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  1. chevrofreak

    Large FART Funnel

    A brooder lamp like this should work well.
  2. chevrofreak

    Least expensive 223 powder

    I have never used it, but I have been looking at it. Is that $200 shipped?
  3. chevrofreak

    Least expensive 223 powder

    Pulled down WC844 can be had for $245 shipped for 16lbs. It is basically H335.
  4. chevrofreak

    Dry brass tumbling elixir of choice

    Corn cob with a squirt of Frankford Arsenal brass polish and a couple of caps of Iso-heat. The Iso-heet really works fast to help clean the cases.
  5. chevrofreak

    Thoughts on long flat trigger

    I have large hands and I put a long flat in my CK and love it.
  6. chevrofreak

    [9mm Major] TCFP OAL help

    BTW, my CK has a short throat, but I load the PD JHP to 1.155" and the profile is very similar to the RMR TCFP.
  7. chevrofreak

    [9mm Major] TCFP OAL help

    Not from my experience. 8.8gr is a big dose of 3n38 and thats what it took with a 124gr PD JHP to make 170pf. It is a full case, but 3n38 compresses ok. I dont think it is possible to compress enough 3n38 in 9mm to blow up your gun. The issue you may find is that you get comp leading with the exposed base.
  8. chevrofreak

    PCC Power Factors at Nationals

    I also run an SI ramped barrel and matching bolt in my suppressed 9mm PDW type AR and it is great. I will probably go that route again for any future PCC builds.
  9. chevrofreak

    Help with 9mm major

    My CK has a short throat and I can only load to 1.155 with a PD JHP, but with a plated 124 I load to 1.180 and it works great. I definitely agree about making sure the rounds fit in your chamber, though. Drop one into the barrel and make sure it will spin, which indicates that the bullet has not touched the rifling. Also, when I loaded HS-6 behind a 124 plated, it took me 7.8 to solidly make power factor.
  10. chevrofreak

    Brass Dryers

    I have used an RCBS media separator to fling excess water out of the cases before drying and it really speeds the process up.
  11. chevrofreak

    Bullet weight vs the timer

    There is a balance that you have to find between soft recoil and speed back on target. I have tried 160gr 9mm with fast powders that felt very soft, but the slide moved super slow coming back and going forward. That, to me wasn't something I could shoot quickly. Personally, a snappy recoil comes back on target more quickly for me. I am actually a fan of a slow powder with a heavy bullet. My carry load is a 147gr HST with 5.1gr of N350 behind it, and it feels very nice. It doesn't move the slide slowly, and it comes right back onto target quickly, but feels soft. If I wasn't shooting open now, that would be my carry optics load.
  12. chevrofreak

    Mini boom

    In 50k rounds of reloaded 9mm I have only ever had 1 blown out case and it was in a PCC with a 3.4gr charge of TiteGroup under a 147 plated RN. The brass was an EGA case, and it was one of my cases that had been previously fired as a 9major.
  13. chevrofreak

    Concave/recessed base FMJ bullets

    I have had several bullets come out of cases when seated to 1.169, but they were usually plated or coated, which tend to be softer and wont grip the case as tightly.
  14. chevrofreak

    Concave/recessed base FMJ bullets

    My comment about loading longer should have been clarified. The longer shank allows more bullet to be inside the case when loaded longer, giving the case more grip on the bullet. Many 115gr plated and flat base FMJ bullets leave very little for the case to hold onto when loaded to the SAAMI maximum of 1.169"
  15. chevrofreak

    Concave/recessed base FMJ bullets

    They have a longer shank, which can improve accuracy, lower chamber pressure and allow you to safely load longer.
  16. chevrofreak

    What's the latest AA7 load?

    The cornmeal is not coming from the bullets.
  17. chevrofreak

    What's the latest AA7 load?

    In 9major I ran 10.5 under an Everglades V2 at about 1.170" and it shot well.
  18. chevrofreak

    Best 223 die for Dillon XL 650

    I spent a pretty penny on a Dillon full length carbide die, but that puppy will size a 223 case with about the same effort that an unlubed 9mm case sizes with.
  19. chevrofreak


    Out of my buddies Savage 10FCP .308 with 20" barrel, using 42.5gr AR Comp behind a 150gr Barnes TTSX seated to 2.852" OAL, I managed to exceed Barnes factory load by over 100fps and bring the accuracy sub-MOA in LC09 brass with S&B LRP. It will be his new deer and elk load. I loaded up 30 of the RMR 3GH in Speer .223 nickel brass with 23.2gr of AR Comp at 2.260" and I can't wait to see how they shoot. My new 24" Bergara barrel in my AR15 that I built for coyotes will shoot sub-MOA 5 shot groups with just about any quality ammo I feed it, from MK262 clone to ZQI M855. Australian Outback 69gr SMK shoots dime sized groups, and that is what I am hoping to replicate, but with more velocity.
  20. chevrofreak

    using HS 6 to make major PF

    Definitely start low and work up. At 8.6 with a 115 I was fine. At 9.0 I was blowing primers.
  21. chevrofreak

    Dedicated PCC load

    In a light gun like your M&P you will likely be better off switching to 115's and more powder to get the comp working. My go-to load is 8.3gr of Silhouette under a 115jhp. It shows less pressure than HS-6 or WAC do at the same PF.
  22. chevrofreak

    Dedicated PCC load

    BTW, I was blowing primers at 7.4 of WAC in both my Glock and CK, so I never recommend WAC.
  23. chevrofreak

    Dedicated PCC load

    It worked, but is far from my favorite. With your powders listed, if 6.8 WAC made major (it did for me as well) then 7.8 of HS-6 under the same 124 should work. If you can, get some Silhouette and try 7.6-7.7gr. Silhouette is my favorite 9major powder, but I pretty much exclusively run 115's. AA7 at 9.5-9.7 or 3N38 at 8.7-8.8 are also very nice.
  24. chevrofreak

    Tell me about your HS507C

    I agree. More reticle options for the HS510C would be great.