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  1. J-Ho


    Divorce, move, new wife, new baby. Been a little busy. And broke.
  2. J-Ho


    This place looks familiar. Almost like I've been here before....
  3. Class act. A true gentleman and probably one of the best representatives of our sport. I've had the pleasure of being squadded right next, squad in front of and behind, him several times. So I had a chance to see him shoot and walk stages with him. Definitely a cool thing for this mediocre shooter.
  4. Anybody have both? Which one is thinner? Is there anything you like more about one vs the other?
  5. I just got one and just out of the box, I like it. Could be better but so far so good.
  6. EAA only imports large frame. I know of a very small handfull of small frame Stock 3s that are running around the US.
  7. Just picked up mine yesterday! How many years have I been waiting?
  8. Alright. After sitting out a couple years for marriage and new baby, I'm starting to shoot again. And to top it off I found a Stock 3. I've been looking for one of these since before EAA started importing them. It should be here any day. Sounds like the internals are a little different than other models. Can someone school me on this new gun? How does it differ?
  9. The older ones without rail are significantly lighter.
  10. I love my henning trigger. I've got smallish hands so the short trigger makes the biggest difference to me. I've gotten to really like the flat trigger.
  11. A very good friend of mine in Philly has a high school aged son who is getting very interested in learning to shoot. She is as well. She has no knowledge at all an is wondering where to start. I'm half way across the country so I can't help too much. Anybody have any recommendations for an instructor in or around Philly? They are in South Philly. Thanks
  12. I've run a Jard for about 25-30k rounds. No problems other than the ammo bill.
  13. Or, we could take the losers out behind the shed and execute them...along with their lawyers...that would be a deterrent. .. That would be a horrible idea. Executing lawyers, if you think there is an ammo shortage now........
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