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  1. Sure if you are looking through today's lense maybe. But by March 22 there should have been samples out there and I am not talking about the few unicorns and only 1 person in this thread that shot it on a stage were you can even see the gun. All jokes aside. If covid-19 never happened I doubt we would see it now. Or even this year. Even though they said first quarter date. Which is Jan 1 to Mar 31
  2. Does this make sense? Or am I loosing my mind?
  3. actually i may not sure i need a timer . luck of the draw. both shoot both sides .winner group A loser group B. than the same shoot of inside each groups. than winner of each group have a shoot of. that way every body gets 4 runs
  4. The BS part is them using Covid as an excuse. state shutdown started March 22 not January 1st . Covid as an excuse, gun was not ready period.
  5. the guys from old Bridge used to invite me to go down all the time. I am NOT going to NJ with my standard capacity magazines NO WAY. I hate driving through it. I will piss my pants before stopping.
  6. So what i am doing is a 3 gun man on man format. So basically falling plate format with more guns. Lol with pepper poppers on an angel as stop plate. Who's ever poper is on the bottom wins.
  7. I just want to use the format of falling plates . targets are not a problem
  8. I have been shooting for years. IDPA 3GUN etc.. its hard to believe but I have never shot a falling plate match and never even watched one. I want to do a 3gun version at my club. But have no idea how that works. How to make sure that everybody gets a few runs. And its fair for everybody with different skill levels. Tried to do some search on line. And did not find anything. Any information would be great. Thank you.
  9. I wish I would have thought of this in the beginning of the year and started taking pictures of my self everyday waiting for the release of DWX. Than creat a slide show. It would have been hilarious as a now have a full Corona beard.
  10. I have been saying this will be my Christmas present. I guess I should have been specified which year. Lmao
  11. a friend of mine who is a descent size FFL spoke to his CZ rep yesterday was told not to expect anything to next year .
  12. on the original XD 9mm are the frames interchangeable between 4in and 5 in thanks
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