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  1. Yeh I’ll have to dig one up and check it out just for chuckles. Never had any intentions to reload alum because I figured they would crack or split. Fully aware of chamber damage from crappy cases. I Have reloaded some wolf steel 45 acp cases though just to use as throw-away’s. Even those will crack after a few re-loads.
  2. So far all of their bullets have been accurate in my guns. I have just tried some of the 135 match winners and are liking them a lot!
  3. I would say those coatings are pretty tough as I have several Blazers laying around my yard that my brother shot and they still look pretty good, that’s been 5+ years ago. I used to have some Teflon spray that would have made a good coating for those.
  4. Total beginner and haven’t shot a true match but I was having trouble seeing the center also. At my home range I just put a black paster on the center of the A zone. Makes 100% difference and during dry fire it conditions muscle memory.
  5. Don’t know how you feel about Midway but they’re on sale for $53 per 100 there.
  6. Your talkin a whole different class of brass right there! I do know guys that will still run their Lap brass through the neck sizer just because.
  7. And unless it’s a typo, in my manual they are .356 just like the one you show here.
  8. And even new lots of same brand if your running them close. I’ve run into .010 and more variance out of the same box. Be especially wary if you buy blems for practice.
  9. Aren’t all blazer aluminum cases Berdan primed? All the ones I’ve seen or shot are.
  10. Just take a bullet and see if it will drop into the case. Anymore I de-burr and size all new brass. What got me started was I had 50, 45 colt primed, charged with powder and when I set the first bullet it fell into the case down to the powder. Have also found some that aren’t sized as tight as others in the same batch (bullets seat real easy) so it just pays to run them all.
  11. I run into that with my Redding’s also. They seem to have less taper to the mouth than other dies. Even on my 327 Fed dies they will scrape with lead bullets. I did have to send a profile crimp die back to them and have it honed out at the top because it was shaving my .358 lead bullets for my 357 mag.
  12. Yeah that happens on mine also. As soon as the tray gets low I add more, I try to keep the trough full.
  13. Not familiar with the shake brake? Do you have a LED under the cases so to illuminate through the primer hole?
  14. Once you install the case feeder and get it tuned, that really speeds things up.
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