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  1. How many points for the snake?
  2. 2X New brass has a sharp, square edge that your expander & crimper conveniently removes and deposits in your machine.
  3. Was just reading the back of the WSP pack and it states; HANDLE one at a time, NOT in bulk and NOT in primer feed devices. OMG we’re all gonna die!!! No wonder they don’t work for some of you guys, you didn’t read the instructions.
  4. Makes me wonder if the lack of nickel plating on the new primers maybe causing a problem with them not being as slick. With my hand primer I have noticed more resistance when seating the new match primers.
  5. I’m probably the odd man out when it comes to crimp but I usually taper the case back to the bullet and give it an extra .001. I just measure at the mouth with my calipers so that it’s.0005-0015 smaller than just below. Has always worked well for me on all auto cases.
  6. You also have to take into consideration that when you change OAL you also affect pressure. Not only case volume but case/bullet tension. I have a fired case that has just enough tension to hold a bullet. I put whatever bullet I’m going to load in it and press it into my barrel. Carefully remove and measure, this is your Max OAL. Take that figure, subtract .015“ make sure it fits the mag and test them out. Sometimes depending on ogive, throat, Bullet weight, ect you won’t have much in the case so seat it deeper. To me it’s better to have good neck tension than closeness to rifling. You have to find what you’re gun likes. My 9 prefers closer/longer OAL while my 10mm & 45 like a little bit of leade. Just remember to watch psi as you seat deeper and adjust accordingly. In the 9mm as little as .025” seems to make a difference.
  7. Were your splits .0001 or did you get DQ for shooting a full auto??
  8. Ordered mine on 3/23. Some were in stock 180 10mm, others weren’t, 124 & 135 MW. Figure they’ll show in a week or so, no hurry, I understand how things can go sideways quickly. I had gotten some 124’s to try and liked them so decided to get more plus the 135’s and PooF they were gone! Hopefully with the new machines they acquired they’ll be able to keep production up. Great company to do business with because they really keep you informed.
  9. Wow, I put the Volk kit in my wife’s lite and it was around #1.75 so I installed the factory spring and that put it right at #2.75-3. I was going to suggest the same for you but.....
  10. They help even while seated. I asked my dads cardiologist about wearing them while driving tractor (8-12 hrs a day) and he said it was a very good idea. He said they will help ward off varicose veins and edema later on with better circulation and pushing the water out. Also helps prevent blood clots even while flying. I also know my Under Armour compression long johns not only keep me warm and dry but make my legs feel much more energized while tromping up and down the mountains chasing elk. Remember the Sheer Energy pantyhose commercials? Similar results.
  11. I loaded some Speer 180g CPFP with 4.8 of Win 244 @ 1.250 and they run right at 1030-1050 out of my 5.25 XDM. Nice accurate clean practice load.
  12. I was also hitting left about the same amount as the OP with a new gun. Looked at the rear sight and noticed that it was ON the left witness mark and not centered. Drifted it over and all is good now. They don’t always come perfect from the factory.
  13. I’ve been using the Thera putty but didn’t think of doing reverse stretches. Just now laying my hand flat on the table and stretching my fingers upwards really feels good. Friend of mine ran backhoe for a long time and his hands and arms are curved inward from running the levers. I can see how that could happen slowly over time.
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