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  1. Right now it’s whatever you can get. The Win 244 works good and I think it will probably replace 231 eventually. I haven’t noticed any excess smoke with coated bullets on the ones I’ve loaded. Another one for minor that works well is Alliant E3. It is faster than 244 but not peaky. There’s no metallic loadings for it but lots of info here or use Hodgdon Clays data. Many of the real popular powders are out of stock so we have to improvise.
  2. I use my Hornady on everything. As long as you can get a good grip and don’t mash the bullet it works fine. Just need the right collet.
  3. I have swaged pistol on the APP and it works pretty good. Still get an occasional tight one. Had the early swager’s that left the brass rings in the pockets but have gotten that fixed. One other thing that makes sizing 223 easier is the carbide expander ball de-capper rod that Redding sells. Slides out of the neck much easier without pulling the shoulder.
  4. I bought some 10mm 165g Syntec from Midway, must have been second’s because they looked like crap and were in a midway labeled box. They shoot ok but are ugly, lumpy things. Shot some over at a friends and he was amazed when he found some out in his field that they looked like he could reload them again. I haven’t tried Blues but have had good luck with Precision Bullets.
  5. You also have to figure in the fact that when all this started manufacturing all over was restricted or stopped. Hard to order new equipment when the places that manufacture it are shut down. Add in also that priming compound is highly regulated with permits, storage regulations, ect, ect, and we all know how fast the guys that hand those permit’s out operate. How do we know that their not adding new equipment right now?
  6. Cannot believe those are up to $3350.00 More money than brains! Gonna watch just to see how stupid somebody is.
  7. I use the booster, works fine. Your after the citric acid in it more than anything. My mix is Lemi shine, dawn and Turtle wax wash-n-wax. The acid is what removes the tarnish and the soaps clean and suspend the rest. The wax keeps away the spots and kinda makes them slick, otherwise they’ll be squeaky clean and not very Die friendly.
  8. All you can do is try loading longer. Plunk at maximum length and shorten by .015 and if the fit the mag give them a test. Your photo looks like the round is at a pretty extreme angle. It’s like it’s not sliding up the breech face under the extractor. Maybe a burr somewhere?
  9. Have seen broader variations than that but have also seen where a slower one produced much lower ES too. Lot’s-O-Variables.
  10. I just ran into a similar problem on my 9. Had worked up a load with mixed brass that shot really good and was at 1025 with a es of around 8 or so. Just practice rounds and that’s what I wanted. Had some prepped Fed brass ready to go so loaded up 5 to double check and everything went to pot! Loaded on same press, hand trickled each one same everything. Group was about 4”+, cases were sooty, and it felt/sounded like I had varied the load in each one by .5 grain. Was also using E3. The es was also close to 80! WTF? Went back to bench and loaded up 5 more and double checked everything. The Fed br
  11. What’s your fired brass look like? Is it shorter? Almost looks like the taper crimped section is going past the step in the chamber and then when fired it cuts it off. Take a un-crimped case and a crimped case, plunk them and see if the crimped case goes deeper into the chamber.
  12. Sometimes a case will tilt and hang up on the drop tube holder. This causes the spring to stretch and then when the case releases its launch time. Raise the case feeder just a little bit to see if that helps. Also helps to slow down a little and pay attention, it’s not a competition. I use motor mica on my slides and others have used Pledge polish. You don’t want anything oily as that will just gum things up worse.
  13. Yep, after that s**t show in dc everything got cleared out again. Stocks were starting to build back up but so much for that again.
  14. Farmer


    I tried in 9, 45 and 38sp and yes it was all over the place. Seemed peaky too so I dropped it. Works great in light 12 ga loads.
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