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  1. I'm looking at the data on the hogdon site. 800-X gives the lowest pressure at 30k at a max velocity of 1,210ft/sec. I heard it meters like crap, but kinda wanna try it.
  2. S&W Bodyguard 380 Small, light weight, DA trigger Pocket Limited B Sig P365 SAS
  3. Yep...the auction was this past Saturday (1/16). I’ve had good luck in the past buying guns at this auction at reasonable prices but I couldn’t believe how much the primers went for. If anyone’s interested, this is the auctioneer: https://www.branchauctions.com
  4. A friend of mine went to a gun auction in OK, and I told him to bid on some LPPs for me. I was willing to spend up to $90/k, they went for $350/k. I could not freaking believe it.
  5. I've built two AR10s with BSF barrels, an 18" and a 20" they are very light. In addition to being carbon wrapped, my barrels are also fluted. You can save some money by getting a "blem" which are their test fired barrels (this is what I did). Last I recall, you're gonna have to call and ask what they've got for blem barrels. In terms of performance, accuracy is superb.
  6. I carry an extra fiber in my bag just in case I lose one at a match, along with a lighter and leatherman.
  7. I’ve got a para elite hunter 6” in 10mm and love it.
  8. Those are awesome. Personally, I’m a fan of the square trigger guards
  9. I’m looking to build a 1911 and I’m curious if anyone has any experience with the nighthawk frames. I’m looking to build a full size 45. I like the stainless frames and the knurled front strap. Caspian makes a Race ready recon, in stainless with the option of a knurled front strap. I have a Caspian Race Ready 1911 and I really like it, but just curious as to any of y’alls experience with the nighthawk.
  10. Caspian Race Ready Frame - Colt Wilkinson at Bad Dog Customs milled the frame for a higher grip, Tri-topped the slide, fitted a new KKM threaded barrel and sent it out to get Black Nitrided at H&M. He also installed the EGW optic plate. Can is a SilencerCo Octane45. Gun is silly quiet. A lot of fun to shoot and super accurate.
  11. Para Elite Hunter LS 6" in 10mm. Converted to Series 70, sweet shooter.
  12. 15" Mega Maten receiver set, 20" BSF barrel in .308, NiB BCG, Giessele SSA-E trigger (will change out to a Larue MBT), Magpul PRS gen 1 stock, SilencerCo Omega 300 can, Vortex Razor HD 3-18. Make no mistake about it, this gun is HEAVY. I'd like to change out the stock to something a little lighter. The gun is great for a deer blind, but humping it around all day takes a toll on a guy. Gun is super accurate and a sweet shooter, just damn heavy.
  13. When I got my 1050 I started loading 40 S&W practice loads. I made a few hundred rounds and went to the range with my buddy to practice for the NM Sectional. I managed two squibs that day and if it weren't for my buddy who stopped me, it would've been a different story. Being new at reloading I was super anal about checking and weighing the powder charge, I believe this caused me to skip the powder station...One reason why once I get my powder charge dialed in I only check it at the beginning of the loading session and that's it.
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