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  1. How much should they spend on Nationals and Travel? What is a level of spending that is proportionate to the benefits that USPSA provides members and clubs? When people come to me with these types of complaints at work my answer is the same: don't bring me problems unless you're also bringing a solution.
  2. 100% CFE Pistol and Win AutoComp are great choices for making PF with ease without pushing the top end of the load range.
  3. This is not that complicated. Pick any 125 bullet, any fast or medium burning powder, random brass, and whatever primers you can find a good deal on. Mix enough powder to make 130 - 135 PF. Go shoot. I'm partial to conical nose bullets because they feed like s#!t through a goose and are almost never an issue with CZ's short throats. I would not waste time on any further load development. The guys looking for 1" groups at 25 yards are wasting time and money on stuff that doesn't matter in this game. Make something that runs reliably, makes PF with some room to spare, that has acceptable accuracy at 25 yards (less than 3"), and then make s#!tloads of it to learn the gun.
  4. I rarely see someone use it that way, and then mostly women or kids with little hand strength.
  5. It's been tried before. As soon as Stock IIs and Shadow 2s made the production list they became the go tos and plastic guns became what noobs shot until they went away or got wise. I do agree with the box. CO guns should fit in a production box with a slot for the optic. Even before Shadow 2s were a thing a slicked up SP-01 was 40 -42 oz out of the box and they were production legal forever. IDPA is the place to shoot "real" carry guns.
  6. I somehow missed that part. That's a hard no. PO Light is dead in IPSC. Giving CO a similar weight limit would kill it here too. Lots of CO shooters with pistols straight off the Production list don't want to end up in LO because of a BS weight limit that nobody wants. The CO weight limit should be what's in the production list for a particular pistol plus 3 or 4 ounces to account for the optic and any plate/adapter. Why wasn't it that way from the beginning, instead of the dumb, arbitrary weight limits it got over the years, I'll never know.
  7. That match is semi local (3 hrs) for me. It's sort of a resurrection of the Battle In The Bluegrass which was a pretty heavily attended Production/Single Stack match at that club. The BiTBG lasted ten years with 2019 the last match I can find records of. https://practiscore.com/results/new/78817 Someone else mentioned the entry fee/staff reset of the new Bluegrass LoCap Classic. I seriously doubt attendance would have been any better if the fee was 120 - 140 bucks.
  8. Gonna agree 100% As an aside I did some analysis of rule changes and comments and one thing that struck me as incredibly dumb is how weight limits have been handled throughout CO's short history. It's as if no one looked at the Production list's weights and thought....."hmmm we should keep those weights and give a reasonable (3-4 oz) allowance for the optic and any mounting plate/adapter in the division's appendix. That would have completely avoided the stupid rule allowing slide milling to make the arbitrary 45 oz CO weight and the even dumber subsequent 59 oz blanket for both divisions.
  9. You should do your research about what nitriding is and is not. It's certainly not a coating. And simple polishing compound will not put a dent in steel that has been nitrided. The surface hardness of most nitrided steels is in the range of 50 to 60 points on the Rockwell C scale, which is pretty damned hard. Having said that, the effective case depth of typical nitrided steel is somewhere in the .010" to .020" range. So you can polish an already relatively smooth nitrided surface, fFor example going from a 100 microinch surface roughness to a 30 microinch roughness without damaging the hard case provided you have the right abrasive. Given your level of knowledge (from what you've said in this thread) I recommend you leave all this alone.
  10. Maybe that will work in sparsely populated states with few options. The same thing was tried in Michigan starting in 2021 (The Mitten Match) and it didn't make it to 2023. And that's even with the 2022 edition having locap on day 1 and hicap on day 2. Before you think it died because the match sucked, it didn't. I shot it in 2021 and it was a really fun match with killer stages. The guys at Brooklyn Sportsmans Club know how to put on a good match. Many MI Sectionals have been there as well as this year's Area 5. The guys who run USPSA at Bluegrass Sportsmens League in KY are going to try the same thing this year. I hope it lasts longer but I'm not betting on it. Truth be told, if CO was 10 or 15 rounds I'd shoot it. But since there's no optics locap in the States any more, I won't be shooting locap.
  11. C class dude that's never shot locap. Opinion noted and ignored.
  12. When my match gun and carry gun were the same type, I always had a back up in the car. Now that they're aren't I don't. Not too concerned about it this year because my match gun is both relatively new and well vetted. But something to think about for majors next year. The cheapest alternative is to finish building a belt for one of the other full-size pistols I already have and take it, the gun, and the magazines in a second bag. Or buy a second S2 and optic.
  13. Serious question, when was the last time you bought a full size service pistol? CZ P-10F: 19 rounds CZ P-09: 19 rounds CZ SP-01: 18 rounds CZ SP-01 Phantom: 18 rounds Walther PDP Full Size: 18 rounds Beretta M9A3 and A4: 18 rounds And probably a few more I don't know about My Shadow 2 as it came from CZ: three 19 round magazines IPSC already tried the "fill up the OEM mags" in Production a long time ago and found out how easily it got gamed to make all but a few pistols non-competitive. Those who don't know history are bound to repeat the same mistakes. Or said another way, wise men learn from others' mistakes, fools have to learn them over and over. That's where the 15 round limit came from.
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