc..... All this, and I’m limited to the range times available near me. Anybody else have this problem? How did you fix it? I know the young, single guys and older, retired guys probably have a more flexible schedule, but I’m sure there are a bunch in the same spot as I am. I do have time to dry fire, but that isn’t nearly as fun. Do most of you guys have private land to shoot/train on during the week?
  13. Sorry to veer off topic a bit, but what holster is that? Red hill tactical? I just ordered one for my TSO that has the stock thumb rest and I wanted to hear your opinion. I’ve read they are unsafe due to the trigger being accessible while holstered.(?)
  14. Thanks rmantoo. I’ll post up my thoughts after I get a few thousand rounds on the gun.
  15. Thats a great story, but used SVI’s seem hard to find....I’ve been looking. I’m a believer of the “buy once, cry once” philosophy, but decided to take a different route. I bought a new CZ TSO and a Dillon 1050 setup for .40S&W. The CZ, 1050, 10k primers, and 8lb of VV N320 all arrived today! ......GREAT day for deliveries at my house, lol. It’s a leap of faith, and we will see how it ends up, but I will enjoy the journey. At the end of the day, I want to be a better SHOOTER, so my skills are much more important to me than my equipment. It’s fun to buy new things, but I felt the investment in top notch reloading equipment/ammo would benefit me more than a $5k custom gun that I don’t shoot enough. When I get to “A” class or better, I’ll think about “upgrading” my gun. Not sure how I’ll like the CZ yet..... *tried posting up photos, but file size is too big
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