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  1. I have the same trigger. It’s a very nice trigger and a good buy at the sale price. I am very tempted to get another even though I have no immediate needs for one
  2. Can you post more picture from different angles?
  3. Which case? If it’s the 1470 I’d be interested
  4. LuvDog

    Only want to shoot CZ

    For competition and range fun, it's mostly CZ's for me. But my carry guns are still plastic strikers.
  5. I think the SRO would use the same pattern
  6. I have that same pelican 1470 case, but I need to order new foam for it.
  7. So you already have a build in progress with EMG but you want a new gun NOW, which will eventually be turned in to your backup gun? For dots, I’d seriously look at the Romeo 3 XL. I think that’s the next I’m going to try. For mags, everyone loves MBX. I don’t have any 155, but that also seems to be the way folks are going. If I were putting a set together, I’d get 4 170 and 8 155. I hate chasing brass, so for that reason I’d go 9mm Major. Back to builders... I doubt any would be that much faster than Eddie. So you need to find something used or pre-built. I think Atlas has some pre-builds available. But I’d just scour the classifieds here until something good pops up.
  8. I’ve run both the Burris FastFire III and the Vortex Venom on my CO guns. Both are great and the lifetime warranties is also something that I wanted. Do enough searching and you’ll find people who have had problems with all of them, so find ones with good warranties and easy customer service. As for dot size, I ended up between 5-8 MOA. For me it’s a function of being 50 and liking the larger dot size for the shooting I do.
  9. The stuff Glenn from Lone Star Innovations LSI is putting out looks awesome. When he has frames available for sale, then I’ll be ordering a frame and grip from him for a build.
  10. LuvDog

    P365 For CCW

    I really like my Hidden Hybrid stuff. I use their appendix carry version... I don’t always carry appendix with it though, I move it around depending on what I doing / wearing and it works fine in different positions https://hiddenhybridholsters.com/
  11. LuvDog

    P365 For CCW

    Who makes that?
  12. You already have an Atlas??? is there something about it that you don’t like? Have you had issues with customer service / care? If you like it, then I’d think Adam would be at the top of the list for an open gun. Another favorite around here is Don from Venom Customs. His work looks great and lots of happy customers here. Ive had a lot of email, text and phone calls with Eddie Garcia. (EMG Customs) and he’ll be building my next gun.
  13. Can you show pictures of your setup?
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