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  1. hitman_usmc

    SIG X Five rear sight

    Just sell it and get something else. Seems pretty simple. What's the problem with the rear sight anyway?
  2. I'm sure he will make other calibers. He just made these the other day so I'm sure others will follow.
  3. I have one of each. The Arredondo one is better. It adds stability to the seating station as well.
  4. hitman_usmc

    mark 7 autodrive pro 1050

    Put it in place of the hold down die on the swage station. Screw the die in and adjust to desired expansion.
  5. hitman_usmc

    mark 7 autodrive pro 1050

    No, a redding expander die. They are less than $20 so I think it's well worth it.
  6. hitman_usmc

    RF-100 !!

    Interesting, i'll have to check it out. I'll get you a beer if you ever come to this terrible state.
  7. hitman_usmc

    RF-100 !!

    What does the rubber band do? Mine seems to work just fine without it. I feel like I might be missing out on something now.
  8. hitman_usmc

    Limcat Razorcat VS Atlas Chaos

    Yep, new one has 2 just like the first.
  9. hitman_usmc

    Limcat Razorcat VS Atlas Chaos

    Adam said that about the Chaos? The one I have has 2 holes. My new one gets delivered tomorrow, I'm interested to see if it will have 3 instead. I'll let you know.
  10. hitman_usmc

    Limcat Razorcat VS Atlas Chaos

    I played around with a few open guns before getting a Chaos. After one range day, I posted my others for sale and bought a second Chaos. It's on the heavy side, but once I got used to that, it shoots so much smoother and flatter than anything else I've shot. I've never shot a Limcat or an Akai so those might be just as good, but if I don't win a match, it definitely won't be because I was shooting a Chaos.
  11. hitman_usmc

    Classifier vs match bump

    There is. Look at the scores and you'll see some A's and even B's above some M's and maybe even a GM or two. I suspect those are the ones that got the 1 out of 20 turned in. The ones that can do it consistently are the ones at the top of the list at the end of the match.
  12. Does anyone have contact info for sidekick mounts? I purchased one about two months ago and never received anything. Their website disappeared too. I've emailed the address that was on my order confirmation, but never got a reply. Anyone happen to know these people or have a phone number for them?
  13. hitman_usmc

    Traveling to Hawaii

    I've been tempted to try to shoot a match on Maui many times, but all these hoops have kept me away. Not sure what would hold up the NCIC check. I'm a cop and run them all day long. Every time you get stopped and the cop goes back to his car, he's running an NCIC check. The returns come back in seconds. The only thing that would make it take longer is if their computers are crappy or the NCIC happens to be down. Having to leave the gun there during a check seems weird to me.
  14. hitman_usmc

    2011 heavy magwell

    Does it fit a PT Evo without fitting?
  15. hitman_usmc

    mark 7 autodrive pro 1050

    I put an expander die in place of a hold down die. Never had an issue of any sort and it got rid of the noise from the powder/expander.