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  1. Awesome! Link didn't work. Try this one: https://www.facebook.com/rollsizer/
  2. I ordered mine last year. I actually forgot that I ordered it, then after (at least) a few months, I received an email that it had shipped. Patience is the name of the game in this sport.
  3. Same here. I haven't noticed any difference in super shiny brass verses brass that has only been wet tumbled, but to each their own. I ALWAYS use One Shot on my clean brass. It makes the press run so much smoother and doesn't hardly take any additional time. I'm not super familiar with the swaging process. If I were to wet tumble my brass without decaping the old primers, would swaging scrape out all the residue that's left behind in the primer pockets after they've been decaped? I'm looking to upgrade my press to a Apex 10 - which has a swaging station - so if I can get away with eliminating a step of the reloading process, then all the better.
  4. Same here. I discovered that my XL750 seats primers much better using brass that has clean primer pockets. Dry tumbling doesn't do anything to get my primer pockets clean, so I first de-prime my dirty brass on a Lee APP that I've hooked up to my case feeder. After that, I wet tumble the de-primed brass with steel pins, Lemi, and car wash/wax. After the brass dries off in the California sun, I'm able to size, prime and load the clean brass in one pass through my XL750. I try to get things done with the minimal amount of steps so I can spend my time doing something more productive. That said, I do plan on getting a Rollsizer to deal with all the Glocked brass that I load.
  5. So, what was the issue with the Evo's priming system when that machine first went into production? Was Mark 7 eventually able to iron out the priming issues in the later produced machines?
  6. Thank you for the review. It is much larger and louder than expected. Is it really as loud as it appears to be in the video? Any additional footage of the Xpress in operation?
  7. +2 on the bullets hitting the lever. If you switched to a different profile, maybe the new rounds are just barely bumping the slide stop lever. Have you filed down the inside of the lever, or just clearanced the followers?
  8. My Blue order actually arrived a day early. Ordered Monday, on my doorstep Wednesday!
  9. I ordered 2550 180 grain Blues today and got a shipping confirmation for delivery this Thursday. Boom!
  10. I agree. I shoot their 180 grain .40 cal for limited, and those were received in a few weeks. I had no idea that the 9mm would take so long.
  11. Just got a shipping notification from Blue Bullets for the 750 rounds of 9mm that I ordered in January. I ordered three different profiles to test loads on a carry optics gun, but if it takes five months every time I place an order, I may have to choose a different color coated bullet!
  12. I'm still waiting on my 750 rounds of 9mm from Blue Bullet that was ordered on January 14th.
  13. Only in 9mm? Bummer... Looks like a great gun!
  14. Man, they just can't get it right!
  15. Bringing this one back from the dead... To get back to the original question of the OP, has anyone else here actually done a side by side comparison of the Honcho against a Nemesis. After reading this thread, it looks like only one person has actually compared the two. Anyone else here have first hand experience with both guns???
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