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  1. oh, it's huck!!!! hey!!! I need to respond to your text later lol. Keep rippin!!
  2. Just trying my best always learning and growing!! make it happen
  3. Lots of good info here. I will add. Technique is huge. Where do your eyes go? How do you twist/turn the gun? Are your hands moving at the same time or step 1 step 2 type of steps. How are you grabbing the mag? What's the mag path. How do you roll the gun back out? Rob E and Max M have good videos on reloads. Get the technique down, slo mo your runs and breaks them down......thenn do it until your hands bleed and get it down!! you got this.
  4. Use both techniques. See how the sights track for you. Pick the one that has the most linear, repeatable dot path. for each their own but the same guiding principal.
  5. S&B, Geco, and PMC are all good. I used to shoot a bunch of factory and never had a problem with those 3......where some other factory companies I had WILD/random things with it.... best of luck
  6. Lots of great info and advice here. Recently found dry fire king and they have some great resources for dry fire if you don't have a huge dry fire dojo and for me makes it a little more fun and mixes it up. Cheers
  7. your hand eye coordination is likely really good, but now it's the technique that must be applied. Get your eyes to lead and pop/snap to the center of the next target. Take a walk through and place little visual landmarks on the center of each target. Only focus on that spot as the acceptable landing/aiming zone. Watch as your eyes snap to it with intense focus and your gun will meet it. Now be patient and let the gun get there. Cheers
  8. 124 is a great happy medium. 115's will be snappier but all return faster. 147s will be softer but return the gun slower. 124's are perfect for me. I think you should get your friend's best 115, 124, and 147 load. Shoot doubles with the loads and choose for yourself. Truly don't think it matters thattttt much. Best of luck.
  9. I am ready and would if I could, but cannot with my current outside of shooting obligations around that time. I will shoot limited or production nats next year.
  10. I used a Blade Tech with BOSS hanger for years. Get a little adjustment knob too. It's a solid setup no doubt.
  11. Find 2 shooter that have a nice setup who are kind enough to let you try it. Shoot doubles, transition the gun a bit, and see how it points and feels in your hand. Bring a few boxes of 124 to the range and let it rip! Try the shadow 2 as well, it's a quality pistol too.
  12. Very tough to bounce around all the time. You can get pretty close to tour normal shooting ability with about 400 rounds on a single day, but it's tough to wake up the next day with the same tuning. It takes months of repeated practice on the same platform to be consistently good behind the gun. Otherwise you're still thinking about how you shoot the gun and not fully tuned. If you consistently train multiple guns and keep the skills with multiple guns at a decent tuned level it becomes easier, but not easy. Optics to optics is better, optics to irons is the hardest. There is value in learning different platforms and making each gun "work" - sights track up and down, and return. oh....and make the bullets go where you want. CS
  13. In theory, prep is not needed. With a perfect grip, you can pull the trigger with or without prep and not disturb the sights. Prep is a CYA for a sub optimal grip. With the speed we shoot at and the perfect grip being something we always chase, I find it wise to add prep on more difficult shots. I drop queues on parts of the stage that require a bit more prep. Work towards needing it less by building a more optimal grip for not disturbing the sights when pulling the trigger.
  14. Don Fraley, AWT. Beautiful 1911 40 cal, runs great, couldn't be happier. CS
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