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  1. No, and you'll save yourself 0.4oz while you're at it.
  2. Simple. Finish the task at hand and then worry about it afterwards. ULSC as usual. Range is safe. Give time to the scorekeeper. All as normal. THEN, tell the shooter about the problem, and ADVISE them to check it out later AT THE SAFE TABLE.
  3. reverse_edge


    Glad I'm not alone. They just using softer material or what?
  4. While some may argue that it's less than ideal, they'll function fine. I promise many hundreds of thousands of .355 blue bullets have been shot from lots of CZ pistols.
  5. Also true, and I've seen plenty of people trying to push that gun down resulting in low hits, as well. I've tried springs lighter than 10lbs, and the slide feels too sluggish. Anything heavier than 11 seems to dip the muzzle too much for my liking. This is all with 124gr ammo about 133PF. Lighter projectiles will feel a little snappier, heavier projectiles feel a little slower. That said, I've recently learned how much the hammer spring plays a role in how the recoil feels. I can't tell a difference between 8.5# and 11.5# hammer springs when it comes to trigger feel, but the 8.5# hammer spring makes the slide feel like it comes back a lot harder. All of these changes (a pound or two here and there) are minuscule at best. That's why at the end of the day it comes down to gripping hard and watching the sights.
  6. At this point, I'm impressed regardless of actual function.
  7. Acoustical tiles behind the press. That's next level. Bravo.
  8. Considering the short guy AK's that were designed to fire the round have an 8.1" barrel, I'm guessing it's probably going to be okay if you have the correct twist.
  9. I put in the old style 85c triggers. It brings the face of the trigger a HAIR rearward at rest. It's honestly not a big difference, but I kinda like it.
  10. 36 grit is ideal, based on my experience.
  11. But you're only getting 20 in? My TTI +4's are coming in at 3.87 on one scale and 3.90 on another. I think I'd like to chase 0.50 elsewhere for the extra two rounds, I think. On another note, I did a little searching and came up empty. Has anyone started a list of common part weights? Does anyone think that would be helpful?
  12. 11.5# HS Generally been running 10/11# recoil springs, but wanted to experiment with lighter springs. The 8# feels nice, but my thumb brushed the slide ever so slightly and it felt like time stood still while I was waiting for the gun be ready to fire again. I think I'll stick with 10#
  13. Hopefully they listen. Those guns Robin built are amazing looking. Also, while you're at it, get them to make a smooth dust covered s2 without a rail. Call it a Shadow 3, so we can get really confused with tanfo s2/s3. Not only would it look killer, it would probably point a little nicer and maybe the muzzle would dip less. (Or they could make the slide lighter like CO guns.)
  14. I use the HF mixer because it was cheap with a coupon. It's loud, but its mostly due to noise of the gear mesh with the slots in the barrel. I just cap off the opening with some plastic sheet and a bungee to contain the dust and close the garage door. The lowes/kushlan mixer does look nicer. Just depends on what you wanna spend.
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