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  1. LuvDog

    CZ Shadow 2 Orange

    I thought about this too, but wouldn't it defeat the purpose of the S2O? It negates the hand fitting and the bushing.
  2. LuvDog

    CZ Shadow 2 Orange

    Well, I hope you shoot it and then get a backup S2O. And then get tired of them and sell them to me cheap like you did with your S1’s
  3. Hard to really tell, but grooves look sharp, just very dirty - especially from that one comp pic. Clean it and see how it does
  4. I haven't put an order in since last summer... they got crushed with orders and covid and their suppliers too for coatings. My last order they just switched colors and sent them to me without giving me a chance to alter my order.
  5. Look at small fishing tackle boxes... some of the plano models are still made in the USA
  6. Get an art portfolio case with a should strap
  7. LuvDog

    which cz

    I don't think any of them fit like a 1911 in the hand. That's not to say that they don't have triggers that can be as nice or nicer, but they definitely won't feel the same.
  8. I wonder what will be posted in the classifieds soon
  9. Prior to their RDS system, I believe they did a direct multi cut option. I don’t think that works with the plates
  10. You can't go wrong with CZ Custom or Cajun. They both do amazing work and will return a reliable trigger. I've read mixed reviews of the MCarbo kit, but haven't seen one in person, so it's all just internet comments. Also there is CJ Maven who does incredible work tuning these guns. I've had guns done by CJ, CZC, and CGW. All have been great and reliable.
  11. Yes it will impact resale value. How much is the question... in a gun shop it wouldn’t have been good to begin with so that’s not a real concern. On a competition forum, then you’ll need to find someone who wants to run an optic.
  12. I’ve done my long cooks in an igloo cooler. Works great
  13. any interest in selling the Shadow 2 Bull?
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