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  1. Spoke to dawson today. So I am taking this with a grain of salt. Asked what mags should I get from them. Was told that Tripp are great for things like steel challenge and USPSA but for IDPA where you reload from slide lock go with dawson. As Tripp loose the top round often . Said nothing about Wilson.
  2. 8rd 9mm mags ??? for compact?
  3. there has to be a thread about this but i could not find it. i have a verity of mags . 1 Dawson that just does not drop free. 3 older Wilson's and a bunch of 9 round spring field armory mags. i want to switch to just one type. Trying to decide between. Tripp, Dawson and new Wilson
  4. good day do you still have that 9mm pointmen for sale ? thanks

  5. Stoped by a store yesterday. They had a OD 4in service. I brought my tactical slide just to make sure. Tried it just would not fit properly. The guide rod was sticking out. It just was not correct.
  6. And that is with out any mods. Correct ?
  7. Are the slides and frames interchangeable between Tactical and Service. Thanks
  8. 1911vm

    SAO vs DA SA

    So I have to admit. I really like how the flat trigger looks. That is almost enough for me. Lol
  9. forgot to up date . the testing did not go grate. The gun would fire, brass extracted, trigger reset but would not strip the next round. so i am assuming i need just a little more gas. and as you see in the picture the adjustment is behind the hand rail . so i drilled the hole. going back for new testing day.
  10. 1911vm

    SAO vs DA SA

    Just so I understand correctly the length of reset is the same but the finger location is closer to the grip on curved trigger? And if that is correct the only benefit is flat trigger and hammer spring.
  11. 1911vm

    SAO vs DA SA

    you have to understand the only SAO gun i have is a 1911. are you saying that the reset is longer on a SAO than DASA ??? and what is the benefit of heavier hammer spring.
  12. 1911vm

    SAO vs DA SA

    good morning. i have an interest in getting a SA sp01 build. I have never handled a SA only gun. so besides the flat trigger what is difference between SA only and the SA on a DASA gun trigger pull. thanks
  13. great idea. will look for the adapter asap. if you have any suggestions please let me know. Thanks
  14. I do not necessarily mean compact. But my 1911 full size grip 4in barrel. Glock 45 the same. I would think it be an advantage having a shorter lighter gun. But what do I know I never had one Lol
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