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  1. Tune the springs and the firing pin stop with your load and the rest is up to you. Muzzle flip is controlled by grip and upper body strength.
  2. Maybe for a revolver with the cannelure? All the HAP bullets that I have ordered thru the years are .3555 with no cannelure. Those bullets don't show up on the Hornady web site.
  3. Did you fit the grip and extractor?
  4. I have tried every combination known to man and have settled on what works for me but I have found the thing that matters the most is the grip, nothing is more important than that. Just watch Jerry shoot a stock 1911.
  5. Tumble with Frankford Arsenal Brass Cleaning Solution no pins and dry with Frankford Arsenal Dryer. Done deal perfectly clean.
  6. I think the Sprincos are the most accurate but I question the larger diameter coils. Wolff recoil springs seem to have the best diameter.
  7. If you are not totally familiar with the fire control in a 2011 there are quite a few things that can cause hammer follow in a plastic grip. You are in Pa. ask Geo. Smith who he would recommend to check your trigger. The half cock will work only with the correct take up.
  8. 17# ISMI CCi primers 16oz. trigger never a problem.
  9. Fit the stop snug to keep the extractor from clocking unless you are fitting an Aftec.
  10. Has anyone tried wiping parts with a clothes dryer sheet?
  11. Sprinco springs are tested on an 18,000 machine according to Alan and are very accurate. I compress them in an SDM spring testing tool using my reverse plug and they are spot on.
  12. Winchester did produce premium components years ago but since I had breech face damage from Winchester SRP I will never use them again. Never had a problem with CCI.
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