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  1. I have a pimped out 650 that I really like, but I looked at a 750 on Scheels last weekend and I liked the upgrades I saw.
  2. I like AR Comp more in .308 than I do in .233/5.56mm. I exceeded the factory Barnes VorTX 155gr load by 100fps using AR Comp. If there was a way to accurately mix AR Comp and Reloder 16 it would be an amazing powder. They are two of the least temperature sensitive powders available.
  3. I have two 507's now and I love them. It may be small for open, but that just takes practice.
  4. 3 years ago I jumped into reloading with a Dillon XL650 and a case feeder to load 9mm. I gradually added caliber conversions, a bullet feeder and an RT1500 for .223 brass processing. Just a few months after buying the Dillon, I bought a Hornady Lock N Load single stage kit for rifle calibers when Hornady had their free bullet rebate. Now I have an RL1100, Ammobot Rev3, and a Mr Bulletfeeder Pro on the way. I just added a Rollsizer commercial unit with 9mm and 223 conversions to my tool kit last week. At this point I am spending more on reloading than on guns.
  5. After modifying the slide to fully release my trigger guard; I love my Alpha X.
  6. I think a replacement tube all together would be the way to go to shorten the stack of primers and get the collator down to a more accessible height. Maybe they can develop something that is built specifically for this purpose?
  7. The issue is the angle. The collator appears to be at a 45 degree angle, and so is the tube it is filling.
  8. I had this issue with my 9mm PDW that had a 1/9 twist shooting 147gr subsonic bullets. I wondered if the bullets were being over spun and causing spin drift?
  9. 1.090" over 3.8gr of Titegroup. That was the OAL I had to pick so they would work in everything, as my CZ P09 and a march barrel for my Glock 17 have very short throats.
  10. Maybe they picked up one of my 9major cases and reloaded it? The only case blowout I have ever personally witnessed was with a second loading of an Everglades case that was initially loaded as 9major with HS-6, then loaded with 3.4gr of Titegroup and a 147gr plated bullet. My girlfriend was at the bench next to me firing my suppressed AR9 pistol and I was peppered with brass when the case blew out.
  11. The most important factor to shooting open is learning to shoot your gun well, no matter what it is. I am still to this day slower running a plate rack with my CK than I was with my Glock 17 open gun running a slide mounted small window dot.
  12. I am back to my VibraPrime. My RF100 just does not work right
  13. It is from Winchester NATO spec ammo, and as said it is all crimped. Those cases stop my press dead in its tracks and I have to pull it out of the priming station and manually ream the crimp out. Once that is done it is good to go.
  14. Adjustment screws set for a short pull and reset? Too short and dirt and heat, or even an off-axis pull can make an over-limited trigger not work.
  15. Well then you need a Dillon 1050/1100 with an Ammobot
  16. My Ammobot will likely be here months before my RL1100 is
  17. I have a lightly used one I would part with if you are interested.
  18. I ordered an Ammobot and an RL1100 for barely more than the Mk7 alone costs.
  19. I have a single stage mounted to my bench to the right of my 650 with a 9mm shell holder and universal decapping die in it to make quick work of "ringers" while I am loading. It gets used for rifle ammo, also, of course.
  20. I ordered an RL1100 today anyway. I don't mind waiting. We are at the end of the season, so I have until April to get it dialed in and cranking out 9mm.
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