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  1. My reason for suggesting the signature grip is that atlas makes a helios model with the cheely e2 grip that also has a non functioning grip safety and ithey claim it is legal for IDPA. If the signature grip is the same (similar profile) then it may be legal for IDPA use as well
  2. Don't the "signature" grips come with a non functioning grip safety?
  3. Every 1911 I've ever owned has been assembled the opposite way...
  4. 4.0grn-4.2grn should get you there. Start low and work up
  5. I had good luck with the tripp mags out of my sti sentry. That particular gun did not like Wilson mags
  6. You have 60 days to dispute transactions on your credit card.
  7. That is yours? That looks awesome! I'm waiting for my limited gun to be delivered. It's almost ready...
  8. I have the grx it works well. Spend the extra money on the carbide version for easier use. I don't think I would run loaded rounds through it though.
  9. Push them back against the back wall, load them to capacity and let them sit for a couple days. That should help the spring and follower set in place
  10. 5.25 gr of n320 under 180gr precision delta rnfp at 1.18oal. Made 172 of consistently out of my 5" 2011
  11. I had 2 generations (old style and universal) of the gugas Ribas holsters but ultimately switched to the safariland 014 holster. It is a smoother draw than I had with the gugas ribas holsters, the gun would sometimes stick on the draw but I haven't had that problem with the safariland.
  12. 4gr of ramshot competition under 200gr bayou at 1.18 oal
  13. I was in your shoes 2.5 months ago. I decided on cheely and am anxiously waiting delivery in a couple weeks!
  14. I was turned away from a builder because he was backed up more than he could handle. I appreciated that he was up front and honest about it and even went out of his way to recommend someone else.
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