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  1. Reloading Unlimited has CCI small pistol primers in stock right now, but you can only order 1k, and you have to order powder and/or bullets with the primers.
  2. Welcome to my life... Happened to me a few times like that.
  3. Nope! Definitely don't need them that bad. My man, I grew up in "the shaw". Small world.
  4. Resurrecting this one from last year... Has anyone actually compared the Oil-lite bushings from Snowshooze with the shell plate bearing from Hit Factor??? On the Hit Factor website, they state that they used to sell the Oil-lite bushings, but had better results using the bearings. The unfortunate part of the bearing is the need to bend the ejector wire. Looking to smooth out the action of my new XL750.
  5. Got me beat! I'm at week 24 as of today, but it's all good. Most of the custom builders that I contacted prior to placing my order had waits well over a year.
  6. Damn. How much were the hazmat fees???
  7. Powder Valley just had some. From the time I added them to my cart, until the time I tried to check out, they were already gone! Savage!
  8. Sounds more like dissemination of information, rather than "brand bashing". People get so wrapped up in their brand loyalties that they get personally offended if someone says something negative about the brand of pistol that they shoot. I compete with the same STI that I carry on duty. I like the gun and it's been good to me, but I understand that not everyone has had the same experience with the company. STI gets slammed all the time here, but it doesn't affect me any. I'm not a shareholder, and my gun still guns great. It seems like bashing a major manufacture is acceptable, but having a negative opinion about a custom gun maker with an otherwise good reputation is unacceptable. I don't mind hearing someone's negative personal experience about the product. It makes future buyers make a more educated purchase. That said, I would prefer to hear of someone's negative experience from the horses mouth, rather than second or third hand info. To get back on topic... Yes, I too am patiently waiting on my Honcho!
  9. Had to adjust the extractor after about 15k. Very reliable gun.
  10. LAPD and the Los Angeles Sheriff Department have authorized STI 2011s for duty use within the last couple years. Officer in both departments have to go through a transition school, before carrying the 1911/2011 platform. The STIs (Staccato) are not issued and are privately purchased by the officer. My "tactical" STI has been relatively flawless for the two years that I have owned it. As long as it is not neglected, it is an excellent duty gun.
  11. Didn't know about the search function. Great info, thanks!
  12. Cool. Thank you for setting the record straight!
  13. I was recently told at a local match that reloading from a magnetic pouch in Limited Division will get a competitor bumped up to Open Division. I couldn't find this anywhere in the USPSA rule book. Any truth to this, or was I just given some bad info? Thanks in advance, Sammy
  14. All great info, and I really appreciate the in-depth responses. I didn't know about the parallax issues on the MRO, as I've never shot one far enough for it to make a difference. I've had quite a bit of experience with the EOTech XPS2-1, and it wasn't overly positive. I've zero'd and shot dozens of them, and the lack of a positive click with many of the optics leads me to question their QC standards. We've also had issues with the glass actually falling out on one of the older models. Fortunately, the company took care of those optics. So, is nobody running the circle reticle due the added distraction of a more complex reticle? If Trijicon took care of the parallax issue, the HD may not be a bad option.
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