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  1. It's sad that Dillon and Mark 7 did not copy Star Machine Works Primer system. I have loaded over 300,000 rounds on the Star and never had one problem with primer seating of any kind.
  2. Advantage to using 121 Montana Gold is no more media in the hollow point. They are also very accurate.
  3. Easier to to put together stock pistols than race guns and have to deal with competitors problems.
  4. The pros have done all of the research Cha- Lee has the answers.
  5. With a 17# ismi main spring,Ti strut and cap Extreme sear and disconnect with Koenig hammer 8-10oz. reset you can get a very crisp 16oz. trigger.
  6. Colt firing pin spring is lighter than a Wolff.
  7. Sorry Jim I don't have that info. You can contact Winchester and see if they will give you info on your lot number.
  8. The STI Ti strut has the correct geometry have 70,000 rounds on my open gun with no failures and no wear have them in all of my race guns along with EGW Ti main spring cap and 17# ISMI main springs.
  9. Sad looking breech face maybe you did not find the suspect cases as those look good other than the blackened part of the case, mystery.
  10. A lot of analysis of the barrel but none of the reloads.
  11. Of the three I would go with Limcat as he has built so many open guns and his warranty is great. But for my money EMG and Matt McLearn are peerless.
  12. How about a thorough inspection of the reloads.
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