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  1. It feels great in the hand. And the most important part I was able keep th JP adjustable block.
  2. It's not totally complete until I go to the range lol. But for now.
  3. It's done. Ended up cutting to 13. Because of the hand guard that I chose testing this weekend.
  4. 1911vm

    Shadow 75 vs sp01 shadow

    OK so how drastic is the difference . what i am asking is if i close my eyes and pick up the gun will it feel like a completely different gun. For example the beavertail on my P01 omega feels totally different than the sp01 shadow. is the difference that drastic ?
  5. as i cannot have any of the evil magazines(clips LOL) and can have 10 rounders only. how much shipped to 06085 thanks

  6. Is there a difference in the frame it self? On Shadow 75 vs sp01 shadow. Besides rail. Thanks
  7. I meet Al many years ago and have shot with him at different matches, over the years, interesting guy. That is why i got it the first place And I am sure he is not building them any more. The impulse / cadence is very cool on it almost 0 recoil. but I just never shoot it . Maybe if i hold on to it it will go up in price. I actually considered doing an SBR out of it, that would make a real compact package . but i could not do that in my stupid state .
  8. regrettably I am about to send my Steiner back to the manufacturer the brightness does not change between settings . they told me to try a new battery but that did not help. Got a scope mount for burris will test drive it hopefully this weekend . before I send Steiner i will check them side by side
  9. How would you compare the glass between them 2 scopes?
  10. I got 1 used. Hard to find but its worth looking for it. I like my enough that I am planning to get enother one. For a different upper
  11. I switched to 200 about 7 years ago after taking my first class with Mike Pannone . Less holdovers i shoot center mass from 25 to 200 deviation is no more than 3in. than hold chin for center mass hit at 300. Good luck and have fun.
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