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  1. reverse_edge

    Classifier vs match bump

    Yes, sandbagging, by definition, is someone who's purposefully and unfairly competes at a skill-bracket deemed less rigorous than their actual level of competitive ability. If you just haven't shot enough classifiers, and you're still B class, and winning matches, you're not sandbagging, you just haven't shot enough classifiers, or they didn't count, etc. If you're purposefully tanking classifiers so that you can stay in C class and have a better chance at winning plaques and prizes - you're a sandbagger.
  2. reverse_edge

    Classifier vs match bump

    You and Kyle H are prime examples. You've seen people purposefully tanking classifiers so they can stay in a class where they'll more easily win their class at big matches? And you think that's okay and that it's their prerogative? Because that seems pretty unfair, not to mention quite silly in a sport where the prizes and awards leave much to be desired. I see people who are classed below their true skill level all the time. I dont think many of them are purposefully staying there. On the flipside, a grandbagger ain't hurting anyone but themselves.
  3. reverse_edge

    Classifier vs match bump

    Yes, this. THAT SAID, with the way our classification system works, it's not really that hard for people to be classed below their skill level. Especially now with the new HHFs. People toss around the terms grandbagger / sandbagger / paper GM too much, in my opinion. Just shut up and shoot.
  4. reverse_edge

    New CZC Gun

    No thanks.
  5. reverse_edge

    Post your Dogs!

    I tried this, but the gel cups were too slick for his coat.
  6. reverse_edge

    CZ Open Build Theory

    Suddenly, I want an open gun.
  7. reverse_edge

    how to make cz magazine release soft ?

    Remove the mag release and bend the spring in a little. Don't go too much, as you want your mags to stay in the gun... Might as well polish the mag catch and the channel while you've got it apart.
  8. reverse_edge

    JJ Racaza, damn!!

    Oh wow, didn't realize he did all that. That's awesome.
  9. reverse_edge

    JJ Racaza, damn!!

    It was a joke.
  10. reverse_edge

    JJ Racaza, damn!!

    Maybe he just doesn't know Ben's IG handle. ?
  11. reverse_edge

    Different holster option: Quick Review

    Looks lightyears better than RHT.
  12. reverse_edge

    Cold Hands

    Like everyone else has said, dress in layers, use handwarmers, eat enough calories, etc. Hikers often say "Be bold, start cold" - You'll warm up as you go. Shooting is quite the opposite. Dress WAY warmer than you'd think you should. If you somehow manage to get too warm, you can always strip a layer off. Shooting is 99% standing around doing nothing to prepare for 30 seconds of performance. You won't be performing too well if you're frozen to the core.
  13. reverse_edge

    Shadow2 Open project

    Are you going to cut the front of the dust cover, or leave that notch in the comp?
  14. reverse_edge

    New Shadow 2 owner, contemplating mods.

    Having shot a number of shadow 2's ranging from bone stock to full custom builds, I feel confident in saying that CZ got this gun pretty close to perfect out of the box. What I would recommend: 11.5# HS if you want to run fed/win, 13# if you don't wanna worry about it An extended firing pin and reduced power spring (CZC or CGW) for cheap reliability insurance Polish internals, including the leading edge of the FP retaining plate and hammer strut. A disconnector of your choice, if you really wanna get wild. Depending on how hot your ammo is, and how you like to see sights, a 10-12# recoil spring will be good. Other than that, grips and sights are all I'd change, but those are subjective. As far as the warranty goes - I wouldn't be worried at all.
  15. reverse_edge

    MSA Sordin battery drain issue (EarPro)

    Try TCI. They're owned by safariland and work on Sordins all the time. They did my battery box when it failed.