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  1. Mike21STI

    200G Zero Bullets

    I am working on the same load development. I had 200gr bayous that made 169pf with 4 grains so i was planning on starting at 4.2 and going up in .1 increments from there. (Assuming you are loading long)
  2. Mike21STI

    ck arms metal grip

    Mine came with stainless screws and bushings same as a plastic grip would...
  3. Mike21STI

    Bullet weight for sti

    I started with 200 grs, just switched to 180's under a timer you won't be able to feel the difference. Other than having to use less powder to make power factor it doesn't make much difference
  4. Mike21STI

    Kimber Stainless II grip problems?

    Unless you are going to shoot IDPA with it, you can pin it as others have suggested
  5. Mike21STI

    KC's Holster

    looks like the cr speed holster
  6. Mike21STI

    Ejector pin

    Lol... this^^^^^^^
  7. Mike21STI

    Ejector pin

    Thanks, i didn't think it was a big issue since it can't fall off while its assembled. I might try to find a roll pin or an oversized pin though
  8. Mike21STI

    Ejector pin

    Has anyone had issues with an ejector pin that doesn't stay in securely? When i am breaking the gun dow to clean it, it slides out with no resistance at all
  9. Mike21STI

    Safariland 014

    It comes with the regular 1.5 inch belt attachment. Its a great holster. I love mine
  10. I found the gugas ribas can get hung up if you don't get a perfect draw straight up and down. The daa i tried didn't have that issue, but my favorite holster is the safariland 014.
  11. Mike21STI

    200 grain 40 Major loads

    200gr bayous under 4gr of ramshot competitionis very soft and makes 170pf out of my kkm barrel. Oal is 1.19
  12. Mike21STI

    Atlas Gun Works Titan

    Try ramshot competition, I use it in .40 with 4gr under a 200gr bayou bullet at 1.18. Made a consistent 169pf at area 7 (only bc the bullet weight read 197gr instead of 200)
  13. Mike21STI

    Metal Grip Question

    I have a CK metal grip in 4140 steel. I had it black nitrided to avoid any issues with possible rust. I have felt the PT evo grip and if it was around when I got mine I would have gone with that. I haven't had the opportunity to handle the svi grip but the 187 texture is appealing to me...
  14. Mike21STI

    DAA Racer mag pouches

    I just recently got a set of Racer mag pouches for my 2011 mags. It says they are setup for 2011 mags from the instructions but they seem a bit tight (i have adjusted the all the way to the back of the pouch). Has anyone used a different combination of spacers to get them to loosen up? Any help would be appreciated
  15. Mike21STI

    Bayou Bullets Discount?

    They have free shipping this weekend on cases. SHIPS4FREE is the code