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  1. If it runs I doubt any one will be switching to 2011s . there will be mods and after market stuff for this also.
  2. 1911vm

    sp01 shadow grips ?

    I thought I mentioned this before. But I really like the thin CZC aluminum grips. I love how they feel. But it seems that I shoot better with the factory one's. That's why I started this search.
  3. 1911vm

    sp01 shadow grips ?

    Do you have a link by any chance
  4. 1911vm

    sp01 shadow grips ?

    So decided to order them. 21$ shipping. And PayPal seems the primary way of paying. I do not have PayPal. They say you can use CC but do not tell you how. And are they honestly worth $105
  5. 1911vm

    P 10 F Finding

    stopped by a store today. the black no gorilla grip mag drops free. But they also had a CGW P09 and now i am not sure which one i am going with .
  6. 1911vm

    P 10 F Finding

    Did not know they were being made in different places
  7. 1911vm

    P 10 F Finding

    Not sure on the gorilla lol but have been swinging a hammer for over 30 years. This also was the only gun they had in the store. So I could not compare. The other store only had FDE. It definitely not my palm below the grip. Possibly the mag release not sure. But it did not happen with FDE. I think I am going to make another run at it. I might as well get one as I am going to need mags for the DWX any way.
  8. 1911vm

    P 10 F Finding

    I guess it was just me. will need to go back and try again.
  9. 1911vm

    CZ Shadow 2

    absolutely correct . and at major matches i have seen many DQs specifically for that.
  10. 1911vm

    P 10 F Finding

    considered getting a P10f. went to the first store they head a black one . tried it felt great. tried to drop the mag and it would not fall free. gun store employee tried no problem. i grabbed the gun and the same thing did not fall free. i have big hands and can reach mag button without changing my shooting grip much at all . so i tried again and loosened my grip and the mag drooped no problem. So my grip on the gun was squeezing the frame enough that would not let the mag drop free. second store had a FDE model . i tried to do the same and nothing worked (dropped ) perfectly. i took the mag out and tried to squeeze the frame and it was definitely stiffer. am I the only one ?
  11. I am sure there is. We just don't know when. I am just pretending I don't want one for now.
  12. 1911vm

    sp01 shadow grips ?

    Big long finger. Glove XL should be good than. Thanks
  13. 1911vm

    sp01 shadow grips ?

    Now i am confused which one Lok Palm Swell and Armanov SpidErgo. It looks like LOK has a bit bigger Palm swell . does any one have both? i searched for a compare between the two. and found nothing. almost considering just staying with the factory ones LOL they just look like s$%t LOL
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