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  1. Here is my video. Thanks for the support
  2. Yes, hi all. Mindset has not changed as far as work ethic as mentioned above. As far as guns I really really like my Infinity Firearms IMM open gun. 5 inch barrel. It's perfect. The tracking and softness is second to none. On top of that the fit and finish is unreal. Unreal. The quality and precision in my gun is insane. If you want the best gun money can possibly buy this is it. Let me know if you guys have questions. The purple one is my backup for now, but will be used at area 2 and as my primary and future. I shot my first gun I got from them when I won nationals last week.
  3. Lol it was inside the shooting area. I asked the CRO and said it was totally legal.
  4. The Leupold DPP is the best of the micro dots. Glass is good, dot is good, longevity is good. Just an all around beast of a dot. You’ll shoot well and have positive experiences with the brand and the DPP.
  5. Thank you! 18! I turn 19 in a few days. Practice does pay off! True, would be good to get more of the next gen involved. Junior camps are a great way in my opinion. The real future of the sport are people in their mid 30's with disposable income. I'm sticking with shooting in college, but I know a ton of juniors stop when they go to school.
  6. Both were really cool matches run by great staff. I highly recommend both matches.
  7. Thanks for the info guys. Really paranoid because it would be my dad getting in trouble for the guns and magazines, not me. I called Boston PD today and talked with an officer and said that I was totally fine and should not worry. I'm gonna print out the rules tonight as well.
  8. I already have 2 non refundable flights to Boston. (My dad and I). What grounds do the have to arrest someone for this? Is a way around this be to have a resident come take possession of the firearms?
  9. I'm flying into the Boston airport for Area 7 in a month. I will by flying with my two open guns and a bunch of high cap mags. I have heard that some people have been arrested flying into there with firearms. Will I be ok? Thanks, Christian
  10. I shoot an Akai Custom open gun. and thanks!!
  11. Thanks, I appreciate it! I used to rack out the round and catch it but looks a little flashy to me and I’m trying to stop it but habits are hard to break. I just try to rack out the round straight on the ground to pick it up. I also hate testing the RO’s catching abilities so I tend to tilt it down, but yeah it looks wierd in a few of those haha. Hope to see you soon and hopefully shoot together!
  12. Thanks to all the staff and sponsors for a great match.
  13. yeah right I shoot a 124 rainier ballistics bullet with 10.2 of Vit 3N38 or HS6
  14. 38 SC feeds better, is more reliable, more durable, softer, flatter, less violent, more expensive I do not have a brass sponsor, but yet still choose to shoot 38 SC for its benefits. You honestly just don't loose that much brass, and isn't as costly or time consuming as people say. I do my own private training sessions indoors, so I simply just sweep the brass when I'm done and pick it up. Very simple and costs me 10 minutes max at the end of the practice session. I shoot one local match a month and get 75% of my brass back without trying hard at all, as it's easy to spot for me. At major matches I buy brand new starline brass, shoot it once, and load it again anyways, so it's a similar cost. I have a 9mm open gun, and after trying 5 different types of powders, weights, springs, etc. I still can't get it to shoot as flat as my 38SC. It's too snappy, no matter how fluffy I go with powders. HOWEVER, I choose to shoot this caliber because when I travel to big matches, I simply just can't afford a jam and if I lost by a small margin, would always think about how I would have done with a slightly softer gun that didn't jam once in the match. Small sample size, but two of my training buddies got brand new guns from a reputable builder. One in 38 SC and one in 9mm. The 9mm friend is always messing with springs and getting jams, but the 38 SC gun never falters. Likewise, personal observation, and might receive some opinionated responses, but by simply observing how other people's guns shoot, shooting others' open guns, and watching videos, 38 SC guns jam less and are softer/flatter. Just my personal opinion and observation. I understand the benefits of 9mm, but the personal choice for me is simple. ;)
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