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  1. Duct tape. Pink of course. I put a slug in to the chamber than looked down the barrel just to make sure scope was straight
  2. but I decided to go with one of these for the long slug shots instead of a red dot https://www.amazon.com/Schmidt-Bender-5-25x56-Marksman-Riflescope/dp/B004VHUH9M/?tag=opticsadd-20
  3. WOW I have been waiting for a response. I can finally go and get one. Thank you very much . This was like waiting for the new DWX to come out .
  4. Sure give them another excuse besides covid-19. LOLOLOL
  5. My problem is I just checked depending when it comes out I will be in a senior division next year. Crap
  6. What age is censor division starts
  7. New division. PDWX . Post dwx. First match June 1st 2025
  8. What did you say? Hahaha
  9. you are probably correct. i just finally switching to 1-4 and 1-6 on my rifles . just not there with handguns for now
  10. More optic guys because we are all getting old and can't se iron sights. Hahahahahaha
  11. 1911vm

    CTS stupid question

    Thank you for the info
  12. Ran the match this morning 2gun. very few people showed up. (Ammo shortage I guess) but the format worked perfect. Thanks Going to do that with 3 guns next month .
  13. 1911vm

    CTS stupid question

    what does CTS stands for on cz 75 cts sao
  14. Sure if you are looking through today's lense maybe. But by March 22 there should have been samples out there and I am not talking about the few unicorns and only 1 person in this thread that shot it on a stage were you can even see the gun. All jokes aside. If covid-19 never happened I doubt we would see it now. Or even this year. Even though they said first quarter date. Which is Jan 1 to Mar 31
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