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  1. I like Syntech 124's - Initially, that's all I could find as 150gr was OOS everywhere. My reloads are 125gr and these feel about the same, so that was a nice bonus. The "training match" ammo (its purple) is loaded to the same specs as their defensive ammo. So, steer clear of that unless you want REALLY snappy 180PF minor loads.
  2. Shooters connection bags are really nice. They make them in an assortment of sizes. I went with the big bag, as it has a removable inner bag. With this setup, I can put -ALL- of my range stuff in the big bag and keep everything in one place. For matches, I can take the inner out, load it with just the essentials (mags, ammo, towel, water, etc.) and cruise light.
  3. I'm guessing because CZC takes whatever weight off, and people are left to chase the rest. I've heard CZC say they've chosen to do what they do for longevity, etc. There are just so many options out there that it's really easy to get lost in the sauce. Personally, I just threw some LW lok grips (in a custom thickness I wanted anyway) and a TTI basepad on and I was good to go with a DPP. Ain't that hard.
  4. The front sight rollpin holds the barrel bushing in place. Don't want to lose that.
  5. Slip 2000 is great. It's a bit thin, but they make thicker versions as well. I use TW25B grease. Stays where I want it.
  6. Every little bit helps, and not all scales are accurate. What do those taylor extensions weigh? Are the lok grips the lightweight ones? My gun comes to 44.65 on one of my scales and 44.80 on another. (CZC Cuts, DPP w/ Shroud, LW Loks, TTI extensions)
  7. reverse_edge

    Lok grip texture

    Order something more aggressive than you think you'd want ,and you can always file down any hot spots. Alternatively, if you find it's not aggressive enough, you can always add silicon carbide. Or do both and have pretty ugly but extremely functional grips.
  8. You'll make weight with it on there, providing you don't have real heavy grips. It's cheap insurance to leave on there. If you're seeing the shroud while you're shooting, you're lookin at the wrong things.
  9. No, and you'll save yourself 0.4oz while you're at it.
  10. Simple. Finish the task at hand and then worry about it afterwards. ULSC as usual. Range is safe. Give time to the scorekeeper. All as normal. THEN, tell the shooter about the problem, and ADVISE them to check it out later AT THE SAFE TABLE.
  11. reverse_edge


    Glad I'm not alone. They just using softer material or what?
  12. While some may argue that it's less than ideal, they'll function fine. I promise many hundreds of thousands of .355 blue bullets have been shot from lots of CZ pistols.
  13. Also true, and I've seen plenty of people trying to push that gun down resulting in low hits, as well. I've tried springs lighter than 10lbs, and the slide feels too sluggish. Anything heavier than 11 seems to dip the muzzle too much for my liking. This is all with 124gr ammo about 133PF. Lighter projectiles will feel a little snappier, heavier projectiles feel a little slower. That said, I've recently learned how much the hammer spring plays a role in how the recoil feels. I can't tell a difference between 8.5# and 11.5# hammer springs when it comes to trigger feel, but the 8.5# hammer spring makes the slide feel like it comes back a lot harder. All of these changes (a pound or two here and there) are minuscule at best. That's why at the end of the day it comes down to gripping hard and watching the sights.
  14. At this point, I'm impressed regardless of actual function.
  15. Acoustical tiles behind the press. That's next level. Bravo.
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