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  1. I hope that's not the case in your state. It's definitely not the case here. I've personally been involved in four shootings thus far with a couple different guns that were all modified with trigger kits, RMR's, stippling, mag wells, etc. I've also been to scenes of defensive shooting where the person used a full agency arms glock. Not once did the modifications come up during any investigation or law suit thereafter. You should be able to explain how the modifications help you and make the lawyer asking about it look like a total moron. Most know nothing about guns and won't ask questions about something they don't already know the answer. If you modify a gun and the modification make it less safe and the shooting is a result of a negligent/accidental discharge (mechanical or not) you may have an issue. Short of that, I haven't seen modifications ever brought up in court even in my liberal hell hole of a state. I'd advise to not have "you're f'd" and the like written on your gun of course, that's just dumb. I'm not a lawyer, this is strictly my experience and opinions.
  2. Just the trigger reduces it some. You want the full kit if you're looking for the lightest (3 lbs. plus or minus a little).
  3. 3.0 titegroup with blue 147rn 1.140” Calvo
  4. No sure about limited, but the 21 round magazine with grams guts and TTI basepad or 17 round magazine with springer basepad and grams guts are the most common for 9mm. Both get 23 easily. I’d look at those components in .40 (If they make them) to begin with.
  5. I would have the same problem if I put more than about 100 bullets in. A bullet would get stuck behind the "pawl thing" chevrofreak mentioned. I added this to my feeder and the problem ceased completely even if I put a decent amount of bullets in it. https://rangepanda.com/collections/misc-products/products/mr-bullet-feeder-guide
  6. The suppressor will most likely create a lot more back pressure in the system so you can turn the gas down at the gas block. This is the typical result at least.
  7. hitman_usmc

    What happened?

    Yikes, glad there were no injuries. I'm not sure what I'm doing differently but I have a pair of X5's I shoot approximately 800 rounds a week with along with an XFull that I carry on duty and shoot factory ammo and an X-Compact I carry off duty which also gets factory ammo. Out of all these guns with reloads (blue bullets and titegroup) and factory ammo, I've never seen a single case with any noticeable bulge, let alone one explode. I hope I continue to be lucky, this all looks pretty bad.
  8. Just got mine this evening. I only had a few minutes to test it. I tried winchesters first and they didn't work at all. Barely got to the ramp and when they did, they got stuck in the hole that's supposed to feed into the tube. Winchesters gives my rf100 some issues as well, but not as bad as the DAA. I recently switched to CCI which run almost perfectly (feed great but have a rare upside down one) in the rf100. I tried CCI's in the DAA and they seem to work perfectly. I only loaded 100 a few times but they all fed pretty quickly and didn't have any upside down. I didn't lube anything yet either. I hope it continues to work like this. I won't be letting go of the rf100 just yet.
  9. hitman_usmc

    P320 X5 Thread

    I don't think it is.
  10. That piece solved my issues. I would get bullets that would come out of the plate and lay sideways near the little spring loaded arm. Bullets would bounce off the loose bullet and wind up upside down fairly often. I haven't had it happen a single time in about 5k rounds since I put that on.
  11. Grams spring/follower kit will allow 23 without any issues. My 21 round with taran +2's and 17 round with springer base pads all old 23 with the grams kit.
  12. I’m not sure, I’ve never used the Sordins.
  13. Does this case feeder mount to a 1050 using the same pole as the dillon or does it require it's own mounting solution?
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