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  1. Looks great... something about the fancy upper/lower and stock make me think this would look fantastic as an SBR.
  2. Hmmm. I didn’t know this drama history... maybe I should looked for something different
  3. Its on them, but I think I would have waited until they were completely done and scored and told them to go to the safe table.
  4. I agree with the recommendations for the anschutz. For collegiate small bore it’s the way to go
  5. That depends on how much risk you want to assume and the state you are sending them too. MA - for example. If the standard cap (Hi Cap) mag predates 1994, then no problem as long as the recipient has the appropriate valid LTC. If they are not "preban", then as long as the person is a LEO, then that's fine too. You can send either to an FFL here.
  6. I have a slide with the adjustable rear sight and I sent to to CZC to get it cut for their optic plate... but once Stuart got it, he said there wasn't enough meat on the slide for how they install the plate.
  7. Do you have pictures of the cuts in your current slide? CZC needs some material on the back of the slide for their installation.
  8. Another option are Patriot Defense. I have both Hennings and Patriot Defense, and they're similar.
  9. I like the idea of thinking outside the box and/or revisiting ideas... but that rear sight mount just looks homemade/garage gunsmith to me where it attaches to the grip. I do like that grip though.
  10. The baby strollers with guns attached to them would make the snowflake/moonbats that live in my state heads explode.
  11. LuvDog

    9mm Brass

    Do you deprime before cleaning/tumbling?
  12. It’s kind of hard to say without more info or pictures. Is everything else on it the way you like? What slide work do you want done? Would your total investment be more than something comparable?
  13. Not the exact dovetail mount you posted, but I have dovetail mounts on a Gen 2 G17 and also on a CZ75. They work. Just be careful with torquing the screws, clean the threads of the mount and the screws and use the appropriate thread locker and screw length.
  14. I can’t believe how good that turned out. I may be sending mine in soon.
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