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  1. Let me try again. Yes FFL . I did not say he shot it. What he said that was, that people that shoot and like shadow 2 will love this gun. For the ones that do not, like the feel of the compact better.
  2. So from the people that put the hand on it. This last weekend. If you like shadow 2. It's the gun you have to have. The compact. This person liked it better as its p01 frame. He got 60 total coming for the end of the month. Including a shadow 2 SAO.
  3. I get that love my SP01 shadow SAO from CZC
  4. I was told that The dealer expo in Connecticut is going to have a few.
  5. OK its 2020 . where is it
  6. Did some looking and could not find any. Is anyone building 3gun ready nova's. What kind of work is done to one. Pictures would be great. Thanks
  7. thank you very much . I wounder if anyone out there is actually making and selling that all done.
  8. Matt when you say Mod action bars What exactly do you mean. Thanks
  9. Cz sp01 or 2 are For production
  10. definitely not production ready its single action
  11. 1911vm

    sp01 shadow grips ?

    Well got a set of armanov black for my son for his B - day. For his shadow. The look great. Grippy is a bad description. Cant wait to try them at the range. I see a set on mine really soon.
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