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  1. My buddy flew to Florida to visit. While he was there I was able to talk him into shooting his first USPSA match. Before the match we hit the range earlier that day to practice. We were both shooting Glock 19s. So I was showing him around and we ended up on the 200yd rifle range. We immediately start the trash talk. I decide to take a crack at the silhouette at 200. Out of an entire mag - NOTHING. NADA. His turn. First shot - DING. He looks at me while I’m just standing there shaking my head.
  2. Currently running a safariland 014. Had a Guga Ribas universal, and “the One” ghost holster. The safariland has been a little more maintenance free than the guga and Ghost. Honestly, I’d probably just rather go with a kydex. If I have to get another holster it will be a kydex for sure. -Hunter
  3. Muncie, It’s from LSI.
  4. Muncie, I’ll have to check.
  5. Sorry, couldn’t rotate pic...The chrome gun has the PT EVO, black Bedell gun has LSI. LSI grip feels more natural for me as the PT is a little “blocky” feeling. My only complaint about the LSI is it chews the s#!t out of my pinky and ring fingers of my dominant hand, I need to take a stone and knock some edges down a hair but until I do that I’ve put a couple wraps of cloth tape around the bottom and it did the trick.
  6. Give us 2 options: 1) a forum with ads, that is FREE 2) a forum without ads, that has a yearly fee. I think this would be the best of both worlds.
  7. All, last year I acquired a dillon super 1050 and a ton of supplies came with it. Included was about 500 or so 125gr .40 cal bullets. I’ve looked around and can’t find any load data for 125gr. The lightest I can find data for is 135gr. I’ve checked my Nosler and Hornady books and the online data from Powder mfers without success. Anybody have anything that works?
  8. That’s what I was thinking...or that it was easier to convince me to go with the bull barrel to saving him the time machining the slide
  9. You’re talking about the AET bull barrel?
  10. Same here, by the end of the week after 10 mins/day dry firing 3 out of 5 fingers need band aids.
  11. Roger that, thanks man. It kinda bothered me with that last minute phone call, like all of a sudden there's a bunch of issues with that barrel.
  12. Yea, I wasn't about to argue with the guy, since I don't build guns for a living. But the question I have is if that's a common thing to happen? Is it because no new barrels are in circulation and the old ones are starting to fail? If so, we'd be reading all about it, especially on this forum.
  13. This is true, though this guy bought up a bunch of barrels before Shuemann stopped production.
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