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  1. Dremel tool will fix anything.
  2. I guess the answer is NO HAHA the S&W website is not much help either
  3. Good day. I decided to get a shield+ as my primary carry. Been looking at Performance center models. But it seems it's either optic ready or ported. Is there a model that has both?
  4. 1911vm

    Shadow 2 Compact

    Does a shadow 2 safety fit the compact?
  5. 1911vm

    Shadow 2 Compact

    I have to ask. When you say snappy what do you mean? It's a 30oz gun. Compare to a shadow 2?
  6. but I am sure that's why it shoots flat
  7. add 41oz and a sling and that is my 16in AR
  8. 1911vm

    Shadow 2 Compact

    I honestly have never shot S2 . how much bigger is the grip on S2 vs S1
  9. 1911vm

    Shadow 2 Compact

    this is great stuff . Please update after the siblings go to the range together.
  10. 1911vm

    Shadow 2 Compact

    very interesting web site. making me even more confused which one I want.
  11. nope not surprised. actually strongly considering the new S2 compact for now. waiting for some reviews
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