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  1. Strange. My 015 works very well with my Honcho. I believe it's the same grip as the Atlas, no? I did have an issue with the gun hanging up in holster, but after the long bottom bolt fell out of the holster and onto the ground, I realized what the problem was. Tightened it up with some Loctite, and it was back to normal. I really like the holster, but I do wish that I could disengage the locking lever on the draw stroke. As it is right now, the lever is a little too short, and I'm not able to properly disengage the locking device with any real consistency. If it were just a hair lon
  2. Short for sure. Honcho will be here tomorrow, so hopefully I don't need to worry about the KKM too much! If possible, I'm going to stick with BBI for both guns, but we'll see how the two guns compare with similar loads.
  3. Those look awesome, but $$$. The video is an instant classic, by the way. This may be what I end up going with. Their cases look pretty nice. I like the Case Club cases, but they have a max length of just under 9 inches. Probably won't work for me. Has anyone tried the Patriot Four Pistol Case for their open guns???
  4. I'm looking for a hard shell case with pre-cut foam that will accommodate up to four limited or open guns, along with a few accessories. I looked at Seahorse SE630, Patriot , and Doro, but all of the four gun cases seem too small to accommodate a dot/ comp/ mag well. The Seahorse and Doro cases both look really nice, but I don't think that their four gun offerings will fit larger guns. I would even go for a larger two gun case, since realistically I probably won't ever tote more than two guns to a match. What hard cases are out there that will fit larger pistols???
  5. No smoke from mine either, and I haven't noticed any type of unusual build up. Shooting .40 cal 180 gr BBI with 4.4gr of Sport Pistol.
  6. I've shot both numerous times. The XC is definitely the flatter shooting gun, and awesome to shoot. As an added plus the XCs that I've shot have had no feeding issue with any type of factory ammo. Not sure what the price difference on the two guns is, but if you are able to go to one of the STI demo days, it would be worth it to try out just to see for yourself.
  7. Same here. I have a 9mm STI, and my custom .40 cal. Both guns run anything I feed them. Maybe we are just lucky. I noticed that too. The SNS are super consistent. BBI aren't too bad either, but the Blues seem to vary quite a bit -- at least the batch I got.
  8. For any of you guys with a .40 cal KKM barrel in your 2011s, have you noticed that the OAL for most coated bullets needs to be fairly short? I was having pretty bad accuracy issues with all of the 180 gr coated bullets that I was using except for Blue Bullets. After realizing that I never actually did a plunk test with the coated bullets I was loading, I decided to give it a try. The Blues were fine at 1.17", however, my BBIs needed to be set at 1.125" to seat properly. I also have some SNS that don't even come close to plunking at 1.180", however, I haven't had the time to figure out what len
  9. I also went from an STI grip to a Cheely E2 aggressive grip. After about a week of having sore hands, I too can't imagine using anything else. Love it.
  10. Ditto on BBI. Took less than a week to receive after placing my order shipped via USP. Package wasn't even damaged.
  11. Another +1 for Cheely. The grip is very ergonomic, and it fit like a glove into the Cheely frame. Matt ships his products out super fast, and is always responsive to phone calls. Customer service is above and beyond any other.
  12. Lol. I did the same yesterday. UPS has been pretty consistent. USPS, not so much.
  13. For anyone in need of coated bullets, I placed an order with SNS late last week for some 180gr .40 cal and they just arrived today. Can't beat that for shipping! I haven't shot SNS yet, but they seem to be very consistent. Every round measured exactly .4015. My Blue Bullets measured around .399. Not sure what the increased diameter will do for me, but I guess I'll find out!
  14. Yup. Government employee here. We are going through huge budget cuts and reduced staffing as well. With nobody working, nobody is paying taxes either. Not sure how they expect this to end...
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