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  1. Yup... I’ve had that same frustration. Email or call them and ask. I had a similar issue... 50 cent part and they wanted $8 shipping.. I called and asked if they could drop it in an envelope and I’d pay a couple of bucks for the 55cent postage. They agreed and took care of me.
  2. I've run both the Venom and the FF3... I just had a FF3 get intermittent on me, so I sent it back and it's in the process of warranty replacement. None of my Venoms have had an issue so far. I think they're both about equal. Find whichever you get a better deal on.
  3. Big contracts... big money... guaranteed money. Not nearly as demanding a customer base... most duty guns get shot Get shot once a year for qualifications
  4. Bullets out to conserve space. 32” belt so I try to jam as many pouches as I can in that space.
  5. It’s all on the paper and sometimes that’s good enough
  6. I A friend of mine got one off of ebay a while ago, I seem to remember that it didn't have velcro all the way around it, which didn't seem like it would work to well, in my opinion.
  7. I guess what I'm getting at here is the Razor is Vortex's top of the line red dot and $150 more than the Venom/Viper. I'm assuming (blindly) that it's better in some form. I say blindly assuming, because I really don't know much about it. It seems to be a different design since it has a side loading battery tray.
  8. I didn’t even know they made a razor version. I’ve run the Venom on my CO setup and it’s worked fine
  9. I've always shot right handed bolt guns left handed... so to me it feels normal. It would actually be a learning curve for me to use an all lefty rifle.
  10. One of my local FFLs only chages $25 to ship. Even with the transfer that's cheaper than using Fedex or UPS. The downside is that it has to be shipped back to the FFL, so if they aren't conveniently located with good hours, then that makes it a hassle.
  11. Without a doubt go with the Fort Knox. Built well and no batteries/tech to fail. Working that simplex lock is easy even in the dark.
  12. The "thickness" will come from how heavy you lay on the epoxy. I just used a cheap sponge paint brush and put a thin even layer on. I supposed if you wanted an oversized grip, then make the layers of epoxy heavier. In the end, my grip is thinner than stock. Because I took quite a bit of material off when sanding it prior to the epoxy. I did that on purpose though to get a slightly smaller grip.
  13. Slap a couple of guitar stickers on the case and no one will even look twice
  14. There are lots of things that need to go in to long cases - keyboards, mixing/DJ tables, video equipment, etc. Don't put any gun stickers on it and just go about your business.
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