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  1. Mike21STI

    WSF in a 40

    It works. I was making major loading out to 1.18 with 4.5gr under 200gr bayous. I think wsf had some load data in the lyman manual if i remember correctly
  2. Mike21STI

    Atlas Trigger

    Both of my cheely grips (legacy and e2) had to be modified to fit the sv trigger. I think they are cut for STI triggers
  3. Mike21STI

    Which mags? (1911)

    As others have said for 9 and .40 i would go with Tripp. For .45 wilson have worked great for me. I prefer the 47d over the etm though.
  4. Mike21STI

    Best holster for Evo grip

    I just posted in another section but i have the e2 grip and it works great with the safariland 014 competition holster
  5. Mike21STI

    what holster for ck arms metal grip

    I have the safariland 014 and am very happy with it.
  6. Mike21STI

    DAA Racer problem

    I had this issue initially when i bought them as well. I just left the mags in them for a week when not in use and that helped them set.
  7. Mike21STI

    Cheely or Atlas

    That is an interesting development. Thanks for passing that along.
  8. Mike21STI

    40 caliber load for 200 grain plated bullet

    You can use a powder like winchester wsf. I used it for limited and was well within the "safe" range.
  9. Mike21STI

    Cheely or Atlas

    Thank you, i've only held the nemesis haven't shot it. It felt nice but i don't think it is technically legal on the crappy state of CT since the barrel is "threaded"
  10. Mike21STI

    Cheely or Atlas

    Thank you, I was curious how pvd held up. I ended up doing black nitride on my old steel grip and that held up great.
  11. Mike21STI

    Cheely or Atlas

    That looks awesome. I wonder how long that holds up before it starts to wear?
  12. Mike21STI

    Cheely or Atlas

    I have one of the e2 grips and like it a lot. I was interested in the heavy frame. My current limited gun is a short dust cover with a bushing barrel. I bought it for both games originally, now i want a true limited gun. I was thinking the xwframe would probably make the gun shoot really flat
  13. Mike21STI

    Cheely or Atlas

    I have a limited gun that i'm looking to make a backup with either a Cheely or Atlas as the new workhorse. I like the new xwframe that cheely just came out with but have my eye on the Atlas titan too... interested in hearing everyones opinions between those 2.
  14. Mike21STI

    200G Zero Bullets

    I am working on the same load development. I had 200gr bayous that made 169pf with 4 grains so i was planning on starting at 4.2 and going up in .1 increments from there. (Assuming you are loading long)
  15. Mike21STI

    ck arms metal grip

    Mine came with stainless screws and bushings same as a plastic grip would...