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  1. With the CZs shorter leade, I had to reduce the OAL slightly for my 9mm reloads to chamber in my Shadow 2. I had the same situation with my .45acp reloads when I got my 97B. I use a chamber gauge but when working up a round, I make sure it will plunk in the S2 or 97B. If it does, the round will work in any of my other pistols. Once the OAL is correct both pistols will run like a raped ape.
  2. No, I'm seating and crimping with separate dies.
  3. I'm having this same issue on a Dillon 550C and Dillon dies. I've just started loading 9mm 120gr truncated cone bullets from Bayou Bullets. I cannot seem to consistently seat a bullet without scraping off a little of the coating. I've been adjusting the flare but cannot seem to find the sweet spot. Pretty frustrating. I do wet tumble and use Armoral Wash and Wax. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Welcome! I'm from your area myself - see the username.
  5. Baldwin

    First CZ

    I would most likely shoot USPSA.
  6. Probably a nice gun, but for slightly more than $2500 you can probably get an Alchemy Prime or maybe even a Les Baer.
  7. Baldwin

    First CZ

    I'm ready to purchase my first CZ. It will be a range gun. I hope to do some competitive shooting down the road. I had about decided to get a cajunized SP 01 from CGW. Now I'm thinking I ought to go ahead and get a Shadow 2. Would that be the right move?
  8. Baldwin

    CZ Trigger

    Thanks guys.
  9. Baldwin

    CZ Trigger

    Great info! This is what I was looking for. Many thanks.
  10. Baldwin

    CZ Trigger

    I live in a rural area and the few gun stores in my area do not carry CZs and none of the guys I shoot with have a CZ. I'm wanting to get a SP 01 Tactical or maybe even a Shadow 2. I have no qualms with buying a gun online sight unseen but I'm curious about what to expect with the trigger on a CZ. I have a Glock, two P series Sigs and a Dan Wesson 1911. I was wondering if anyone could tell me how the trigger on a SP 01 Tactical, out of the box, would compare to the trigger on say a P226? I was thinking specifically about the crispness and the reach. I have smallish hands and have install
  11. I did retire the end of the year. I'm able to shoot in the backyard but I've also joined a local range. I'm shooting about 200 to 300 rounds 4 or 5 times a week. I've been doing a lot of training using drills of seen on this forum and other internet sources. I don't know how good I can get, but I'm having a lot of fun. I really appreciate everyone's input and encouragement. One thing I've learned about handguns and reloading is that both activities draw good people who are very helpful. P. S. While taking up this new activity has made my age painfully obvious, my 41 year old wife is
  12. I'm a Dillon newbie who recently made the move from a Redding T7 press to a Dillon RL 550C. So far, I've probably loaded about 1500 rounds on the 550 and I really like it. The powder measure is working well and throws very consistent charge weights but seems to make a lot of noise. The movement of the fail safe linkage and the powder bar is not smooth. I have double checked the installation and how the fail safe rod is adjusted and don't see anything wrong. This may be normal. I used a Hornady LNL measure on the T7 and it operated smoother, but was a totally different design. Any commen
  13. I really appreciate all of the responses. You guys have made me feel better. As I mentioned, I have a competitive nature but for me, shooting competitively is not going to be about being the best. I just need to know that if I set realistic goals that I can improve, get better. I'm ok with not being very good if I'm getting better.
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