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  1. apetrulis01

    Langdon Elite LTT

    Went to the gun store and grabbed the 75 and 92. Trigger reach is a lot shorter with the Beretta than the CZ.
  2. apetrulis01

    18” vs 16”

    I have never had a jam with it all all. Feels like a .22 and shoots MOA with PMC. Won limited division in Area 6 three gun championship last year with it.
  3. apetrulis01

    18” vs 16”

    I run a Criterion 16" barrel with a rifle length gas system. I have an SLR adjustable gas bock, JP Low Mass bolt and Armalite comp, thing doesn't move and shoots MOA with PMC Bronze.
  4. apetrulis01

    HK Long Slide kits for VP9

    For those of you shooting VP9s I hope you saw that HK is releasing a long slide kit you can buy from the web store. 5 inch barrel with adjustable rear sight and fiber optic front sight. Check it out.
  5. apetrulis01

    Langdon Elite LTT

    I have shot a Beretta and a CZ. When I got the thin grips on the Beretta the gun actually felt nice and the trigger reach was MUCH shorter than on a CZ. The reason I don't shoot a CZ is because of the trigger reach being so freaking LONG!
  6. Who makes a carry holster for the STI 2011 Tactical 4.15? Thanks.
  7. apetrulis01

    VP9 B!!!

    Definately a game changer for those who didn’t like the paddle release.
  8. apetrulis01

    Langdon Elite LTT

    Anyone get one yet with the trigger job?
  9. apetrulis01

    16inch ar15 barrel search

    Just something to think about that I have pondered. Is a 14.8 barrel with rifle length any better then a 16 inch which we know can be reliable. Now a 13.7 or shorter I under is a savings. But 1.2 inches where reliability could be suspect isn't worth it to me. Just food for thought.
  10. apetrulis01

    16inch ar15 barrel search

    16" inch with rifle length gas.
  11. apetrulis01

    Let's talk muzzle brakes... Again

    Armalite adjustable break. Best brake i have ever shot.
  12. apetrulis01

    16inch ar15 barrel search

    Criterion Barrel with rifle length is what I am running on my current setup. Very soft shooting and is MOA accurate at 3 and 4 hundred yards.
  13. apetrulis01

    What slugs for Dissident?

    I will check sportsman's guide. That is the problem with slugs that aren't deer, finding then to buy them.
  14. apetrulis01

    What slugs for Dissident?

    Shot my third match using my Dissident and wondering what slugs work great. The ones I had were for my Breda and didn't have enough power with the 20 round mag loaded up. Thanks for the help.
  15. apetrulis01

    Breda b12i

    I just went the gold standard Nordic tube. I also got the TTI loading gate for the Benelli because I keep getting a cut while quad loading. That was just me and others didn't have a problem with the Breda OEM loading gate. As i said above the only modification I did was rounding the edges of the loading port but that was a personal preference.