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  1. I have one built by cheely. The gun balances very nicely. It is a bit heavier out front compared to my other limited gun but I've found it does shoot flatter and the sights return faster for me. An increase in transition splits from target to target was a concern prior to me buying it but I haven't seen any difference on the timer
  2. I've been happy with the cheely e2 grip with the standard grip texture. I never saw a need for anything with more texture.
  3. Less baer is what I would choose
  4. I just switched to the alpha x holster from the safariland 014 (didn't work with the xwf). I had the same experience as you with the svi insert with my e2 grip. It fits great and is smooth on the draw.
  5. Makes sense, thanks for the details. I picked up a new cheely on his xwf frame and like it a lot. I was thinking about playing with the springs but probably don't need to as I shot more alphas in my last match than usual. I was deciding between a nemesis and the cheely and ended up going with the cheely. I'm happy with my decision but still curious to see how the nemesis shoots compared to my new one.
  6. Would playing with the recoil spring weight help with the muzzle dip on the nemesis?
  7. I saw something about this... https://gugaribas.com.br/en/produto/neo-gr-universal-closed-holster/
  8. My reason for suggesting the signature grip is that atlas makes a helios model with the cheely e2 grip that also has a non functioning grip safety and ithey claim it is legal for IDPA. If the signature grip is the same (similar profile) then it may be legal for IDPA use as well
  9. Don't the "signature" grips come with a non functioning grip safety?
  10. Every 1911 I've ever owned has been assembled the opposite way...
  11. 4.0grn-4.2grn should get you there. Start low and work up
  12. I had good luck with the tripp mags out of my sti sentry. That particular gun did not like Wilson mags
  13. You have 60 days to dispute transactions on your credit card.
  14. That is yours? That looks awesome! I'm waiting for my limited gun to be delivered. It's almost ready...
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