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  1. I switched to 200 about 7 years ago after taking my first class with Mike Pannone . Less holdovers i shoot center mass from 25 to 200 deviation is no more than 3in. than hold chin for center mass hit at 300. Good luck and have fun.
  2. The 200 is perfect O. Including short bays. Play with it you will never look back
  3. I now have both Steiner P4Xi and Burris XTR II. Have steiner on 11.5 and Burris on 16in just mounted have not shot Burris yet. just looking trough the p4xi is just a bit better on 1 power. just a little the only way to see it is by looking at them one after the other. Honestly if some one told me i have to get rid of one i would not be able to choose . would need to flip the coin.
  4. Out of all the stocks i have the Ace is by far the best as far as functionality . But not very pretty. .
  5. Well when my dad was alive he used to say. We are to poor to buy cheap things. Kind of live that way.
  6. thank you much for the info. do i need a master gunsmith to cut a barrel down ?
  7. I was considering to have my 16in 5.45x 39 cutdown to 12.5. or buy a 12.5 barrel . I was told that 5.45 x 39 with a short barrel does not function well and terribly inaccurate. Any information would be great. Thanks
  8. Great. Now I am really looking forward to cutting my JP down.
  9. Is it mid length or carbine gas system.
  10. What happened to all the TTR upper kits and the rifles. I went on Gunbroker to see the pricing as i was considering to sell mine and their is not one available. Midway used to sell upper kits and nothing. I understand they were discontinued but I never seen something to completely disappear like this.
  11. thanks I assume my local smith can handle the project
  12. Just spoke to a BE member that cut down a BCM 16in mid to a 12.5 and now it's his favorite upper. Shoots flat and eats anything. He sent me a video and it definitely is flat shooter. I have an older JP VTAC 16in upper. this may sound stupid but I am think about curing my 16in barrel down to 12.5 and roll the dice on that. If I have lost my mind please feel free to say so. My thinking. 1. I almost never shot it 2. its a very good quality barrel 3. it comes with an adjustable gas block already. 4. do not need to buy anything else to build its a complete upper
  13. thank you. Not sure if its worth it but I am now actually considering ordering a complete upper from them .
  14. How is it with run of the mill stuff. Wolf Gold or American eagle . As far as realibility and accuracy.
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