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  1. Sounds like I should get some a try it out then. Thanks.
  2. Does major pistol fill the case so much it would fly everywhere with an automated press (9major 124 bullet)?
  3. Did anyone have ejections issues or does the sight not interfere with the ejection port?
  4. Like what? I have two atlas open guns along with their magazines and several accessories. I haven't had an issue with anything and they were easy to talk to the couple of times I've had questions. No trying to argue with you, just wondering what has happened?
  5. You’re most likely looking at carry optics division. Most common guns are Sig X5, Glocks (milled or MOS), M&P, CZ’s, Walther Q5 match, or any other da/SA or striker gun with a dovetail mount if you really want to go that route.
  6. hitman_usmc

    9mm Brass

    I’ll take 5,000 as well please. Thanks, Brett
  7. Rep at shotshow told me it may be announced this summer.
  8. A rep at shotshow told me it was a Romeo3 Max and that it will be released this year. That’s all he would say about it.
  9. I went to their booth twice and never saw one, so I think it was just a rumor.
  10. Per S&W LE reps at shot, the 2.0 core will be released in 60 days. This is for 4.25” only. No time line on 5,” but they do expect it to follow.
  11. Just spoke todillin reps at shotshoe. They linkage is different and the base of the machine is larger/thicker for more strength. He said the machine runs a little more smoothly. The spring retention at the primer station is compatible with current 1050’s if you want it. There is also a set screw to limit the distance the primer slide moves (which original 1050s had). That’s all the new features the rep mentioned.
  12. And they removed the damn ridged from the top/back of the frame that digs into my thumb when I grip the X5. Hopefully the new slide cut and lack of ridges makes its way to the X5 at some point.
  13. Just sell it and get something else. Seems pretty simple. What's the problem with the rear sight anyway?
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