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  1. Power fixture Extreme sear and disconnect Koenig hammer and Colt sear spring with Wolff 15# main spring Sti Ti strut EGW Ti main cap. Massage these parts for a great trigger.
  2. I run the FA with FA case cleaner and no pins. I"m happy with the results.
  3. Looks like for you the steel grip has more bounce going into battery.
  4. USMC you are wrong he got there with his God given talent and a little practice. He also does not need a one pound trigger given his revolver titles. His guns are no different than any others except he can shoot them really well.
  5. A lot of info here. Also tight slide to frame fit is a factor also.
  6. Rigger JJ is right again no marks on the bullet from taper crimping. Your loaded round should have a bottle neck appearance using a u-die.
  7. RiggerJJ has provided you with all the information you will need to solve your problem.
  8. Have most of the bags mentioned but love my Hafner Supreme bag pricey but just the right size.
  9. Most people switch because of ejection issues.
  10. Sarge got it right. Works great and cheap on . amazon
  11. The only drop in parts are the ones that are fit to that particular frame.
  12. Got to work an Eddie Garcia Open gun this weekend 9mm with Ion Bond finish smooth as silk tight as a vault beautiful in every detail. Hard to give it back.
  13. Glad I have two Pal Fillers they work 100 percent of the time and fill a tube in 10 seconds. My RF-100 is a book end. Mr Bullet Feeder is hard to live without.
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