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  1. chevrofreak

    Use FREE HS-6?

    HS6 is dirty in low powered loads, but it will run.
  2. chevrofreak

    Holoson 510c problem

    You are possitive You installed the CR2032? They don't come installed from the factory and the sight will run on the internal capacitors for a while.
  3. chevrofreak

    Magpul 27 GL9 Magazines - Update

    Magpul just announced a 35rd CZ Scorpion magazine so it looks like they are finally getting after it.
  4. chevrofreak

    How is savage 10 bolt action rifle ?

    I loaded some 175 RDF's over AR Comp for my buddies 10FCP and it shoots sub MOA at 300 yards. That was just a quick load session with my Lyman Gen 6, no trickling, and no load workup. I just picked a 41.0gr load and ran with it. It shot better than 168gr FGMM and any of the factory Barnes 150gr or 168gr TTSX. The rifle shot nearly as well with cheap Federal 180gr power point bullets. So, in short, the 1:10 Savage .308 barrels seem to like the heavier bullets.
  5. chevrofreak

    9MM 115gr Berry's PCC load needed

    It meters far better than Unique and is decently clean.
  6. chevrofreak

    9MM 115gr Berry's PCC load needed

    I like 5-5.5gr of Power Pistol at about 1.130
  7. chevrofreak

    Nationals Survey

    If using the same bullet profile loaded to the same OAL, simple math gets you close. 124x7.8gr of HS6 equals 967.2, divide that by 115 and you are at 8.4gr. It is a good starting spot, as I ended up at 8.6gr for my preferred load. I have used that simple formula to pick most of my charge weights when switching bullet weights.
  8. chevrofreak

    Best 223 die for Dillon XL 650

    The full-length Dillon carbide die sizes cases with far less force than the carbide ring type dies take. It is very significant, somewhere around 1/4 the force in my estimation.
  9. chevrofreak

    CBC Brass - NEVER AGAIN!

    CBC is good brass, but it definitely takes more effort to size, partially due to the tight primers taking more force to push out. If you feel resistance on the down stroke, don't force the shellplate to rotate or you will break the indexer ring, no matter what brand brass you are using.
  10. With the 650 the spring is only a minor part. The cases tip (especially rifle cases) as the shellplate indexes rapidly because centrifugal motion throws them out and away from their slots in the shellplate, causing them to be able to tip outward. The buttons realign them at each station, but preventing them from coming out of the slots in the first place keeps them more stable through the whole journey.
  11. chevrofreak

    Atlas Chaos Holster

    I don't have one, it is just what this dude uses.
  12. chevrofreak

    Atlas Chaos Holster

    Nerd Pistol Urn
  13. Arredondo just released what appears to be a neoprene version of this.
  14. chevrofreak

    Ear Protection Upgrade

    I love my non-Bluetooth Walker earbuds, so I bet the new Bluetooth ones are great.
  15. I got leading with my SNS bullets no matter what powder I used.
  16. chevrofreak

    Nationals Survey

    And "safer" based on my experience, looking at the primers on a 124 vs a 115 at the same 170pf, but I still prefer 115.
  17. chevrofreak

    Reloading for use in Glock Factory barrels

    9mm brass is very thick at the case web, and 9mm chambers aren't that unsupported. I have fired Hirtengerger L7A1 out of a stock Glock with no bulging. Many of those cases have also been reloaded to 9major power levels.
  18. chevrofreak

    PCC red dot. Which one?

    So throw one on your open gun!
  19. chevrofreak

    AA7 for 9 major

    Try the Silhouette around 7.6gr for a 124. I run 8.3 with a 115 personally, and also liked 10.5 of AA7 with a 115.
  20. chevrofreak

    Largest cartridge?

    I wondered. You only get that appearance from induction.
  21. chevrofreak

    How thick is bullet plating?

    I stocked up on the now discontinued RMR hardcore match 147 plated RN. I have about 4k of them saved up
  22. chevrofreak

    How thick is bullet plating?

    I shoot 147gr plated bullets through my suppressed 9mm's to eliminate leading concerns. It is cheaper than JHP's.
  23. chevrofreak

    Largest cartridge?

    Beautiful annealing. Factory fresh brass or did you anneal them yourself?
  24. chevrofreak

    308 case trimmer

    I gave up a bit of precision for speed when I went with a Little Crow Worlds Finest Trimmer for .223, and I am considering buying one for 6.5 and .308, but I dont think it is that much of a sacrifice. I have since switched do a Dillon RT1500 for .223 and it seems quite precise to me. The WFT indexes off of the shoulder of the case, so if the case is properly sized the trim it does will be uniforming the neck length which is the most important factor.
  25. I had the same issue, so I removed the block and sanded the BACK side of it where it contacts the body of the holster, which allows the block to come up further so that the trigger guard hook moves further out of the way. Don't monkey with the hook side more than necessary to contour it to your trigger guard or it may not retain the gun well.