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  1. It is good, but if you shoot suppressed the ammonia smell is horrible. The max book load for a 55gr bullet has been safe for me in all of my rifles, including a particularly tight .223 Wylde chamber that will blow primers with book loads of AR Comp.
  2. Which I also adjust. To properly set the indexing, manually cycle the press with the handle, gradually adjusting the stop screw. Once proper indexing is achieved, screw the home switch in just until the light on the switch illuminates and then tighten it down. Following the instructions in the manual will lead to malfunctions.
  3. My RF100 ran like crap, until I got the Entirely Crimson primer tube adapter.
  4. Good call. If you aren't going to use CCI primers, it isn't worth owning.
  5. I have had to back my screw out twice now as my 1100 driven by an Ammobot Rev3 has worn in.
  6. I have tried a 6.6gr HS-6 load with a 147 and it was snappy as hell in my open Glock. I haven't tried it in my CK. I usually run a 124 over 7.7gr of Silhouette, or a 115 over 8.3gr and they are super soft.
  7. Not using the knob will remove the bell, but not add any additional crimp.
  8. It is, but this can sometimes happen when a combination die is set up for a .355 jacketed bullet and then a .356 jacketed bullet is used. It tries squeezing the brass while the bullet is still being shoved into it, and the jacketed bullet won't give the way a coated or plated one does.
  9. 125gr HAP bullets are .356 rather than .355, combine that with too much crimp and there is your issue.
  10. I have a braced and suppressed 9mm AR that I pieced together for home defense. I swapped in a Shooting Innovations ramped barrel and bolt and it is super reliable and fun to shoot. It sits next to a suppressed Kel Tec RDB. Each has their own purpose.
  11. No, some powders leave a yellow corn meal looking residue behind. Pretty much any of the AA powders do it. Major Pistol is a clone of AA7.
  12. Run a Lee factory crimp die to fix the bell after seating.
  13. I have the same bench and it is pretty nice, but it rocks pretty good when sizing anything on the Lyman turret that is mounted to it.
  14. Is it yellow in appearance?
  15. The Dillon seating die is a pain to adjust, and doesn't have a floating alignment collar like the Hornady and Redding. I like the Hornady because of how inexpensive it is. I like being able to adjust my crimp more easily as well, since my 650 loads many different types and diameters of 9mm bullets, which is why I switched to a Lee FCD.
  16. 1: Dillon carbide 9mm sizing die 2: Shooting Sports Innovations flaring funnel in a Dillon powder measure 3: MBF bullet dropper 4: Hornady custom grade seating die 5: Lee FCD
  17. Dump the Dillon seating die and get a Hornady Custom Grade seating die, they seat far straighter than the Dillon.
  18. Wow. I have loaded 8.8gr of Power Pistol in 9major and barely got flattening.
  19. I am starting to wonder if Dillon is shafting Immortobot because of their now former connection to Ammobot.
  20. I am pissed off and tired of waiting. Immortobot said I am their oldest open order and they were willing to piece together an 1100 in 9mm for me. I would rather Dillon just get some damned product out rather than their dealers have to compromise their own stock and potentially void warranties to take care of their customers. I sent Dillon a message tonight, so we will see what happens.
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