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  1. That’s a lot of slide work. whats the final weight with a mag
  2. MA is quirky and it all depends on who you happen to run in to or need to talk to. Some follow the TSA and airline rules and others make up rules as they go... and they are usually ridiculously strict rules they make up on the fly. i would say the safest is to have someone with an LTC meet you and take possession. The standard (High) cap mags are a semi issue. Most likely, no one would even notice or care. It would only really be a problem if you are stopped and someone decides to inspect all your stuff. Chances of that happening is probably low. Are you staying in NH or MA? if NH, can you ship the mags to your hotel?
  3. I’d probably just set one up specifically for each division then. I wouldn’t want to change and zero every time
  4. What about getting another MOS upper only or mill a plain upper and use that as dedicated CO. you could swap between lowers to keep round counts similar.
  5. Option D. Get another G34 MOS and set it up for CO. Use one of the others as a backup just in case. What happened to the S2s?
  6. Put a magwell on it with the optic and shoot in open
  7. I would think for this type of holster, the likely contenders would be the czechmate and tactical sport
  8. It certainly doesn’t look good. What’s the weight?
  9. It easily takes me 30 minutes to drive less than 10 miles around here.
  10. You can get stick on reading lenses https://www.amazon.com/s?k=stick+on+reading+lenses&ref=nb_sb_noss_1
  11. I’m sure it’s not the gun, but that was incredibly flat
  12. Wow. Very impressive. Who makes your gun?
  13. I’d love a flat DA/SA trigger too
  14. Your comments for what you want to do and what you want to buy are kind of different directions.. but it seems like you want to buy what is considered the best of what is available. No fault in that... but usually the best in a specific category isn’t all that great outside of its intended use, or comes with other issues. if you want to reload or buy manufactured Major ammo from a few dealers then buy the parrot. But realize 9mm major is going to cost more than a bulk pack of WWB. Also, if you’re shooting indoors...a major open gun is LOUD. I haven’t shot a TSO yet, but everyone I know who has one loves it. My advice to you is, buy whatever you find the best deal on first. I’m sure you’ll eventually end up owning more than just one CZ.
  15. When you say “ make it like a parrot “. What do you mean? Just the colored grips and magwell? Or are you talking about thumb rest, optics mounts, single action, and barrel comp... not too mention springs, polishing, hammer/trigger parts. if it’s the first and you just want something colorful... then find a nice SP01 and get some colored aluminum grips and maybe a colored magwell. if it’s the second and you want a highly tuned competition gun, then find a parrot or Czechmate.
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