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  1. Well I guess the Staccato P is legal for ESP in Florida. Seems like HQ needs to step in because different states now have different ruings.
  2. I mean the help is just too much. I appreciate it all.
  3. You guys have been a great help. Thanks.
  4. No. I just got an email back that said the staccato P is legal for ESP. That is it. I also printed that out to take to matches around Florida.......lol.
  5. My Area Coordinator says the Staccato P is legal for ESP.
  6. Nope, this post isn't causing any offense. I asked a question about barrels. was hoping to get an opinion on which one of the 3 is generally more accurate. I get there are variables but there are also barrel companies and lengths that are accurate over a wide range of rounds. So, I get answers like isn't possibly and all three websites says there are the best. Sooooo, not getting the question answered so no reason to keep it open, simple.
  7. Mod, please just delete this thread........
  8. So I emailed IDPA HQ. I stated two different coordinators give two different opinions about the Staccato P. They emailed back stating they are sending the question to my coordinator because they know the rules better.............wellllll thanks HQ that didn't help.
  9. Two different state coordinators were emails, 1 said it was legal, the other said no. I guess I have to email HQ.
  10. That is exactly what I am asking people to give their opinion on...................................
  11. I get that, I should have said, in general, which one of these uppers are usually more accurate..............................................................
  12. Hello: Looking to get another SBR upper for my Suppressor when it gets out of jail. I am right handed but left eye dominate so I shoot my rifles left handed. Out of these three which is the most accurate? Looking at POF 10.5" Renegade Plus, PWS 11.85" or Griffin Armament 11.5". I would look at something with Criterion Core Barrel but i would get my suppressor before I would get a barrel or upper. Thanks for the input, Adam
  13. Has anymore got the trigger job from Archon on their Type B? Just wondering if it is worth it. Thanks. Adam
  14. apetrulis01

    Sights for P6

    Hello: My wife's father died and I got his Sig P6 (225) he bought awhile ago. I and looking to get it done up. I am going to send it to Lazy Wolf for a trigger job. I was wondering on sights. I like all my guns to have an adjustable rear sight and a fiber optic fiber sight. Anything good out there for the P6? Thanks. Adam
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