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  1. Any update on this? Any solid info about the 4.4" P DUO being legal? What about a C2 DUO?
  2. According to a recent Wilson Combat email blast, their version of the P320 is IDPA and USPSA approved for production and carry optics because they've produced over 2000. Anyone know if this is true? Does this only apply to a complete gun from them or is the grip module (that I thought was previously outlawed due to the build in magwell) now okay to use?
  3. Depends on the ammo actually. Many times it’s the opposite. That’s one of several reasons why short barrels AR’s are used 99% of the time. All of our MP-5s and other subguns spend most of their time in the racks.
  4. I've used one shot for a long time but just got a bottle of the pistol brass lube from brass juice. Seems to work pretty good so far.
  5. I believe you’re correct. Or I read the same post you did. That being said, I have a CZ custom S2 and F4E S2 that are pretty amazing.
  6. True, but with all the prior talk of open and production, I assumed this was focused on USPSA. My mistake.
  7. Got some replacement screws. Nothing further needed. Thanks again.
  8. Ha! Trigger set screw was it. Should have checked that before taking the whole thing apart. I’m an idiot. Noticed I lost my overtravel set screw. Anyone know of a place to get one? Thanks for the help!
  9. I recently switched to the shadow 2 and don’t know the internals as well as some other guns. I was at the range today when the gun suddenly developed a trigger issues. I have about 5k rounds on the gun and bought it used. It was used very little before I got it. It has the Cajun trigger kit installed. The issue is that the trigger suddenly doesn’t work in double action. Had just loaded the gun and manually decocked before holstering. Nothing felt strange. Upon drawing and attempting to shoot, the trigger moves without the hammer. I noticed that I could pull the hammer back about a millimet
  10. While I've never had a 750, I used a 650 for years before going for an automated 1050. I seem to recall a plastic color coded bushing that should be in the arm that's not dropping the case.
  11. I still shoot a ton of USPSA, but I completely agree with the rest.
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