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  1. Acai and Limcat use Tungsten sleeved barrels for a reason.
  2. A properly fit cone or bull will lock up tight if done correctly. Which one is your preference.
  3. This was my erosion after only a few rounds.
  4. Winchester was very good about me returning 19,000 primers and they provided return shipping and reimbursed me the cost of the primers. I would not trust using Winchester again as open gun slides are very expensive.
  5. I have since switched to CCI primers.
  6. You should find what is causing the problem before you repair the slide. In my case it was a bad batch of Winchester small rifle primers. I had erosion around the firing pin hole. Clark saved my open gun slide.
  7. Looks like primers leaking . What do your fired cases look like. Clark does breech face repair.
  8. Never had to case gauge using an EGW U die and a Star Press and never had a round fail to feed in 200,000 rounds.
  9. The binding is taking place at the top of the Racemaster where it rides in the curvature of the frame. The STI frame has some gap in that area but the PT does not. I relieved the top of the holster and it totally cured the binding.
  10. I relegated mine to a book end. My Pal Filler never fails and loads 100 primers in 10 seconds after I pull the trigger.
  11. A broken thumb safety and sight reliability?
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