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  1. Well, I bought some generic set screws, but I had also emailed SVI asking if there were any other options for shipping. It's a good thing too because I bought 1/4" length screws and they aren't quite long enough. SVI replied that they would send me one for free. I emailed back saying that I was going to purchase 2 of them and that I'd be willing to wait for a regular first class mailed envelope with 50 cents postage, and I'd pay for it. They simply replied that 2 screws were on their way to me for free and thanked me for being a customer. Great customer service... and makes it makes it easy to remain a customer with service like that.
  2. My HF torque wrench is probably 25 years old and is still accurate
  3. I’m a small guy too., about the same as you. The G34 fits fine and I’d highly suggest it.
  4. OK.. So I have an SVI trigger bow, but don't have the overtravel screw. It's a 75 cent part from SVI, but they want almost $12 for shipping. Does anyone have the specs on it so that I can find a set screw locally? I'm assuming it's a standard set screw size. Or if someone has an extra laying around they would want to send along, that would be appreciated too. Thanks for any info.
  5. Also... lots of golfers have their bifocal setup that way too... with the reader portion at the top and the normal scrip in the rest of the lens. so if that particular shop won’t do it... search for another. If you don’t want to talk about guns/shooting then say it’s a golfer setup.
  6. LuvDog

    2011 Mag springs.

    Springs wear out by compression and expansion. It just adds wear and tear on them. Maybe he just needed to limp them along for an extra stage.
  7. LuvDog

    MOS Plate torque

    I torque to 12 inch pounds. I just used blue thread locker
  8. LuvDog

    New Open mags

    I agree that’s why I’m surprised with people saying the 155 is faster than the 140.
  9. LuvDog

    New Open mags

    This thread is interesting. it's really the first time I'm hearing people praise the 155. Up until now, most people I know have said it's slower to reload than 140 mags. I've never tried a 155, so I don't have first hand knowledge. Intuitively, though it seems that the shorter mag would be easier to reload. If longer was easier, then why wouldn't we just carry 170s.
  10. LuvDog

    New Open mags

    Are you saying the 155 are easier to reload than a 140?
  11. What silicone carbide grit are people using
  12. Ha... my folks lived in Florida for years after they retired... and you’re right, that heat and humidity is on another level. I used to travel out to TX, AZ, and NM a lot for work too and you all can keep that summer heat too. I don’t do well in temps above 80 LOL.
  13. I ended up seeing an audiologist and getting fit for custom ear plugs. None of the off the shelf ear plugs fit me well. And wearing muffs all day in the heat wasn’t fun.
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