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  1. Sorry if this was covered already. I buzzed through the previous pages and didn't see it. Anyone know if these will come in a rail-less version? I don't really have much of a need for a rail. Just wondering.
  2. As a fairly new shooter that hasn't made the jump to the 2011 platform yet. This is an extremely attractive offering to me. It has several things going for it, for guys like me. Lower overall price, cheaper mags, no worries about having to tune the already expensive mags to make them run right, it has all the things a competition blaster should have (ahem 1911 parentage), AND made by manufacturer/s that already have a great track record when it comes to quality. A lot of you saying you don't see the benefit I think are coming from a place of already being established in the sport. You've already dropped $5k+ on your 2011s and got them running correctly. What you aren't considering is NEW shooters, where I think this gun will see most of its demand come from. And if it runs like I'm sure it will, I bet you see a lot of new shooters at least starting with this and then maybe moving into the multiple thousands 2011s later.
  3. Awesome advice! I've been dry firing like crazy and it's definitely starting to feel good. I will give the morning/evening mantra thing a try. I've got a match coming up on Sunday. We'll see how it turns out.
  4. I was wondering which prizm lenses they're referring to as well. I have both the outfield and road but have been using the outfield the most. I also have jade polarized but they are super super dark. Haven't tried them on the range yet. I'm in AZ also. Btw I've been using green fo on my single stack gun. Seems to work well with my lenses. Not so overpowering that it's distracting but bright enough that it's hard to miss (seeing the green dot that is, not miss the target ).
  5. That's pretty much what happened to me. I'm finding through reading different forums and articles that this is a lot more common of an accident then I had thought.
  6. Thanx Jack, and others for the advice. Rest assured the gun and holster that were involved in the accident are long gone. I was gifted a Colt in 38 super after the accident which I shot for a couple years and then gave it to my dad when I quit. He shot the gun for another 10-12 years and when the club stopped holding matches several years ago he gave it back to me. I recently purchased a new Springfield ro elite target in 9mm to replace the old girl and that's what I've been shooting at our matches. I'm going to stick with the sa for a while and when I do feel ready to start shooting real matches (no other outcome is acceptable) I plan on looking into the 2011 platform. I've already got my eye on a couple different guns, most likely in s&w 40 with plans of at least starting in limited division, maybe single stack and run the Springfield for a while if I feel ready to compete before I'm ready to pull the trigger (pun intended) on a limited gun. I've been spending a lot of time alone at the range just doing bill drills and single shot on draw practice. We have been taking video of all of our matches so I am able to watch myself there. The rig I'm using now is my old belt and mag holders with a safariland 010 holster that I found on ebay. Looking forward to upgrading/replacing my entire rig soon, although I really like my new (to me) holster. I appreciate the kind words. I definitely plan on sticking with it. Just the few matches I have shot since we started back up have really rekindled my love for the game! I'm probably gonna go watch some of the uspsa and steel challenge matches that are close by, here soon just to kinda get a feel for it. Who knows maybe I'll find myself accidentally participating! Thanx again guys.
  7. Hey guys. This is my first post here. Let me start by saying that as a kid Brian Enos and Rob Leatham were my heroes. I started shooting local "action pistol" (my clubs bastardized version of ipsc, at the time) when I was 13. I got to where I was pretty good. By 16 I was consistently beating every person, no matter age, that came to the matches here at my local club. Even spent a few nights running Tuesday night steel at Rio, where I of course learned I wasn't in fact the best in the world lol. Now for the reason I'm here. When I was 17 I had a bad accident during practice. I was using a custom built Caspian that was getting pretty worn out. At times the thumb safety would fall if you hit the butt hard enough while holstered. I never worried because I had excellent trigger discipline and knew my finger would get no where near the trigger until it was time to pull it. The holster I was using (as it turns out) was not made specifically for the 1911, I can't remember now what it was made for exactly. But the detent would get into the trigger guard just enough, if you hit the gun at just the right angle, to put pressure on the trigger (2.5lbs pull). You can imagine where this is going. The stars and moon aligned in just the wrong position one day while practicing and, yep, you guessed it. The gun went off in the holster. Now I know what you're thinking "yeah right, punk kid pulled the trigger before he cleared leather", which is exactly what I thought at the time until we were able to repeat the accident during testing. Dry fire of course. But the damage was already done. The bullet entered my leg mid thigh, traveling just under the skin, nicking a couple bones along the way, and stopped mid calve. After recovering I started shooting again, had to get back on the horse right? But it was never the same. I just couldn't get my head back in the game and by 19 I quit the sport all together. I still shot quite often just not at speed and definitely not in competition. Fast forward to 4 months ago (and almost 20 years later) my club restarted our local "action pistol" division and we're doing local, for fun matches again. And yes, I'm competing again! My problem is that the skittishness is still kind of there. In dry fire (which I do every evening that I'm unable to get in range time). I've pretty much gained the draw speed back that I had when I was a kid (.08-1.10 on average) but as soon as I get on the range with live ammo that time jumps to 1.5 plus, and I get extremely nervous to the point that it pretty much kills everything from draw to end of the stage. I'm not going to let it stop me this time. I am determined to get back into the game and eventually start going to actual USPSA SCSA matches. But before I do that, I want to get at least some of the confidence back that I had as a kid. I feel like I still have the ability to be fast enough to be competitive, at least enough to really enjoy it. But I need to get past the jitters. Which brings me to this post. What advice can you guys give to get beyond the........ Fear? Everything always feels fine right up until I get on the line and that's where it all goes to hell. I've had a few fairly quick stages since starting again where everything felt right. But they aren't the norm yet. HELP ME GET MY SPEED AND FOCUS BACK! Thanks in advance for any advice (and for not laughing? LoL). And sorry for the long winded post!
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