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  1. I like the MecGar 17 round mags for all of my 75/SP01/Shadow Variants. I've sold off any other variations that I had or that came stock that were different.
  2. I hate you... now you have me thinking about doing something similar to my beat up S1.
  3. Coming from someone who had and sold 2 S1s and bought 2 S2s.... I ended up buying another S1 and am casually looking for another. I like how the S2's feel and look, but I can't argue that I shoot my S1 better.
  4. Glenn is definitely not the best at email.
  5. Get the S2 OR and try it. If it's a hot commodity in your area, then if you find you don't like it, then you can always sell it. The advantage is that it's ready to go... swap out the plates for iron sights, or a different optic whenever you want. There is a significant cost to get your current slide milled. Plus the downtime you'd have while you're waiting for it to be done. They do handle and feel different. So that's subjective. Finding the dot is all about practice.
  6. What is the FB USPSA buy and sell page?
  7. Anyone else having the old problem of when you click the back button on your browser, it takes you to the top of the page? I remember it doing that around the last upgrade, but I thought it got fixed
  8. I’m in the camp of I preferred when it was production with a dot. The new rules have opened it up to so much tweaking that it seems like a game of trying to mod the gun with as much money as possible that they aren’t even recognizable as “off the shelf” anymore Limited and Open are the place for full custom guns
  9. LuvDog


    It’s hard to rank them all against each other since they serve different purposes. Just for SA trigger, TSO, S2O. overall, I’d say the S2O since it’s more versatile
  10. Get the second S2 OR. That way you don't need to get a new holster for your backup.
  11. There was an upgrade. I got the “maintenance page” earlier tonight
  12. That first picture is for $75 is what I'm talking about. That's the same hole pattern as any optic mount that you'd find on a 2011/Open gun. Or you could go with the 3 hole mount that is used on the Czechmate. This is what I just picked up for my TSO, but you could get a smith to drill/tap the holes on the S2 to make it fit as well. They make one also that doesn't have the thumb rest for cheaper if you want https://czcustom.com/cz-parts-all/red-dot-mounting/czc-multi-optic-side-scope-mount-with-thumb-rest.html?___SID=U
  13. Instead of milling the slide for the optic. what about adding a frame mount for the optic.
  14. any updates on new deliveries from orders?
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