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  1. its a Ghost. cant see them even online LOLOLOLOLOLOL
  2. as quietly as a Ghost gun. ATF is coming after them. DWX epitome of a ghost gun.
  3. I think like this
  4. The link doesn't work
  5. Honestly I got it just because. And thought it was cool. I doubt it will see to much use. I looked at the sticker on the box and it says adjustable. I just never seen that before and wanted some more information. Maybe one day it will be worth some money.
  6. This is 95 manufactured date. Did they even have the competition than lol. And this guy got it new with the sights
  7. Just picked up a gen2 17. And realized that it has original factory adjustable sights. Was that a common thing back than? I literally have never seen them before.
  8. I was looking for a date and looked on glock forum. And a friend of mine sent me information below. Is this correct. And if it is there a better chart? Thanks The listing on Glock talk is typically the date of when the member reported purchasing their gun or what the fired case said
  9. Would love to see them side by side. Looking for that comparison in couple of years . LOLOLOLOL
  10. Got it they don't know how to put the slide over the frame.
  11. This is strange I just watched a review of an actual CZ TS2 that goes bang bang , And if I am correct was announced after DWX or am I loosing my mind?
  12. Sorry I was talking about a functioning prototype for the online reviewers
  13. Great gun. My SAO shadow keeps DWX out of my mind also. That said I will definitely still get DWX. When it comes out in 2023. Maybe
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