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  1. mine was just under 4lbs. minor adjustment and now its 2lbs
  2. When I suspect it's a problem. Or Like mentioned above, couple weeks before a major !
  3. I also received mine last week . Right at 3lbs as well. I do wish it was lighter. Gonna put some ammo through it and see if it comes down any
  4. Take this advice. Talk to Johnny or Julian. They won't do you wrong.
  5. Run some drills on the timer. It's the only way to really tell
  6. Apparently I have my dates wrong !! Sorry
  7. This is what I’ve been told for the last 6 weeks.
  8. I ordered late December. And in the absolute nicest way possible, was told to just keep waiting. Someone will contact me when there’s new info.
  9. Why bring it up? If your not going to provide details.
  10. What color is yours? Would be nice if mine was in that group too, But I’ve not gotten an update since may 7.
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