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  1. How does the IR laser fit? as good as on my FREE samples ?
  2. Some time this afternoon. My guess 11:45 am
  3. Thats a given did not think I had to even mention that. And obviously the 50rd mags are flush fit.
  4. I too have secret contact at CZ and they gave me a set of DWXs for testing but I can't show them as its SECRET. But they shoot great. Reliability is amazing. Cut for both a dot and an IR . Was taking 400yard shots with my NV During the day. Selling all my rifles.
  5. Wait wrong country. BIS always knows
  6. Thats smaller than 9mm so I guess it is possible. If you go by size. Hahahahahaha
  7. I get the want. Stuart is an awesome guy. But I think they are lying to him also.
  8. .40 ??? 20-21 ??? More like 23-24 Let's see 9mm in 22-23 and it would be a pleasant surprise at that.
  9. I was so excited last night. I was out and I thought I finally saw one. than I realized it was the Russian UFO. But I couldn't confirm that siting either.
  10. Before or after shots show. And will they have a working prototype by than. Is the question
  11. its a Ghost. cant see them even online LOLOLOLOLOLOL
  12. as quietly as a Ghost gun. ATF is coming after them. DWX epitome of a ghost gun.
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