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  1. H414 or WW760 works great through a drop and generally gives very good accuracy.
  2. Probably more copper and lead coming from the plumbing in most homes than what your going to add to the system.
  3. What was your load and how far off were you?
  4. That’s right! So you might as well give up now while you have some sanity and just send me all your reloading supplies ASAP.
  5. 3X Whenever you’re concerned about .004, or any amount, just take your caliper, set it at that amount and then peer through the jaws to see how small it really is. This helps me make many decisions!
  6. I remember reading that also that the high nitro content or one of the solvents used would break down some coatings. I think much of that got started with the guys that were coating their own bullets with HF powder paint and other home made concoctions. Some had pulled bullets and said the coatings were softened and had powder melted into the bases. I did actually see some pictures of it. So then it must do it with all coatings and it’s true cuz it’s on the internet.
  7. That guy probably had a bunch of primers and powder for sale too, eh? There’s one in every crowd.
  8. Midway has f.a.r.t tumbler on sale. Think it came up @ $109 but they’ll more than likely make it up on shipping. https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1012721373?pid=713881&utm_source=general-promotion&utm_medium=email&utm_content=main-image-link&utm_campaign=super-sonic-tumbler
  9. I guess my takeaway on this and all the others I’ve read is to pay close attention and double check a click-no bang even if it costs you some time.
  10. Just a WAG but I wonder if the squib made it down the bbl almost to the end and the second round built enough psi that split the bbl, expanding it and pushing both bullets out. Could it be that the bbl was also kind of thin? They usually split along the groove, maybe a little weak in one area?
  11. I had a bunch of Norma rifle brass and all the flash holes were small like yours also. Very good brass but for the longest time I couldn’t figure out why they were difficult to resize and the velocities were always slower than other brass. Kinda like bench rest brass. I uniformed them and velocities equaled the other brands. Don’t know if it’ll make enough difference on small pistol but you may want to check if needing to make PF. Seems to me during testing that it was around 40-80 FPS on rifle and 13-20 FPS on some 45 auto I tested.
  12. I put a small paper disk inside the cases before applying the hot glue. It keeps the glue from just running into the case and what does flow through the flash hole helps hold it in the pocket.
  13. It feels comfortable to me and that’s the way I gripped for quite a while but it makes my shots go left, (RH shooter.) Was just automatic but I had to really think about holding psi correctly. I’ve tried to compensate and adjust but it just makes me more inconsistent compared to a regular grip. You just need to try it I guess to see if it works for you.
  14. I’ve noticed it too even in shotgun. More of a boom than a pop.
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