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  1. Honestly that is the reason I don't have 2011. I live in 10 rd state. And to pay $100-150 for a 10rd mag that needs tuning is rediculas. Cant wait to get the very first used DWX
  2. when you say similar to S2 is it bigger or smaller?
  3. Literally the first video for me. Not that I can see what you are shooting lmbo. So what is your impression. Some details would be nice.
  4. It's one of the things I never understood about gun industry. Lol. And manufacturers have been doing better. Mossberg did a decent roll out of the 940. Cz P10 C. Glocks 48 and 48x. Sig 365 xl Etc. But I think this one is a bit different as there are no functional prototypes that I could find on video. Just one of stories about someone shooting one. Just weird. All I know that I am so happy that I got my SP01 SHADOW SA from CZC. Last year.
  5. I also have to disagree . they shut down almost in April. plenty of time to have a few guns out to be tested even just to the top you tubers for a gun that was announced 6 month before . Not one video of a gun running . and you are the first that actually shot it. The only thing good about this I will not need to put it on a credit card. Putting a way $20 a week I will have enough cash to pay for it when it comes out .
  6. I guess i was correct 8 month ago HAHAHA
  7. I have a single action only for that. Just wanted to have the same trigger feel in SSP
  8. been out of idpa for about 3 years would have been good way to get started again.
  9. Well this sounds like a big NO. LOL
  10. https://czcustom.com/cz-parts-all/triggers/czc-straight-da-trigger.html
  11. So maybe I should rephrase my question. what is the best 12-13 in Barrel
  12. I know nothing about them. Will do some looking. Thanks
  13. I have bin trying to do some research on line and my head is swimming . What i am looking for is an accurate barrel between 12-13 in. my budget is around $300 . Avery body says theirs is sub MOA. but than you read fine print and its with match ammo. I shoot 55s 99% of the time. and cannot afford very expensive stuff. And question part 2 mid or carbine length ? thanks
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