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  1. Exact same situation and goals for me.
  2. 12.5 for my 147 load and 14 for my 124 load (haven't tried a 13 yet, but not sure I'm going to bother since these work fine).
  3. Continue to work on stage planning/programming. You should be able to mentally run the the stage without looking at it before it’s your turn.
  4. I felt it shot better than any of the rifles in had in the Marines. Based on my experience, I wouldn't hesitate to use BCM for anything other than a dedicated precision rifle.
  5. They were entry guns so I never shot it for groups like a precision rifle. But I never struggled to keep everything inside the upper body box on the SEB target at 100 yards. https://shop.actiontarget.com/content/seb-swat-seb-training-target-q-scoring.asp
  6. I've used a couple different BCM 11.5" ELW uppers for duty over about 7 years. We used 64gr Ranger. Never had any problems. Would still be using them but was forced to switch over to our team guns.
  7. hitman_usmc

    Romeo 1 Pro

    EuroOptics has always been awesome. I've purchased several high end scopes for precision rifles from them and there has never been an issue.
  8. hitman_usmc

    Romeo 1 Pro

    I use Euro Optics all the time, must have missed it. Thanks!
  9. hitman_usmc

    Romeo 1 Pro

    Where are you guys finding these? The online retailers I normally use don't even list them.
  10. I've used numerous types of body armor between the military and current police swat team. My favorites so far are First Spear products or Velocity Systems/Mayflower. Not to say there aren't other good ones. For plates, level 3 ceramic with a special threat rating for M855 is the standard on my team. Level 4 has more protection of course, but the added bulk and weight (and cost) wasn't worth it. Stay away from steel unless you just want to play around on the range for a short time. Mags, medical, comms, any other tools you absolutely need is what you should focus on. If you add everything you might ever need you'll get way too heavy. Ounces equal pounds, pounds equals pain.
  11. hitman_usmc

    P320 RX

    Yes, that is fine.
  12. Duty P320 X-Pro (like an X5), compete with an X-5, off duty X-compact or P365 if I have to go small. All have dots except the P365.
  13. Wouldn't this be a "slide racker" and not legal for CO in USPSA?
  14. The Dr. can add more than I can I'm sure, but this is old training. It's the same thing they told me in my early days in the Marines. However, it's now the opposite. My last few years in the Corps as well as my current TCCC training in SWAT pretty much dictates a severe bleed in a limb equals a tourniquet every time. Better to play it safe. A tourniquet does not mean you're going to get the limb cut off. Because of this, patrol officers are commonly seen with tourniquets on their duty belts these days.
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