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  1. Matches in our area are really starting to see the hit in attendance.
  2. Seen them at some matches. As the others said, people normally gravitate to something else once they been competing little while.
  3. Forgot my ball cap once during the summer. Never again in the South Texas Heat!
  4. Damn man, wish you fast recovery
  5. Shootingaggie


    They better understand English, since they bought out Colt.
  6. Shootingaggie


    At that price point, you’re much better off finding a TSO if that is the case.
  7. Shootingaggie


    Handled one yesterday. The one I tried had a terribly long (for a TSO) trigger reset.
  8. Old post, but figured chime in. The CBS club in Corpus had great USPSA matches and the Texas Carbine group has outlaw and steel matches each month.
  9. What was the reason for ever starting it?
  10. From the stats y’all been throwing up there, looks like limited 10 is dead
  11. Let me know when you go next time. Be fun try new place.
  12. When in January and February?
  13. Is there going to be one in February?
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