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  1. I was turned away from a builder because he was backed up more than he could handle. I appreciated that he was up front and honest about it and even went out of his way to recommend someone else.
  2. 40% off? Share the wealth. Haha. I would take a look at the radar. I tried them on and liked them. Get the prizm lenses they definitely help with contrast
  3. No safariland 014 love in this thread? I have one and like it a lot. I came from a gugas ribas universal amd prior to that an old style gugas ribas that was similar to the daa racemaster.
  4. Thank you, I might be relocating so I was wondering how much better off I would be in the area. Definitely more options than I have now!
  5. I like the cheely e2 a lot.
  6. I have the safariland 014 as well and am very happy with it.
  7. Are you putting it through the link? The shaft has to pass through the link. Take a small screwdriver or allen key to get the link hole squared with the hole in the frame.
  8. Its probably the cr speed knockoffs if it came from ebay
  9. Nice! I'm looking at getting a new limited gun and its between an atlas, a cheely or a spencer race guns. I've heard great things about all 3
  10. I ended up a bit higher with 320 than i anticipated. I expected to be around 5-5.2gr for a 180 pd but ended up at 5.4gr. How is the new limited gun?
  11. It works. I was making major loading out to 1.18 with 4.5gr under 200gr bayous. I think wsf had some load data in the lyman manual if i remember correctly
  12. Both of my cheely grips (legacy and e2) had to be modified to fit the sv trigger. I think they are cut for STI triggers
  13. As others have said for 9 and .40 i would go with Tripp. For .45 wilson have worked great for me. I prefer the 47d over the etm though.
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