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  1. 8.6gr of HS-6 is a good load behind a 115.
  2. The solar panel also charges an internal supercapacitor. The 510C will work with no battery, in the pitch dark, if it has a charged capacitor.
  3. If it is an exposed lead base it isn't ideal for compensated pistols. If you want to go down this road anyway, flat point bullets load nearly identically to many common JHP bullets, like Precison Delta and Hornady HAP.
  4. Removing the slide may give enough clearance.
  5. I bought a 22lb/20 bottle case of the Vectan GM3 to try. I haven't done so yet, but everything I have read says it is super clean and cool burning with good case fill. I paid about $15 a pound including shipping.
  6. Shortening a load can and will increase pressure and velocity.
  7. The RF100 comes as either large primer (red tube) or small primer (blue tube). I am guessing you have the red one?
  8. One upside to 147gr is that you can run inexpensive plated bullets. I tried it with my Open Glock. It worked, but being an Open Glock, it was snappy. The load I tried was 6.6gr of HS-6 at mag length.
  9. There are other brands, like Ammoload, IMT and MAXXTech.
  10. Russian stuff is or was blocked from import.
  11. You probably have a bullet stuck behind your "pawl" thing, for lack of better term. The part I am referring to is the J shaped piece that kicks bullets out of the notches if they are just lying in at an angle. Sometimes a bullet that is lying on the adjustable flipper ramp will have a similar effect.
  12. You are better off selling them to a local benchrest shooter. They are highly coveted, and hard or impossible to find anymore.
  13. After trying Autocomp, HS-6,Power Pistol, N350, 3N38, Accurate #7, Ramshot Silhouette is my go to.
  14. I had some issues using nickel brass when I was first loading 9major, where a small ring of the nickel at the case mouth would break off, enter the throat and jam the gun up. I use it only for SD type loads or minor PF now.
  15. While playing with Power Pistol as a 9major powder, before I reached major PF I experienced a charge range that caused the muzzle to dip upon firing. Sometimes with a light bullet and a big charge the gun will wiggle as it recoil as opposed to a predictable up and down recoil. This is why many people chose a 124gr bullet over a 115gr.
  16. They are designed to be able to be used in .357 SIG in addition to 9mm, so they are far less pointy than most other bullet designs. They shoot great, but having to seat them super deep means less room for powder, and higher pressures for a given charge weight. I loaded 1k of them with a 5.9gr charge of BE-86 for SD type use, and seated them at 1.065" to get them to chamber in my CZ P-09. They chronographed about 60fps higher than Alliant predicted, due to the extra pressure. I can load my 124gr RMR hardcore match bullets to 1.190" in my CK open gun, or Everglades V2's to 1.170", while truncated cone type JHP bullets like the Precision Delta have to be loaded to 1.155" to fit in my barrel.
  17. For many of the common powders for 9major, yes
  18. Wrong forum. Needs to go to classifieds.
  19. I've done it with a sizing die that had the decapping stem removed, but I didn't fully insert the case into the die, just enough to iron out the shoulder a bit.
  20. The big down side to the RMR is how short you have to load them. For that reason I prefer Everglades V2, and secondly the Precision Deltas.
  21. I do not like any coated bullets for 9major. I always find residue on my optic much quicker than any other bullet, and that includes Blues
  22. That is about as cheap as they get.
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