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  1. Did Remington stop making the double stack 9 and 40 competition model (p16 and p18)?
  2. How is everyone's LTTs running?
  3. I went with the answer because of the lighter weight. Better comp then my Armalite and much lighter !!!!!
  4. The grip on the X5 feels way better than a Glock.
  5. Thought I read somewhere that the Wson EDC uses Walther PPQ mags, anyone know for sure? Adam
  6. I would love the CZs but the trigger sets to far forward for me with the double action first shot.
  7. I have narrowed it down to these three and I need a new muzzle break so let me know what you think
  8. Hello: Thinking of switching to the 2011 and looking at the Marauder due to being able to use it in many different competitions. Let me know what you have. Petrulis08@hotmail.com Thanks, Adam
  9. Thanks. I don't have the money to by an X5 just to try it out and then try to sell it if I don't like it. So I was just trying to ask if you get any type of boost from it over the Glock 34.
  10. That is why I am asking the question. To see if there is any speed boost that others have seen.
  11. I have been running a 17 and 19 for years. I have won Area 6 3 gun limited division twice shooting the 17. Without going into the STIs and 3000 dollar guns I was just wondering if the X5 would give me an advantage and minor speed boost over the Glock. Thank you all who have responded so far. Adam
  12. I realize that and have state titles shooting the Glock. Just wondering if I can get a better arrow as well.
  13. apetrulis01

    X5 vs Glock 34

    Alright, I have been running Glocks most my life but feel I need something else to push the speed even more. I am looking for something other then dropping 3000 on a STI type gun. The X5 seems to fit good in the hand and have shot the X Compact. How does the X5 compare to the Glock 34 as far as recoil, accuracy, etc. Thanks, Adam
  14. I have been shooting Glocks for years and years but looking to possibly move to another platform. It would be used 3 gun, USPSA and possibly IDPA. I like 2011s but don't feel like dropping 2000 for a handgun. What else is out there. I have been looking at Sig X5 but what else. Thanks, Adam
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