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  1. Got it they don't know how to put the slide over the frame.
  2. This is strange I just watched a review of an actual CZ TS2 that goes bang bang , And if I am correct was announced after DWX or am I loosing my mind?
  3. Sorry I was talking about a functioning prototype for the online reviewers
  4. Great gun. My SAO shadow keeps DWX out of my mind also. That said I will definitely still get DWX. When it comes out in 2023. Maybe
  5. Never had to deal with CZ directly or even there dealers . I always used CZC for everything . do not know if they have LE/Mil but there service department is great. I would reach out them.
  6. they have nothing to say. as they don't have anything LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
  7. 1911vm

    M18 Question

    Ok so I finally had a really good excuse to get a new toy and you are messing with it. LOLOLOL but. I do hear you
  8. 1911vm

    M18 Question

    Good day. Mu son is going to boot camp in a few months. I wanted him to spend some time behind m18 before he goes. M18s are hard to find at a normal price. Is it possible to put a safety on X carry to make it more similar M18? Yes I am sig ignorant. Thanks
  9. So does that mean they have 1911 parts now?????
  10. Its ALL COVID-19. All they had to do is wear double no triple mask and you would have had a DWX by now.
  11. Definitely excited to get a first available. Used one.
  12. If there were samples in reviewers hands. When cz rolled out p10c before they hit the market they had samples all over the place. Not having a functning sample at the shot show. Saw one video of someone running with a gun from the back. Covid-19 or not. New York shutdown or not. Never a 2020 gun.
  13. I have been a 1911 guy for ever. Than 5 years ago wanted to shoot production and picked up a sp01 love the ergonomics. So for me DWX is combination of two things that I really like. As far as 2011 great guns just to expensive for me. My friends have invested more in there 2011 mags than the price of DWX with mags. But if I never get DWX I am totally happy with my SA sp01 shadow.
  14. Its on the horn of unicorn. They can't catch him.
  15. Might as well plan on getting an IR and a helmet. You have plenty of time . And besides 18 mags is about $240 in ammo
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