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  1. sorry . Back to DWX due date . Christmas irrelevant of the the pandemic
  2. not sure if I am ready for WE the people of the world thing. Its a global pandemic but the country's are not united.
  3. not to mention the drugs that we now need are made in India and China
  4. I am with you. I really want this thing. It's literally my 2 favorite guns Child. I am just realistic.
  5. You guys get upset when I say this. But its going to be a great Christmas present. I am excited.
  6. They still sell them. Just saw a drum repair kit. Could not stop laughing
  7. For mags over 10 rd. Ie standard capacity.
  8. If you're going to a match you have one box with followers one box with tubes and one box with base pads. You got to the match you Assemble shoot the match disassemble go home. I have no idea on the rules of what you can have inside your house
  9. Haha. But still good information LOLOLOL
  10. If you were talking about magazine extension.
  11. The word from all my friends in NJ . If It's not assembled it's not a magazine its part's
  12. 1911vm

    Gen 3 22 value ?

    Excellent. So I will have gen 2 ergonomics and gen 3 strength. Perfect. Now to find a a 34 upper
  13. 1911vm

    Gen 3 22 value ?

    so is it safe to say that a 3 pin is stronger than 2 pin frame
  14. 1911vm

    Gen 3 22 value ?

    Perfect. Thanks
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