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  1. Hafner Bags are well made and come in all sizes.
  2. I"m glad that I bought two Pal Fillers when they were available.
  3. I guess the Pal Filler is still the ticket fills a tube in 12 seconds. Never had one upside down primer or a jamb with it in 20,000 cycles.
  4. 50,000 Rnds on a Dawson open gun same Aftec springs never a failure to eject never hit the bottom of the slide ride.
  5. Do what CHA=LEE posted.
  6. If his gun is stroked it requires the spring to be cut. Only Dawsons stroked guns used uncut springs. Not going into battery hand cycling the first round is another issue.
  7. Al Zitta is a very innovative guy and will produce very good barrels.
  8. If I didn't have two Pal fillers I'd jump on that.
  9. The half cock has to work to have a safe gun. Getting it to work correctly requires some knowledge of the 1911.
  10. As Eric stated your extractor needs work.
  11. DAA Brass marker works as advertised another great product by Saul. I bought the Edding 3000 pen as they are heavier.
  12. Howard Leight ear plugs Fus30-HP MSA Sordin Supreme Pro-X put my Platinums on the shelf.
  13. Most are running 9 and reliably thanks to the RTS2.
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