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  1. I think his is the only one! Hope I'm wrong.
  2. might want to search for a Facebook or club group, might get more attention
  3. The tie down is legal. Thigh rigs generally are not.
  4. I shoot a Honcho My load is 8.2gr HS-6 124jhp precision delta 1.165oal 171pf
  5. I'm pretty sure if you don't like them for any reason he does full refunds. Even on prescription ones. Just call Brian, Super nice guy
  6. Is it legal to use a magazine to activate a stomp box or other prop? If not, please note the rule thanks in advance
  7. I've run with no problems small pistol, small rifle, and magnums. They all work fine.
  8. In my Honcho I run 8.2 gr HS-6 1.165 124 precision delta 170 pf
  9. Lab Commander https://www.amg-lab.com/
  10. We have a local who is 83. He shoots almost every Sunday. Keeps up his NROI cert too
  11. Check out the Phoenix Trinity Honcho too
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