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  1. I’ve been using one for about 2 years, I’m very happy with it and I’ve never had an issue with pairing or the App.
  2. My roll sizer shows up today, I too was tired of push thru sizers. It definitely put considerable strain on my elbow.
  3. Great post, I too use a MA die and I’m very pleased with it. Much like you, I want to make lots of USPSA ammo. I however, want the ammo I make to be the best I can make with the best reloading equipment available.
  4. Shameless plug for East coast reloading. They have always done a good job for me.
  5. When you say lots of people, where are these peeps? I haven’t seen anything regarding my complaint about DG. The leading is so bad, I refuse to use the 1000 I have left.
  6. CZGeoege

    CZ TSO 2016

    Youll have to let us know the round count on those awful MIM extractors if they fail.
  7. CZGeoege

    CZ TSO 2016

    My 2019 and 2020 TSO’s definitely don’t have MIM extractors. I can see machine marks ever so slightly on them.
  8. Are you tempted to try out a version 2?
  9. Why Didnt you send the die back? I’m sure they would have made it right for you.. Imagine sitting on $150 dollars worth of out of spec..
  10. I like CFE in the fact I have several pounds of it on hand and that it’s pretty low pressure. But... it’s dirty and heats the gun up pretty good. 5.4gr makes 170 PF in my CZ TSO at 1.170
  11. Why such a high PF? I like 170 or slightly above in my TSO 40.
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